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  1. Hello Thank you for the picture. Not VHS (Video Home System) but VHF (Very High Frequency) But you're right : the higher the frequency, the shorter the antenna. Patrick
  2. Hi Valerii She is very sexy in overall black. Patrick
  3. Already finished : you are very fast and the result is very nice. Patrick
  4. Hello Martian So far It has been very interesting and I keep every page of this tutorial. Cheers. Patrick
  5. Hi Jerzy Good page of a nice book (Wingmasters Hors Série 8 in 2005), just two pages further you can watch my MPM Dutch Fokker DXXI build. Patrick
  6. Hi Roman I like this one very much and she is on my to do list ... one day. Patrick
  7. Hello I have already told you that I have the same kit somewhere in the very dark side of my basement and I will certainly follow your path to this future little gem. Patrick
  8. Very nice Roman and sadly we could not have seen it in the flesh at Moson Show this year. Patrick
  9. VG 33

    Hawker Horsley

    And I will follow this WIP as I have the Contrail kit somewhere in the basement ... until a Czech or a Ukrainian company produce an injected kit of her. Patrick
  10. Hello Here is a nice choice. I have already built the factory demonstrator Boulton Paul Balliol but yours will be more Hi-Vis. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235026255-172-special-hobby-boulton-paul-balliol-g-ansf/ Patrick
  11. Hi Stephen As you can see I easily used the original kit parts and they are strong enough to support the finished model. Patrick https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235043682-172-special-hobby-couple-of-northrop-delta-raaf-uscg/
  12. VG 33

    Hawker Horsley

    I have the paper copy but in my country house and so far we have been chained at home. Patrick
  13. VG 33

    Hawker Horsley

    Hi You can find history and details in Aeroplane Monthly 246, October 1993. Patrick
  14. Hi This is another winner over your fantastic table ! Patrick
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