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  1. Hello I used Xtracrylics XA1121 FS15042 and here are the results 2014 Special Hobby 1/72 DH Vampire FB5 2014 Special Hobby 1/72 Bell AH-1G 2020 Sword Grumman 1/72 TBM-3W Patrick
  2. Hello You made nice builds with those kits. I'll keep my Heller kits Patrick
  3. Very nice Roman. This A2 with only two gun throughs is on my to do list as well. Patrick
  4. Hi Libor This one is very nice. Patrick
  5. Thank you Mike. Yes they do not plan the model 166 because of the modified wings and front fuselage at least. The mould is made by Special Hobby whose boss I know well. Patrick
  6. Hello I have finished the painting job on both aircraft with a gloss varnish over. First WH-2 and WAN Next stage will be the transfers. Patrick
  7. Fantastic. I have the same Italeri box and this scheme is tantalizing. You mastered the airbrush. Grey over green ? Patrick
  8. Hello After some months and a Mirage IIIB I am back to these bombers. First I cut the wing leading edge to make the integrated landing lights as was the case for the WH-2 and the WAN. I made some plexiglass blocks with a silver dot for the lights and glued them into the leading edge and later sanded flush to the edge. Next I made the missing small window on the starboard side of the fuselage using the same process as above. I modified the propelle
  9. Actually I built 1/72 Italeri Toucan No 334 #DG from the same unit "Cows" in 2004. Patrick
  10. Hello This is a very nice Toucan here and they were very useful in Indochina. Actually "AAC" means "Ateliers AĆ©ronautiques de Colombes" near Paris and around 400 of them were built between 1944 and 1948. Patrick
  11. Hello This is very nice and I love the paint scheme with just enough weathering to my taste. Thank you for sharing. Patrick
  12. Hello This is a very nice kit and I love the story as well. I had the opportunity to meet Angel Sanz a former I-16 pilot and at the time I made one of the aircraft he fought on "CM-262". He was always smiling as he assumed to be lucky enough and passed away very old when he was one hundred. Patrick
  13. Hello I have seen pictures of these B-26 with white top in Algeria in a special book from 'Avions de combat" about different French units after 1945. The white part is very high. Patrick
  14. This is a very nice Liberator and a most interesting story. Patrick
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