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  1. Hi Libor The Magister looks well as a warrior. very nice kit. Patrick
  2. Thank you very much. I used Gunze H27 Tan for the Light Earth. Patrick
  3. Hello Here is my last build with this 1/72 Special Hobby Gloster Meteor F. Mk.8 in the Syrian Air Force around 1956. Actually this is the old MPM / Xtrakit dated back to 2006 which was reissued this year with different markings about Middle Eastern Air Forces. I chose the Syrian one as I liked this scheme with light earth / dark green over blue. I used PRU blue because I saw a colour picture and it is consistent with most RAF fighters at the time which were dark sea grey / dark green over PRU Blue. But the discussion is open. Patrick
  4. Hi Jean I love it as I did not built mine this year so weathered. Patrick
  5. Hello I think the Azur Potez 631 instruction sheet would be helpful. Here Patrick
  6. Hi Libor This is very nice and this kit seems better than the RS Model series. Patrick
  7. No they will be both FRROM kits with the two different Junkers engines. Patrick
  8. Hello This is very nice. I like very much those Romanian aircraft with roundels. I have a project around a couple of Savoia 79 B and B1 in the near future. Cheers. Patrick
  9. Hi Roman This one and the 109K are very nice. I love the subtle weathering you made. Patrick
  10. Hello Unusually this time I built a 1/48 kit with this Eduard Supermarine Spitfire Mk VIII I was offered. Among the different scheme available in #8284 I chose JF330 flown by AVM Harry Broadhurst in Africa in 1943. I can say that Eduard kits are very easy to assemble and I this scale it is all the most effective. Patrick
  11. Hi It seems a very nice kit and your build will be useful as I am about to do the same. Patrick
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