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  1. Hi Jerzy Here is how I made to avoid a tail sitting kit. If woody37 doesn't mind. Patrick
  2. Hello This is very nice and your paint job is chipped as desired. Many years ago I built the same kit as "Falk bait" but I did not realize what I was looking for in chipping, so I bought this new boxe last year to play once again. The best way would be to find 'Falk but" in after market decals but yours is very interesting as well. Thank you for sharing. Patrick
  3. Hello I built this one ten years ago and she is definitely satin finished. Patrick
  4. Hello Those are really beautiful and thank you very much for sharing them. Patrick
  5. I think the only good option will be No3. Tomorrow is another day. Patrick
  6. Hello AZUR is a former brand made by Special Hobby and you can go to their site : https://www.specialhobby.eu Patrick
  7. I haven't notice but you could reverse your pictures if you hide the serial. Patrick
  8. Hello Nice build here. I have the same Paragon resin kit and I wanted to build this NF XV with a Matchbox Mosquito but your way seems better. Patrick
  9. This is very nice Libor. I remember having built this one a long time ago. Cheers. Patrick
  10. Hello The upper wing of my Vildebeest family seems flat when compared with yours. Patrick https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234987712-172-azurfrrom-special-hobby-vildebeest-vincent-family/
  11. Hi Tony What a nice series you built here. It is always a pleasure to follow your well documented builds. Patrick
  12. Thank you everybody for organizing this group build where I saw many nice kits on a subject I love. Cheers. Patrick
  13. Thank you. I used Gunze Aqueous H318 Radome Tan and H66 RLM79. Patrick
  14. Thank you but I am not confident to finish by the deadline as I am going to the country side on Friday afternoon for the weekend. And there are 6 missiles with 72 metal etched parts to assemble ... Patrick
  15. Hello Last night I airbrushed both brown and sand colours on this bird. Remember this prototype was proposed to Saudi Arabia at the Paris Air Show, but to no avail. To be continued... Patrick
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