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  1. Hi JohnHaa Your work in progress is fantastic and a good school to follow. Next Saturday I will attend the Huy modelling show in Belgium and maybe it is not so far from your home to pay a visit. Patrick
  2. Thank you for this information. Even if I am a seasonned aircraft modeller I have purchased both kits and they are waiting in the basement because I love old trucks. I would have expected some Berliet from the same era but maybe one day. Patrick
  3. Hello This is a very nice build. The new national registration system (S.I.V.) started on April 15th, 2009 with "AA-001-AA" for the next fifty years to "ZZ-999-ZZ". You can see in the right hand of the plate a number of a "département" but this one is not necessarily where the car has been register. That is why now the plate is for the hole life of the vehicle. Patrick
  4. If you need some translation, ask me. Patrick from across the Channel.
  5. She is really fantastic and you made a wonderful job here. Actually even if I knew the ship I have never seen one finished. She could be shown in "Musée de la Marine". Congratulations. Patrick
  6. Fantastic build and camouflage. When I think I am building a Viggen I can see what is coming for me. Patrick
  7. I think reading is easier than building. May the Force... Patrick.
  8. Hello Here is one of my last builds with this Blohm und Voss BV-155 V1. This high altitude prototype fighter first flew on February, 8th 1945. During the following months this prototype flew twice before the end of war. The 1/72 Special Hobby kit is easy to build and I added little bits inside the cockpit from pictures I took of the BV 155 V2 in the NASM fifteen years ago. Decals are from the box except the fuselage cross which I supposed was with dark green inside instead of black. Paint colors are mainly from the Gunze Acqueous range. Patrick
  9. Very nice result. Patrick
  10. Hello I am looking forward as I haven't yet seen the kit in my local hobby shop. Patrick
  11. If you can grasp this book and understand French it is a good opportunity to see CR 714 and MS 406 in Polish hands. Patrick
  12. I have put again some of the finished build in that topic. Patrick
  13. Hello Very nice model. I made the same kit in 2015, but it seems every picture has disappeared on this forum. Cheers. Patrick
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