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  1. Thank you. The paint is Xtracrylix XA1121 or Agama B9L which are the same. Patrick
  2. VG 33

    Caproni Ca.310

    Very nice and useful pictures as I have a couple of Special Hobby CA 310 boxes in the stash. Thank you. Patrick
  3. Hello Here are a couple of 1/72 Grumman Hellcats from Italeri. This is not the best kit of this aircraft but I bought some of them when the price was very cheap. First is the F6F-5 of VBF-20 CO's aircraft in 1946. The decals came from the Blackbird BMD72012 sheet. Next is an F6F-5K from VU-1 with many colours on. When the decals were in place I discovered a nice picture of this aircraft and I saw that the wing tips were deeper. I could not modified the kit. Decals came from an old Hasegawa box. I started building both kits last year and this is the reason why I did not insert them in the Hellcat GB. Patrick
  4. In 2005 when I built this one I used Xtracolor X377 Bleu de Mirage inside. Here is the result so you can use something close. And yes there are many things to adjust on this kit. Anyway in the end I discovered a big mistake and for sure my aircraft could not have flown. Patrick
  5. Hi Heather This is a very nice choice of a kit I built some years ago. When I check I am surprised it was in 2011. If I remember well it was not difficult except that the engine doesn't fit into the cowling. Patrick
  6. Quite a nice choice Wez as I have already built four of them. Patrick
  7. Hello Congratulations Heather as this one is very well done and I know how difficult the Valom kits could be. I will keep your build as reference and especially the painted markings as I have a Silhouette cutting machine as well. Patrick
  8. Hello As I wrote many weeks ago I am in with this wonderful prototype that was the Mirage 4000. It was a bigger Mirage 2000 which first flew in 1979 with two SNECMA M-53 engines but at the time France could not afford such a combat aircraft. I will build this one as it was at 1987 Paris Air Show with a desert camouflage to tease Saudi Arabia but to no avail. Patrick Here are the sprues and other parts from this 1/72 Modelsvit kit.
  9. Hello This is a really nice choice with this four engine bomber which was the first to drop bombs over Berlin. Ok, I built her many years ago and this was not an easy one. Be strong ! Patrick
  10. Hi Tony This is well done. The wheel sandwich reminds me when I built my own Brigand. Cheers. Patrick
  11. Hello You should cut the oval protuberance under the second window. I saw you left it when viewed on your pictures. Patrick
  12. Thank you Marcello Rosa. So far I have built a SMB2 and a Phantom in the colours. Patrick
  13. Thank you Stephen I did not remember that raid was at the time of the year in 1976. In fact it was 5 months after the Loyada pupil hostages in Dlibouti with about the same result for the terrorists. Patrick
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