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  1. Hello I am progressing on the paint job. For the NEIAF the mask of the rudder was the trickiest to create so that the black band was as regular as possible. Thanks to my Silhouette cutting machine I could try and test. Next came the black paint around and the border masks. And the Argentinian one. To be continued... Patrick
  2. Hello I have built three Special Hobby kits of them and I can say they are one of their best kits. Really easy to build. First couple of them Another one Patrick
  3. Hello This is fantastic and I can see you fond the right way to display her at home. Patrick
  4. Just some more paint this evening. First inside color for the transparencies and it is Duralumin. And the light blue of the Argentinian flag on the tail. The closest I have found is Gunze H45. To be continued... Patrick
  5. Hello Some progress now at a faster pace. I added some spark plug wires to each cylinder. And I painted these engines. Next I cut the Tamiya tape along the transparencies for the main paint job. I paint the rudder and the stabilizers in white for the Argentinian Martin. Finally the NEI aircraft saw some white and orange paints in order to prepare the triangle insignia. To be continued... Patrick
  6. Hello After a long hiatus I am back on building and here is where I am. B-10 Export WAN Argentine Navy B-10 Export WH-2 Dutch East Indies As you can see the joints between wings and fuselage was not perfect and I had to fill and sand. Anyway now the bonds are strong with Tamiya and cyanoacrylate glues. Next step will be the engines and the transparencies. Cheers. Patrick
  7. Hello I like this schemen very much and it is nicier than overall black. Patrikc
  8. Hello Jerzy. She used to be on RFI but in 2011 my account hera had troubles and everything since 2005 had disappeared. I am still having every pictures as she was published in Scale Aviation Modeller International in 2006 but I sold the kit to J. Fernandez. Here is just one picture when I compared the Farman 223.4 with an Avro Lancaster. Patrick
  9. Hi Jerzy This is very nice and I know these kits as I built the 223.4 Jules Vernes many years ago. Patrick
  10. Thank you. If you can read French everything is explained in "Le Fana de l'Aviation - 480 - 2009-11". Patrick
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