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  1. Hello You really built a very nice kit of this aircraft. Cheers. Patrick
  2. Hi Roman This is another very nice build and yes there are many way to make the lens glasses. I am used to make them with larger transparent parts flush to the fuselage and covered with round masks. The other side is black. This is the same way as I made the flush windows of my Northrop Deltas. Cheers. Patrick
  3. Hi Libor This is really fantastic and probably nicer than the one seater. Patrick
  4. Hello This is a very nice build with her mates around. Patrick
  5. Hello This will be the Airfix kit. Patrick
  6. Hello Go for the Belgian one and I could build at the same time the Italian one. Patrick
  7. Thank you very much and perfectly timed for my build to come. Patrick
  8. Hi Roman You really made a fantastic job on this kit. The antennae and camouflage are perfect. Cheers. Patrick
  9. Hi Libor This is very nice. I missed this box but I got an old Fujimi one. The trouble is that inside there is no exhaust extension. Patrick
  10. Very nice little strike fighter. Patrick
  11. Hello Thank you very much. Yes I have seen this antenna installation on #735 and actually the short wing mast should have been put closer to the Pitot. Patrick
  12. Hello Thank you very much, but I have already given the kit to my friend. Here is a picture I took when I was painting with many layers of different shades of blue (base colour and increased part of white). The brown is dark earth. Cheers Patrick
  13. Hello Here is my last build and unusually this one is a 1/48 kit. I built this tamiya F4U-1 for a friend of mine who wanted one of Greg Boyington's aircraft in the Pacific. I chose #883 in December 1943. The decals came from a fündekals 1/48 Corsairs USMC Decal Set. Patrick
  14. Hi Roman This is very nice and I like this big bomber. Are you sure about the RLM70 you used which looks like a mid-green instead of the usual Schwarzgrün as on the propeller blades. Cheers. Patrick
  15. Hi Libor Another well done kit and I am waiting for this one too. Cheers. Patrick
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