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  1. Hello Some progresses this week. I completed inside with some bits for the ammunition boxes of the NEIAF. I added a couple of boxes for the radio Xmtr and Rec apparatuses. By the way after an advice from South America I chose aluminium as the overall inside colour of the Argentinian Navy Martin 139. Cheers. Patrick
  2. Hello Here are an interesting and very nice gathering of Neptunes. Patrick
  3. Hello This is very nice. Kit and scale? Patrick
  4. Thank you very much. I have seen pictures of a Draken Mirage F1 (N574EM) with the same type of camouflage with three colors and much more complicated. Maybe later. Patrick
  5. This is very nice and now I understand why I cannot find anymore Airfix MiG-17 in my LHS ! Patrick
  6. Hello Fuad This one is very nice and clean. Your Japanese catapult is a good idea not so far than the actual one. Loire 130 on catapult Patrick
  7. Thank you very much it was a really nice kit to build and a good experience with the Silhouette Portrait cutter. Patrick
  8. Thank you for this beginning of explanation Roger. So far I have found in Air Enthusiast No 22 a picture of the rear cockpit of a WH-3 just before delivery. Those were the last produced for the NEIAF and the side panels are clear and bright, so I suppose covered in aluminium lacquer. I am going for this. For the Argentinian Navy, a friend of mine told me that inside it was a light color. But on the other hand it seems that the Argentinian Air Force aircraft were green as is the current "B-10" showed at the USAF Museum. This one is actually an Argentinian Air Force Marti
  9. Hello The size of the pictures is depending of the provider Photoservice. Patrick
  10. Hello After a couple of months building something else I am back on these export B-10. Here is what I made last weekend with everything inside the fuselage and the masking tape on the clear parts which is very time consuming. By the way, I am confused with the color inside the fuselage as in the instruction sheet it is written that it may have been green instead of aluminium for the export B-10s. Anybody has the answer? Patrick
  11. Hello I have drawn and cut the masks from Tamiya tape on a plastic sheet like this : Next I put them on the dark grey before airbrushing the light grey : Cheers Patrick
  12. Hello It is really a good choice John. I know the subject as I built a Special Hobby Ki-43 with the same Print Scale decal sheet in 2017. Pay attention with those decals which are very thin. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235027128-172-special-hobby-nakajima-ki-43-iii-french-air-force-in-indochina/ Patrick
  13. Hello I have finished the 1/72 Zvezda Sukhoï Su-57 kit. I have chosen No 511 prototype as it has likely operated form Russian bases in Syria and I have found a couple of pictures of her. The build is easy as with every new aircraft kits form Zvezda. On the other hand there is nothing for the pixelated camouflage except a wrong scheme on the instruction sheet. So I used my Silhouette Portrait to make masks and get a better camouflage scheme. Both colors came from the Tamiya Lacquer Paint range and how I saw them on the available pictures.. Patric
  14. Hi Roman Your Yak is spot on and I am looking forward to reading the whole subject in SAMI. Patrick
  15. Hi This is really fantastic build. I have a couple of KP kits to build a red and a green of them. Your build will be a guide for me. Thank you for sharing. Patrick
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