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  1. Hello I am building the FRROM kit at the moment and after seeing the same pictures I wonder how it worked. Maybe the plate was added when the aircraft was parked in the museum and could have been an access hatch to get to the camera. The round plate after could have been a window? Patrick
  2. Hi Patrice Some weight in the front part is useful and you could do that way : Patrick
  3. Hello. Here is my first finished kit in this GB. NH Industries NH-90 NFH aka Caïman Marine in the French Navy. This one is from Flotilla 31F. 1/72 Kit from Revell with some Reskit parts. Patrick https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235097270-revell-nh-90-caïman-marine-172/
  4. Just finished. See you to the gallery. Patrick
  5. And now the rotors. To be continued ... Patrick
  6. Hello Painting is nearly finished as I have some adjustments to do around the front canopy. To be continued... Patrick
  7. Hello She is ready for the paint. To be continued... Patrick
  8. Hello It's been a long time build to do for me and yours is fantastic. Patrick
  9. So I do not know how to make it as the canopy is engraved with the frames outside. These are not only the masks. Patrick
  10. Possible but on this picture we can see clearly the frames. Patrick
  11. Hello Little progress here as I have closed the fuselage and glued the wings. and masked the clear parts of the canopy. To be continued... Patrick
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