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  1. Just beautiful. Truly a product of the golden age (that's you as well as the aircraft, Moa!)
  2. Jo - that's amazing. It must be tiny in 1/24. At first glance I too thought it was a photo of your actual car but then I decided it might be a 1/8 kit. Only when I returned to the title was the truth revealed!
  3. bhouse

    pink foam priming

    Thanks, Svedberg, A simple explanation we can all understand!
  4. bhouse

    Revell 1959 Cadillac Eldorado

    Beautiful and a great colour choice. I'd love to see some more photos if they're available. Brian
  5. bhouse

    Something strange going on?

    After reading that I'd have wanted something stronger than tea!
  6. bhouse

    Strange Love - part 1

    That's very good indeed. "Quick and simple" Not to me - it looks like magic. Any chance of a tutorial?
  7. bhouse

    Forum Theme Snow

    If it means that much to you, just cultivate an impressive head of dandruff and shake your head while you're browsing BM: instant snow effect (and it's in 3D!)
  8. bhouse

    Something strange going on?

    That's odd. I think a screen shot with a@Mike flag would be appropriate.
  9. bhouse

    Tyre size help

    What scale?
  10. bhouse

    Wot have i dun

    @bmwh548 While there is merit in some of the points you have made there are also some errors. The best advice is that in your last paragraph: "call an electrician"!
  11. Excellent scratch building skills displayed here. I'm really looking forward to seeing the complete scene. Brian
  12. bhouse

    Wot have i dun

    ^^^What Bullbasket said^^^ If you need to ask for answers to those questions then you should not attempt to do the work yourself!
  13. You'd need to fill them with helium or similar to do that
  14. bhouse

    Advice required for modelling club subject

    I'll see what I can do!
  15. bhouse

    Models of Late Victorian/Edwardian things?

    Airfix produced a number of early motor cars. The range included a 1902 De Dietrich, 1904 Darracq and Mercedes, 1905 Rolls Royce, 1907 Lanchester, 1910 Model 'T', 1911 Rolls Royce and Vauxhall Prince Henry, Some boxings had drivers and passengers in period dress. They have been out of the catalogue for decades but they sometimes turn up on eBay etc usually for daft prices but occasionally in the £10 to £20 bracket.