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  1. bhouse


    Have you tried deleting your browser and reinstalling it?
  2. bhouse


    Are your links taking you to http: or https:?
  3. bhouse


    Have you tried shouting at it?
  4. bhouse


    Sorry to say this, Badder old bean, but it's working fine for me...
  5. You're doing a great job with some iffy tools! I suggest you take a look at Pfeil gouges when you decide you'd like something a bit more durable. They arrive ready for use and can quickly be restored to a razor sharp edge in use. I use Japanese water stones and a leather strop on mine. Classic Hand Tools are a good source.
  6. A promising start. This might seem a daft question but what brand of chisels do you use? Brian
  7. bhouse

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    My Fuego experience lasted two weeks. A very happy two weeks Oh dear. Temptation...
  8. bhouse

    JP in beer garden!

    That's surprising given the manufacturer's name...
  9. Excellent! I see the engine, roof and front wheel need attention. Any chance of adding someone at the back wrestling with the (obviously blown) silencer?
  10. bhouse

    How to make boot marks?

    Also, boot marks could relate to chipping/damage to paint from walking/climbing on ladders or surfaces...
  11. bhouse

    Vote Grump!

    Premature grey hair can be a symptom of underlying health issues such as deficiency in vitamin B12, copper or iron, or chronic protein loss all of which can have severe consequences. Full marks to the dad for being an observant parent! I don't see why his ethnic origin was relevant.
  12. bhouse

    And in other new's....................

    I think he was just trying to re-enact a famous commercial for the Citroen GS:
  13. bhouse


    I've worn varifocals for nearly 20 years. Nowadays I use a variant of the so-called "occupational" lenses. With these, you can specify how large you want the distant, mid and close sections to be which I find to be a great help. I remember when I first got varifocals it took a day or so to get used to them. The worst thing was descending stairs as the bit where my feet were landing was out of focus
  14. bhouse

    '@Member's name' function

    I couldn't agree more - but I can't commute with the pc on the bike!