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  1. Oh dear. We seem to be suffering from "deleted-post-for-no-sensible-reason" syndrome again. Any comments please, @Julien or @Mike ???
  2. Indeed... And as far as China goes, that was just the beginning
  3. A classic way to create a monopoly is to undercut the competition. If you're based in a low cost environment (eg low wages, poor H&S standards, little regard for environmental concerns) this is very easy to do. Do it for a while and the competitors all go out of business. That's what's been happening to a lot of manufacturers... If something is cheap, it's rarely the best overall choice.
  4. And why is that, I wonder?
  5. Duncan - watch and learn. You could save a lot of time keeping your website up to date if you just put 'KITS' at the top of each page then a list of prices and a 'buy now' button.
  6. I reckon you should use decals for the eyes.
  7. That driver looks like a scaled down version of the one in the 1/24th James Bond Aston Martin... Although I can't imagine Bond in a Victor Estate...
  8. I think you'll find that up to the Mk.19¾ there was no lavatory, just outside urinals.
  9. The Daily Mail is well known for making things up and fomenting racist views. I question the accuracy of this 'news'.
  10. Commercial rubbish. He sold out with that one.
  11. The only music I've listened to for about 30 years is "My Grandfather's Clock" by Val Doonican. After hearing that, there is no need for any other music.
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