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  1. I like the back story. And the result is very fine indeed with a believable level of weathering. Did you coerce a trained spider to do the rigging?
  2. From the photo @isaneng posted it looks as if he's now on Flickr.
  3. If I click your link I get a 404 errot. Google Photos often behaves in unpredictable ways so I really can't help. If you move your photos to a photo hosting site (such as Flickr, village photos etc) you'll find it's all very simple.
  4. Don't use the insert images from URL button, just paste the link given by your hosting site straight into your message.
  5. Nail polish remover, not nail polish!
  6. Superb work - but with your thread title I was expecting to see a detailed Elsan in their somewhere!
  7. I've been so inspired by them I'm actually building a lap steel guitar
  8. Now that's a good question. Careful masking then spraying a translucent layer of paint through something like a fine mesh, supported just above the surface? I hope someone with far more skill than I will be along soon.
  9. They really are excellent. Here's their YouTube channel
  10. Blimey! Airfix invented the Segway! I'm surprised they didn't sneak a Sinclair C5 in the pack as well Fantastic re-release and a huge nostalgia kick. Thanks for the review.
  11. I can see your image of the M3 on a table top - and it looks very good indeed!
  12. I just wasted at least 1.5 seconds of my life working out why that sentence didn't make sense...
  13. I think they were late 70s/early 80's. It's amazing how everyone remembers them as Martini. Cinzano must have been livid as every time a campaign ran, their sales did increase, but Martini's increased more!
  14. And that advert was for Cinzano, yet everyone remembers it as Martini. It's still used as an example of a failed advert on branding courses today.
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