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  1. Sorry - no idea. But it may help the mods to know that it's not greyed out for me using an Android phone (Pixel 3 Android 10) running Chrome browser - it's still displaying and working as normal.
  2. Close! Gertrude Shilling was a milliner - Beatrice Shilling was the engineer and racing driver. I don't think they were related.
  3. @paulj thanks for the heads-up. I want aware of this but having seen the trailer I'll certainly make a point of seeing the rest of it.
  4. Really? Think of all the poor little electrons that laboured tirelessly to allow us all to see that insult to 1920's culture
  5. Probably the result of a heavy landing by an inexperienced pilot . At least, that'd me my justification
  6. Apparently the bomb was hidden in some kind of robotic bag with a handle. Police said it was an open and shut case.
  7. Same for me. Probably the much-discussed 20/20 vision bug
  8. Terrorists in China blew up a dumpling factory. Police said it was wanton destruction.
  9. At 1/24 they would be very good but at 1/43 they are excellent. How on earth did you have the eyesight, patience and skill to manage those windscreen wipers
  10. I'm sorry you feel that. I find Pinterest a great way of storing, cataloguing and looking for visual references. Back on topic, is that gummed paper tape being used for the masking?
  11. My wife bought me a new Tolkien book for Christmas called "Lord of the Gas Rings". It's about a load of hob bits.
  12. Which Microfibre Cloth sounds like the ultimate niche consumer product magazine! I really don't think it matters who makes them. They all seem to do pretty much the same job. For final polishing I tend to use the finer weave ones. When they get dirty I just wash them. I only stop using them after they have become a series of holes joined by narrow threads of cloth...
  13. Just a thought - would Gaspatch Models single-ended turnbuckles be of use? They do resin or plastic at 1/32 and 1/48. The Bounty is looking splendid!
  14. I thought the requirement was for 100 non-chat posts. What's the "100 word post rule"?
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