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  1. bhouse

    A very British experiment, Marshall MA4.

    Yes, but they seem permanently out-of-stock...
  2. bhouse

    A very British experiment, Marshall MA4.

    According to this article, the 'holes' were 0.05" diameter and covered over so that the actual 'lift' holes could be punched as required with. So the maximum diameter of a hole would be 0.0018mm in 1/72. I think the only advice I can offer is "good luck"! Your model is looking fantastic. I'm sure you'll find a way to represent the holes.
  3. bhouse

    Visiting UK Next month, where to order models from?

    Is that a new one to run alongside the Yarmouth operation?
  4. bhouse


    That'll be because everyone demands their rights but comparatively few realise that everyone also has responsibilities.
  5. bhouse

    Mini Moke Line Drawings

    I found an Australian forum devoted to the Mini Moke. It might be worth posting to see if anyone there has access to plans or drawings... Good luck, Brian
  6. bhouse

    Static electricity, any suggestion ?

    Good suggestion, @Tzulscha Continuing that thought process, I wonder if a mist generator would help?
  7. bhouse

    Fokker E.II (Airfix 1/72)

    Simply beautiful. That engine turning is superb - I've never seen it done so well at 1/72.
  8. bhouse

    Mini Moke Line Drawings

    Thanks Moke. Whoops...
  9. bhouse

    Mini Moke Line Drawings

    This business of m o k e turning into Mike is odd. Any ideas, @Mike ?
  10. bhouse

    Looking for an image of an old RAF poster

    I seem to remember a similar poster in the Heinz baked bean factory...
  11. bhouse

    White balance

    Thought so...
  12. bhouse

    Wounded Pup

    I think Pip should be renamed the Red Baron. Good luck with the restoration...
  13. bhouse

    White balance

    It sounds to me as if they had some cheap fluorescent light tubes. If you look at the colour spectrum for these, they typically have huge spikes in the green part of the spectrum. These will confuse any camera's white balance measurement. For best results, try taking a blank notebook with you and take a photo of a blank white page under the same lighting conditions (and colour balance settings) as your subject. You can then look at that in your image editing programme and fiddle around with the curves to make the image look white, then apply the same curves to your image.
  14. bhouse

    The Bridge on the River Kwai

    He also posted this bridge build on Finescale modeller. He hasn't posted there since 13th December. Let's hope he's just too busy with other things.