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  1. Great start! I finished mine a week or so ago, it's a lovely build but the canopy can be a bit tricky to get all the parts lined up. Took me a few go's Howard
  2. Funny you should bring this up @Alan P had an issue last week where I was losing pressure quite dramatically. Did the same thing, no improvement. Then I thought, hold on, the compressor MUST have an air intake and that must have a filter. Sure enough filter blocked solid! Put a new one on (actually a lawnmower fuel filter but it'll do the same job) and normality returned! Phew! Howard
  3. Ah ok thanks for clarification. So possibly two Sr71's next year, what amazing times we live in! Howard
  4. So do we know if this is Jeffrey's project then? I heard Gaspatch and him weren't working together anymore but don't know if this is just gossip. Howard
  5. Amazing, It's another level!! Really impressive modelling & techniques, thank you for sharing Howard
  6. That is stunning! I love the Shock cone/radar cone. Is that decal or amazing paintwork? Great model, REALLY great! Howard
  7. I voted YES. I won't buy the KH one and out of Kinetic and AMK I'd always choose the AMK version. That maybe personnel preference but thats how I see it regards Howard
  8. Great shot's there! Shame I didn't get over as I bet it was a good time! Howard
  9. Yeah I had a look at them last night, very nice decals in the boxes. I also bought these: regards Howard
  10. I know for a fact that Alec at Alleycat models is now stocking the complete range of AMG kits, racers included!! Howard
  11. Ah I see! Talking to one of the staff on the friday and she said that they were expecting 40,000 people!! We decided to go early even if it meant we were waiting for the place to open but as it turned out we were six rows into the car park! Way out was a bit of a palaver though but was obvious they had been turning people away as there were lots of cars dotted around with people in the fields etc. The static was thoughtfully laid out and the flying display was pretty good. Highlights being the twin Rafale display followed by Gizmo in Blizzard. I've yet to do those photos though! Howard
  12. Thank you Latinbear. The open house was pretty good. We got there about 07.45 and it was worth being early as the traffic did get a little crazy from what I hear. We had to leave at 1400 to catch our flight and it seemed that it was winding down by then anyway! Link to the flickr album is here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskxuY1Fj I'll try to get some more done tonight! regards Howard
  13. So heres a selection of my pics from NTM16 Zaragoza Spain. Vipers by Howard Barrett, on Flickr Fire Tiger by Howard Barrett, on Flickr DSC01190 by Howard Barrett, on Flickr Toothy Grin by Howard Barrett, on Flickr 192 Filo F-16C by Howard Barrett, on Flickr DSC08675 by Howard Barrett, on Flickr 31 Squadron (BAF) F-16AM by Howard Barrett, on Flickr Mirage 2000D by Howard Barrett, on Flickr Alien Hind by Howard Barrett, on Flickr DSC09224 by Howard Barrett, on Flickr It was a really enjoyable few days meeting up with some old friends and drinking beer! I've got a lot more to go through and I'll be adding them to my Flickr as I go so feel free to check them out should you wish and I hopeyou enjoy them regards Howard
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