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  1. Caerbannog

    1/60 Halcyon Alien Space Jockey

    Very well done.
  2. Caerbannog

    What have you purchased / been given

    Been biking with my son (7) in the woods and considered buying a used MTB for small money (my road bike is surprisingly not so good off road...). Yesterday I got a roughly 10 years old "Rocky Mountain" fully (Rock Shock and Fox) in very good condition for just 120 Pound. About 1/10 of the original buying price. Sure it is not up to todays standards but it is more than I need. Happy bunny now
  3. Caerbannog

    2001 Discovery from Kayodo 1:10 studio scale - "?"

    Must admit that I do not understand the price figures - it seems they quote the Moebius kit - for over 400 GBP??? Any Japanese native speaker here? ;-)
  4. I sold my second Routemaster kit, because I chicked out of the conversion intended - and you have the nerve to even backdate it to the Regent. Great choice. I will follow with interest. Rene
  5. Kayodo has announced a 1:10 scale Discovery from 2001 - "1/10 scale reproduction model from original 57 foot prop" - do your own math on what scale size the crew figures should be :-) http://kaiyodo.co.jp/discovery/
  6. Caerbannog

    BAC TSR-2 XR219 - Airfix 1/48

    Absolutely brilliant. Most likely the best 1:48 TSR2 I ever saw.
  7. My personal ideas about the Bandai helmet: The ESB picture is mirrored - just for the helmet proportions. Maybe it is only the pictures on the Bandai page - I do not have the Vader kits so cannot compare the real parts. Rene
  8. Nice! I really like the all-white scheme on the Hawk a lot.
  9. Is it me or does the full helmet look odd? Maybe not so much of a problem as you can simply leave it off, but I ... well it seems to me that nobody ever did a good representation in kit form regarding this helmet. Anybody else?
  10. Excellent work - I have this in stash so I have a faint idea of all the work that was need to get this result
  11. Cool. It is not even listed on the Roden website. "?"
  12. Caerbannog

    SHADO Mobile Carrier

    Very nice work. Rene
  13. Caerbannog

    R5-DP and Mara Jade 1/12 scale

    I only checked TaoBao and found it there, but funnily Aliexpress is cheaper this time. Thanks!!! Good progress and nice work on the blaster