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  1. Tryzub Models. AFAIK the Tryzub is typical for Ukrainin helaldic and it symplizes a warbird nose diving for its prey (maybe I am mistaken here, but the story is nice). And you get a logo along the name Besides it should be easy to register I think.
  2. I would like a Boeing 314A Clipper in 1:72 one day (I am affraid 1:48 would be a tad oversized for the limited shelf space...)
  3. Nice news. I used to order a lot from Sqadron when there was still surface shipping available from the US. Especially liked their own brands like thier publications, True Details and Czech Model kits back then which made Squadron a bit special for me. Wonder if the new Squadron owner plans own brand items too to stand out from the other online stores.
  4. Nice idea but a word of caution (and I am not referring to the hazzards because of the material) - as you say the gaps must not be too deep as other wise the resin will not cure. So you will have to build up layers to avoid uncured resin. I use Elegoo water soluble resin and it has the nasty habit that as long as it is not cured it eats away paint and also dissolves cured resin in as much as this crumbles away. The story behind my discovery: I found out the hard way when one of my first printed resin models (Imperial probe droid - which I even happed to get finished) suddenly started to wet itself The parts were printed hollow and there was a closed cavity which I did not notice before it was too late. The enclosed uncured resin broke loose after several weeks and now I have to restore half of the parts and the base But I will try your idea on some scap kits for testing :-) Thanks for sharing
  5. I am starting to wonder if the "Ghost of Kiev" was invented by the clever marketing department of a plastic kit company Will have to watch out for this kit too
  6. IIRC Arma in Russia were first to release a rivet decal for the Hind. I do not recall the asking price but bet this was way lower than what Eduard is asking. I really hope someone else will jump the train and the prices for rivet decals will come down a bit (though not very lilekly as all prices seem to take the other way...). That said Archer rivet decals for a Fw190 in 1:32 are about 90 USD - so the question is if 65 Euro for the Eduard decals is already a reasonable price and I have to find another soloution instead of waiting for a better offer.
  7. I guess the Hobby Boss choice was not a wrong one - if I were to buy a new Me 262 kit it would be a HB (but I wait and hope for Eduard to bring one out sooner or later). What was written above is also my point of view on the subject. Two things to consider/add: 1. No out of the box kit has the slats extended - so all show the in-flight wing. When parked the slats were always extended (they could not be operated manually - the drag pushed them back and flush with the wing profile) 2. Seams and rivets were puttied and sanded on the real deal. So if the rivet pattern is incorrect on HB kits... Just putty them over
  8. I put them in the fridge when I knew I would pause on my builds - but the problem remains, only that it takes a bit longer. In the end I stopped buying the plastic bottles and get my super glue from the "pound stores" here. You get about 6 or 8 tubes for 2 Euros or so - in the end a much better price as I usually use the tubes up before they are unusable.
  9. OK - wait and see. There is still the ICM boxing if Revell only provides the all black version but it is a strange move by them if the do so.
  10. I saw it on pre order somewhere recently (IIRC on luckymodel), but that does not mean a lot.
  11. Nice surprise that the Revell release is coming. I am a bit puzzled by the product text on the Revell website - are decals included only for the over all black box cover version?
  12. OK - I have not signed up fro a GB for too long as I only produced hangar queens (to avoid clearer words). But this sounds as if I could still shovel some salt on still wet Revell 83 and call it rusted if I fail to finish my build Not shure what I would enter but it will be most likely SciFi. I have two ideas along the lines of the Statue of Liberty in Planet of the Apes.
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