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  1. Caerbannog

    Classic Airfix Concorde for 2019

    I need to check - I bought the original in a started and part-painted state (wonder what paint this is - it is totally unimpressed by any chemical treatment so far. Grrrr...) - IIRC there was the instruction included. Let me check over the weekend.
  2. please in 1:48
  3. Caerbannog

    Airfix 2020

    Check Vincent Meens Shapeways shop: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/spacemodels Every now and then I check his store there is something new. I really need to win the lottery. I really wished Airfix would put Vincent Meens on their payroll
  4. Caerbannog

    Bandai PG Millennium Falcon

    Nice one! I must have missed something - this is the Bandai Perfect Grade (1:72) Falcon distributed by Revell??? I was pretty sure Revell reboxed the Fine Molds Falcon. Are there two Revell boxings?
  5. Not easy to find a DB set nowadays - I only saw it once on the bay. And missed it!!!! Arrggghhhh. Went to a new happy owner for about 7 Pounds... Would like to do a record setting Sagburner one day - does Brigade plan other sets as well? Like Sageburner????
  6. Caerbannog

    Malta 'Blue' Spitfire

    There were several articles on the "Malta Story" in SAM over some years. They were under the "Colour Conundrum" series: 12/2015 "A Malta Story" pt.1 Operation Newman 4-13th April 1942 01/2016 "A Malta Story" pt.2 Operation Calendar 13-20 April 1942 08/2017 "Another Malta Story" pt.1 09/2017 "Another Malta Story" pt.2 10/2018 "A Malta Story Concluded" pt.1 Jun 42 - Oct42 11/2018 "A Malta Story Concluded" pt.2 Nov 42 - Jul43 I hope I did not overlook some. They include Vallejio colour codes for the colour profiles included. Alwas nice to see Malta Spitfires build. Nice cockpit! Rene
  7. Also my choice. Maybe you can mix it with the PR19 fuselage (rescribe the cockpit door)? But will also get this one and build it as a Cleveland racer with decals from another kit. Actually I hoped Airfix would include these for a civil maschine option, but maybe they will release a racer boxing later with G-FIRE also included.
  8. The usual answer: An Airfix Bucc will not earn money for Tanmodels... However - I think better like this than if they both present their new tool kits on the same show. Tanmodells can now consider if the expected turnover is still enough or if they invest in a different subject. Aaaaand: Maybe they speed up with their 1:48 kit which they wanted to bring out before the 1:72 version if I am not mistaken. They can also watch the ado about the Airfix kit - what people want and what they like/dislike about it. Considering Airfix other scale-up or scale-down projects we know they are not really fast with this. See the Tiger Moth which will come out in 1:48 in May (or so). And no 1:48 Spey announced yet - also no 1:72 Sea Vixen or Javelin yet... So it will take some years before we see a 1:48 Bucc from them I suppose.
  9. Caerbannog

    Airfix 2020

    1:48 Hampden 1:48 Hampden 1:48 DH 88 Comet 1:48 Hampden 1:48 Sea King 1:48 Buccaneer 1:48 Vampire 1:48 Spey Phantom 1:48 Hampden 1:144 new tool Space Shuttle (will never happen...) 1:24 Lunar Module Eagle (well - did not happen this year - will never ever happen ever sadly. Would be such an impressive sight)
  10. can you please all close your browser? I cannot access Airfix
  11. currently building my Aeroclub Tiger Moth (see KUTA GB) - will add an Airfix one if they do release it Edit. Oh they do! Cool.
  12. Hmm ... Airfix website seems to be quite buisy. I cannot acces it. Wonder why I am so eager to get the news from Airfix now. Must admit that I did not buy one of the 2018 new tools yet, so why the hurry ;-)
  13. Caerbannog

    Old 1960’s style B. O.A.C. Font, is there one on the web?

    I guess it will be too late - but I currently do a decal set for a 1:72 Constellation in the white top BOAC livery. I can send you the BOAC letters with dot as curves (ai or cdr). They are good enoughfor 1:72. PM me if you still need them. Rene
  14. Caerbannog

    1/48 Lockheed Vega Amelia Earhart Model

    This is good news.I boughtsome decals from Keith and they are really nice. Good if someone will rerelease them. I have no decals of the red Vega NR-7952 with gold trim, neither Red Pegasus or any other but If you can do your own rather easily I guess. The letters seem to be Amarillo font which is free to download. The gold trim has a very similar shape as the blue trim of the Winnie Mae decalsincluded in the kit. So you can scann and trace them.
  15. Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the kind offer. I found it but decided to leave it off. After all the time with clear view I decided to keeo it this wayfor now :-)