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  1. Caerbannog

    Ghost Trooper

    Yes it does! Very nice.
  2. Caerbannog

    AMT Cutaway Falcon - purchase or pass?

    Unlike the cut-away NCC-1701 Enterprise, which was a complete new tool, AMT did use the existing MPC Falcon parts from the late seventies and added an interior which was not regarded as too "accurate" at the time the kit was released. So if you are after a very accurate Falcon kit from the box, I would give it a pass - way too much scratchbuilding and aftermarket parts would be needed.
  3. Already got the first release, with doubtful ordnance.... :-( Oh well...
  4. Released: http://www.culttvmanshop.com/Space-1999-Hawk-Mk-IX-172-scale-from-MPCRound-2-_p_4236.html
  5. Caerbannog

    1/48 "What If?" - Stealth Viper

    Basically a nice kit if only Trumpyboss did not mess up the nose so badly.
  6. Excellent - I sold on my Abra kit and was not so sure if this was a good idea. It seems it was.
  7. Will watch with interest. Have bought the Contrail kit last year - hoping this way Airfix will announce one. Obviously this procedure does not work on purpose... Rene
  8. Caerbannog

    1/72 Revell Concorde

    I am afraid I can second everything above. The belly part problem which Alexey shows above was the last nail in the coffin two years ago. My attempt so far to make a correction for this has failed. Some day... (yes - I still want to finish this!) You can basically decide to go straight from the box with a huge but toyish results (anybody else wondering why Airfix and Heller did not complete the picture with spring loaded missiles in the engine pods?) or start a 50% srcatchbuild. Good Luck with this one - what ever you do: If nothing else it will improve your skills René
  9. They have molded some tiny loops on the wings and fuselage IIRC. I have the Young Astronauts box in the basement waiting for rescribing in the coming decades... The "loops" can be easily shaved off I would say. Maybe you did that and forgot about it. I also only remember them because I read about these in a magazine when the kit was released, and I found it funny that the author was so exhited about this feature
  10. Caerbannog

    Curtiss Racer #3

    :-) I know this too well. Started a SMER Macci MC72 in the "Less Than a Tenner GB" many years ago. Missed the dead line and slowly the build shifted to the temporarily shelf of doom. This happed a bit too often with me and GBs so now I force myself to finalize at least some kits before I attentto any GB. Which is a pain looking at the running topics :-) Great to see your build back on the net! René
  11. Caerbannog

    Just tried out some Revell enamel paint.

    Living in Germany Revell paints are the ones you easily get. Any other brand is only mail order or proper hobby stores (of which are only a few left). Most of the enamels are really good for spraying and brush painting but there are some which can be a PITA when it comes to drying times - usually the gloss colours. I started to use only the thinner of the paint brand to avoid trouble. You can mix-match when you use the paint up within the day or maybe week. But I found some paints became iffy after mixing them with other thinners after a month or so. What I absolutely stopped to use is the Revell sprays. They are just awful in my eyes: The moment to press the "trigger" the entire content is blown on what ever is in front of the nozzle. The other option is that nothing happens at all. As you say the Aqua paints are quiet good as well. I use them for detail painting cockpits and such, as they are odorless and the used brushes are easy to clean - perfect for working in the living room and other non-man-cave-areas in the house. The main downside is the colour range which is strongly related to the RAL colours, so a lot of mixing is required if you are interested in anything FS, RLM and of course BS... Rene
  12. Caerbannog

    Junkers Ju388L-1 1/48 Conversion

    Looks great
  13. I have this in my private warehouse at HLJ, hope to add some other kits not available yet. Nice to see some detail shots here. The 3D printed one looks very good - did you make the 3D file yourself? Or where did you get it? René
  14. Caerbannog

    Obi-Wan Lightsabre

    This looks great. I guess this makes a nice start in 3D work, which I will concider for myself now. Will follow with interest