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  1. I doubt they do whirly birds. Ok they just did a Hind boxing, and the Voldemord riddle could also hind at a Cobra but ... er I just do not think so. Would be verrrrrry nice but now it really starts sounding like a wish list
  2. Well if they did, I over read this insignificant point Main US Fighter from WW2 era? If not F-16 Viper would hint on Voldemort
  3. Griffon Spitfires? Or high back Mustangs... If something "completely new", A P-47 family including P-47N would be nice. Should be to Eduards tastes - various engines, fuselage, wings and lots of colour schemes. Edit: Yes - I am talking 1:48
  4. Sorry for the inconvenience - I ordered the Hind overtrees and they will be delivered tomorrow, but I cannot find them on the Eduard website anymore today. So they seem to be sold out already.
  5. For those looking for a bargain - Eduard also sells Overtrees... The Hind Overtrees are currently available from Eduard website :-)
  6. Sorry - but I have to start the "wrong scale" song too. Would love to see a Skycrane in 1:48 some day. Still good news that someone release a CH-54 at all - in any scale. Will be an impressive kit.
  7. Just a very brief summary: There is quite a lot of talk about the real thing and the general design process of a plastic kit- quite interesting in itself and some funny stories but nothing I need to write down here. The kit is based on the Duxford SR-71 which is the only SR-71 outside the USA and which is maybe interesting when discussion starts about the details. As Duxford shows the engine on a stand this was used as reference for the kit as well. As all original plans were destroyed long ago, one could draw the conclusion, that any variation to the airframe and cockpit will not be included as alternate parts (not to speak of SR-71B/C). Somewhat later however the Product Manager told that non-original plans and photos were used as well. The kit itself has inner reinforcements and is "quite heavy". The instructions will give Revell Colour #09 as the overall colour but it is quite clear that this is not the definite answer Plastic parts and decals for 4 versions - I bet all black - are ready. The instructions and box are now created. Eckhardt Weber the Designer of the kit died in February and this kit should be his master piece according to the product manager who also build a test shot (he says the product manager has to build every new product before release - my application papers are sent). I suppose what I wrote above will sound a bit thin but there was really not that much info on the 2021 Revell highlight but more on the Lockheed masterpiece itself. Revell has learned to keep us interested
  8. Not being a car modeller (unless they are full scale...) but: - the Revell Morris Minor Traveller (in addition to the full size thing...) - Doyusha Aston Martin DB5 007 version (!) (sadly no such full size thing around...) A wish list would be somewhat longer though.
  9. Some NASA decals would be nice (Kuiper Airborne Observatory)
  10. As AMT is Round2 as GreenDragon pointed out - have a look at the MPC Space 1999 kits. If the Razor Crest is in the same league I can only hope Revell of Germany will use the same tooling. If ROG will go their usual SW kit philosophy it will be another SW kit I will not buy ;-) Would be a +1 for AMT.
  11. I never heared anything about the Dragon kits again several people asked but I think nobody ever got a sound reply.
  12. I had once the same question here and the answer was no. Very strange indeed for such an iconic airplane. I have not found any scale drawing since, so it seems to be the ugly truth.
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