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  1. I am affraid that Vincent Meens has deleted his terrific LEM files from thingyverse. You get them here now: https://cults3d.com/fr/modèle-3d/divers/apollo-lunar-module-vincentmeens But no more for free (still a great deal)
  2. Wow - a new tool Shuttel in 1:72 (or 1:144) would be . But it will be the old Monogram or Revell moulds
  3. Nice to see a 1:72 Shuttle build here. Not sure if this will help with your window issue: https://amp.rokket.biz/am_shuttle_win.shtml I bought the set years ago but did not start the build yet. They do look very nice though and are not too expensive IMHO. Regarding your Enterprise plan - this ship was never meant to go to space and so was not constructed this way. If ever there would be a Space Shuttle go to space with the name "Enterprise" it would have been a completely different Orbiter. I am not telling you to abandon your idea, just want to let you know in case this
  4. Not sure if this is the place to post this (I will also post it in Bargains): Horizon models are having their fifth anniversary and they hold a competion and offer package deals with free worldwide shipping: www.horizon-models.com Sale will end October 31st. Rene
  5. After the B-17 in 1:48 I doubt it will take much longer than 2022 till they will do a 1:48 Lanc
  6. I have an Elegoo Mars and used Elegoo water based resin mostly. I never tried the standard resins as I see no other advantage of the "nasty" resin than that it is about 10% cheaper. But you need to wash with alcohol so the price advantage seems to be eaten up pretty quickly. One issue I found with the water based resin: Be carefull when you wet sand it. On some parts the water kind of disolved the resin and the parts cracked open and warped. Maybe because they were not 100% cured.
  7. The Revell kit used the old Trimaster moulds (also used by Dragn) and was quite good IIRC. The Testors kit was very basic. Strange it did take so long for a new tooling - must be about 30 years. OMG
  8. So you have the same issues with the resin as I had with the water washable one from Elegoo regarding warping. On those prints which warped most I had the feeling, the warping happend after I detached the parts from the build plate. Do you use a turn table and an UV lamp to fully cure the parts? My turntable broke and I think this was at least one reason why the warts warped (despite some where very thin).
  9. Just for info if anybody else is interested - CG Trader have a discount today (they seem to do this regulary) which pretty much outweights the tax they add, so I got me the Y-Wing and the B-Wing.
  10. So what else did Meng tool for WNW? And who did the other toolings for WNW - is this known?
  11. Exactly! I found it a bit annoying, as he seems to be from the EU but as CG Trader is US they ask for tax if you buy from the EU (yes - quite normal but usually this is done by the customs). I was looking for an EU based store but to no avail so far. Will follow your build with huge interest :-)
  12. Nice thread! Is the guy on CGTraderalso selling the B-Wing, TIE and AT-ST? I was just about buying the Y-Wing/B-wing bundle, but after CGTrader announced that tax will also be added I puled the plug. I also use an Elegoo Mars - with waterbased resin. I found warping issues, when I reduced the parts tickness too much, and when I did not directly exposed the finished parts to a UV light source. If you use the water based resin - take care with wet sanding. I found the resin is still affected by water after I thought it was cured... Had also a lot of waste but the Elegoo is much more de
  13. Correct! Thanks! PM sent. The Scimitar looks great! Very nice build. Rene
  14. I bought an Elegoo Mars (resin printer) and the resolution is very good. Free files can be found on thingyverse and other sites. The quality is very different - some are low-poly so you will have more filling and sanding work on rounded surfaces, many are not super-accurate. But on the other hand you can adjust the scale of many files so you can get a 1:144 Ariane V or Space X rockets. And sometimes there are very good files even for free. If you are into real space subjects there are Vincent Meens upgrade files on Thingyverse for the Monogram LEM in 1:48. It is almost a complete kit and would
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