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  1. I would be most happy to see new and proper Apollo and other Space related kits but I fear the request in general is rather low. Just have a look at all those kits released this year for the 59th anniversary moon landing... But a new tool Seaking in 1:48 would be nice. Yes I know - 1:48 choppers are almost as well represented as real space kits...
  2. With alternate parts for the various versions of Winnie Mae :-D
  3. Got my Buran last week and the decals included are very basic. So the above sheet will be a welcome adition and maybe reason for me to buy more Buran kits - even though the details of the kit could be much more (very empty wheel wells, no cockpit at all, cargo bay sparse,...). Still happy to have this kit.
  4. Fully agree. I still wonder about the 22" Eagle sprue layout. The pod beeing no own sprue is the most obvious. It would have been so easy to offer the pod seperately to allow different liveries so you can swap from tie to time to chnage the look of your finished kit on the shelf. Alternate parts for the leg pods would have allowed for Eagle 1, 2 or 3. This would led to the lab pod eagle rather easily and so on. Maybe they go this route on the 1:72 Eagle but on the larger and more expensive kit this would have been a much nicer choice IMHO. Anyway - great to see a smaller scale Eagle so you can have some variations in this less shelf consuming scale. Lab Pod and extra booster packs please! Oh - and a nice red glider
  5. Cool. I hope they will also do the lab pod version one day.
  6. Wow - bery cool kit. Never knew this existes. Rene
  7. Caerbannog

    CA kicker

    You could try baby powder if you do not find pure talcum powder. AFAIK it is very much the same. Some have perfumes added but I am not sure if anything else. However - I use baby powder as above sometimes and it works for me.
  8. Awsome work. So 0.3 mm fibers are the perfect size for this kit. Thanks for this - it will help me a lot with my kit - but of course it will be not even half as nice as what you have shown here (if I ever finish it....).
  9. Sad news. I read it this morning on BBC :-( RIP May the Force be with you.
  10. Doh! And I was so good at resisting the first time.
  11. Another Italeri DC 3 - with Lone Star/Red Gecko decals of "Tropical Tilly" from "The Thing". Build thread is here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235052736-italeri-172-c-47-tropical-tilly-from-the-thing-lone-star-decals/&tab=comments#comment-3337085 Watch the skies, René
  12. One final post on this: Now it is in the Gallery. Thanks, Rene
  13. Thanks. A bit late with the update. Actually I tried to post them last night but the servers was already down. So now just quickly theprepared pics without much aditional text: The weathering and tonal variation in the NMF panels were done with Tamiya weathering sets. I put a post-it on the panel line and applied the weathering with the small sponge included in the Tamiya sets. No pics of the procedure - just the result. The post-it was also the reason for the damaged tail number The decal is ioncorrect anyway so one day in the future I will print a replacement. Thanks for looking, Rene
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