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  1. Not being a car modeller (unless they are full scale...) but: - the Revell Morris Minor Traveller (in addition to the full size thing...) - Doyusha Aston Martin DB5 007 version (!) (sadly no such full size thing around...) A wish list would be somewhat longer though.
  2. Some NASA decals would be nice (Kuiper Airborne Observatory)
  3. As AMT is Round2 as GreenDragon pointed out - have a look at the MPC Space 1999 kits. If the Razor Crest is in the same league I can only hope Revell of Germany will use the same tooling. If ROG will go their usual SW kit philosophy it will be another SW kit I will not buy ;-) Would be a +1 for AMT.
  4. I never heared anything about the Dragon kits again several people asked but I think nobody ever got a sound reply.
  5. I had once the same question here and the answer was no. Very strange indeed for such an iconic airplane. I have not found any scale drawing since, so it seems to be the ugly truth.
  6. Hmm.... I started an excel list back in the days when my stash was very reasonable but this list was not to count my stash but to check which extras I would like to add or which I have included in the bo, so I do not buy anything twice by mistake (yes - I lost overview). But even if I stop doeing anything but building kits I guess it would take a few centuries. Really need to start selling kits again. Sounds so easy when you are not in front of the peronal toy store in the basement... At least the rate at which I buy kits has reduced a lot the past two years.
  7. Brilliant job! Great display case as well - really amazing work. Now I check if I can find some content regarding your Mos Eisley Diorama (looks absolutely stunning).
  8. Blockade Runner/Tantive in 1:144 TIE Bomber in 1/72 AT-AT in 1/72 Tydirium in 1/72 U-Wing in 1/72 1/12: IG-88 Probe Droid (although I helped myself with a 3D printed one by now) Royal Guard Rancor (maybe a bit too huge or Bandai) Slave Leia :-) some more Astro Mechs
  9. Not sure if this has been mentioned here as well: The Revellogram F-86D has a slatted wing but Monogram (or Revell?) have messed up with the wing angle. I tried to use the D wing on an Academy kit and found it would be difficult as the wheel bay and such are all in the wrong place. Best way would be to cut off the slats from the D wing and stick them to the 6-3 wing (with other cut-and-shut to do). So I went to get a resin set from Kiwi Resin which is now as much OOP as the Cutting Edge set. I know of no other conversion set for slatted wings. So not an shake and bake conversion in any way.
  10. Yes - I think one could earn a lot of money with a solution for this. Personally I buy quite a few things on CGtrade and such and I would not pass those files on, but the web is full of data with questionable ownership... The other issue I have with those files on CGTrader and else is that adjectives like "detailed", "acurate" and such have a very broad meaning obviously :-) But that is another story.
  11. Just stumbled over this - nice to see you pull out another racer. Will follow with interest. I hope AMP or someone else will do the Macci M39 in 1:48. Never got hold of the NOIX kits
  12. How about selling the stl file only and leave the printing to the buyer? There are quite a lot of sites offering this, like etsy, CGtrader etc. Having a printer myself I prefer this route. It helps to reduce the noise, when I wreck a part ;-)
  13. Very nice build! Where did you get the DaveG Open Source canopy? I tried to google but could not find a file for download.
  14. In lack of words: Sad news.
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