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  1. Yes - I think one could earn a lot of money with a solution for this. Personally I buy quite a few things on CGtrade and such and I would not pass those files on, but the web is full of data with questionable ownership... The other issue I have with those files on CGTrader and else is that adjectives like "detailed", "acurate" and such have a very broad meaning obviously :-) But that is another story.
  2. Just stumbled over this - nice to see you pull out another racer. Will follow with interest. I hope AMP or someone else will do the Macci M39 in 1:48. Never got hold of the NOIX kits
  3. How about selling the stl file only and leave the printing to the buyer? There are quite a lot of sites offering this, like etsy, CGtrader etc. Having a printer myself I prefer this route. It helps to reduce the noise, when I wreck a part ;-)
  4. Very nice build! Where did you get the DaveG Open Source canopy? I tried to google but could not find a file for download.
  5. In lack of words: Sad news.
  6. Correct - but as I had put it into a GB I chickend out on all the work involved with the interior correction. I would not have finished it in time otherwise. Still a nice kit in a decent size. Rene
  7. I once build the Atomic City Pod which is not even close to screen acurate inside. Still I like it because of the lightning installed inside. Compared to yours it is just a candle next to a Christmas tree Fantastic.
  8. Nice one! Did you do the 3D design or did you get it somewhere? And if you downloaded it - where can I find the files?
  9. Nice one - mine is on the shelf of doom but I hope to get it back on the table this year and finish it alongside the Mikro Mir version. My Heritage version has a quite bended fuselage and other issues I forgot but nothing too serious I remember.
  10. hope they et the Sturn IB and the Apollo recovery set right... I especially wonder how the Seaking cabin interior will be. Next to impssible to get any photographic info on this.
  11. Awsome work - the WIP is well worth a vist. Thanks for sharing
  12. Just found this today (linked from your RFI). Excellent work! I like the blue andonized tools you use for milling - what is this?
  13. Comes as a surprise for me to be honest. But probably because I did loose them out of sight the past few years. As others mentioned I was ordering quite a lot of american kits and their own-brand products like True Detail, Czech Models (anyone a Skyknight? Just 100 Bitcoins :-D) and Squadron canopies in the nineties from them. That was before surface shipping was ended after 2001 and mailing costs went up. Last time I tried to order from them they had Aeromaster decals for 1 USD per sheet - but the shipping was 60 USD IIRC.. I think their own brands were very good back then but it seemed
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