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  1. Nice buid. Is it really an odd scale, or does it come close to 1:144?
  2. Hope Eduard will do another 20% discount day when the overtrees of this become available I had a tough time last week, notto spend a fortune at the Eduard store. Guess in preparation I am going to sell some old MkI kits.
  3. Pity I did not buy it when it was still available - nice kit. Great job on the wheels (and the rest).
  4. Very nice - will follow with interest. Rene
  5. Will there be a civil version? Like Silver City with a nice ramp and a Morris Minor? Please...
  6. Very nice finish. Hope to get mine done too one day...
  7. Really amazing pictures. So hard to spot that this is not a real car. In fact the writing on the corrugated steel backdrop made me suspicious as the letters are not deformed :-) Awesome car build
  8. What an excellent build! Very interesting and inspireing. Rene
  9. I once had this in stash but sold it on. From my memory this had a good size (about half a meter I would say) and basicaly called for lightning. Some windows were included as clear parts but most would have to be opened up. Also the front "radar" was molded as solid plastic. So to light this my idea was to re-cast it in clear resin. So if you want to add lights, you will have to deal with this Parts count was not very high and you can make a nice model out of this. Some links I found (both german sites): http://www.jetztmalwerbung.de/modellbau-voyager.html http://www.phoxim.de/forum/index.php?topic=3453.0 Rene
  10. Great that Trumpeter listened to the experts. Pity that it makes it harder to resist :-)
  11. Quite difficult actually as there are a number of different sites for such files with very different offerings regarding quality. You have to search an compare which can be time consuming and frustrating. To find a Tantive IV or Falcon to scale to size to the Revell ISD is no problem, but if you are for larger scale the inaccuacies will become more evident. So far I have not printed any larger size ship yet. Which has also something to do with the size of my printer (Elegoo Mars). I am currently printing a 1:20 scale Jawa and some full scale E-11 Blaster parts to complete my DoopyDoos pipe kit - such things work fine.
  12. I hope Revells tooling will allow for the other versions like A-12, M-21, SR-71 B and C and YF-12... Would be great :-)
  13. The only ship I am really interted in (in kit form) from Ep IX is the Blockade Runner. In a much bigger size than the current offering please.
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