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  1. They where included on a Cutting Edge decal set (CED48149). But it was just serials (red 360) and in different sizes as CE research came to no definite conlusion about the size. So if you get some red "360" decals you should have all you need for this scheme. Accoding to the decal instructions this U-2C had interim intakes, Giant Stride slipper tanks, B-camera system 3 & System 6 sensors and System 3 & 6 antenna. Colour was ANA 607 (FS 35042) over all. No dorsal canoes- "it looked like a U-2A on top". Hope this helps.
  2. The decals areavailable seperately: https://arma-models.ru/catalog/dekali/14400r_dekal_plitka_dlya_burana/ Now I need to find them elsewhere or figure out how to order from there...
  3. Cheaper than the Revell An-225 alone when on sale here...
  4. I too bought some sets from Waldemar Sauerwein and compared them to original Cutting Edge Sets. I could spot no difference - including the packing. I doubt they are "recasts" but I can imagine that somebody is still using the original molds and such, whatever the connection is. Rene
  5. Epic And a nice reference when I start my smaller Airfix kit on a much lower level. Regarding the 1:24 Lunar Module on Shapeways: Vincent Meens has some deatil sets free to download from Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/meens/designs Sadly not the same offerings as on Shapeways but great stuff for the Monogram Command and Lunar Module. Of course you will need a printer for the files. His web page is also highly interesting including detailed step-by-step guides: http://spacemodels.nuxit.net/ Rene
  6. I think a new tool Ju 52 would be a good addition as well - military and civil please. Well known, lots of liveries. In this case I am talking 1:72.
  7. Ouch - that really looks like a lot of work. I have a resin APC somewhere stalled as well - the little risin bugger is just a bit on the small side compared to the Halcyon Dropship, so I put it aside some centuries back. Good luck with this one. Will be interesting to watch.
  8. This feels really strange - a new Star Wars movie is around the corner, "new" kits are announced and what I see only makes me wonder how they will turn all this around... Deleted the rest of my grumpy reply ... ;-) 'sigh'
  9. Did you get the David Week drawing from Real Space, or is thee another source? I think there was a CD Rom available once, but I never found this. Drawings seem a bit costy for shippment from the US, which kept me from buying these sets in the first place. Excellent build Jörgen - as I said - when I read about the issues of the kit I chickend out (I was eager to get it when announced...). Impressive modelling Rene
  10. Now I am happy that I let the Tamiya one pass.
  11. Ok... looks like I will never start my Monogram kit, but will sell it to raise funds instead. I wonder if i should keep the resin bits...
  12. Nice! I strongly considered buying one 10 years ago. You could get them rather cheap and spare parts were less exclusive than I expected. It was quite clear the price for the S1 and S2 will go up soon, and so they did... Arggghhh... Will watch this with interest.
  13. Personally, I would want the Post and AE scheme. But you are right none the less, that there are many more colourful schemes for the Vega - the "Century of Progress" eagle scheme of Jimmy Matterns is quite striking. I have to repeat: My poor wallet....
  14. Any news on this? Now that KP release one (or the old Heller kit)? See
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