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  1. Had a look at Amazon and the kit is no longer listed - on e-bay people buy it for silly money (well above twice the Revell asking price). Crazy people...
  2. Unless one company is the Trumpyboss B Team...
  3. Caerbannog

    Best panel scriber

    Depending on the scale and what type of line (straight/rounded/curved) I either use a steel needle from a compass or the scriber from Trumpeter fro straight lines, which is not as cunky as the Tamiya scriber. In fact it is probably the best product of the entire Trumpeter range The steel needle is mainly used when a template is needed.
  4. Caerbannog

    Best cutting blades?

    Frankly, I have Olfa, SwanMorton, some no-name and so on. I cannot say that any is vastly superior over the other. Just my opinion.
  5. Caerbannog

    Advice for free empty paint containers

    A good source for such and similar products (like droppers, empty eyelid brush containers or whatever they are called..., etc.) is Aliexpress. I use it freequently on cheap consumables. The only disadvantage is that it can take some weeks before you get the goods, so planning ahead is a must.
  6. Caerbannog

    Possible 'phishing' attempt from spurious PayPal

    I guess the best bet to deal with any PayPal, Amazon, e-bay, whatsoever mail is: As soon as there is a link or an attachment I reagrd it as spam. In case of doubt I just go directly to the official website (not via the "provided" links in the mail!) and check in my user account if there is any information on the mails subject. PayPal and other never (afaik) send you any link by mail and ask you to do anything with it. René
  7. Caerbannog

    Protecting Your Models

    Quite similar story here - I came back from work and went upstairs to frin my then almost 2 years old son dogfighting my 1:48 Lightning. Most of the u/c was gone and never reappeared. By now I have all donor parts but still need to fix it. My last such drama also involved a cat. It was the Harrier II STGB and I had converted a Monogram Harrier with the Heritage Resin trainer conversion to finish it as VAAC. It was already wearing white over all and waited for masking in the basement man cave. My wife just bought a new dog. As our cat was equally fond of the dog as I she fed the cat in the man cave to keep the dog away. Anybody here who owns a dog and a cat will know that dogs love cat food. You guess it - the dog managed to get into the room, the cat escaped on the Harrier... Needless to say I did not meet the timeline (but this time it was absolutely not my fault). Now I write it down I realize another start of the story would maybe be better: A cat, a dog and a bird met in the mancave...
  8. I asked the customer service of SH if I can buy a replacement sprue M for my initial release Viggen but go no reply. Gues what i found in my mailbox yesterday? They sent me the sprure well paced free of charge! Great service at Special Hobby. Thanks a lot!
  9. Caerbannog

    New movie - First Man

    There is a new movie about the Apollo program called "First Man" who is no other than Neil Armstrong.
  10. Great! I have the Cutting Edge decals (including the earlier liveries with red instead of blue) for quite a while now but never managed to get the Pegasus or the Tristar. Something that will be sorted soon as it looks
  11. Caerbannog

    2001: A Space Odyssey Moebius 1/8 EVA Pod

    It surely would - the only thing to consider is that a seated figure will block 90% of the view from the open hatch, which would be sad considering the interior detail (which looks way better than that of Atomic City btw) I should sell mine to start raising funds...
  12. Excellent stuff Moa and thanks for the alternate ways to cope with things like cowlings. With the beautiful interior a cut away would make sense. Will follow with interest. René
  13. What a brilliant idea with the jet engines. Having the same kit I always planed to build it as a warprize or something in AFW with proper roundels. I dislike the piggy pack engines a bit - your version is much nicer.
  14. Caerbannog

    2001: A Space Odyssey Moebius 1/8 EVA Pod

    Wow - I once got the Atomic City 1:12 pod (can find the build somewhere in the group build achive here) at a bargain price and this is alread quite big. Hope the interior is more accurate on the Moebius kit. There is some nice reference on the net on how to build a more accurate interior for the Atomic City kit but it was too much to do for me in the few months of a GB.