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  1. Hello again Daryl, thank you for your recent reply. will continue to sort out question. she's a tough build but manage to dry fit , file, putty etc. taking tons time to get thing proper. Lost motivation at moment at final assembly . All the best to you and yours, PeteR
  2. Hello Daryl. I too am sorting this kit out. Have the AV-8b though. wondering, would the AV-8b early day time version have the strength shield on either side that you made ? i'm building AV-8b from Desert Storm . appreciate any help. Your build kit - brilliant btw. Thank you. PeteR
  3. I'm starting out on Has. 1//48 AV8b desert storm II . #09538 noticed nose not having extra scanner . what is the appropriate IP then ? two screens or one ( left one) . Bought Aries and Eduard extras.. Have only noticed IP with two screens IP research. Many thanks for help. Peter
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