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  1. Getting started on this one, build the A-4 before super kit everything fits nicely. My subjekt chrash landed here in Denmark, before the occupation. http://www.flensted.eu.com/g194003.shtml Cheers Jes
  2. Here are some of my Ju-88's Revell A-4, 1/72 A-5, Zvezda. 1/72 C-6, Revell, 1/72 Chers Jes
  3. I am not using the letters from the set, I use aftermarked. the A is Yellow with White outline. cheers Jes
  4. I would like to enter this GB, with a A-1 in 1/72 from Revell, The aircraft belonged to 3./KG 30 and was coded 4D+AL, crashlanded at Købelev/ Denmark 16/3 1940. Cheers Jes
  5. Here is the other photo from Die Jagdfliegerverbände der Deutschen Luftwaffe 1934 bis 1945, Teil 1, take from the front. showing the propeller wich is 70 by standard, also a lange part of the cowling/spinner, that matches the color of the propellerblade, so 70 it is on the cowling with a white "Peter". I have to this date never seen any evidence that a Bf 109 had a red cowling, the closes is the Red/yellow tulip used by JG 52, at the end of the war. Cheers Jes
  6. In the book Die Jagdfliegerverbände der Deutschen Luftwaffe 1934 bis 1945, Teil 1, on page 432 the is an other photo of "Peter" taken from the front of the other side. This indicates that the a/c is standard 70/71/65. There is also the photo showen in the thread, but in better quality, and it is evident that with the engine running a lot of dust is in the air due to dry ground, her it can be seen that part of the left wing has the same color tone as the engine cover. There are also other photos take during September 1939, with white painted personal emblem on the engine cover, and non indicates other than 70/71/65. Cheers Jes
  7. Yes, that would have been some model, but beond my capability. Chers Jes
  8. I have just finished this one. The kit is an older Academy not the best kit but ok. I have used the Owl convertion set to make it an Nightfighter also used the Owl Decals set US Marine Nightfighters. The fit of the conv. resin/PE set was nice, also decal set was nice. Cheers Jes
  9. You make some super nice Profiles Cheers Jes
  10. Kit from Eduard, build OOB. It is an exelent kit, fit is very good, no big issues. I have used Topcolors 28. Luftwaffe over the Far North decal, that are of very good quality. As always i never build a kit that I do not have a photo of original, so was lucky to find some on the Internet. Cheers Jes
  11. I have just finished this. It is a redone kit as i had to strip the paint as i had applied the wrong colors for a RAAF version. 603. sqd. was flying missions out of Northafrica, aganist the Greek island in the Agean. Cheers Jes
  12. Just finidhed this one, build out of box, Decals from Stoppel, airbrush painted with Alclad alu. Cheers Jes
  13. As i remember if this boxing is only for the race car. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-85-4024-fireball-roberts-57-ford--227905 Cheers Jes
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