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  1. I have just finished this small group of a/c from the Finish AF, all build out of box. Dornier is the new Airfix kit with OWL conv. set, D.21 from MPM, an C.X. from AZ. Decals are all aftermarked. Seen during wintertime with skies. Rather dramatic story this one. Cheers Jes
  2. Touvdal

    Colour film of Fortress Mk.I

    Why did this info not surface a little bit earlier, . When I made this one for the B-17 GB I would have made some camo scheme changes, well anyway very nice to see. cheers Jes
  3. Touvdal

    FHC FW190A-5 colors

    I think that Ullmann teori is good and have used the 71 mixed with 04, because it was easy to mix a color using what was easy to obtain from stock. I have used the mix 71/04 on this model together with 70. cheers Jes
  4. Touvdal

    Wellington, 1/72, Airfix

    Interesting notes , Dk Green/Dk Earth top colours , white underside could be fun. cheers Jes
  5. Touvdal

    Wellington, 1/72, Airfix

    Hey Mark I used the kit parts and just grinded them down gently. I am not a big fan of the airbrush, hate all the masking, cleaning, setting up kompressor, but with some colors it is unavoidable. Enjoy just sitting down with my brush for maybe half and hour and paint a little. Cheers Jes
  6. I have just finished this, the new Wellington from Airfix and what a joy to build. . It build OOB, i have only covered the side windows to march the ref. pictures that was found on the net. white is done by airbrush, green and grey with brush, all colors Humbrol. Clear and satin laquer from alclad by airbrush. Decals from the spare box. Polish Wellington Mk IC DV597 "T" during take-off in Dale, 2nd half of 1942. This a/c attacked U-boat on two occasions: piloted by F/O Figura on August9, 1942, and Sgt Golebiowski on October 9, 1942 Cheers Jes
  7. Thanks for the nice words Mike . Yes i had to adress the dihedral issue by inserting some plastic card to get it better. cheers Jes
  8. It is the first B-17 loss in that has crashed in occupied Europa. I had a hard time finding at photo of the accual plane, manage to get at not very sharp clip from youtube. 90.Squadron RAF WP-D/AN 525 "D-DOG" 08.09 1941 Crew: F/O David A A Romans (RAF)- P/O Frank Gordon Hart (RAF)- Sgt. John Brown (RAF)- Sgt. Peter Barnard Corbett (RAF)- Sgt. Robert Henry Beattie(RAF)- Sgt. Walter George Honey(RAF)- Sgt. Henry Merrill (RCAF). Their target was "Admiral Sheer" wich was in Oslo for repair. Plane shot down by Jacobi and Steinicke of 13./JG.77 in their bf.109T-2. https://ktsorens.tihlde.org/flyvrak/bygland.html Cheers Jes
  9. Touvdal

    Boeing B-17 Gallery and Poll

    My entry
  10. Finished just in time And the sorry remains Cheers Jes
  11. Sorry yes they where quit small, so here new ones. The decal where included in the kit. very good quality.
  12. So the last model of the year. Just finished this one build oob. It was kind of an experiment as i tried for the first time the Hataka acrylic paint Orange serie for brush painting. It turned out quite good. Morlot was killed on the 15/5/40 by either Lt Bock or Uffz. Vollmer from 3./JG 3. Cheers Jes
  13. Touvdal

    Exito Decals - Gustavs over the Balkans & Wulf Pack Vol I

    Just ordered the 2 sets looking forward to see them.
  14. So started on the paint job, as can be seen i paint with the old stick. Cheers Jes
  15. They are actually quite good kit the F is the latest issue and goes together without any problems. The G nice fit also but some care and trimming has to be done when installing the cockpittub. Cheers Jes