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  1. Finally got started on this one, very small tank (if you can call it that) for 1/35. Not using the interior parts as hatches are closed. Cheers Jes
  2. I build one last year for the Nordic GB, not the best kit to build. Cheers Jes
  3. I have just finished this one, quit stisfied with the result. Cheers Jes
  4. So have finished this one, last thing made the antenna wires, a bit complicated. Cheers Jes
  5. Part lookes fine for a short run set, interesting build Cheers Jes
  6. Started on the paint job. Had to use the airbrush, no my favorit, but the consistency of the new formula by Humbrol is not suitable for brush painting, Cheers Jes
  7. So more progress is made. I have canceled the C-6 as it has other oilcooler intakes, that is not possible to make. Cheers Jes
  8. Bristol Blenheim Mk. IV, 89 Sqd., DK Decals. I have decided to make this very catchy a/c, with a nice shark mouth. So as always made some research for this build, found some nice photos of the a/c online. Then pulled the 89 sqd. records from The National Archives, to check if this Beaufighter equiped unit have had used a Blenheim. And found this. First entry is: 14.12.42, Z7709, W/Cdr. J.A.Leathart. D.S.O. 1600 - 1630 air test This must have been a test flight by the W/Cdr himself alone to accept the plane. there are recorded flight on the 15/12, 16/12, 17/1
  9. I always reseach the individual a/c that i make, when i found out that a convertion of Airfix Mk. X to a Mk. 1 was not possible, i changed to the Mk. X and discarded the Printscale sheet. I chose to do the A19-177 which was represented at the ADS decal sheet and instuctions said Dark Green/Dark Earth over Sky, cross checked with RAAF Camouflage and Markings, 1939-45. Vol. 2, wich confirmed the colors. I also forund several photos of A19-177 online, looking at the them the Dark Green/Dark Earth look ok. I only later found the ADF serials articles, and
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