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  1. I have just finished this. It is a redone kit as i had to strip the paint as i had applied the wrong colors for a RAAF version. 603. sqd. was flying missions out of Northafrica, aganist the Greek island in the Agean. Cheers Jes
  2. Just finidhed this one, build out of box, Decals from Stoppel, airbrush painted with Alclad alu. Cheers Jes
  3. As i remember if this boxing is only for the race car. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-85-4024-fireball-roberts-57-ford--227905 Cheers Jes
  4. I have done the Z-7 as well and that is not over all black but 70/71 on upper surface, and black lower. http://falkeeins.blogspot.com/2017/03/dornier-do-17-z-7-kauz-airfixowl-by-jes.html Tekst of crashed planes is wrongly put as Z-10 but is a Z-7 Cheers Jes
  5. Build this kit some time ago, think alover black is correct. Cheers Jes
  6. Thanks for all the good input. I will go for the ESG/DSG with Azure blue, based on what i have read here. Cheers Jes
  7. Before i start on the paint job on this model i want to be sure, or as close as i can get to the correct scheme. As far as i can find, the scheme would be TSS (ESG/DSG over Sky) My plan is to do this a/c LZ 127 "A" Cheers Jes
  8. I just finished these 11 models for the BF 109 Group build. Enjoy, Cheers Jes
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