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  1. Thanks for all the good input. I will go for the ESG/DSG with Azure blue, based on what i have read here. Cheers Jes
  2. Before i start on the paint job on this model i want to be sure, or as close as i can get to the correct scheme. As far as i can find, the scheme would be TSS (ESG/DSG over Sky) My plan is to do this a/c LZ 127 "A" Cheers Jes
  3. I just finished these 11 models for the BF 109 Group build. Enjoy, Cheers Jes
  4. This photo was taken in Denmark. Focke-Wulf Fw 190. 11./JG 1, 1+-, captured at Skrydstrup, Denmark, May 1945. Actually i posteded it on a website i had some 25 years ago called Luftwaffe in Denmark, and have since surfaced regularily in diffenret forums/sites. Still have the copy of the original. Cheers Jes
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