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  1. Model is brush painted with Humbrol paints, all the small dots took alot of time. Canopy frames are also painted with brush free hand. Cheers Jes
  2. Need surgery It is ok as a short run kit, no major fit issues. It is brush painted i had to do over 3 parts as your eays get very tired cheers Jes
  3. Just finished this one for the Scandinavian GB. Bouild of of box. Cheers Jes
  4. Caproni finished Cheers Jes
  5. So finaly finished. Cheers Jes
  6. Very nice collection, but i have never seen this brand before cheers Jes I just build mine out of box, I do not what to spend to much time on models that are of such a bad quality. So just finish them of as good as posssible. cheers Jes
  7. Just finish this model, not a joy to build, very bad fit, but the only kit of the Type, so after being on and off the shelf of shame several times finaly done. Cheers Jes
  8. Just finished this one Cheers Jes
  9. Making the final toutches before starting the paint job. Cheers Jes
  10. So almost ready for gloss varnish, before decals. Cheers Jes
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