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  1. Now owned by Lonestar Models. https://lonestarmodels.com/product/lsmcc-72008-boeing-377-update-set/
  2. Looking intently at a frame from the showroom scene, it might actually say: FORD RALLYE SPORT PERFORMANCE This makes some sense, as real Transits were used as support vehicles for the Ford Rally Team (Mk 1 Escorts) around that time.
  3. I think it says FORD MOTOR SPORT PERFORMANCE Can you give some context - like what year/make & model/event, etc?
  4. Lee, 2 more photos here: http://www.edcoatescollection.com/ac1/austcl/VH-EMP.html It looks to me that the wings topside are white like the roof, with turquoise rego on right wing. The wings underside and the rest of the plane are turquoise with white regos (edged in black or blue) and white tail logos. Engine cowlings are bare metal. Wheels are grey. EDIT: Found an enlargement: https://www.airhistory.net/photos/0143724.jpg Here it is today after restoration: https://www.goodall.com.au/australian-aviation/fairchild-24/F24 EMP as ZK-AUN Omaka 7.21-Graham Orphan-KOM.jpg Cheers! Scott.
  5. Nice model, but... Revell told a lie. There is no such thing as a Porsche 956C. It's a (fudged) rebox of the Hasegawa Porsche 962C with the Jagermeister livery from a 956. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-07253-porsche-956-c--111540 They had a second release as a Rothmans Racing 962C. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-07251-porsche-962c--105497 The 956 was introduced in 1982 for Group C racing in Europe. It was also intended to be raced in the IMSA series in the USA, but was deemed illegal on safety grounds, as the front axle line was behind the driver's footwell. To remedy this problem, the front axle was moved forward. The modified car was renamed the 962. In Europe, after Stefan Bellof's fatal accident at Spa in 1985, the 962 was gradually adopted to replace the 956 in Group C - albeit with some engine cooling differences, and thus named 962C. (the C suffix is for Group C) So, the 956 and 962C are European spec, whilst the 962 is American spec - but no such beastie as a 956C.
  6. Dave, I found a short movie of an interview with Mario Andretti about the 1966 race... https://www.24h-lemans.com/en/news/le-mans-66-mario-andretti-ford-left-nothing-to-chance-52947 ... and managed to grab this very quick screenshot from it, clearly showing the yellow circular dots: Note the bottom circle sits a little further forward of the top circle. Cheers!
  7. It's just a second yellow circle. In the close-up pic of the side you can see a break in the stripes in front of the rear wheel - this is the bottom part of that second circle applied over the stripes. The Indycal images only show a partial circle, when it should be a full circle over the stripes. Your colour pic confirms this if you look closely. The triangle marking was therefore redundant and removed before the race. It's not uncommon for race car markings to be adjusted during the course of a race meeting due to visibility and legality issues. Even last-minute adding, deleting or repositioning sponsor markings is commonplace today.
  8. Ascensio https://www.scalemates.com/de/kits/ascensio-773-007-klm-orange-pride--1305422
  9. After checking various images on the web; I can say YES, Virgin's A330s have RR engines! Here's an example: https://www.planespotters.net/photo/907871/g-vray-virgin-atlantic-airways-airbus-a330-343
  10. Well, the kit was released today, but no wheel correction I'm afraid... https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10874019 I bet they would have got it right if it had raced in Japan, like all those different GT-Rs, Supras and Corollas!
  11. Tony, I found some fleet info: VP-TAT Vickers 657 Viking 1 c/n 119 1948-1957 "Trinidad" VP-TAU Vickers 657 Viking 1 c/n 122 1948-1957 "Antigua" VP-TAV Vickers 657 Viking 1 c/n 110 1949-1957 "Jamaica" VP-TAW Vickers 657 Viking 1 c/n 111 1948-1957 "Grenada" VP-TAX Vickers 657 Viking 1 c/n 112 1948-1954 "Barbados" VP-TAZ Vickers 657 Viking 1 c/n 129 1950-1951 "British Honduras" VP-TBB Vickers 657 Viking 1 c/n 137 1950-1958 "RMA Bahamas" VP-TBC Vickers 657 Viking 1 c/n 138 1950-1951 un-named Sources: https://rzjets.net/aircraft/?typeid=316 http://aerobernie.bplaced.net/BWIA.html Scott.
  12. RCI beat me to the punch - but I do hope that your pricing policy is better than Eastern Express. They seemed destined to sabotage their own market by charging as much as a resin kit!
  13. Another one for the Jaguar fans... I saw that Hasegawa has announced the Goss/Muir Jaguar for July release... http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/20580/ However the picture/drawing they show has the wrong wheels - they should be BBS wheels with Dunlop tyres, not the TWR wheels as shown. (which have been in all releases thus far) I found an inquiry form on the Japanese version of their website and provided a link to my Flickr album so they can see for themselves: https://www.flickr.com/photos/152317291@N02/albums/72177720298369252 My corrected drawing: Hasegawa have been good with including new parts for different versions of their car kits, so hopefully they'll take my info on-board if they haven't already realised it themselves. It's possible the drawing was just a quick colouring of their Jaguar template to put on their newsletter, and they fully intend to get it right come release time, we'll see. Cheers!
  14. The 1996 BTCC championship car is happening soon. Good preview pictures are here: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10874953 The previous Spotmodel link also has the new images now.
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