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  1. It's been revealed in this year's catalogue: 2021 Catalogue page 23 (item #7032)
  2. Paul, The longer MU-2J is being re-released: https://www.hlj.com/1-72-scale-mitsubishi-mu-2j-flight-check-squadron-w-towing-vehicle-hsg02370
  3. I know I'm a little late, but here's another solution for the cokpit area: DHC-6 clear cockpit section by Aerocraft They also have replacement stabilisers, engine front & propellers, wheels and brass undercarriage legs!
  4. Gooney, From various sources, I have surmised that: Revell 52 (Blue) equates to Humbrol 14 Revell 310 (Yellow) equates to Humbrol 197 - which is discontinued, and there is no Xtracolor substitute - so you'll have to mix it using yellow and orange. Cheers!
  5. Victor, Page 1: https://www.airlinercafe.com/photo_22217.details.large Page 2: https://www.airlinercafe.com/photo_22216.details.large Cheers!
  6. OK, I'm in too with an Eastern Express C-117. That makes me #33 !
  7. Yes, I presumed Davide was only asking about injected plastic media.
  8. Davide, The best 747-100/200 kits as far as accurate shapes are concerned: 1. 1/200 Hasegawa 2. 1/100 Nitto/Entex/Doyusha (hard to get and expensive) 3. 1/125 Heller (let down by the horrible engines) 4. 1/144 Revell (showing its age) Stay away from everything else... Cheers!
  9. That's a series 35/36, which is longer with different engines. Michael was after a series 20...
  10. SRN5 drawings and photos here: http://www.jameshovercraft.co.uk/hover/hovermus/srn5hm.php SRN6 stuff here: http://www.jameshovercraft.co.uk/hover/srn6/srn6.php and here (scroll down to SRN6 section): http://www.australianhovercraft.com/hover_pictures.htm Hope this is of some help, Mike!
  11. Michael, Here's some: - Evopece.com (no pictures) - Full Circle Hobbies (Canada) - Amazon (ridiculous price)
  12. Ian, Fujimi car kits typically list 2 paint brands - Mr. Hobby - Hobby Color (displayed with H and white square, black number) and Mr. Hobby - Mr. Color (displayed black square, white number). Hobby Color H92 is clear orange Mr. Color 92 is semi-gloss black Cheers!
  13. 2 and a half years ago, Eastern Express touted a planned release of a JAL version with the Pratt & Whitney engines - but so far it still has not appeared. Several other Airliner releases show a box-art picture on the side panel. If you freeze this video https://youtu.be/1RofNxNy3-I at 1:47, you can see it. Cheers!
  14. Rob, That's the retractable tail skid bumper and its bay. It is deployed during take-off and landing to prevent "tail scrape". Some pics here: Take-off Close-up #1 Close-up #2 Cheers!
  15. The little emblem is a small red & blue "british airways" logo stacked vertically. Here's some clearer copies for you to use: Cheers! Scott.
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