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  1. Hi Dave You could indeed be right, particularly with the edge of the ladder, as it contrasts so clearly with the grey tone of the bridge. And that's the ladder that leads to the Director Tower. I also had yet another look at the main pic of Conn returning to Belfast. It's interesting that the White Ensign seems to be the same tone as the ship. I'd love to see a high resolution version of this particular photo - I think I will write to the IWM and see what they can offer either as a hard print or a Hi-res download. Thanks Steve
  2. Jamie and Dave Thank you to both of you for your responses. It could well be that Conn, like others of her class, went through iterations of camouflage, and memories of some may be stronger than others for crew members. For the time period in question I am tending towards Scheme C, as that would be consistent with the other ships of the Group around that time. Actual paint won’t be applied for another couple of months so I will continue to eye off what evidence I can find. Fortunately I have stocked up on the new NARN range since they became available in Oz again so at least the p
  3. Hello Jamie that’s certainly where I would like it to be! Yes, that’s the very slight change my eyes see. What do you think about the overall tone of the scheme? Light enough for white? Steve
  4. I am in the process of building a 1/72 scale model of HMS Conn (K509), the 'Captains' class Frigate; hopefully depicting the ship's appearance in April/May 1945. There are relatively few photographs of the ship at this, or indeed any other, time. I am seeking some help in interpreting what I am seeing in the photographs that are available. There is one clear shot from the IWM's collection showing Conn in April 1945 returning to Belfast flying a Jolly Roger signifying the 21st Escort Group's successful sinking of three U-Boats in one cruise. Looking at this you could be forgiven
  5. The website Rafboats.co.uk has plenty of good b+w photos of RAF seaplane tenders and other RAF craft. I also don’t know of a website with drawings for RN small boats, but the best current reference publication I have found for WW1 to 1945 RN service boats is The Life and Ship Models of Norman Ough, by Alastair Roach. Includes Ough’s detailed drawings of a variety of ship’s boats from the 50 foot steam picket boat down to the classic 27 foot whaler. Published by Seaforth. cheers Steve
  6. Steve what a fabulous build. I particularly like the way you have sorted out the twin vickers mount internally and 3D printed. These are a devil to scratch build in any scale. Built one for a Thornycroft in 1/24 scale many moons ago, and the prospect of building several more for further boats is very daunting - they are very time-intensive built the old-fashioned way. Congrats and cheers Steve
  7. The bulkhead behind the Captain’s shelter might, or might not be curved. Squinting, I can sort of make it curved in some of the photos, but honestly, the angles of the shots are such I can’t be sure. I made the rear of the director platform curved because the rear view shot of Curzon clearly shows a small crescent shaped shadow underneath the platform, but I think the bulkhead below is flat. Yes, I was thinking a vertical ladder to the first compartment, though this seems somehow undignified for the CO! If you have, or can get access to it, there is also a nice detail shot of the por
  8. The tower in four detail shots. Apart from the slight detail changes, what I have interpreted from photos (and I have relied mostly on the three clear shots of HMS Curzon) lines up pretty well with the drawing included in the Almark publication by Peter Elliott. This could of course be a case of circular reporting, with Peter's draughtsman probably using the same sequence of photos, but its the best I can do short of finding an actual drawing of the tower. As I have built it, the front of the tower aligns with the end of the original director platform on the bridge. If this was kept, then an
  9. the tower from the side, showing the degree of overhang over the rear bridge screen
  10. low shot from ahead, the relative height of the tower shrinks from this angle
  11. Mike some shots of the Director tower - first pic in context of the overall build
  12. G’day Dave Your father was a part of an outstanding anti-submarine team on Conn and as part of the 21st Escort Group. I will post a general shot of the progress to date when I post a photo of the bridge with Director shelter attached for Mike. I have completed the basic structure for this, so I will post some photos with dimensions once I have worked out how to get them onto my Imgur account. After that, I will sit back and watch Mike’s progress. Happy to keep you apprised of progress by separate means at later dates. cheers Steve
  13. Hi Mike I am actually at the stage where I am building the director Tower/Captain's shelter onto the bridge so I am looking at every photo I can find online and in my references. From what I have seen the following Captains all had a director tower/shelter at some point in their career: Curzon, Cubitt, Essington, Conn, Ekins, Byron and possibly Halsted. There are three photos of Curzon sporting the shelter on the IWM site. These are, I think, the most informative I have found. There is one from the rear which shows both the overhang of the shelter structure beyond the
  14. And as a quick postscript, if you check page 37 of your Almark DE book, you will see Ekins in Bermuda in her original US applied scheme. It was the pale blue (Thayer blue I would expect) and either pale grey or white disruptive scheme worn by most of the RN DEs on commissioning and work up and until taken in hand for alterations. You can clearly see the delineations on the side of the superstructure and weather screen. cheers Steve
  15. Mike Great progress on your Ekins, and a couple of thoughts. I have wondered if the camouflage on Ekins in the couple of photos I have seen, shows an incomplete repaint into or out of the two tone scheme, and whether the scheme was something associated with Nore Command, in which Ekins spent her service. There is another photo of Ekins in the same scheme on the IWM site, (IWM A 26398) dated 12 November 44 (I think taken on the same day as the photo you posted) which is well after her completion and commissioning in Nov 43, after her refit at Pollocks dock (some weeks to do all the
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