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  1. Eric Mc

    Shackleton MR2 - Airfix 1/72

    Very impressive.
  2. Eric Mc

    Airfix 1/72 Short Stirling

    I built the old Airfix Wellington last year. I was quite pleased with the end result.
  3. Eric Mc

    Southern Expo 2019 Hornchurch 16th & 17th March

    Might pop along to this. The last time I went to the Southern Expo show was 1990.
  4. Eric Mc

    Revell 1/72 Halifax III

    Having read up on the new issue Revell kits, their Merlin version has all sorts of engine problems plus undersize main wheels. The Hercules engines are far better done but the undersize wheels remain an issue.
  5. My philososphy with FROG kits and their descendants is to try and build kits that were actually moulded by FROG themselves. The post FROG collapse Novo branded kits are fine reagrding the plastic although the plastic is softer and the decals included with those Novo releases were never very usable - even when brand new. The later Soviet issued kits are a different matter as the plastic, as well as coming in the oddest variety of colours, can be very inconsistent regarding how it accepts polystyrene cement, fillers etc. .
  6. Eric Mc

    Revell 1/72 Halifax III

    Nicely done. Working on the old Matchbox Halifax at the moment so seeing another Halifax finished is a bit of an inspiration..
  7. I always like those early B-17s. Nice job.
  8. G-AKBY is the aircraft which crashed at Llandow in 1950 - which was the world's worst air accident at that time.
  9. Eric Mc

    British Airways 100th anniversary retro colours

    They do talk about BOAC carrying families on holidays to Spain - so they did make a few howlers. I'm looking forward to the BEA schemed aircraft.
  10. Just bought the Warpaint book on the Skyray and Skylancer. Both were very capable machines considering the era they operated. I'd like to do a NACA/NASA Skylancer. They look really well together.
  11. Eric Mc

    Frog/Russian Kit Blenheim

    I have a few of these (from various sources) in the stash plus some of the new Airfix versions. I'm tempted to give the old Froggie a go as, even if it is a bit basic, I bet it's as easy to put together as the Airfix one due to the much lower parts count. Your's looks great.
  12. Yes - don't forget the Italians. They even participated in the Battle of Britain (not terribly successfully either).
  13. Very nice. I'm glad someone is taking the time to build these French fighters. They were pretty decent aircraft (except perhaps the Bloch which was a bit of a bus). The interesting thing is what the pilots did after France surrendered. Some ended up flying with the Free French or RAF and others stayed with the Vichy French Air Force and ended up fighting against the Allies in North Africa. It just shows you how politically fractured France was before World War 2.
  14. Eric Mc

    British Airways 100th anniversary retro colours

    Hee hee - and mighty popular I hope they are too.