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  1. I bet if some model railway club got some of these miscreants to visit one of their meetings, at least a couple of them might end up being model railway enthusiasts - or else end up feeling guilty for what they did.
  2. Also from Dublin too but some variations. When we were kids we called woodlice "creepy crawlies". I only ever went to a barbers (a rare occurrence these days) For a while "bobble hats" were known as "Monkee Hats" as they were a popular item of attire of by the members of the 1960s pop group
  3. DC-3s came in all shape and sizes. It's got to be remembered that the vast bulk of DC-3s were not, in fact, genuine DC-3s but military transport versions built during World War 2. A huge number of these were surplus after the war and were civilianised as passenger aircraft. The conversions to civil use were carried out by many different companies, as well as Douglas themselves, so the interior fits and seating arrangements varied massively. And, of course, over the 7 decades many DC-3s have been flying, individual aircraft have gone through many interior re-designs.
  4. Started life as a dancer - then switched to being a singer with big bands and then on into movies. What a career.
  5. Nice. The FROG Lightning is really the Hasegawa Lightning - and it has also appeared in Revell boxes too. It's got around over the decades.
  6. That looks really nice. A fitting tribute - not just to the actual mission - but to the state of the art of plastic model making 50 years ago. Virtually all the Apollo spacecraft models issued "in period" were based on earlier versions of the designs rather than the versions actually used on the missions. You can tell that the radiator pattern on the Service Module is much more like that on the Block 1 spacecraft rather than the Block 2.
  7. You do need to be careful with non-model related spray paints. I wrecked the surface of a Hobby Boss F-86 when the paint melted and crazed the the surface. Luckilly it was a cheap model so not too great a loss.
  8. That's pretty amazing. I think your photos have just proved that NASA hoaxed the whole thing (Only joking).
  9. Off to Lancing in an hour or so and therefore looking forward to seeing this model in the flesh.
  10. NASA SOFIA for me too - although that would need some scratchbuilt conversion work.
  11. Good question. I'll have to go up into the loft again to check.
  12. Great result. Anyone who tackles and finishes a Mach 2 kit deserves praise. I was rummaging in my stash yesterday and discovered I have a 1/72 resin kit of this aircraft. I might give it a go.
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