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  1. Isn't that a Boeing 720? The 720 had different wings to the early 707s. You could write a very thick book on the evolution and variations of the wings of the 707/720/C-135 family.
  2. Lovely work. The Airfix 1/72 Hurricane is a little gem.
  3. It still seems important to the Russians to score space "firsts" if they can. I think that their current Soyuz crew was more an attempt to beat the various film projects that were mooted for the next few years - such as the one being bandied about by Tom Cruise.
  4. Shows that the old tool can still be turned into a cracking model.
  5. I won't be buying these magazines unless they change ownership. I need to cut down on my model mags anyway.
  6. I think the current rendition of "Aeroplane" is excellent.
  7. Thank you. I hope to be there too. I enjoyed the last one.
  8. Can we be reminded of the actual date of this show?
  9. They did not truly understand the affects of re-entry on an airframe so this design would not have survived re-entry. But it is the first proper attempt at specifying a working spaceplane.
  10. There were quite a few permutations in the Red Square markings worn by the BEA Trident 1Cs. As has been mentioned, the initial deliveries had polished metal undersides and did not feature the word "Trident" on the centre engine air intake. Later, the undersides were painted light grey and "Trident" was painted on the centre air intake. Another visual change from the original versions was the repositioning of the Auxilliary Power Unit (APU). This was originally on the underside of the fuselage. However, it was decided that this was not such a good location as the hot exhaust could damage tarmac or perhaps workers moving around the aircraft. As a result, the APU was moved to the base of the tail fin resulting in the bullet shaped fairing you see on Trident 1s and 2s.
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