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  1. Having just built the 1967 vintage Airfix G50, you can see how far model technology has moved on. That looks great.
  2. Another dive into my childhood modelling days. I built one of these not long after FROG first released it (1972). That build is long since gone but I've always liked FROG kits. They were a bit basic with little interior or wheel well detail. But FROG used nice sharp plastic with refined raised detail and they usually clicked nicely together. My aim these days is to get models actually built and finished rather than waste time on interior detail that is pretty much invisible. I get far more satisfaction out of actually finishing a model rather than stuffing it full of resin or etch. Here is the box. This is the second issue by FROG from around 1975. It had originally been sold in a plastic bag with a cardboard header. They switched to boxes in around 1974. I did have a go at a later Novo release of this kit a couple of years ago but for some reason the build stalled so the bits ended up in the bin - but the box survived. You can see that Novo used the original FROG artwork - The plastic bits - The old decals are really past their use by date - I'll be choosing something from this set -
  3. The outline around the flight deck windows is too pronounced. Also, Aiirfix only supplies the silver outlines. They expect you to fit the clear plastic and lay the decal on top. I prefer decals for airliner windows so what I did was fitted the clear plastic, filled any gaps and sanded and blended the clear plastic area into the nose. After priming the entire model, I then painted the window area NATO black as a background for the window outlines. Also, the BEA logo is on a white background. I would have preferred it to be clear as then the white behind the red "BEA" letters would have been the actual white paint of the roof.
  4. Here's my finished build of the Airfix kit using the Airfix decals. I'll let you judge if you think they are realistic or not.
  5. None of the Shuttles were fitted with braking parachutes until after they returned to service in 1988 following the Challenger accident.
  6. I more or less like everything - except rap and hip hop. In fact, I don't actually class those two genres as actual music. To me it's beat poetry to a backing track.
  7. This is the Esci kit (from an Italeri boxing) - It is the best 1/72 DC-3/C-47 kit apart from the much newer Airfix kit.
  8. Eric Mc


    Obviously didn't learn about Dunkirk from the recent film then.
  9. TV is useless for such events these days. There will be multiple streams available on line.
  10. Recovering the top stage of a Falcon is MUCH, MUCH more difficult than recovering the first stage. In fact, if the launch goes ahead, you will most likely see both the capsule and the top stage following close behind. Have your binoculars handy.
  11. Tim Peake has just said on Radio 4 that the Dragon capsule will pass over the UK at 21.50. The ISS will precede it 15 minutes earleir.
  12. It's a first manned launch of a new spacecraft. They will be exercising extreme caution. Liftoff is scheduled for 9.33 pm (UK time) tonight and, if it does go ahead, it should be visible passing over the UK about 20 minutes later..
  13. Will be watching - but I'm expecting delays and/or a scrub.
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