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  1. I doubt it will be rebuilt. The installation has been starved of funds for over a decade - hence lack of maintenance.
  2. I didn't fancy wrestling with the Mach 2 kit. Maintrack vacforms were usually OK shape wise. It's a pity if they got this one wrong.
  3. Interesting. I have an original FROG Lysander in the stash. I'd like to do it was one of the Special Operations aircraft.
  4. Hi Rob and welcome back to the Hobby. If you ever want to build a 1/72 DC-3/C-47 again, the good news is that you won't need to try and sort the dihedral out as all the current available 1/72 kits have pretty much got it right..
  5. That is a very nice rendition. The X-2is a historically significant aeroplane but fairly forgotten now because the two examples built were both destroyed in accidents.
  6. I’m pretty sure the hole in the fuselage is a moulding flaw. I blanked it off and filled it.
  7. None of my 1969 builds survive - that's for sure.
  8. Just spotted this. That looks really impressive. Always liked the Harrow and Bombay.
  9. Does your have a hole in the port fuselage just below the passenger cabin windows?
  10. The Boeing Clipper is quite a few years younger than the Heron. The Heron was first issued in 1959. I think the Clipper is around 10 years younger (1968 per Scalemates). The Trimotor also dates from the late 1960s (1967 per Scalemates). By the late 60s Airfix had moved away from the more toylike features they had been including in their older kits - such as moveable ailerons and elevators - or cabin doors that could be opened and closed.
  11. Belated update. Major components (apart from rudder) now attached. Priming done and ready for applying the main paint coats. I might re-prime first though. For its age, it went together quite well. And I've just noticed that one of my scratchbuilt air intakes above the cabin windows has fallen off. Time to make a new one.
  12. Very nice. I've always had a soft spot for the S1 - even if it was a less than adequate aeroplane.
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