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  1. It's a form of currugation. The ailerons and elevators are also corrugated.
  2. Yep, it's at Woodley (near Reading). Me and a few mates went to see it at the Bekshire Aviation Museum a few months ago. You can get on board. It's painted in BEA colours.
  3. Turned out very nice. The main flaw with the Airfix kit is, as you discovered, the bulges in the fuselage just ahead of the cockpit. These aren't intakes. They are bulges covering the breeches of the twin nose guns.
  4. Yes, if you were watching the sun glint off the tail of (say) a BEA Viscount or Trident, you could see the green aspect. It was almost pearlescent - although not quite.
  5. Eric Mc


    Where does she stand on nose positions?
  6. Quite a few V2s did indeed go into space, although I don't know if that particular one ever did. Of course, they couldn't make it into orbit as their top speed was well below the 17,500 mph needed to achieve orbit. However, quite a few went above the 100km "Karman Line" which is the arbitrary level where space begins.
  7. Yes - as is the case with many FROG kits which have appeared under all sorts of labels and boxes, Revell did, sat one time, package that early crude FROG Gannet. Their more recent kit is light years ahead.
  8. In 1/72 scale we have - Frog (ancient and obviously not this model). So it will either be the Trumpeter or Revell kit. Sword do an AEW Gannet as well. Your's turned out really nice.
  9. Try searching under "Black Bottom" and see what you get
  10. I just searched under "Roaring Twenties".
  11. Some genuine Flappers in action -
  12. That's about as authentic as a paint by numbers rendition of the Mona Lisa
  13. When Airfix see this build, they will probably decide they don't need to issue a new tool 1/72 Javelin.
  14. The dark blue used by BEA in their Speed Jack era was a really odd shade.
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