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  1. 10,000 seems low to me. There must be at least 10,000 homebuilt/experimental types alone.
  2. Sad news. I first visited the Aviation Hobby Shop over 40 years ago. Not only did they sell kits but were also publishers of lots of mags and books aimed at the "spotter" community (which included me back then).
  3. El Salvador won on penalties in the end and qualified for the 1970 World Cup. I still have my Panini sticker book.
  4. It's a real struggle. Trying to meet all the criteria for a decent show with all the related factors (parking in particular) isn't easy.
  5. The original design was definitely spherical - being based on tests done at the Kingston water tank which used spheres of various sizes (starting with marble and golf balls). In the end, the spherical casings tended to disintegrate and it was found that the "mine" bounced just as effectively as a cylinder. Smaller versions of the bomb, such as Highball, retained the spherical shape.
  6. Bought one of these recently. Your's looks amazing. I hadn't realised how big these things were.
  7. New Tricks for me. Gerry represented "every ol' bugger" - fed up with modern PC'ness and having to accommodate everybody.
  8. It is what it is. I put one together last year (still not finished but I found the construction fairly OK. It is a 60 year old kit so that needs to be factored into your expectations.
  9. I reckon a potato might be more accurate than the Mach 2 kit.
  10. Corruguard is one of those colours that are very nebulous and difficult to pin down. Also, for many years, 707s didn't tend to feature corruguard areas at all. Try and obtain pictures of the actual aircraft you are intending to build in the colours and time period you want to depict. At the end of the day, I just go for a grey type colour that seems to fit the images I've seen.
  11. Sadly, the build ended up on hold (for all sorts of reasons). I will get back to it, at some point. The resin engines come from F-RSIN.
  12. For various reasons, we were forced to start looking for a new venue after the 2019 event. We did eventually find a suitable location in Camberley. Unfortunately, lockdown put paid to both the 2020 and 2021 events and the most recent information we have at the moment is that the "new" venue is still not taking bookings for 3rd party (i.e. non-school) events. As a result, we have been unable to organise a show for 2022 so far. I'll keep you posted if there are any further developments.
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