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  1. Eric Mc

    Airbus A300B1 F-WUAB

    Some day, Rodney, some day. I picked up a set of Tranavia A300 decals at club night the other day so, you never know.
  2. Eric Mc

    Airbus A300B1 F-WUAB

    I saw that original aircraft in 1974. It visited Dublin on a sales tour in the hope that Aer Lingus might buy a few (they didn't - although they now have a large fleet of Airbus products).
  3. There was nothing wrong with it as an airliner. The problem was that World War 2 intervened. Maquette kits were basically re-pops of FROG moulds, some of which were modified to give alternative versions. The 307 was based on FROG's Boeing B-17 which had been issued by FROG just before they went out of business - allied to a new mould fuselage.
  4. Eric Mc

    `Repeat Please`

    Very imaginative. Interesting that the movie serves as an inspiration in its own right these days.
  5. Eric Mc

    OKB Chelomey 16Kha Priboy.

    I presume the "Chelomey" in question is the chap who went on to be a leading light in the Soviet space programme.
  6. Eric Mc

    DH60 Gypsy Moth...

    Great to hear you are on the mend John. Sadly, I had to miss Telford this year because my wife has had serious health issues.
  7. Great help - thanks.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I have a Novo 1/72 NYP (ex FROG, of course) in my stash and it's how to replicate the rolled aluminium cowling that has stopped me from building it.
  9. Did you print your own decals?
  10. Eric Mc

    Telford 2018

    I have always avoided the competitive side of modelling. It transforms what should be a relaxing hobby into a stressful experience. There is enough stress in real life without it infecting things I try to do to de-stress.
  11. Eric Mc

    Mike Foale

    A true gent - and modest too.
  12. Eric Mc

    Mike Foale

    That must have been a bit of an honour.
  13. Boeing bought Rockwell who had previously bought North American. Therefore Boeing acquired legacy rights to anything carrying the "North American Aviation Inc" name. McDonnell bought Douglas in 1967 (becoming McDonnell Douglas) and Boeing bought McDonnell Douglas in 1997.