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  1. Fantastic. That acrylic pen works a treat.
  2. Lovely. I built one of those when they first came out and thought it was a decent model back then. It can be made to look very good - as you have demonstrated.
  3. That looks absolutely gorgeous. Many years ago I was able to get on board the Anson currently preserved at Baldonnel (141) which is a later version.
  4. Very nice. It's always good to see some modern(ish) light aircraft being built.
  5. Multiple primer layers with sanding followed by multiple white coats sprayed thinly sanded back each time until the last coat.
  6. It was the only X-4 I had and wasn't aware of the MPM/Special Hobby version.
  7. Thank you. It's a little pig of a kit and I only perservered because I'd promised it for the NASA SIG stand at Telford.
  8. By no means the best model I've ever built and a fairly ropey vintage short-run injection moulded kit from a long defunct (1989) company called 12 Squared, this is the Northrop X-4 tail less research aircraft from the late 1940s, early 1950s. Two X-4s were built to research into the problems of stability etc in respect of tail less designs - much like the British de Havilland DH108 Swallow. Unlike the Swallow, the X-4 turned out to be a fairly benign machine and both aircraft survived their test programme and both are now preserved in the US.
  9. Had a lovely chat with Mrs Martian.
  10. Lots of good and original ideas in the concept (mid mounted engine gives better weight distribution, low polar momentum etc etc) Unforetunately, other shortcomings limited its effectiveness as a fighter-interceptor - especially the rather nobbled versions that were used (for a very short time) by the RAF. In other theatres, the P-39 family performed quite well. The Soviets loved them.
  11. When it came out it was a million times better than the old FROG Gannet - which had also appeared in Revell boxes.
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