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  1. There was no category for experimental aircraft in the list of suggestions but I thought experimental aircraft should not be excluded as some people find them were very interesting. Three X-15s were actually built, so it was “produced” - in a limited way suppose.
  2. Last X-15 pilot too, I think.
  3. How much wood was left in the Sea Venom. I know the fuselage pod of the Vampire was chiefly wood.
  4. I wonder if they were concerned about the largley wooden constructyion of the Vampire in a nautical environment - and also the very short stroke undercarriage.
  5. Making good progress now. Finished the main painting stage and getting ready to tackle the small bits i.e. wheels, propellers etc Don't worry about the swastika discusson - it's all interesting.
  6. My 1978 box definitely does not show any swastikas. I don't thinbk the Airfix Hs129 box art ever showed them - and it first came out in 1968. On the subject of markings, I decided that the decal sheet from this boxing was beyond help. When I peeled off the tissue covering, it damaged the underlying markings. Luckilly I found a more recent set of decals from a later boxing of the same kit in my spare decals folder so I'll use them instead. The swastikas will come from one of my generic aftermatket swastika sets.
  7. It's called laziness and not being that bothered. I was looking specifically for images of 129s. I may even have a book that shows some of these patterns but I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that life is too short to spend hours digging through references. I did my best to follow what Mr Airfix told me - much as I would have back in 1970. And that is good enough for me. My motto now is "get 'em finished" and not "spend months on research". I'm now an OAP an am allowed do what I like with my time.
  8. Not my favourite task but it has to be done. Airfix, very unhelpfully, only show a port side " side view" of the fuselage. As a result, my demarkation on the starboard fuselage side is based on assumption rather than genuine references. I did a bit of an internet trawl and did find some starboard side photos and artwork so have relied on that to some extent but the photos in particular were not very clear.
  9. Confirmed my suspicions. I might very well buy one of these.
  10. Looks very nice. I've seen a couple of builds on Facebook where some people are complaining about gaps between the upper and lower wing half trailing edges when joined together. My suspicion was that this was more likely to do with poor modelling skills than any inherent problem with the kit. How did you find this area?
  11. Wild guessing at this point - Howard Hughes? I think the connection must be a bit vague.
  12. Nowadays I don't do much pondering.
  13. Been able to manage a couple of hours at the bench over the past week or so. I have asembled the kit, sorted out the gaps (not too many to be fair), masked the canopy, primed the kit, added a bit of preshading and applied yellow areas which will become theatre markings. The main problem area from a gap point of view was around the engine cowling area which for some odd reason, the tool maker decided to split horizontally, which left a gap that needed tidying up. For a change to most people (and my 1970ish childhood build), I'm not going to do the "big gun" version, tempting though it may be.
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