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  1. When I built an RAF Chinook I used the Trumpeter CH-47 with some Italeri parts (the Italeri engine filters look a lot better.) I know the Trumpeter kit has a shape issue with the rear fuselage but I think overall it looks better.) CMK set 7162 will give you a lot of the exterior fit and chaff dispensers for the RAF version and the rest is easily scratch built.
  2. The Tranche 3 Typhoons have an extra attachment on the rear fuselage side for the projected conformal fuel tanks. I think this applies to aircraft from ZK355 onwards though I stand to be corrected on this.
  3. The Puma is now an instructional airframe at Whittington Barracks outside Lichfield.
  4. The CH-53G had a folding main rotor for hangar stowage. I have one in the stash which will be an Italeri MH-53J with Isracast parts for RWR receivers etc.
  5. ZK306 is current with 1 Sqn, last noted Aug 2018 with full 1 Sqn marks coded '306'. ZK316 is on Operation Shader in Cyprus, unmarked with code '316'. ZK326 is currently in storage at Coningsby. Hope this helps. Tony
  6. Hi all I am in the finishing stages of a Heller Etendard converted to IVP standard. When it comes to the 625L underwing drop tanks there is a sizable difference between the Heller kit tanks and the Academy Super Etendard drop tanks which I was going to use. Can anyone advise which is correct? Thanks Tony
  7. Trevor Thanks for the links, certainly some very useful exterior walkarounds specific to the Danish Cats. The Danish ones had the blister compartments modified as cargo holds with the cargo loaded through the blisters so are different from the standard patrol PBY's.
  8. Many thanks for the link, most useful. Any further details on the layout of the blister compartment, especially what appears to be brown benches below the blisters.
  9. Hi all I am currently building an Academy PBY-5 as a Danish example. Does anyone have any photos of the rear blister compartment of a Danish Cat? I gather their were modified as cargo compartments. Regards Tony
  10. Thanks for the info that is a great help!
  11. Hi all Does anyone have any photo's of the instrument panels of the updated Spanish SF-5Ms? Regards Tony
  12. Another simpler option is to do ZE114, part of the BAE Systems trials fleet which is in full RSAF camo and markings including nose titles and standard green Saudi flag on tail. The RSAF roundels have been replaced by red / blue British roundels as per ZH917 in the photo with the UK serial applied over the Saudi one in the same way.
  13. The green background to the TSP is the same size as the green Saudi flag. There are some interesting weapon load outs for this as it has been flying on Storm Shadow trials. The Saudi Typhoons only carry British national markings when in primer. Once painted they carry the full RSAF marks with the addition of a UK serial which is carried until arrival in Saudi.
  14. Delivery flights from Warton for Typhoon's and Hawks are in full Saudi insignia but with UK serials. Interestingly the TSP Tornados still carry the 'God bless you' fuselage titles
  15. Hi Colin Many thanks for your reply. Afraid I won't be at Cosford as I'm working (shame as it's my local show). I would love to get hold of a sheet though. Tony
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