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  1. Thanks, you're right of course. I was a little annoyed with the Flory wash as I couldn't get some of it off no matter how wet I made it which means some bits are grubbier than I would have liked. Al.
  2. My main problem with a lot of the stencils was that I couldn't find where they were supposed to go - a lot of them didn't seem to be mentioned in the instructions. That's a neat little detail about the nosewheel colours, I hadn't noticed that before. Not sure I'm brave enough to embark on that now, though.. Al.
  3. I literally finished the Sword AEW.3 yesterday - see my WIP here if you're interested: It was my first 'short run' kit so a bit of a challenge for someone who's used to the likes of Airfix etc. Plenty of dry fitting and a healthy dose of scepticism for the instructions are a must, but it builds up nicely and I'm happy with mine. I can't comment on how accurate the kit itself is - although it certainly looks like a Gannet! Al.
  4. A few weeks ago I triumphantly announced I was "nearly there". Well, I finally got the Gannet over the finishing line last night after a concerted effort to finish the last bits of construction - drop tanks, wing aerials, and rear doors. Spent a while doing some weathering, I was planning on not going in too hard as these seemed to be fairly well kept from the photos I've seen. However, I think I overdid it a little bit with the Flory wash and had trouble wiping it off so its a little more grubby than I was aiming for. It was the end of a hard cruise, what can I say? Some quick phone pics, I'll take some proper ones in due course and pop an RFI up. Thanks for following along everyone, and for the encouragement and tips along the way. Its been fun - I was reluctant to start this kit as I thought it was too hard, but it turned out pretty well in the end. Al.
  5. So I've declared decalling over. There are still a bunch of stencils left on the sheet but the instructions don't mention them, and for the most part they're not that big so I'm leaving them behind. I think I'm onto the home straight now, but I think it's littered with pot holes and abandoned shopping trolleys First up, the wing navigation lights - just pop em in, right? Nope. Too big in just about every dimension I either try to sand them back, try and build up the lights using lots of layers of Kristal Klear, or try to fashion something out of the clear sprue. Have seen lots of people do the latter, maybe its time for another new skill... I was dreading putting on the little PE struts that go between the pylons and the wings, cos they looked right fiddly, but actually a couple of dollops of loctite gel and they went on a treat Getting there, but this last mile is proving to be a slow one. Still got stripes on one drop tank to deal with as well.. Al.
  6. There's some nice looking schemes on that sheet! Will bear that in mind if I ever see that JP kit in Aldi again Al
  7. I'll second that! I picked up the JP starter kit from Aldi (or Lidl, whoever does them) and did it in the Red Pelicans scheme, it's a rather lovely looking kit Al
  8. 500km? Wow - that puts it into perspective, I have 3 within 10 miles
  9. Decided last night it was time to get in with some of the remaining assembly. I was planning on doing the wheels and gear doors nearer the end but decided to throw caution to the wind I pretty much knew she was going to stand on all 3 pins, but nice to see it in the flesh Al
  10. Time for another update. Have been plodding away at the decals on the gannet whilst also trying to build a Revell Corsair (what an awful kit that's turning out to be!). Got most of the decals on now: There are quite a lot of stencils on the sheet that are not mentioned on the instructions so I need to have a look at the walk round section (again!) and see if I can identify where some of the more obvious ones go. I'm discussing the rings on the drop tanks in twitter it was suggested that I might print my own decals for the black stripes. With this in mind, I got hold of some paper and varnish spray to give that a go. Trying it out by making the little blue lines that go under the cockpit between the footholds. The sheet only has two of them (one side). I want to put them on both sides so thought I'd make my own - straight lines being a perfect thing to practise on! Once I found out how to turn on the ruler in MS Paint it was fairly straightforward. Print on the special paper and spray with the varnish. I sprayed a bit too much varnish so it's taking a while to dry so the moment of truth with have to wait.. Got a bunch of PE aerials that need to go on the wings which look really fiddly, also landing gear and the droptanks. Then we're done Al
  11. In case anyone's interested, ZD480/E at Yeovilton Air Day in 1996:
  12. I'm happy to say that I'm week and truly on my way to being an airbrush convert. Was almost scared of it to begin with, mainly due to getting paint mixing wrong, but now I've got some idea of which paints spray well and what to thin them with I'm a lot happier. Hopefully your experiences are the same?
  13. Got some Mr Color satin in the post yesterday. Hate ordering paints online as I end up paying silly amounts in postage and I never need to buy more than a couple at a time. I can't get Mr Color locally and am growing rather fond of them so had to suck it up.. Anyway, that delivery allowed me to deal the tail decal and get the masking in in preparation for redoing the sky: Copious amounts of tissue in case of overspray, and wet paper to cover the decal. This was a great idea, although the airbrush did dry it quite quickly meaning that it lifted off the surface so I had to keep wetting it. The Tamiya sky dries really quickly so didn't have to wait long to see the results Not bad. Due to the paper drying and me reapplying it I've taken the bottom off the yellow stripe which is a bit annoying. But I can live with that. Took the opportunity to put the stripes on the other side and it's pretty near perfect I'm hoping that the difference in the tone of the sky is down to the new coat not having gloss over it. Happy that little crisis is over, can now continue on with the decals. Although I do still have the stripes on the droptanks to do. Ignoring them hasn't magically caused them to do themselves Al
  14. I haven't sealed it yet, waiting for some Mr Colour sating to arrive. When it does I'll do the back end to seal it before anything else. These are indeed exciting times! At least I have a semblance of a plan that has half a chance of working... Al.
  15. Thanks for that, I'll give it a go, anything that reduces the risk of me ripping up that decal! Al.
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