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  1. Thanks for the info, must try that. On my Gnat I painted the whole thing silver and then did the Orange. I have a practise spitfire in the garage which I have sprayed white (although not primer) - might have a go at painting Orange onto that and seeing how I do. I really like the silver and orange scheme.. Al.
  2. Thanks! I am pretty pleased with how the paint looks, restored my faith in hairy sticks! Al.
  3. She's lovely! You say you hand painted that orange? Did you do anything in particular to get that finish? I did a silver and orange gnat recently and had a nightmare with the orange. 10 odd coats of brush painted acrylic and enamel, just wouldn't cover. I've just come into possession of a Vampire which could be done in the orange/silver scheme - my initial reaction was one of horror thinking that airbrushing was the only way to get that orange right. Looks like it can be done! Al.
  4. Few decals added over the weekend, including the checkerboards - looking like a proper fighter now Just got to put a low viz roundel over the red/white/blue one and hope it covers it properly. IMG_20200120_074141 by Alistair Henderson, on Flickr Loving the way that Micro Sol makes the decals really conform to the panel lines! Al.
  5. Very good point! The evidence was in front of my eyes!
  6. Have put the Fighting Cock on the tail: IMG_20200117_073243 by Alistair Henderson, on Flickr Kind of makes the fin flash look even smaller I'll persevere with some more decals and see if I get over it. Hopefully will! Looking slightly ahead - can anyone advise whether the final finish of a late 70s camo F-4K was satin or matt? Cheers, Al.
  7. Thanks! I am quite tempted to leave it alone. I'm pretty happy with how its going so far and very conscious that I don't want to ruin that by aiming for another level of perfection that I'm not equipped to deliver Might look better when I get the Fighting Cock on there, although the decal for that one looks a little small as well, nowt I can do about that, though! Al.
  8. Like waiting for buses - two updates in as many days! Started the decals last night. Scared myself with my first use of micro-sol - put one of the roundels on, added some micro sol and it went all wrinkly. I had to go out, so wasn;t avble to try and 'fix' it, which is just as well since it was absolutely fine when I came back a couple of hours later IMG_20200114_200100_842 by Alistair Henderson, on Flickr The first two roundels I tried (from the Hannants sheet I have) disintegrated - one when I tried to move it onto the wing, and one just split in half in the water. Had me worried there, but the next two were OK. The fighter bars have got the older red/white/blue roundel in the middle. Fingers crossed that its the same size as the low viz ones on the Hannants sheet, or this is going to look odd. Measured them with a ruler, and they look good IMG_20200115_073944 by Alistair Henderson, on Flickr Can't help but think that the fin flash is too small compared to the one on the photo: IMG_20200115_070647 by Alistair Henderson, on Flickr The Hannants sheet has strips to make fin flashes out of, but I'm not entirely convinced how good a replacement that I made would look. Getting the size and the angle of sweep right would be critical, and I don't have anything to work from. Anyone have any thoughts? Or is it my eyes, and the one on there is OK? Cheers, Al.
  9. Thanks for the kind words! I'm looking forward to seeing those chequerboards on her! Al.
  10. Been a while since I updated this. I had thought I might finish this over Christmas, but alas it was not to be. Spent a fair bit of time finishing off the painting and sorting out the missiles which I have put a fair bit of effort into. Here she is in all her glory, canopy on and nose painted black. The latter really made her look properly like an RAF Phantom! Getting there.. by Alistair Henderson, on Flickr Close up of the canopy that is now fitted as well. My masking skills were not great here, so the lines are not as nice as I would have liked. However, if I try and improve them I think I'm going to make them worse - know your limitations, and all that IMG_20200114_073957 by Alistair Henderson, on Flickr And the missiles with their assorted stripes. The sidewinders in the kit are not right for an RAF Phantom, sadly, but I can live with it. IMG_20200114_073906 by Alistair Henderson, on Flickr Gave her a coat of gloss varnish last night ready for some decalling soon. Was surprised how non-glossy the Xtracrylics were, didn't expect to have to do a coat of varnish. Have decided I'm going to decal before doing all the fiddly bits like undercarrirage etc. Hopefully that'll stop me breaking them all! That's it for now! Al.
  11. Ah, OK, that kind of makes sense, I guess. Not easy to imagine what the mindset in 1940 must have been with an invasion seemingly imminent... Al.
  12. Lovely model - but what a weird looking machine!! Do you know what the intended role for it would have been? Too slow for a fighter? Al.
  13. I was beginning to wonder that, looking at the front fins. Oh dear... Might just have to live with it, I think. Al.
  14. @Murph - thanks very much for taking the time to reply - those pictures are perfect, just what I needed! Al.
  15. Afternoon All, Getting to the nitty gritty of my F-4K. She's a 1977 camo 43 sqn machine and I have a question about the missiles. The Fujimi instructions say to paint the very tip of the AIM-9s black and have a yellow band forward of the rear fins (I think - not at home at the moment). I'm having trouble working out how accurate this is, struggling to find pictures of live AIM-9s on camo RAF Phantoms. Anyone out there able to put me out of my misery. That's even assuming that the sidewinders in the Fujimi boxing are the right version (its the one with the FAA centenary bird on the front). While I'm at it, can anyone provide similar information for the AIM-7s? Thanks! Al.
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