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  1. Still not seeing all the images. Got a few, but most (inc those posted a few hours ago) show with a 'No Entry' type symbol. Al.
  2. Thanks for that link - thankfully my fuselage doesn't look like that! Not sure I'd have recovered quite so well! Al.
  3. Small update, just to prove I'm doing something. The painting of the white bits has consumed most of what little time I have. Started using enamel gloss white and it's better than the acrylic, looks like I need to be using enamels more, at least for gloss colours, which is a shame. Cockpit is together, love the way those decals went on, I wasn't convinced they'd stay given the 'bumpiness' of the panels, but a dab of Micro Sol really seems to have helped: IMG_20191112_210538 by Alistair Henderson, on Flickr Some of the offending gloss white parts. Pretty close now, I don't want to put too many coats on and ruin it, and it doesn't need to be perfect anyway - don't imagine those sections were perfectly white in service. IMG_20191112_210628 by Alistair Henderson, on Flickr Dry fit of the fuselage, no dramas so far. Will check the fit of the wings next. At this point I need to mention a previous WIP by @jrlx which has been invaluable - see here: And that's about it! With the white issues solved I hope to start making slightly more rapid progress Thanks for looking! Al.
  4. Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey! Have painted the seats and started assembling the cockpit, having a dry fit with the fuselage sides to make sure I've got the seats in right (ended up with seats too high up in my Gnat meaning the canopy didn't fit ). he black.yellow strips on the ejector handle could be better, but to be honest that's about the limit of my eyes and hands at the moment! IMG_20191106_203925 by Alistair Henderson, on Flickr Not paying enough attention when taking the fuselage off the sprue IMG_20191106_204012 by Alistair Henderson, on Flickr Have spent most of my time lately trying to get some of the gloss white done on the intakes, undercarriage bays etc. Not going too well, the gloss white acrylic I have (Mr Hobby) is absolutely hopeless so I've been using humbrol matt acrylic. Still not a great look, though. Going to try enamel white gloss next and see if that's any better... IMG_20191106_203935 by Alistair Henderson, on Flickr And that's all folks! Apart from a cheeky visit to Wonderland Models in Edinburgh to get the camo paint and some spare RAF roundels Al.
  5. Thanks everyone for the hints! Getting a decent coat of gloss white is a lot more complicated than it used to be! Al
  6. @Rob G thanks for the info. I have two needs for gloss white at the moment - the details (intakes, wheel wells, landing gear etc) on my RAF F-4K and the exterior of a USN A-4. Thinking spray can might be best, certainly for the latter, will it also be suitable for the smaller items on my Phantom, or is that using a sledgehammer to crack a nut? If I do go for the Tamiya cans (not tempted by the Humbrol in the slightest given my recent experiences with them!), I note there are 3 different types - TS, AS and PS. Not obvious to me what the differences are. Any hints? Thanks, Al.
  7. Apologies for resurrecting an old post, but I'm still struggling with painting gloss white! Have moved on to an RAF phantom which has a fair bit of gloss white in the details (and the A-4 is still sitting looking neglected). Thought I'd try Matt white and then a coat of gloss, but whilst it goes on better, it's still taking >5 coats! Thought I'd look into rattle cans (airbrush not an option for now, sadly). I've seen Tamiya mentioned on here a number of times, have also found that humbrol do them. Any advice of which one to choose? Seen some Amazon reviews of the humbrol saying it's too thin, don't need that frustration again! Thanks, Al
  8. So the recesses where the sparrows went were white?
  9. Thanks for the info on the pylons, I'd probably have missed that detail otherwise!
  10. Thanks for that - always good to get first hand information! Al.
  11. Thanks all - much appreciated! Once upon a time I wouldn't have cared what colour it was, its only since I've started reading this site that such things have taken on more importance!! Al.
  12. Fairly sure this is an easy one. I've searched the site, but got so many hits was impossible to tell if this has been asked (it must have been!). I'm building the Fujimi FG.1 as a 43 sqn camo machine from the late 70s and wondering what colour the insides of the intakes were. The kit says white, but that's for an FAA machine. Can't really tell from any pictures I've seen, and the walkaround on this site has a grey machine. If the latter is white and the FAA ones were also white I guess there's a good case for assuming that the camo ones were as well? Also interested in the auxiliary engine doors on the fuselage (think that's what they are). Have seen them done in red, but I have a picture of a camo machine with these open and they don't look red - just 'dark'. Could be the picture of course... Any thoughts, oh wise ones? Al.
  13. I emailed airfix when I realised I'd lost the original canopy, but they said it was "discontinued" or something, so I had to pay £4 for a replacement. Or maybe it had been too long since I bought it or something.. I half thought it might look a bit like one that had been sat out in the elements at a museum, so that's a plus
  14. That is a replacement canopy - managed to lose the first one!! Thanks for the kind words Al.
  15. Thanks @Black Knight, anything that helps reduce brush strokes has got to be worth a go. Sounds like the kind of thing you'd have thought should have been in the paint to start with! Al
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