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  1. What squadron are you doing XV422 as? I think the gun pod was only used on QRA in Germany, so 19 and 92 sqns. UK QRA a/c carried a centreline tank instead. Al.
  2. I've recently built the Revell kit. It's generally decent, but the transparencies in mine were truly awful. Could barely tell what the smaller bits were. I think others in the Tornado GB had similar problems. I'd also recommend not bothering with the swing wings and moving pylons as they move very easily when the model is handled and risk breaking the stores under the wings. I got the SBS resin nose which has an exquisite brass pitot tube that looks really nice. Al.
  3. Thanks for the kind words, Finn! Its funny, I wasn't that bothered by the Spitfire when I started, it was just something to do - but having built it I'm quite happy to have another one to do. Nice to rediscover that they genuinely are one of the best looking planes.. As the Eduard ones, don't give me something else to trawl the internet for!! Al.
  4. Afternoon All, This is somewhat of a record for me - a build started and finished in less than a month! Granted, its a starter kit, and your average 11 year old could probably have done it quicker, but never mind The kids got a couple of these for free at an airshow years ago - the kind of thing where you go and sit in a tent and they build it. We didn't really have time for that, but they let us take them how anyway - and they sat in a box for years. I practised spraying primer and white gloss on them last year but picked them up again last month. The original transparencies
  5. Spent most of the last week or so trying to get the Pavla vacform canopy into shape, with mixed success. The rear section wasn't too bad as it's shape isn't too complex. The front windshield has, I think, beaten me. Decided enough was enough and glued it in place tonight. There are gaps that need to be filled, and the fit right at the front isn't very good. I'm going to model the canopy open to save me having to try and make the centre section fit, having it open will be a lot more forgiving. Technically I guess an open canopy should really mean the little door is also ope
  6. But of sneaky Christmas Eve fettling. The vacform canopy is taking me a long time! I've got the windshield and the rear sections out. Haven't got them during yet, though. The windshield in particular is tricky, like 3D chess. Every time I sand one bit to improve the fit, it impacts somewhere else. I have it such that it fits reasonably well and I can fill the gaps with putty. Part of the problem is that I'm struggling to work out where the dividing line between they cockpit and waste section is O was also probably too cautious in my cutting, leaving me with a lot of sanding to do..
  7. Thanks for the hints. Now I've googled to give out what no 11 blades look like I think I'm good to go Al.
  8. Thanks, @Troy Smith that picture's just what I was looking for! Al
  9. Evening all, I'm doing an Airfix starter set Spit MK1 and have chosen to do get with the black and white undersides from the early war years. Have been following the instructions, which have you paint the interior of the port when well white, and the stbd black. I'm getting ready to paint and realised that the port wing is supposed to be black (hadn't really paid much attention before now). I don't have the Airfix paint scheme so was wondering if the wheel wells genuinely were the opposite of the colour of the wing underside, or did Airfix get it mixed up?
  10. Productive day yesterday. Change of tack with the cockpit. I snipped the two pipes under the seat that were joining the two ends together, allowing me to deal with each bulkhead seperately. Must have got something wrong in the construction of the cockpit as the two bulkheads wouldn't sit in their correct positions. I was then able to button up the fuselage, although it needed a bit of persuasion.. Few hours later and I could attach the wings as well. Having got over the cockpit everything's going together nicely with no dramas. There was a trench-like gap on the unde
  11. @Colin W thanks for organising. Was my first GB and it was great. Loads of encouragement and advice on hand plus inspiration from the other builds Al.
  12. Spent some time in the last week sanding off the worst parts of the paint that had been sprayed on this spit her previous life. Time for some assembly.. This is a starter kit, so wasn't expecting anything too challenging. Proven wrong straight away. The cockpit seems to be the most complicated thing I've ever seen. I've got the 3 main parts of it together, but it's almost impossible to tell if I've got the angles right. Have tried to dry fit it before I attached to the fuselage, but I haven't got enough hands!! Beginning to think I've got something fundamentally wrong, surely it's
  13. I even opened the box and looked at the instructions to see if there was an option for no turret, I didn't see one. But then it was only a quick look. That's great news. I can now start "researching" - i.e. trawling the internet for plane pictures Al.
  14. So if I am looking to do a grey/white upper machine I need to think about fairing over the turret? Was this done as part of one of the 'Phase' updates? I keep seeing mention of Phase II, Phase III etc.. Just wondering if there are any other visual differences. Al.
  15. Popped into the local model shop to stock up on paints for my Spitfires to make sure I don't get caught out by any lockdown closures. And what do I find therein - an Airfix Shack. £39.99 seemed like a decent price for a new one, in fact it beats the King Kit price for a used one when you take postage into account. Figured it was probably a sign, so I came out with a slightly bigger bag than I was expecting Just need to see if I can get hold of the Aeroclub decals, have not seen any on ebay etc yet, but there's plenty time. One thing that strikes me about the kit - it has the
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