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  1. I remember having Flickr problems like that years ago and never understood why. If you're using your phone to take pics you could install the Flickr app and have it do the upload - I've never had a problem with that. Al.
  2. Revell one is half decent, although the transparencies on mine were so appalling some of the bits were unusable.
  3. Wow - thanks for that, hadn't realised there was an alternative
  4. The Hannants website says out of stock - is in available somewhere else? Would make me very happy if it was Al.
  5. This sounds like a book I would be very much interested in! When's it due out?
  6. Thanks, I decided using the decals would be cheating Subsequently discovered that the prop tips probably should be yellow rather then red/white but hey ho - red and white looks nice. Yeah, there's nowhere to hide at the closer range! There are warts there for all to see, but also some nice details so worth it in the end. Tricky's not the word! I had several books on Shacks and it proved quite hard to nail down what exactly the external differences were between the phases. I had a bunch of pictures to work from but it soon became apparent that whoever labelled them was as confused about the phases as everyone else There's a WIP thread from @Vulcanicity I think which goes into more detail about the phases - including moving windows etc Thanks for all the kind words everyone - I'm truly humbled! Al.
  7. Wow! You've truly set the bar there - that finish is fantastic. I've got a silver F.6 to do and was wondering how to go about it. I brush painted a silver Vampire a while back and it came out OK, but just a bit uninspiring. This gives me hope Al.
  8. To be fair, I was doing OK with the painting until I got to the gloss coat, then life got tricky. Once I discovered Pledge it was a lot easier Sometimes you've got to just dive right in! Al.
  9. She's nice - Seasprites look really good in that scheme. Nicely done Al.
  10. Morning All, May I present the Airfix Shackleton MR.2 built as phase 2 WR964 of 204 sqn at RAF Ballykelly in the mid 1960s. Work in progress is here if anyone's interested: Would like to thank everyone that followed along and offered advice and support along the way. It felt like a long old slog but looking back it was actually around 8 months, and I had a break somewhere in the middle to make a Buffalo, so actually not all that bad. This is the biggest kit I have made since restarting the hobby a few years ago, and I did struggle at times. Mainly with the painting. If ever a kit needed an airbrush, this was it. Had a right time with getting 'stuff' in my gloss varnish, hence spoiling the finish a bit. That said, I'm pretty happy with the result, I've even managed to shoe horn it onto a shelf so don't have to store it with the wings off somewhere. I've learnt a bunch of new stuff along the way too, which has been fun. Some highlights being the use of chocolate ball foil wrappers for masking canopies, pledge floor polish as a gloss coat, Krystal Klear for windows and realisation that sanding sticks can be used in a non-destructive manner - e.g. for removing washes. The foil on the canopies was a lot harder to remove than I anticipated - might go back to tape next time, but cover the whole canopy and then cut round the frames with a fresh knife. The kit is not naturally a phase 2 machine - DSG scheme they offer is for a Phase 3 in 1972. Hence, you can leave off some of the details that are specific to that phase. I think there are also more fundamental differences, such as window placements, but I elected early on not to get involved in such things - all the better for my sanity. So this is a phase 2 in spirit more than in excruciating detail I used Humbrol 164 DGS (tried the Tamiya equivalent but it was too light) and Vallejo white for the top - multiple thinned coats. Weathering was with Flory wash and some AK weathering pencils to do some rusty bits here and there. I've not gone all in with the weathering, deciding to err on the side of caution as I usually do, I think she looks suitably grubby but hopefully haven't overdone it. Decals are a mixture of the kit ones, yellow wing walkway marks from a Revell kit (Airfix only supply red ones for an overseas based machine) someone kindly supplied and the Xtradecal markings for the serial and squadron. The Revell decals were not that great - you can tell they're fairly old, but they did a job. Final satin coat was Tamiya rattle can which went on really nicely. It did interact with one of the underwing serials, and I think took off part of one of the nose codes. Need to be cautious with it, I think, and spray from a distance. Anyway, on with some pictures. Thanks for looking! Al.
  11. I *think* I have seen a picture of a 19 or 92 sqn Lightning in bare metal. May have been a T-bird, though. Or, I may have imagined the whole thing.. I'm still trying to get stencil decals for mine after I bought the starter kit which has a very basic decal sheet. The Xtradecal Lightning stencil sheet has been out of stock at Hannants for at least a year Al.
  12. Was sure I posted an update before bed last night - guess not.. Anyway, finally worked my way through the snagging list by adding the SARAH aerials onto the fuselage and touching up some of the DSG. Think I'm going to call this one done. I was planning on more weathering on the fuselage, I think its maybe cleaner than the wings, but I'm in danger of over-doing it so going to leave her as is. Was impressed with the Krystal Klear for the windows - saved a lot of time and effort trying to get the windows to fit in the holes with all the layers of paint. My one complaint might be that it's *too* clear - its hard to tell that there's actually anything in the window holes - may as well just have left them empty. I'd like to thank everyone who's followed along and offered support and suggestions along the way - its all been much appreciated. I've certainly learnt a lot on this build - there were times when I thought I might have been out of my depth, but muddled through Here she is - WR964/Q Shackleton MR.2 Phase 2 (kind of), 204 sqn, RAF Ballykelly mid 1960s. I'll get the SLR out at some point and get some better pics. Cheers! Al
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