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  1. Flushed with the success of the underside, I moved onto the top sides last night. Wasn't quite as satisfying - the panel lines didn't hold the wash very well. Might be due to more paint and sanding meaning the lines are not as well defined. I think its still looking decent, there's a level of grubbiness on the wings that I'm happy with. I also experimented with using some white oil paint to make some panels a bit lighter to get a kind of sun bleached effect. That went reasonably well, I think its actually too subtle to show up on the picture. Al.
  2. Ooh, another top tip! I did think they might look a bit too 'straight'..
  3. Mine just arrived today and I was amazed to see engine exhausts could come in 4 parts each!! Al.
  4. They certainly look good. Have not had a chance to use any yet, though. Not entirely sure how I'm going to attach these to the airframe. There's a small hole in the top where you could probably thread some cotton through, whether my eyes are up to that is a different matter! Might just be a case of glue them where they need to go.. Al.
  5. I have the rather excellent "USAFE Tactical Units in the UK" book (https://www.fonthill.media/products/usafe). The section on the 48th TFW has a comment from an F-111 pilot at Lakenheath stating that they sat nuclear alert. That's it, though, no details and I don't see any other such comments.. Al.
  6. I have the Eduard colour UK tags in 1:72nd and can confirm that they are coloured on both sides. Haven't actually used them on anything yet, so can't comment on how they are - but they look good Al.
  7. Progressing at a slightly glacial pace here.. Got a couple of coats of Mr Hobby satin on the Phantom on Saturday ready for some weathering. I bought some oil paints a few weeks back in order to try out some different weathering techniques to my normal Flory Wash and AK weathering pencils. Did some playing around with them on a Hurricane mule and decided to start on the back end of the Phantom as I figured any cock-ups would be easily recitifed. Must say, I'm quite pleased with how that's come out. I painted the main portion Gun Metal but it was still fairly shiney and clean before I went in with the oils. Flushed with that success I then decided to go all in and do the undersides as well. Always a nervous time, taking your pristine shiney paint scheme and setting about vandalising it An hour or so of dabbing around with a paintbrush and kitchen roll and I have: I wasn't going to do the panel lines with the oils, thinking I would use the trusty Flory wash, but changed my mind as the oils allowed me to mix shades of grey rather than the really dark dirt which might have been a bit much on the white. I haven't gone all out and made it filthy but I think its subtle enough to show some usage and wear & tear. There's always the danger of going too far! All in all, I'm really liking the effects I can get with the oils - might be my new favourite thing Al.
  8. Thanks mate - very much appreciated, but I went ahead and bought the sheet from hannants. I needed stencils as well since the sheet in the box is past it's best. Thought I'd better buy then while they were in stock. Al
  9. Having located the stencils on the decal sheet (they were staring me in the face!) I can now report that decalling is finished Next up, a coat of satin and a spot of weathering.. Al
  10. Aha - that is awesome, thanks! So there are 3 sheets in total, none of which I could find. Must go back to internet school... Have a good weekend all! Al.
  11. That's perfect - now I just need to find one... Knew someone would have better google skills than me! Al.
  12. Potentially, but there's a maple leaf in a white disc superimposed on it for the tail markings, and both have what looks like a black outline. Al.
  13. Afternoon All, I've recently come into possession of the Hasegawa 1/72nd Tornado F.3. I'm thinking that I'd quite like to do it in the early 5 sqn scheme with the red band across the tail and the chevron on the nose. However, looking around t'internet I've only found 1/48 scale ones Don't suppose anyone knows of any sources for 1/72 5sqn markings? Cheers, Al.
  14. She does look like a rather fine cat! The paint scheme is nicely subtly weathered. You must be in need of a stash refill after 3 builds in two weeks! Al
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