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  1. Oh, wasn't aware of that. I'll have a dig around and see what's involved - thanks! I did see a build of this where someone reprofiled the radome, but that looks a bit beyond me! Al
  2. Adding cables! Top notch attention to detail
  3. I don't intend to do much moving of the wings, and did consider just gluing the pylons on later but figured I'd give it a go. If/when I break them I'll glue em on Al.
  4. Yes, hope so. Its raised slightly, but not too much. If you don't know its there then shouldn't be noticeable. Given that no-one looks at my models but me, I don't need to worry about anyone coming in and caressing the wings
  5. Had a go at one of the wings before I went to bed last night. The little cuffs that Revell use to go round the pylon pins to allow them to rotate are quite clever. However, I was a bit hasty in gluing and clamping, it would appear: The pin from the outer pylon has pushed up against the top surface of the wing When I dry fitted I saw there was a gap in the leading edge around that pylon, but didn't put a lot of thought into it, just clamped it and went to bed. Sure enough, I have a nice join on the leading edge, but the top of the wing isn't great. Don't think there's much I can do about it without a huge amount of surgery, unfortunately. At least I didn't do both wings at the same time, I can now learn from that mistake and shave off some of the top of the pylon on the other side.. Live and learn! Al.
  6. Thanks. I had glossed the panels first, but as soon as I slid the decals off the backing paper they just curled up. Thankfully I had Micro Sol to hand, couple of coats of that and they stuck nicely. Have varnished over them as well so they ain't going anywhere Al.
  7. Thanks. I'll hold off from panic buying any replacement decals for now, then Al
  8. Making slow but steady progress on this, grabbing the odd 10 minutes there and there - before bed mainly! Tonight I finished assembling the cockpit and closed up the forward fuselage. I hope the cockpit decals are not an indication of what's to come when it comes to the final stages, though. They were awful things, only copious amounts of Micro Sol ensured that they stayed on the instrument panels. They curled up as soon as I slid them off the sheet. Has anyone else had bad experiences with Revell decals? There is a decent amount of detail on those decals. Although not convinced they're all the right way round... Little bit fiddly getting the two halves of the front fuselage to align and have the cockpit in the right place, but got there in the end. That's the bit that I typically take ages about out of the way, now the fun can start Al.
  9. Swept wing approach. Used to see the F.3s at Leuchars practise this, I guess in case of wing sweep failure. Al.
  10. I don't think the GR.1s started carrying the big tanks until Op Granby, by which time they were coming to the end of their association with the WE177. Although the latter were withdrawn in 1998 so I guess there was an overlap... Don't think ALARMs would be carried with WE177s, entirely different missions. Sidewinders probably a more realistic choice. Al
  11. Not much of an update, but I have made some progress. Seats painted, quite happy with these, having a brand new brush to use has helped Whilst looking around for other bits that might need painting along the way I stumbled on this abomination: I think it's the HUD but it's so badly formed it's hard to tell! Bit of very fiddly tidying up needed here.. Cockpit decals next... Al
  12. I didn't even know the bucc probes came off! Every day's a school day! Al
  13. It certainly seems the RAFG crews weren't AAR qualified. Even to the extent that UK crews would ferry the aircraft to Goose Bay, Red Flag etc. Al
  14. Had a further perusal of some of my books last night and found a fair few pictures of GR.1s without probes. They included the 9 and XV 75th anniversary machines, which dates the pictures at 89 and 90 ish respectively. Also saw a number of normal jets from 16 and 20 sqns without them. So it seems RAFG Tornados without probes were reasonably common.. Al
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