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  1. alhenderson

    desert pink paint

    An example of grey ARTF seen on an Operation Warden Harrier in 1993: ZD406 by Alistair Henderson, on Flickr Al.
  2. alhenderson

    desert pink paint

    Spooky - had this very conversation on a FB group last night. Answer seems to be yes - at least one herc was painted as such for a Red Flag exercise at Nellis in 1988: http://www.airpics.net/photo/XV206-Lockheed-C-130K-Hercules-Royal-Air-Force/7130?fbclid=IwAR1jQj09zQXPBBvgRASR3lAq7fBoUOyw7k_QZfL2y61nvApBAXuozk8y5lY Whether that's the same shade or not, I don't know... Al.
  3. alhenderson

    D H Chipmunk

    Thanks for sharing that link - a fascinating little read! Al.
  4. alhenderson

    Mr Hobby Hobby Colour - too thin

    To be fair, he stocked Humbrol enamels, just not acrylic. I wanted the latter due to ease of cleaning and not having to deal with white spirit. As Nigel has said, life was simpler in "the old days" when there was just enamel, you just bought it and got on with it. I was a prolific modeller and only every had to resort to messing with the paint consistency when I had some that was a bit old and is well but put the lid on properly All a bit of a minefield. Did briefly toy with the idea of getting an airbrush earlier as I have a couple of kits now waiting to be built, but don't think I can justify the cost at the moment. If I got one, I'd want it to be a decent one and not a cheapy one that is frustrating to use. Cheers, Al Looks like I'm on hold anyway since the wife's got me decorating again and one of the kids needs to move into the spare room where I'm at up at the moment
  5. alhenderson

    Mr Hobby Hobby Colour - too thin

    Thanks Bo, but I'm brushing, not air-brushing. Having only just re-started the hobby, not quite ready to invest in an airbrush. As I originally said, I think the paint is already too thin for brushing, so I can't see how thinning it any more will help. Al.
  6. When I asked the same question before Christmas, Revell was the answer. One duly arrived in Santa's sack I'm in no position to judge how good or bad it is, given that, like you , there's a queue. My queue is only 3 long, but could well be 5 years at the rate I seem to be going these days! Al.
  7. alhenderson

    Mr Hobby Hobby Colour - too thin

    Thanks everyone for the replies. What a minefield! Think I might have to revert back to enamels for this to take the place of the two jars of Mr Hobby that I bought for this kit. Annoying, because I like the convenience and ease of cleaning of acrylics. I'll then take a view of what paints to use for up coming Phantom and Tornado (although the rate I'm going we'll have invented some whacky new space age paint scheme by then!). Al.
  8. alhenderson

    Mr Hobby Hobby Colour - too thin

    Well, I'm not really... Am I doing something wrong?
  9. alhenderson

    Mr Hobby Hobby Colour - too thin

    Never heard of flow enhancer! Is it needed even when using brushes? You're right though, I do remember gloss white being a pain, but this is a whole other level! At least I know I haven't bought rubbish paint.. Need to get flexing the shaking muscles Al.
  10. alhenderson

    Mr Hobby Hobby Colour - too thin

    Evening All, I'm just starting out on a 1:72 A-4 and went to the local model shop to get the paints I needed (first kit in a long time, so starting from scratch). I expected to buy Humbrol, cos that's what I know, but the owner said he didn't stock them as he "didn't like them". Instead he sold me acrylic Mr Hobby "Hobby Colour". So, I have the gloss white (of which there is a lot on a 1960s USN fighter). I'm finding that it goes on really badly - its almost like its too thin. So far I have 3 coats on and it looks like its going to need at least another 2, if I ever get a decent finish. I can't believe this is normal for acrylic paints (I haven't got much experience with them). Have I got a bad batch? Are Mr Hobby not actually as good as the chap in the shop seems to think? I've given it a good stir, shake and left it sitting upside down for ages, all to no avail. I don't want to be having to put this many coats on when I do the outside. Any thoughts? Hints? Should point out that I'm using a good old fashioned brush. Are these paints maybe designed for air brushing? Thanks, Al.
  11. Afternoon All, I've been lurking in here for ages asking the odd question about F-4 and Tornado kits with the aim of getting back into a hobby I was mad about in my teens. Well, Santa was good to me, and bought a magnifying lamp as I found my eyes really weren't as good as they once were when I last tried this a few years ago. That, and my 12 yo son got an Airfix A-4 starter kit for his Christmas, so it seems like the perfect time to get cracking. I'm really keen to do a Phantom and a Tornado, but before embarking on those, I have a barely started Airfix Gnat which I figured would be a good kit to get myself back into the swing of things. I built a Red Arrows one of these a couple of years ago and really struggled with bits of it, so this could get frustrating! Hopefully I can enthuse my son enough to get him interested, although even if not, its time we wouldn't otherwise spend together so win-win! We've commandeered a corner of the spare room, and set up the new magnifying light: IMG_20181227_115844 by Alistair Henderson, on Flickr A sight for sore eyes! IMG_20181227_110958 by Alistair Henderson, on Flickr So far, there's not a lot else to show. Done a fair bit of painting cockpits and interior bits. The little pots of paint that came with the A-4 are not great, really runny and hard to apply, so we might invest in some proper tubs of acrylic for the colours used on the outside. Keen to use acrylics as I remember when I was a kid the mess and hassle caused by turps and enamel - esp when it got on the carpet! I've already gained a 'stash': IMG_20181227_121252 by Alistair Henderson, on Flickr This might not be the fastest moving topic in the world - also got a ukele for Christmas which I need to master!! Al.
  12. alhenderson

    1:72nd RAF Tornado recommendations

    Thanks, I'll bear that in mind. Hopefully I won't end up with it looking like its kneeling down Al.
  13. Right up until that last, upside down, shot, I was convinced you were setting the scene with pictures of the actual aircraft! Awesome! Al.
  14. alhenderson

    1:72nd RAF Tornado recommendations

    So, the aerials seen in this picture (2 behind the cockpit and one under the nose just behind the radome) are the ones we are talking about? ZD895_1 by Alistair Henderson, on Flickr And I think you are saying these aerials became redundant with the GR.4 upgrade, but were only removed with the TCAS update in 2014-16? Interestingly, found this shot of a GR.1 of the SAOEU in 1996 which does not have those aerials at all. ZG706 by Alistair Henderson, on Flickr Were these aerials introduced during the GR.1s life span? I was going to say that the above being a test jet may have had something to do with, but I have pictures of operational machines also lacking those aerials in the 90s. I do love them with hindenberg tanks, though, so that might well drive my choice of markings. Al. PS - not succeeding with inserting images. Tried to insert media via the menu, but it didn't like the URLs I got from Flickr.. PPS - fixed
  15. alhenderson

    1:72nd RAF Tornado recommendations

    Of course! Should have read the original reply! I must admit I had thought there were more external differences between the GR.1 and the GR,4 than just the FLIR. Thought there was a difference in the RWR aerials on the fin, but having looked at some pictures, I must have dreamt it! Al.