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  1. Finally got the replacement paint from Humbrol this morning. Not one tin, but 4!! 2 each of the acrylic and enamel. Slight overkill for the dayglo panels on a gnat! Have put on one coat of the acrylic, we'll see what happens. Didn't seem too different at first glance Al.
  2. I certainly will post my thoughts, I have deliberately not finished off the dayglo orange so I can try the new paint. Paint was supposed to be in the post by the end of the week, so hopefully will turn up in the next few days... Hopefully it will indeed have thickened.. Al.
  3. Out of sheer frustration I had a moan on the Humbrol website about these paints, expecting to be completely ignored. After a bit of back and forth, I received the following today: Dear Sir. The Enamel paint that you have used is from a batch made in 2014 the acrylic was old china paint. what i will arrange is to palce some new pots in the post for your use regards I sent them the tracking numbers from the bottom of the pots. My initial thought was to go back and say there's no point sending me any more because I'm fed up of the stuff (and the idea of undercoating with regular orange has given me an improvement). But I am curious to see if the new paint they send me is any better.. Al.
  4. That's a lovely looking Broussard! I think what you've proven is that the right tools for the job are vital. At this point, I'd have trouble justifying an airbrush, never mind a curing cabinet! Al
  5. Glad to hear it's not just me, although that's not good news for you the orange undercoat may have helped, it's certainly covered the silver, noe I've just got to cover that with the 209 The orange bits of this gnat are going to be significantly thicker than the rest of it!
  6. Nipped out at lunchtime and bought a tin of acrylic Humbrol 18 orange. Got to be honest, coverage of that isn't much better than the flourescent orange IMG_20190613_212111 by Alistair Henderson, on Flickr Nearest wing is the normal orange, furthest wing is the acrylic flourescent orange. Can still see the silver that leaked through the tape that I used to mask off the orange areas. That's *five* coats of paint on there!! I'm done buying new paint for this, and I'll think twice before buying any more Humbrol! Can't believe how bad it's been! Touch and go whether this thing even gets finished at the moment! Al
  7. Thanks for that - glad its not just me! I'm confused as to why these look OK when they are airbrushed, though. I've never used an airbrush so don't really know the first thing about them, but I guess there's something in that process that makes it OK. Maybe not having the paint 'pushed around' with the brush? Experimenting with different paints is hardly a cheap option, either! Al
  8. Latest update on the Fiery Orange Saga. Nipped to Hobbycraft yesterday with the intention of getting some proper orange as suggested above. Instead noticed that they had the acrylic version of Humbrol 209, so I thought I'd try that instead. Being a cheapskate, I wasn't about to buy that *and* a backup orange. Net result - the acrylic is no better than the enamel (well, actually I think it is *slightly* better, but not better enough to warrant continuing with it) so I now need to fork out for the petrol for another trip to Hobbycraft. Joy. If anyone needs a tin and a half (yep, I have used half a tin of this stuff on just this gnat!) of Humbrol Fiery Orange, I would be more than happy to see the back of it!! Might get this finished for the end of the next trainers GB Al.
  9. She looks lovely - nicely built!
  10. It's certainly had a damn good stir with the end of the paintbrush. Haven't shaken it, mind. Have seen people mention here that they've used screws and nails to stir with to make sure they get all the gunk out. Maybe I'll try that... Thanks for the hints on the other orange, as well! Al
  11. So, deadline day. I'm here to offer my apologies to the headmaster for the tardiness of my homework Still painting the orange bits. If it wasn't for the frankly abysmal quality of the Humbrol 209 I would probably be finished. I'm going to sound like a broken record here, but it really is awful. Three coats now. First one took almost two days to dry in the sitting cupboard, subsequent coats are a lot quicker for some reason. And whilst the colour is looking better, the coverage is dreadful. There are bits of silver that leaked through the masking which don't look like they're ever going to get covered properly. Don't suppose anyone has any clever ideas that might improve the coverage of this stuff? I had a look the other day to see if I could find an alternative, but there didn't seem to be one. Or am I doomed to be forever painting this thing, like some kind of wierd groundhog day? Thanks, Al
  12. Thanks for that hint, everyone's a mine of information on here! I got a second coat on this morning, so we're getting there. Has got me thinking about an airbrush... Al
  13. Do you mean the bit that sits between the main undercarriage legs? I didn't think that could go both ways. I had a fight with mine cos it was a really tight fit. Even with mine the right way, my undercarriage legs are, I think, angled wrongly. Too straight... Al.
  14. PS - I can't work out the error you've made either - and I've spent a lot of time trying to get mine to fit together in the last week... Put us out of our misery!
  15. That looks awesome! I'm glad the Humbrol 209 sprays on well, because it's b&%$er all use for brushing as I am now finding out. Takes forever to dry and needs 3-4 coats. That one really looks the biz, though, that silver and orange scheme is really nice. Al.
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