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  1. You need somewhere online to host your pictures, e.g. Flickr. You can then post links to the pictures here and they should show up in your posts. You can get a basic Flickr account for free, think you get 200 pictures, or something.. Al
  2. In the interests of one's sanity it is most certainly not cheating to not apply every single, tiny decal. I missed off a fair few with my Phantom and the end result is no poorer for it. It's a hobby, there are no rules - apart from enjoy yourself! Al.
  3. Every second post I see on social media at the moment seems to be modelling related, lockdown must be doing wonders for the modelling trade! I'm lucky enough to be able to work at home, so don't have endless days to fill. However, still feeling the other to get something else on the go after finishing my Phantom a few weeks back. I won an Airfix Vampire at a raffle held at once of the Sywell Aviation Museum's talks over the winter. Since it was free, thought I'd splash a bit of cash on it. Got myself the Xtradecal Vampire part 1 sheet and a set of Pavla resin bang seats. First foray into resin extras, I think it'll certainly test my painting skills! Haven't actually started yet, hopefully putting this up will give me that little push... Obligatory box artwork shot (although there can't be many on here that haven't seen one of these!) The Pavla seats. Look pretty good to my (untrained) eye. Presume I have to shave off the big block of resin at the bottom.. And the decals. I had originally thought of going with the Shawbury ATC school markings as the nose at Sywell is in that scheme. However, I'm currently favouring the Leuchars Station Flight machine with the 43 and 151 sqn marks. It'll go nicely with my 43 sqn Phantom. Also means I don't have to get involved in painting that awful dayglo orange again! That's about it for now. Helping my son with an A-4 he got for Christmas in an attempt to inspire him and give him something to do other than stare at screens, so progress may well be slow. Cheers! Al
  4. Yeah - all its missing is some cheesy music, dancing text and a count of the number of visitors since 1st Jan 1988 You'll need to know the size of the serials you need, although the sheet might come with a variety..
  5. You buy a sheet with all the letters and numbers on it and then use them individually to make up the serial you need. Good luck searching the Hannants website, it truly is an abomination! Al.
  6. If it's the serial number lettering you're after, you can get xtradecal sets with spare lettering for just this occasion. Cost is about £5, so expensive for one letter, but good things to have lying around for future projects! Loving your work here, do like a defiant. Al
  7. That's really good to know. I ended up complaining to Humbrol about the 209 and they sent me 3 replacements each of enamel and acrylic versions, thinking I had old ones. Nope, made no difference. To look at my gnat now, it looks acceptable, but like you took 10+ coats. I'll bear in mind the Revell option should I be tempted to go dayglo again! Al.
  8. Morning All, Starting planning for my next build - the Airfix 1:72 Vampire T.11. Of the two options in the kit, I'm not especially interested in doing WZ507 and I swore when I did my Gnat recently that I'd never again attempt to brush paint humbrol 209 - so that rules out the other option. I found Xtradecal set X72-172 which has some nice options on it. I'm quite taken with the Shawbury Central ATC school option which is mainly grey with orange stripes (the cockpit section at nearby Sywell is in a similar scheme, I think, and I won the kit in one of their raffles, so...). I did see a build on here involving orange decal stripes on a vampire and the feeling seemed to be that they were horrible. That was a different scheme though, I think they covered most of the wing! Has anyone used X72-172 and can comment on the orange strip decals? Are they any good or did you find yourself wishing you'd painted them? Also thought I might take a first foray into resin, I have seen the Pavla Martin Baker Mk.3B seats on the Hannants website which says they are for the Airfix kit. Are they any good? Thanks for any tips! Al.
  9. Primer! That's what I forgot to mention. I bought a can of Tamiya primer from the local model shop for my phantom and I think it really helped when it came to painting. Again, something I never did "back in the day". Enjoy researching the dak, that was one of the most satisfying things when I did my Phantom - having a purpose for looking up plane pictures on the internet Al
  10. As a fellow returnee to the hobby, I'd like to say - good job! You're pilot painting skills looks pretty good to me. Like you, the biggest difference I found between now and the 90s is painting. I only ever used humbrol with a little xtracolour later on. Now the choice of paint ranges is mind boggling. And it seems to be a lot harder to brush paint. One thing I've realised with my last build - above all enjoy it! Keep up the good work! Al
  11. I let it dry for a good couple of hours. Although, I did then use a damp tissue to wipe it off. I think later on I experimented with dry tissues and it removed a lot less..
  12. Thanks, it was an old bathroom mirror that was sitting in the garage. Unfortunately, it seems to have two different layers of mirror as the reflections are a bit odd looking. All the other mirrors in the house are a bit too ornamental. Not to mention the effort involved in not getting any distracting reflections in it!! Al.
  13. Hmm, another book to add to my pile! Although at least it is available on Kindle. Are there many pictures in it? If there are, might have to try for a hard copy..
  14. This build was the reason I got back into modelling after a break of 25 odd years (life seems to have got in the way!). I used to live near RAF Leuchars and although for most of my time there they had Tornados I have a real soft spot for the Phantom. There were certainly no camo machines there in my time but I don't think you can beat the RAF 1970s camo on a Phantom. You also can't beat fighter checkerboard markings, so the choice was clear - a late 1970s era 43 sqn FG.1. Given that the main focus of Leuchars during the cold war was Northern QRA, it was going to be in full Q fit. Also managed to get some pictures of XV571/A in November 1977 when she ran off the runway at Leuchars. The one thing I think I have read on here more often than anything else is the importance of primary evidence - try to get pictures of the exact frame and era that you are building - so that made the individual choice of a/c straightforward as well. This is an OOB build, apart from decals from X003-72 providing the 43 sqn markings (with a type D roundel plonked in the middle). I really enjoyed building this - the kit went together without any major fuss - its a well covered kit on this site so there were plenty of WIP threads around for guidance. And having my own WIP thread (below) allowed me to harness the huge amount of knowledge and good will on this site. Its no exaggeration when I say that this site has really inspired me on this build. I have gone above and beyond what I usually would have done in the old days to get stuff right. A lot of it is probably stuff that doesn't get noticed, but doing the research was just as enjoyable as the build itself. I'm happy to say that I didn't really have any paint hassles, all the painting is by brush here, although I did use a spray Tamiya primer and white gloss for the missiles. Main camo was Xtracrylics with a satin coat to finish. Must admit, though, that to me the finish looks more gloss than satin. Hey ho. One major problem I had was breaking off one of the tailplanes. Tried to glue it back on once, to no avail, so became necessary to pin it. The thought of taking a drill to a plastic kit filled me with dread (you should see me with shelves!!) but actually, thanks to the advice on here, it worked out fine. The angle's not quite right but I'm happy with it - and I don't think its coming off in a hurry Two other new techniques to me are micro sol and flory wash. The way that the former makes the decals sink into the panel lines is nothing short of magical - absolutely love the look! And the flory wash? Superb stuff - if you don't like it, wash it off and start again. It probably wasn't at its best on my satin finish, but still looks the business. Anyway, on with some pictures since that's the point of this thread... try to ignore the hair under the cockpit!! I didn't get too carried away with the flory wash, have seen some absolutely disgusting Phantom undersides. It actually came off the satin finish quite easily, so I decided it would be a cleaner machine than normal The wash hardly had any effect on the top side camo so it looks almost factory fresh up there. And that's about it. Fair to say I'm pretty chuffed with the result. Thanks again to all on here who have provided support and encouragement on the WIP thread along the way - it really has been appreciated. This was supposed to be the end of my foray back into modelling, but I appear to have acquired an Airfix Vampire and a Revell Tornado in the meantime. What's a man to do?? Cheers, Al.
  15. OK, I said no more updates, but couldn't resist this one! Daughter is busy making an Anderson Shelter as part of her WW2 home work, seems its a perfect size for my Phantom
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