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  1. Having seen someone else's research on this, yes, the wing stripes did have a pink hue to them. Indeed, one pic shows them as being somewhat rough in appearance, with visible overspray on the rear of the wing where the masking for the field applied markings has ended.
  2. No, it's not. Sorry, that's not very helpful, but wrong floor, wrong overhead bins. In our wisdom we insisted on using a 20 year old floor system, which was thus 60+ years old when we finished with the Klassic.
  3. Our C130K aircraft were actually C130E variants, with the -15 engines, Brit avionics and a Brit cargo floor. The external differences are minor, I can't remember if the kit details the later H style APU or earlier 'GTC' (Gas Turbine Compressor) we used. References to the floor 'chine' are understandable, but I operated the damn thing for 15 years and never really noticed it until a modeller pointed it out to me! I see you mentioned Debs - she has a far better recollection than I do!
  4. I met one of the very few BII veterans last year. He had flown both Hercules and Merlin versions before being shot down in '44 (I think). The BII was apparently a hot-rod at lower level, but the power fell off with altitude (supercharger gearing ratios) and hence it was never really popular, certainly not with this chap. He also survived 'The Long Walk', a lovely bloke who remained very quiet about his experiences.
  5. When I was 9 years old, how many engines/props/turrets did it have? (Original B-17 'Bit O Lace' built at least 4 times, every single one with a fingerprint in glue on either the ball turret or cockpit window...) Had I just read about it in Warlord/Victor or the Commando books? Now, well the aircraft I have operated and those I consider influential, but very heavily WW2 based, probably due to my age and occupation!
  6. Motorised landing light under each wing. Fixed small taxi light on bracket, forward end of each MLG door (normally with a plexiglass protective shield in front of it). By the mid to late eighties, some aircraft had wrap around cammo, some still had the light grey underneath, solid colours came in mid nineties onwards really.
  7. Flt deck lighting had a couple of roof mounted lights, slightly recessed (can't remember, at least 2 just behind pilot seating, but must have had a couple further back, big flt deck to light up). Majority of lighting is panel lighting and individual floodlights at each crew position (removable, flexible power cord). Down the back, down-lighting came from the central panel suspended from the roof itself, fore and aft of the wing box. Rectangular floor lights ran along either side. There were internal loading lamps in the tail, just forward of the the door closure point. Early kit has 2 seats at Nav position - true of the first aircraft, but not the subsequent versions (some spec ops aside). Single seat there, centrally mounted to the nav's table. Check the engine Nacelle size. Ours all ran Allison T56-15, early kits have shorter nacelles for original engines. It's been a while since I flew them, the memory is somewhat distant....
  8. Thanks fella, appreciated!
  9. Please tell me, as a younger child, I wasn't the only one who wanted kits because they had more turrets/propellers/guns/looked 'funny' than any real interest in modelling or aircraft? Airfix BV141, hella-cool, or the Blenheim 'cos it's got 2 turrets (kind of) and 2 engines? JU88 - no real turrets, but love the cockpit 'beetle' glazing, or Mosquito as I just watched 633 Squadron on the telly..??
  10. Chaps, what do you 'polish' paintwork with? I get the idea I think, particularly with a NMF scheme, but what do you use? Thanks, in ignorance, Isaneng
  11. As a 14 year old kid, I got a saturday job in the LMS in Rugby - a place called JOTOs (JOhn and TOny, the owners). Apparently my pathetic face stuck to the window and my hours of deliberation about what I could afford, had struck a note of sympathy. Days when new stock arrived, I worked unpaid overtime - just so that I could see what was coming in! This would have been 1981 - 1986 time, Airfix were still the big name but Tamiya (expensive) and Hasegawa (err, yes, also expensive) had some great unusual choices. Trying to decide how to stack boxes.... by brand, by era, by cost..?? I got staff discount and still had no money left! These nostalgia builds have certainly raised a smile, love the thread, thanks a lot chap!
  12. Landed at Gander, prob 2003?? VC10, we parked down the ramp from Concorde. It was doing a charter run, following the dreadful accident in France earlier in the year. The 2 fastest airliners in the world, sitting 200 yards apart. And I didn't take a pic. What a fool I was.
  13. No - probably before my time. Pilots loved the aircraft, centreline thrust, balanced controls, and fast as snot! And we always laughed at the noise reduction profile for departure, 4 Conways were never going anywhere quietly...
  14. I operated VC10s for a tour. The backwards seating may not have been its best selling point, but it had so many safety features, system redundancies, so much power, gents, other than the muppets at the front (sorry...) you have never been so safe!!
  15. bzn20, everyday is a school day, you taught me something new today! Love the explanation of how Cartoontown got its name, thx!!
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