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  1. Ah, now, I fly piston as well! Although N1 rpms on a VC10, versus OAT, could be interesting... Pop, pop, pop, err, sorry skipper! Not me, although admittedly close!
  2. We don't slap pilots. We wouldn't sully our hands, although a pointed verbal rebuke may be in order. Personally, I just pull the control CBs to stop them moving anything....
  3. Johnha, Those aren't Lincoln rudders, they are late pattern Lanc rudders which were also fitted to Lincolns! They first appeared in late '44 I believe, and were fitted to late production Lancs, hence why the BBMF Lanc has them. Now I'm not denying they may have been designed with the Lincoln in mind though!
  4. Ian, ours are silver, but are also the late war version. It has two cores, the forward one holds glycol based coolant, the aft section holds engine oil. I'm away from my books for a while, but I'm presuming the 3 core version you are replicating is 3 cores, side by side, rather than our fwd/aft set up, so, to be honest, I'd be guessing, sorry.
  5. Ian, the 'non retracting bars' are the undercarriage ground locks, when removed they live in cylindrical storage holes in the tail interior. I'd never thought about it, but after a few minutes of hunting, no, I can't see any wartime pics of them in situ, bizarre.
  6. I like to think this site is more than just some plastic and paint, I'm pretty sure it is. Sorry to hear about your friend, a glass raised in salutation, all the best, Rick.
  7. Dogsbody, does your top pic show the FN64 turret, or am I just misreading it?
  8. I have the G George boxing upstairs - remember, one shut down, on fire.... Ah, nostalgia, it's not what it used to be...
  9. Nooooooooooo, for goodness sake don't start the 'yellow spot on the pilot's seat' debate again. Answers range from: Armour plating - a caution of the weight of the item involved. Armour plating - which side is hardened steel. It's magnetic and could affect flight instruments. It's a gas detector circle (no, not even I believe this one..................). Need I go on? Can/Worms - thousands of internet hours have been spent on this, all to no avail. None of the veterans I have met have any idea, including the one and only B2 chap I ever met (Flight Engineer).
  10. There are a number of aircraft that entered production with offset nosewheels. You only use nosewheel steering at low speeds (taxying around, start of T/O roll, end of ldg roll) - rudder authority takes over after that, so no huge impact. Having said that, yes, for a short wheelbase, that does seem a bit excessive!!!!
  11. Oops, finger trouble 'the cockpits became grey', sorry!
  12. I first started flying RAF Hercs in '89, and the cockpit was 2 tone then, as depicted above. The lower colour was more 'interior green' than blue. The crew seats were a mixture - often orange cushions, armrests in black, or dark red, or in dark blue, headrest was normally black. Bunk cushions were normally green. Floor was normally grey, but I do recall other colours, such as a mid-light brown. Later on the seat cushions became black, with a lambs wool type finish and the cockpits became. The original analogue engine instruments became 2 digital flat panel displays in around 2000.
  13. I have only spoken with one veteran (Flight Engineer) who flew both Merlin and Hercules 'engined' Lancasters - in fact he was shot down in a B-II. He told me the B-II was a rocket ship at low level, great speed and climb performance even at MAUW. It lost power at altitude due to the supercharger settings, and after the B-I/III supercharger changeover (17'000 ft ??) point, it suffered greatly. Purely by conversation with the Yorkshire Aviation museum personnel, the later war Hercules Halifax performance improvements were down to all the 'bits' that were changed over time, with the nose turret r
  14. Suddensky, It certainly looks a lot darker than our BBMF Lanc, the second example Jamie shows above is a far better match.
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