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  1. It all depends on the subject. When it comes to motorcycles it unusual to have choice of manufacturer for any make or model. That said Tamiya has the best bike kits.
  2. A beautiful result to end to this build. Glad to be of help. It's been fun watching this bike come together.
  3. Casting is an easy way to copy it. You can get clear epoxy resin. This is the silicone I use and clear epoxy resin. I'm sure you can find something similar where you live. Resin casting is a skill that's really handy for model building. I would cut and mould everything inside the box.
  4. Great detailing. It's really coming together nicely.
  5. Just received mine. There's a lot of plastic in the box. The likeness to Ripley is a bit iffy though.
  6. I learned from building Aoshima kits that you need to make your own tabs and deviate from the instructions where appropriate. The rear axle fittings really are wobbly and vague so I used Lego to help line things up. The front steering assembly fits well but this area really needs a lot of strength. I used a lot of glue here to make sure of that. A couple of shallow and minuscule bumps mark where the engine should go. Again applied lots of glue to make sure things don't move. Lots of glue, drop the cabin in, jiggle it around to make sure its seated correctly. I thought I could build it so I could switch between open and closed. Test fitting the body panels made me realise that it was one or the other. I'll build this open so I don't have to worry about fit. I have another kit to build closed up and I already have ideas to make it fit properly.
  7. You can choose either. He rode with both options.
  8. Gorgeous build. They don't make cars like this any more.
  9. That black part is the camera facing forward so the front should be a glossy lens. The square in the front cowl is the hole for the front camera. If the camera isn't fitted then a weight equal to the camera is fitted to be fair to all teams. Also I think the black parts in the number is the reflection of the photographer because the edging is probably mylar.
  10. No need to redo the whole thing. Just fill the holes with superglue, re-drill and touch up the orange. Removing the screen and giving it another thin coat of clear will blend it in nicely.
  11. I think that mesh inside looks a bit too thick. You should spray metallic black over it to get that pattern then remove it. I think you can get a good result from that. For the silver just use any thin foil. I think it looks better than paint.
  12. Back to galaxyg's build it's a pretty car back when Ferrari posters were on the wall. The 512BB and 288GTO were just drop dead gorgeous.
  13. I really have no idea how the front is attached. It is however different to the way Tamiya separates it. This is the 2014 bike.
  14. Photos of the inside fairing are extremely rare. When you see them off the bike they're usually placed with the outside up, likely to protect the finish from scratches. These are from 2006 and show the same yellowish carbon. It's likely following year models will have the same look. I'd use something like this to replicate it. https://www.spotmodel.com/product_info.php?products_id=53763
  15. Thanks for the comments I agree. He was another of Japan's hopes that didn't quite make it. His Pramac bike was also an interesting livery.
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