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  1. Nice! Reissues of the Scot RS250 and the NSR500. The new tool TZR250 is interesting.
  2. Here's my SV in Tamiya mica blue. Original paint was to be Splash blu nethuns but it ended up patchy and uneven. Rear deck is carbon because I messed up the paint and couldn't match the blue. Twice. Seats salvaged from a Veneno build gone wrong. Wheels from Massa.
  3. +1 on that. The secondary market prices for these are ridiculous.
  4. I have this kit and photo etch set. I was also thinking about how I'd tackle this. I would sand the metal, scratch it up and use Loctite rubber infused super glue for the best chance of it holding together.
  5. Nice work. I was also interested in your process in getting these sculpts realised.
  6. I have this kit too but I've never worked with vinyl before. Interested to see how you tackle this.
  7. Nice work! This should look nice in that 2 tone purple. I have this in progress too in an old school red white scheme.
  8. It's worth it just for the pics. For a rough translation just use a translate app on your phone.
  9. Nice work. A trick for preventing the bending tubes is to thread another smaller tube or wire inside.
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