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  1. Aoshima Countachs are great fitting kits. There are only 2 areas of concern I think. One is fitting the functioning doors and lights gimmick which I fixed by just gluing them shut. Fitting the narrow body over the chassis might be worrying but I fixed that by leaving the cabin loose. Just drill out the locating points a tad for a little wiggle room. The fit is fine with no glue.
  2. Thanks for the comments. I was really happy the blue turned out ok. Didn't really want to strip it though bright red could have been an option. There's satin and gloss bits all over this car plus carbon. Fun times.
  3. I've spliced together the roadster and SV kits to get this going. Initial colour choice of Splash Blu Nethuns then Zero candy electric blue didn't work out as it ended up looking patchy and uneven. Tamiya LP41 mica blue looked nice so that was what it ended up as. Main changes also included cutting the engine bay covers to fit.
  4. Tamiya says otherwise. I avoid 2K for the same reasons. My standard clear these days is Gaianotes EX-3 gloss clear and Mr Hobby leveling thinners. It's not as good as a 2k but provided you prepare the surface properly it looks very nice after a good sand and polish.
  5. Her's my Tomcat. Nice easy build in a scheme I've always wanted on my shelf.
  6. The body is exactly the same. I saw your fixes and did the same. That front dent is particularly noticeable. As for the black background I just made sure that the model and the lights are at the front far from the back wall of my studio cube as possible. Also I took the shots at night, the only light sources were the led strips on either side. I had the levels tweaked a bit in photoshop as well.
  7. Here's my last build for 2019, the Huracan Performante version in Splash Paints Verde Ermes. You really need to plan ahead with this kit. The problem areas are mainly the rear bumper and side glass. Both need some kind of tab or slot added as the gluing area provided is way too small and weak. Also the rear deck needs some kind of edge or tab to keep it flush with the roof. I replaced the seats with those of the Aventador SV.
  8. That forged carbon pattern looks really good. That colour and shine is also sweet. Nice work.
  9. It's odd that that top uses a different weave to the bottom. My personal preference for the top I'd use Ka-models A type carbon. Model Factory Hiro makes a square weave suitable for the bottom. For all carbon decals I tend to use the smaller sizes.
  10. Nice work. Interested to see how you tackle that Top Studio chain.
  11. Does it have the really early beaver tail though? Can't really tell from the pics.
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