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  1. Nice! If that's verde ermes then that's the colour I've chosen for mine.
  2. gamblor916

    Aoshima Huracan

    This one was pretty much out of the box with the Aoshima detail set of course. No carbon anywhere so it was a pretty quick build. The only issue was the rear bumper which was a bit of a hassle to fit and the side windows. Next build I'll be test fitting it before any paint. The paint was Gaianotes Ex-1 white under Mr Crystal Color diamond silver pearl.
  3. gamblor916

    Best R34 Skyline GT-R Nismo?

    I've only built the Tamiya version and it has typical great fit and accuracy.
  4. gamblor916

    Aoshima Huracan

    I have it and it's going to be built!
  5. I've just received mine at it looks like you almost get a complete R4 and R2 dome. You just need the ring, circular base and one of the eye sensors. I think it could be easily accomplished, either through casting or 3d printing.
  6. gamblor916

    Boba and Friends

    Thanks for the comments. I've also finished this guy up in alternate colours.
  7. Here's my latest Bandai builds. Still waiting on the bartender accessories.
  8. Here's my latest auto build. Aoshima's nice little Huracan in pearl white. No real problems as the fit is generally good. The only tricky area is the back bumper assembly which needs a bit of care to fit.
  9. Great build! I have this on my to build list.
  10. gamblor916

    gravity colours?

    I've received stuff from the Euro site fairly recently too. Between that, Splash Paints and Zero from Spotmodel I think that covers auto paint for me.
  11. gamblor916

    gravity colours?

    If by being in business means taking your cash but not sending anything then sure.
  12. gamblor916

    Tamiya Ducati 916

    I think the chain and the forks are a big improvement. Everything else you can just paint and detail up by using bits from the spares box.
  13. gamblor916

    Tamiya Kawasaki H2R Trickstar

    I've used the Hobby Design chain. I think they have the best chain sets. Looks great and fairly easy to put together. I usually have a bunch of projects on the go. Let's see, I have these two bikes, a Finemolds F-14, Bandai Boba Fett and a 1/12 droid. I only have the weekends to spray paint so it helps to get a bunch of stuff queued up and done all at once.
  14. gamblor916

    1/20 Tamiya Ferrari SF70H

    Fantastic build. The finish is just amazing.
  15. gamblor916

    Tamiya Ducati 916

    I have this set up on my jig but it's going to be a bit fiddly getting the back wheel on this. Colour is Zero Ducati rosso. I've used bits from the Blue Stuff Senna detail set plus various rivets and things.