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  1. We still have stock of the 32nd Expo decals to go with it http://www.southernexpo.co.uk/Decals2010_32ndScale.htm
  2. There's a new leisure centre but the sports hall part of is it only half the size of the previous one so we took the decision to not run Southern Expo there again as it would be a "shadow" of its former self. There aren't any other sites in the area with the right size hall, for the right price with the right transport links, etc.
  3. The magazine was Modelaid, which became Air Forces International. Not sure if there are any of these types of product around nowadays though.
  4. https://www.4kdownload.com/products/product-videodownloader Download and install this. Then just copy the video URL and paste into the app, You get a choice of resolutions.
  5. I feel duty bound to mention that N3180 flown by Al Deere did not have the completely half and half black/white undersides as shown in the Eduard instructions (and as also appeared in the old Airfix 1/24th scale kit), our research for the Southern Expo 2010 decal sheet unearthed a photo which shows the front under nose cowling and rear fuselage was silver. Easy enough to replicate as the markings are still OK.
  6. Indeed, sad news. Regis was always a familiar face at Southern Expo and the Nationals (Scale Modelworld). Always a pleasure to deal with him.
  7. It was some years ago. Not that I'm trying to defend Xtracolour at all I would think if you've bought the paint in the last few years it should be OK
  8. It was a faulty batch of metallic paints as far as i know.
  9. There was a "dodgy" batch of Xtracolour metals which exploded on opening. A friend of mine had a similar experience when opening a tin of aluminium. Thankfully it was only the workbench that got hit.
  10. Great to see the decals we produced put to good use. Well done Must get around to producing some more at some stage, it might happen you never know
  11. Bison Decals did a set 1/35 Suez 1956 ( 1) - British Tanks -35119 http://www.olddogmodels.com/decals/735119-bison-decals-1-35-suez-1956-1-british-troops-35119.html (I have no connection with OldDogModels, it was found using Google looking for "Bison decals Suez") Cancel that just re-read your post, sorry no other information. You could try emailing the owner of Bison about any references he used - sales@star-decals.net
  12. Yep, Jays are the only place left. We sold out some time ago in both scales. We still have 1/32nd ones if any one is interested.
  13. We could only find a picture from the starboard side so couldn't confirm the code letter sizes for the port size, we provided both so the modeller could make their own mind up. http://samilitaryhistory.org/vol013dt.html This link above shows the code letters for the starboard side.
  14. They "might" have been inspired by the research we did for these decals we issued a few years ago but are now sold out except in 32nd scale. http://www.southernexpo.co.uk/images/2010Decals/Southern%20Expo%202010%20Decal%20placement%20sheet%203%20Spitfire%20Mk.IA%20K9953%20ZP.A%20+%20R6835%20XT.W%20Inst.jpg
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