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  1. perfect truck for the "shedies" among us!
  2. incredible detailing & presentation. thank you for taking the time to show all of the different steps required for this.
  3. "scuppers" my best guess. sounds nautical.
  4. another trick I recently read in David Griffith's book Ship Models From Kits as he is describing rigging a 1/700 scale ship. the hole was a bit oversized, so he ran the rigging through, and then plugged the hole with a bit of stretched sprue. I believe WWI planes builders use similar technique.
  5. looks like one fellow didn't make it . . .
  6. great build thread for a ship which I think is often overlooked. following along and thanks for posting all the great reference pictures.
  7. from a long forgotten 1960s television show: "what's your name?" "Whipper. Whipper Bibbs" "what're doin'?" "whittlin'" "what're you whittlin'?" "when you whittle, you don't whittle nothin'. you just whittle." it truly was a simpler time.
  8. interesting "follow-along" for me. Q: which company manufactured the wood grain etch stencil? thanks
  9. I've jumped scales enough over the years to have finally settled on 35.
  10. very spiffy. looking forward to its final assembly. tons of inspirational photos here: https://wmspear.com/bill/Bantam//austcpes.html
  11. reading Ship Models From Kits by David Griffith. he mentions braiding 3 or 4 strands of high wire gauge into a plaited sinnet. quite convincing.
  12. https://www.dickblick.com/products/amaco-wireform-mesh/ good for scenery, too
  13. absolutely fantastic! do we have a link to his website? please don't tell me "facebook" thanks
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