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  1. i think the Revell 1948 Ford woody had some.
  2. Q: is Phoenix Models out of business? my searches are going to RC airplanes. thanks
  3. Dave Shuklis was one of my boyhood heros!
  4. just when i thought there was nothing of interest on this forum....
  5. good job on the bodywork. A+ for creativity.
  6. motorcycles* 1:24 - Scale Modeling Search (scalemates.com)
  7. this may be a better representation now that i have delved deeper: Chain Sinnet | How to tie a Chain Sinnet using Step-by-Step Animations | Animated Knots by Grog (swipe & search)
  8. the rear view mirrors are a nice touch! Q: are the carburetors from Chief Joseph? thanks
  9. not claiming to have never gone down a rabbit hole . . . . but from 4" - 6" away, would anyone actually see it without magnification?
  10. took me a bit of hunting: look under "visit the halls" - lower right 'cyclecar and three wheeler collection'. sorry, my linking privilege has not yet taken hold despite several inquiries ???
  11. very effective. watching a youtube video on Morgans and the narrator used the term "bell back" for the spare tired body and beetle back for the body with a little luggage rack. Q: is your model depicting a cover for an oversized rear wheel? or was this a well to stash odd items? thanks
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