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  1. yup; i was afraid that gas tank was going to languish in styrene heaven!
  2. is that a smiley-face on the pump gauge?
  3. you do realize "leave as is" is wife-speak for "i have a project for you to do"".
  4. 1949 Ford - wasn't this the first car to have a unified (not separate fenders) body? that seems to me substantiation for "classic" status.
  5. i remember my older cousin had this kit. at one point, i think it was available for "boxtops" as a premium for buying Borax soap.
  6. great attention to details. hope it's okay to put a couple references here: Typ 82 Kubelwagen Walk Around Page 1 (primeportal.net) My Kubelwagen in detail | All you need about Kubelwagen (free.fr) VW Typ 82 - Fahrzeuge-der-Wehrmacht.de (fahrzeuge-der-wehrmacht.de) Schwimmwagen.free.fr Kubelwagen, AS24, King & Country and amphibie luaz i can delete post at your request.
  7. Merit 1:24 Scale Model Kits (velocetoday.com)
  8. this book was in my first (and only) order to Auto World in '62 or '63. it also included a Monte Upholstery kit & Ulrich mini men.
  9. quoted for posterity. i really need to visit this forum more often.
  10. maybe a title change to "Battery Worn Down Model T" would be easier?
  11. this vehicle is certainly earning its way; great job on the details, weathering, & diorama base.
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