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  1. thanks for the interest guys; supplies are gone to a new home.
  2. making room and clearing out things i don't or won't use. to wit: 69 AK weathering pencils (some duplicates/ used - most not) A & B Tamiya weathering pastels (unused) Tamiya weathering sponges ( 4 - unused) Master Touch tortillions ( 4 - unused) no charge, but i hope postage will be reimbursed. these are coming from the United States.
  3. love the shovelette; always best to be prepared
  4. i know; it was a gimmick Q: did you like the post? i tried to clip & paste the photo - with no luck
  5. this may help https://progress-is-fine.blogspot.com/2020/11/british-license-plate-regs.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ProgressIsFineButItsGoneOnForTooLong+(Progress+is+fine%2C+but+it's+gone+on+for+too+long.)
  6. i like the smaller "J" hinges for the Revell Anglia & Thames van i am in the process of turning back to street vehicles. the factory plastic hinges are (understandably) quite bulky; thanks for the link & suggestion.
  7. thanks; 'repositionable' then it is! i've used tiny rare earth magnets, so maybe i can come up with a way to hold the hood in an either/ or location. perfect example of being trapped by my own thinking.
  8. MCM is intent on resurrecting itself; time will tell http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/156776-mcm-relaunch-update-27-oct-2020/ also, if anyone is interested: https://archive.org/details/FSM18/FSM11
  9. if you forwarded the proceeds to Ron, he could replenish his fitting & oil paint stocks for our next tutorial!
  10. anyone hinge their jeep hood? i have 1:24 scale - whew!- Hasegawa jeep and i want the hood to operate. my thought is photo etch, but if tubing is easier or more reliable i will run with it. any help appreciated; thanks.
  11. happy - or at least happier? ps: by the way, the "C" word is "communicate"
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