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  1. remember Jordan Highway Miniatures? i'd say you got off easy.
  2. this is pretty thorough in its breakdown of the truck: http://www.austintilly.nl/NL/downloads/austinmanual.pdf thanks go to Tortise on Armourama website: https://armorama.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index&req=viewtopic&topic_id=279542&page=1#2352359
  3. to echo other's accolades: fantastic attention to detail. Q: with a vehicle of so light proportions & power output, why the need for double batteries? I just got this kit and am thinking of only installing a single. thanks
  4. "... Don't let the chemical nature of a gas bother you …" holy smokes!
  5. truly spoken as any home handyman who has watched a youtube video! point being, a lot of people can build crap and boast with confidence. what are your performance standards? what is your audience? what is your goal? once you minimize someone's contribution, you may be alienating someone who could have helped you.
  6. great kit/ project. following along. I have one which I am going to build as a "grounded van" on blocks for a lineside watchman's shanty.
  7. very impressive. particularly the crisp demarcation (and the bows for the soft cover).
  8. that variant looks a bit less likely to bend in the middle.
  9. great job on the body. chrome could be toned down a bit, though.
  10. I think the sticking point is people sending money in good faith for subscriptions and getting nothing but excuses. and this has gone on in declining manner for 5 years. a substantial number of forum members freely admit they don't buy the magazine. then there are the members who claim they would pay to keep the forum alive. it's not a place for positive reinforcement unless you're a yes boy and intend to fawn over.
  11. I've seen offers similar and you are only sent monthly the components which you paid. so you don't get the entire kit until 12 months out. not that that would soften the cost of the kit, but with cessation of Beetle production, in 5 years this could be the new Pocher!
  12. not sure how a company that makes such other good products can come out with the primer like that!
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