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  1. so you're asking for opinions, and then not happy when they don't align with yours? a bit confusing. Q: what scale is the model? Q: why is it fuzzy? thanks
  2. never saw that livery. yours or historical prototype? thanks
  3. the camera is definitely a cruel mistress! bet there's more time and detail spent on the aft end than anyone but you will ever know.
  4. what i believe is an objective statement : swastika decals having been removed from model kits indicates a swing in perspective towards this period in history. to the modeling of the diorama : the composition (or) balance of figures/ backdrop/ foreground is good and having none parallel to the base better. i think the base lettering overpowers the size of the models and could have been reduce to 50%, maybe with " " marks, with the BERLIN 1938 being a little larger if it is meant to be the title. the prose sort of runs on and it's hard to know where one stops and the ot
  5. can never go wrong with an ancillary/ support vehicle.
  6. regardless of the secondary prose, there's a swing and a miss in there somewhere.
  7. very nicely done! i particularly like the multiple color selection for the individual parts and your attention to the photo etch details. some of your thoroughness is usually reserved for much larger scale models. please show a build thread for your next project!
  8. watched this on the news: https://www.msnbc.com/11th-hour/watch/in-the-trenches-of-ukraine-where-troops-are-watching-russia-111100485598 if it's too political, turn off sound. good views of trench construction & proportions.
  9. next kit will be the ubiquitous "box o' cobs" & tin of lime. MiniArt definitely knows how to work-the-room.
  10. and for what it's worth . . . . don't weld seams come in a variety of 1:1 prototype sizes? make 'em yourself =
  11. my thoughts, too. i can hear a beehive of activity, even if only in scale!
  12. zoom in on this: War Pigeons: Winged Couriers – Maury Loontjens Library in Narragansett (narlib.org)
  13. might require joining, but this is The place to go for all things Model T: Model T (1909-1927) - The Ford Barn
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