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  1. s.e.charles

    pink foam priming

    it's taken more than a few coats of (Vallejo) paint to rid the pink bleed through. I started with grey primer, then a few different coats of greys, light & dark. in the process, some detail has been lost to my disappointment. but there may be a better way. any help appreciated; thanks.
  2. flat car load heading into the town siding. modeling is imagination as much as anything.
  3. s.e.charles

    Audi R8 Mountain Bike Carrier

    good enough for a sag-wagon
  4. s.e.charles

    stopping Daily Notifications & Updates

    I already thanked him in the email he sent. a BIG thank you would have been extended two weeks prior when I posted the original plea for help. but if it saves everyone's feelings, here's a mid-sized effort: than
  5. s.e.charles

    stopping Daily Notifications & Updates

    it was sorted
  6. s.e.charles

    stopping Daily Notifications & Updates

    BUMP. I have sent a request to the administrators to stop all daily digest emails to my on file email address. I really hope someone is in the office, because the emails are a nuisance to me.
  7. I believe I have all of the settings unchecked, but continue to get daily updates to my email address. any help making these stop will be appreciated. thanks
  8. s.e.charles

    POW's to the rear; Tamiya 1/35 Jeep

    they really are the SUPER-race. 1:30 scale?
  9. s.e.charles

    Bedford QL recovery truck

    the hoist certainly is "substantial"; nice job.
  10. looks like it's going fast just sitting there!
  11. s.e.charles

    best online AFV modelling stores?

    that's SO not user friendly. in the Colonies, and I order from everywhere. even Hobby Link Japan fulfills there orders through customs in 30 days or less.
  12. s.e.charles

    D Day Cricket manufacturing

    internet search has netted various sources to buy, but none how these were made. would a die stamping machine to be used for the upper, and cut off machine for rolls of spring stock the lower? and a crimper to hold them together? manufacturing plant planned for the model railroad and thought this to be a good choice: raw materials in, finished product out, many interior details. thanks
  13. s.e.charles

    pre- 1950 packing material

    what was used before foam peanuts & plastic air-bags? excelsior ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wood_wool) comes to mind, but what would replicate it in 1:35 scale?I remember cosmoline and wrinkly wrapping paper, but neither would provide cushion in a shipping crate. thanks