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  1. s.e.charles

    boat engine suggestion wanted

    converting a 1:60 Billing Boats Rainbow #201 to 1:35 scale. Q: anyone suggest a 1:35 scale engine which could plausibly power this craft? thanks
  2. s.e.charles

    pink foam priming

    nothing to do with your explanation; no need to be sorry.
  3. s.e.charles

    pink foam priming

    if we're back on serious business, I have gleaned two good cover both from the model gaming community. for delicate work that will only be seen and not subject to abrasion, artist acrylic gesso is a good first coat that will not fill in details. not to be used as a primer, but rather a ground for color same as artists use it. doesn't have to be museum quality; student brands appear to work fine. for scenery (rocks. land forms, rolling hills) which might get an occasional bump & bruise, a coat or two of a product called (in the USA) Mod Podge works wonders. it is thinner than foam coat products, and thicker than diluted pva. unlike pva or matte medium which remain soft when dry, Mod Podge can be sanded smooth without pilling. it can be tinted with any acrylic product, sand for texture, or used straight from the container. both products are also good for coating card models/ components to seal.
  4. s.e.charles

    pink foam priming

  5. s.e.charles

    pink foam priming

    I am on the cutting edge. no one else ever has dared us this novel approach. well, except for a bazillion modelers worldwide. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=pink+foam+models never look left not right, only straight ahead.
  6. s.e.charles

    pink foam priming

    I can only imagine the suspense is weighing on you. I got the answer I needed from another forum, but I really appreciate your input.
  7. s.e.charles

    37A Bugatti reference photos

  8. s.e.charles

    pink foam priming

    it's taken more than a few coats of (Vallejo) paint to rid the pink bleed through. I started with grey primer, then a few different coats of greys, light & dark. in the process, some detail has been lost to my disappointment. but there may be a better way. any help appreciated; thanks.
  9. flat car load heading into the town siding. modeling is imagination as much as anything.
  10. s.e.charles

    Audi R8 Mountain Bike Carrier

    good enough for a sag-wagon
  11. s.e.charles

    stopping Daily Notifications & Updates

    I already thanked him in the email he sent. a BIG thank you would have been extended two weeks prior when I posted the original plea for help. but if it saves everyone's feelings, here's a mid-sized effort: than
  12. s.e.charles

    stopping Daily Notifications & Updates

    it was sorted
  13. s.e.charles

    stopping Daily Notifications & Updates

    BUMP. I have sent a request to the administrators to stop all daily digest emails to my on file email address. I really hope someone is in the office, because the emails are a nuisance to me.
  14. I believe I have all of the settings unchecked, but continue to get daily updates to my email address. any help making these stop will be appreciated. thanks