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  1. I have a hunch it'll still find its way into China and from there into the rest of the world.
  2. Be a shame if the panel lines are a step back when the recently released Spitfire Vc panel lines were perfectly fine (not as nice as Tamiya/Eduard of course but certainly something you can live with). Will need to wait for the reviews first I think.
  3. Clearing your cache and resetting cookies also helps sometimes. I think it has to do with the bandwidth on the host's side.
  4. I'm so glad we're going to get a truly modern tooling of the I-16 in 1/72. For a type that was so important to the VVS from 1939-onwards it has been sorely overlooked. I'd hope this would maybe lead to the tooling for the later types too. The Hasegawa is nicely detailed with good fit but basic. The ICM is better but its detail doesn't come across well in 1/72 and its fit is pretty poor. If CP get it right they could have the definitive line for the I-16.
  5. Italeri heard my prayers for the Stirling reissue it appears!
  6. Drat, I just bought the OOP Academy the other day. Ah well I'll be happy to wait and see what SH bring us. They've done a fantastic job recently so I'm optimistic that it will tick all the boxes.
  7. I am practically begging Italeri to repop their Short Stirling Mk.I. It's left quite the noticeable hole in my 1/72 RAF Bomber Heavies collection and they go for silly money whenever they show up on various reseller sites. I know it's not a perfect kit but I would much rather work on that than put the effort into the Airfix kit I have stashed. I have their Stirling Mk.IV in the stash too but let's be honest everyone wants the actual operational combat mark.
  8. Ah okay. I assume the sprues in the Eduard boxing are the amended type (or atleast I hope so seeing that's what I was waiting for!)
  9. Pretty sure Airfix will have the market for a good 6-8 years based on Eduard's lethargic 1/72 output of recent years (unless you're excited about obscure East European agricultural aircraft). We're all still patiently waiting for the 109Gs and early Fw 190As in 1/72 and we've only just seen their 109E in 1/72 (even if it's in a Special Hobby box). So I'm not expecting an Eduard 1/72 Tempest anytime soon.
  10. I've wanted to do Łanowski's P-47M for a while so this reissue is very welcome. Keep 'em coming Hobby 2000 (and PLEASE do a Fujimi A-4E/F and Super F reissue at some point).
  11. So another new tool 1/72 Tempest. Inevitable comparisons to the new Airfix tooling, but a bit of competition is never a bad thing. Plus this way we get a Mk.II nice and early.
  12. Wasn't too fussed about the Tempest before but I didn't realise the Academy kit had so many shape problems. Certainly has made me more interested in nabbing one of these and off-loading the 2 Academy kits in my stash. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the Tempest judging on the quality of the recent Airfix Spitfire Vc. Airfix seem to finally be getting close to where 1/72 new tool stuff should be. Not that anyone is expecting them to be close to Eduard or Tamiya, however definitely trading blows with Revell and Italeri.
  13. New tool 1/72 Mosquito with the two-stage engines is a great choice. For too long the best way to get that was with the Tamiya Mossie and a resin engine set. More importantly it opens up the potential for a Mk XVIII Tsetse. Valiant reissue is also nice to see due to the prices it has been going for recently. Tempest isn't a bad choice considering they already have the Typhoon but the Academy kit is already a really good kit so a missed opportunity there for something else I feel.
  14. CAD renders look fantastic and, more importantly, Arma seem to have acknowledged a lot of the subtleties that other manufacturers have missed (different forward wing chord, undercarriage meeting at the rear spar etc.). Their Hurricane and FM-2 were truly fantastic kits so looking forward to this one. Also an eventual P-51D/K to replace the venerable Tamiya would be welcome too. As an exclusive 1/72 builder I'm glad Arma is picking up where Eduard left off (whilst they are pre-occupied with 1/48).
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