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  1. Eduard's "72nd Revolution" has somewhat stalled as of late. The Early Fw 190s and Bf 109s are still noticeably absent from their line-up despite their larger cousins being in rude health. Which is a shame for all us 72nd-ers looking for top quality models (though Tamiya beat Eduard to the punch with their 1/72 Bf 109G-6).
  2. Lovely work there, I have one on my stash I've been meaning to get to once I can be bothered to fill the panel lines.
  3. Crikey that was good timing. Thanks for the link.
  4. I still think it's really surprising that, as far as I can tell, there's no Mk.16 aftermarket seats in 1/72 after all these years of F-35 kits. I'd love to be proven wrong as I have the Italeri boxing of this kit and I won't start it until I can replace the seat as it's so prominent.
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