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  1. Fantastic to see this. Some bits look a bit chunky and over scale though, control horns and joy sticks spring to mind. No sign of an Aussie air filter either, so from a downunder perspective that is an issue. Well done Airfix, now all we need is a 1/24 scale one! Steve
  2. I feel slightly sorry for CSM who have their 1/48 one there for pre order,but at least it gives us all a choice of scales. Steve
  3. From a marketing perspective I can to some extent understand the decision, as there seems to be no real large scale competition in Hellcats and I presume that the US market is a significantly large one? I too would have loved a Corsair, but that's already well into Tamiya territory, and I guess if the engine is on a separate sprue that we may see it used again on a different plane. I doubt that that will sell all that many here in the Antipodes either. Like the Typhoon it looks fantastic, it's just not my thing. Steve
  4. I just hope it's something I want to buy! I think that the recent new PE for the 1/24 Mosquito might imply a re release in a different scheme, and the new tool being 1/48 or 1/72, probably 1/72. Steve
  5. I think it's worth remembering that the last few 1/24 releases went—Mosquito, Typhoon, Mosquito, Typhoon. Anyone see a pattern there? Airfix I believe have always said they were going to do a pure Bomber Mosquito, so I would have said that it's a 50% chance. If not, then Gladiator (also one of the original Superkits listed I think?), Defiant is a possibility, much as I would like a Camel I think there are too many of similar and larger scales around. Tiger Moth would be good and could tie in with the RAF centenary well. But who really knows? Good fun. Steve
  6. Hmm. At just about half price I couldn't resist ahhhhh help! Thinking about setting it on a Lighter, anyone got any descent drawings of one? I have the Cross and Cockade ones. Steve
  7. The current 1/72 Tiger has the wrong cowling mounted air filter for an Australian built example, unless Airfix have made some changes! Steve
  8. I'm fairly sure that Airfix used CAD for the Mosquito, I remember all the 3D images that were released before it came out. It may well have been different software I suppose. I guess we will have to wait and see. Steve
  9. Good point Rich........so EE Lightning!
  10. I think that trying to pick Airfix's next 1/24 scale model is subject to all sorts of problems. Although they have been all WWII birds so far, I suppose that could change. If the tough economic climate continues I would expect to see a bomber Mosquito as it would only require modification of an existing kit, and would presumably be a cost effective way of keeping the range alive. If it is to be a completely new model, then that is much harder to fathom since they do not really go for obvious big sellers. The Typhoons are a case in point here as I would consider them a very left of field choice. If Airfix moved into the pre WWII era with a Tiger Moth or similar at least they would be able to keep the retail price down. If not then expect the unexpected. I would like to see a Camel, Tiger, Gladiator, Hart (lots of variations), but who knows which way they will go, and I doubt we will know for a couple of years at least. I so very nearly got a Typhoon, because it looked like an amazing model, it's just not an aircraft I was that interested in. Hears hoping for some earlyish news. Steve
  11. There could always be the "Green Mountain Airways" option as featured in the Flash Gordon film. You may need to modify the fin and engines though. No mod required, just checked! Steve
  12. So, I can't pretend that it's not disappointing with no 1/24 Camel, but the Hunter is a good choice, it being the most beautiful jet fighter to have ever graced the skies. And in a G-HUNT scheme along with the Sea Fury as G-FURY we would only have to wait for the Mk XIV Spit for the whole 1/48 Spencer Flack set! Really think that maybe they should have announced the Hunter earlier and the Blenheim now, but hay, it's not my company. Steve
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