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  1. Hi All, First of all I'm not sure if this should go into the paints part of the forums as its about painting the Shorts Tucano gloss black but then again its about the Tucano..... Anyways, been working on the HobbyBoss Tucano (converted to a Shorts Tucano) and almost finished the painting process, unfortunately I'm out of gloss black at the moment so at present its sitting as a matt black aircraft. I know getting gloss black finishes is notoriously difficult, just wondering would layering some Alclad II Gloss Black Primer assist with the mirror black finish that you get
  2. Thanks, I think I'll suggest the Revell kit then, I don't think he'll be a stickler for every shape and detail being just right, anyway I hope I'm not wrong there....! Cheers, M
  3. Thanks, Yes I would agree 100% there. I'm in the process of refurbing some old aircraft models I did when I was a kid and they're brush painted, light and day between my kits of today and those I did back then. I think on cars it would be even more noticeable the difference between spray cans and brush painting. I forget sometimes that its easy to use spray cans in a box in the garden! I'm so used to airbrushing...... Is it possible to leave the engine out or is it connected up to the front wheels? If it's to tough I'm sure he'll be able to just to close the bonnet and just not
  4. Good idea, I forgot those are useful for small touch ups. Is the Molotow colour the exact same as the kit plastic mostly? It does seem to be this way but with some aircraft kits other manufacturers seem to be including them more often these days. Thanks, M
  5. Hi Charles, Thanks very much, I'll pass on the link to him. I would agree with that 100%, I find even with around a decade of modelling experience under my belt I compare my work to others and this is something I've told him firmly and I'll pass on your advice too from a car pro! Best wishes, M
  6. Hi Dave, Having done a quick few searches a possible point to start with would be to look at the helicopters operating in 656 Squadron, of 4 Regiment Army Air Corps which were onboard HMS Ocean during the operation. As far as I know only 4x helicopters from that Squadron were involved in the Operation. There are a couple of photos online of the Apaches around/on HMS Ocean which might help identify the HIDAS or MTADS and a possible ordnance loadout. Sorry I couldn't be of more help but that's what I could find/knew about already. Hope it helps somehow...! Ch
  7. MBM

    HAR 3 Sea King Decals

    How I missed those I'll never know..... Thanks, M
  8. Hi all, Managed to pick up the good old Hasegawa original 1/48 Sea King in US colours for about £20 online which I think is an excellent deal compared to the mad prices they go for on eBay. I started a thread on a conversion set ages to get it to the HAR3 as I want to build the classic yellow Sea King I remember from my childhood. Got the Flightpath set in the Hannants basket at the moment but as far as I know it doesn't come with decals, one place said it did whereas Hannants don't mention that it comes with Decals. Only issue now not having the Hasegawa Rebox of the
  9. Thanks, I think he's most interested in Jag E Type, the Revell kit seems to be a relatively new mould. Do you know if it's any good?
  10. Thanks very much, I'll pass on the suggestion to him. In hindsight I'm going to try and find him kits with the most basic details, e.g. no engine and minimal interior. Yes I can see that a window mask would be very useful otherwise I have a feeling I'll be cutting masks for him manually! I assume those chrome parts could be touched up by me with Alclad II's Chrome?
  11. Thanks for your advice, yes I realised spray cans were the best option shrotly after posting this and yes I agree brush painting a car wouldn't look good! I sent him a link to a Mazda Mx5 after reading some reviews but he seems more interested in Revell's Jaguar E Type (Might be something to do with the fact that he wrote off his own Mazda MX5 into a tree a few months back....!) Again many thanks for your help it's much appreciated.
  12. Amazing, thanks very much for your advice, I will pass it on. Yes I agree 100% rattle cans seem like the best bet, I realised they were an option to suggest to him a few moments after posting the thread starter.
  13. Hi Keith, Thanks very much I'll pass on this info to him. I had a nagging suspicion that Tamyia would typically be the way to go! Cheers, M
  14. Excellent work Chris, I assume it's 1/72 like Mach2's other kits? Shame they don't make this in 1/48 otherwise I'd get it straight away. How big is it overall? I like the subtle weathering, very realistic to the real thing. Cheers, M
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