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  2. cmatthewbacon

    Comet 4 fuselage cross section?

    Darn it... that appears to be the only one of those books I don't have! I'll have to keep my eyes open... best, M.
  3. GordonD

    Ups and Downs for April

    25 APRIL 1961 MA-3 The Mercury-Atlas 3 flight was originally planned to be just another sub-orbital test but after Gagarin went into space the flight programme was changed to a complete orbital checkout. Aboard the capsule was a Simulated Man, a device which placed the same loads on the spacecraft as a human occupant would, converting oxygen from the atmosphere into CO2 and water vapour, heating the cabin environment to duplicate an astronaut’s body heat and even playing back pre-recorded messages to evaluate the communications system. At first the flight seemed to be going well, but forty seconds after launch the vehicle failed to begin arcing out over the Atlantic as planned, continuing instead to climb straight upwards. It was clear that the inertial guidance system had malfunctioned, and the Range Safety Officer was forced to blow up the Atlas. The LES performed flawlessly, pulling the spacecraft clear and taking it up to an altitude of more than seven kilometres before separating to allow the capsule to land safely in the ocean. Had there been a real astronaut aboard, he would certainly have survived, but that wasn’t the point: the Mercury programme had suffered another setback at the very time that NASA wanted desperately to be seen following the lead set by the Soviet Union. 1962 SA-2 The second development flight of the Saturn C-1 carried inert upper stages containing water ballast, which was jettisoned for an experiment in ionospheric physics known as Project High Water I. At an altitude of about 105km, explosive charges ripped open the propellant tanks of the S-IV and S-V upper stages, dispersing the water in a vast cloud of ice-crystals that grew to several kilometres in diameter in a matter of seconds. One of the primary objectives of the test was to study the effect on local weather conditions and radio transmission quality of an abort at high-altitude followed by the destruction of the launch vehicle by the Range Safety Officer, resulting in the dispersal of large quantities of propellant in the upper atmosphere. 2002 Soyuz TM-34 launch Crew: Yuri Gidzenko (CDR); Roberto Vittori [Italy] (FE); Mark Shuttleworth [South Africa] (SP) Third ISS Taxi Flight, replacing the Soyuz craft already docked with the station to allow the Expedition 4 team to remain aloft beyond the orbital lifetime of the older capsule. Shuttleworth was the second fare-paying passenger to visit the ISS and would spend his time there studying ocean life and carrying out biological experiments.
  4. bentwaters81tfw

    Moving Time Again

    ...says the man from Liverpool.
  5. Hello Hub Plot, How was that conversion close up? Did it have engraved panel lines and were the castings of good quality? How were the clear parts? By the way, a Cutting Edge F4H-1 is starting at $675.00 on ebay right now: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-48-Cutting-Edge-48494-F4H-1-Phantom-Conversion-New-Complete-Unstarted/143217269138?hash=item21586a1992:g:e-gAAOSw0ntctYQo
  6. cybershed

    1/48 Fockew-Wulf Fw 190 A4

    Very nice job.
  7. Mick4350

    What music are you playing:- Part V

    White Eagle. Tangerine Dream. '95
  8. trickyrich

    Saab SH-37 Viggen - big update + resin porn!!!

    hmmmm I guess I'm a resin junkie!
  9. trickyrich

    The Last Naval Night Fighter - 25/4 update

    hmmm are you sure that'll work??? It may in the inside.......he said wondering off to look for a static cloth....
  10. I have to say that there is some excellent work being done here and I must echo what was mentioned above in a couple of places- some beautiful weathering plus the overall attention to detail/accuracy is outstanding. Great work!
  11. tonyot

    Sunderlands in Burma

    No worries mate,..... enjoy reading the link!
  12. Julien

    Moving Time Again

    See that @Mike you dont pay me enough! @72modeler dont forget Dave & Greg as well !
  13. Truly inspiring build. I bought this kit for its unique chiseled nose. Then I found out about its issues mentioned in reviews so I thought of selling this kit. Now following this build, I m thinking of building it.
  14. 593jones

    Sunderlands in Burma

    Thank you kindly, knew there was someone who would know!
  15. tonyot

    Sunderlands in Burma

    They were from 230 Sqn mate,....... Sunderland Mk.III`s,...... there is plenty of info on line if you do a Google search. There is some good info here; http://ww2talk.com/index.php?threads/gert-and-daisy-the-sunderlands-in-burma.29469/
  16. Farmerboy

    1/48 Fockew-Wulf Fw 190 A4

    That a cracking job you have done there,thanks for sharing.
  17. Excellent work - I always admire a good scratch-build.
  18. Hub Plott

    1:48 B-24 conversions & replacement vac canopies

    I sold one for $1799
  19. That’s lovely, great job!
  20. 593jones

    Sunderlands in Burma

    Reading accounts of the second Chindit expedition in Burma I was fascinated discover that, following a request from the 111 Brigade commander, Jack Masters, Sunderland flying boats were used to evacuate the brigade's sick and wounded from Lake Indawgyi. The accounts, which are very brief, are in 'The Road Past Mandalay' by John Masters, and 'A Chindit Affair', by Frank Baines. I wonder, would anyone out there know anything about this operation, i.e. the unit involved, the aircraft, what mark of Sunderland and individual aircraft used, or, indeed, anything else relevant?
  21. Gorgeous,....... sadly missed aircraft too.
  22. Jonners that is an absolute beaut mate,........ in fact I`d go as far as saying that it is awesome,....... mega respect bud. I wanted to do an aircraft from the same unit using the old Special Hobby kit in the P-39/P-63 GB,...... but I gave it up as a bad job! Fabulous to see a French P-63 so well replicated mate, Cheers Tony
  23. Yet another one finished. This is the Hasegawa kit modified. Decals are from Model Alliance. Rota fold is as per the kit …….. not the best in the world. If nothing else it's colourful. Please feel free to comment etc. Thanks for looking Dick
  24. spruecutter

    Revell Tornado GR1, 617 Sqn

    Very nice work! The canopy looks very crisp. In my boxing, the canopy looks a bit 'swirly'. I am in 2 minds whether to try and vacform a replacement. How would you rate the clarity of the canopy in your kit?
  25. bzn20

    Comet 4 fuselage cross section?

    I have a scale drawing from the book Aircraft Archive Post-War Jets Volume 3 by Argus Books ISBN 0-85242-967-3 . https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/0852429673/ref=tmm_pap_used_olp_sr?ie=UTF8&condition=used&qid=1556192829&sr=1-3-fkmrnull On Amazon so overpriced I think I paid around £5 for mine a couple of years ago . 21 aircraft covered inc Comet 4 and the VC10 ! Worth the money just for that IMO Fuse X section is a or almost a perfect circle full length except the wing join section / lower fuse area changes . Book also has an RAF VC10 C.Mk 1 in Air Support Command scheme. The best scale drawing of a VC10 anywhere .
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