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  2. Great work Andrés. I like the subtle shading you've added to the panels on the main body. Andy
  3. This is one of the reasons CERN want to build the Ever Larger Hadron Collider so they can dig deeper down into the structure of the elementary particles. There are lots of theories being developed because when you get down to that level 'common sense' evaporates and you are left in the quantum realm which seems to have lots of similarities to Alice through the looking glass! Theories will come and go, its the way science works - a theory will last only so long as it will fit the available facts and can make some predictions that can be verified. As soon as it fails that test it either gets modified or abandoned. There has always been a desire for that 'Eureka' moment, but this stuff is so complex nowadays that it is unlikely to happen. Even after confirmation of the Higgs Boson, a huge milestone in quantum mechanics as that DID confirm a whole set of theories that up to then had been simply conjecture, even more questions are derived from those discoveries. My head spins now on the difference in what we know now compared to when I did my degree in the early 80s! I remember the excitement of Voyager passing Saturn (I still have a signed manuscript from Patick Moore which he wrote for me 2 weeks after returning from the JPL Labs after Voyager 2 passed Saturn for the in-house physics magazine I was editing back then), but now we've had probes landing on Titan and asteroids - its simply astonishing!
  4. Just stumpled across, and though a bit of an older thread will follow, as the topic is much to tempting to ignore. Looks great and hope for some updates. I'm optimistic, as I've reanimated some older build just recently. So, here's a mayor from the other part of the world!
  5. Beautiful build and finish Alistair,for me the best scheme these aircraft wore.
  6. Can't answer the question re weapons combos off the top of my head, but in 1/72 scale the Revell Hunter FGA9/Mk58 comes with a set of launch rails and AGM-65's. Mark.
  7. Hi CC - great to meet you at the show and to see you at Cosford. Thanks for the beer too - the first of, ahem, many that evening. For some reason I faded early that night…
  8. Great start Charlie, you will soon have this one conquered I'm sure. Keep up the good work All the best Chris
  9. Great build and finish Z,love it!
  10. It was common to spread the angles of rockets, it can also be seen on some Coastal Beaufighters. I think the key problem with the accuracy was as much getting the right launch moment/speed/attitude as the variation from rocket to rocket. Photos from CC attacks often show the rockets remaining fairly closely clustered, which is possibly preferable against small targets but when it as big as a ship then perhaps the wider the spread the better. As it was fairly widely done, there must have been at least a superficially convincing reason.
  11. Bravo. I'm a big fan of your weathering on the grey one, there are a lot of different colours and shades which draw you in. Beautiful work, especially in 1:72.
  12. Had some nice weather today so took a few pics of a kit I finished last year but haven't posted yet. Tamiya's 1/48 P-51B Mustang of Capt. John Bennett of the 352nd FG. Part of the 'Blue Nosed sweethearts of Bodney' (Sweethearts??? Oh edited by site. The b*astards!) Kit went together a treat. Painted with Tamiya acrylics. Decals came from a sheet that was part of Eagle Editions book 'The P-51's of Major George Preddy' by Mark Proulx and Sam Sox, Jnr. Book and decals cover all of Preddy's aircraft all called 'Cripes A'Mighty' and Bennett's shark mouthed P-51B. Only addition was an Ultracast seat and Albion Alloys brass tubing for gun barrels. Tried to make the Invasion stripes somewhat hastily painted ie. rough and uneven in places. Should've weathered the Stars and Bars decals in hindsight. Oh well, live and learn. Comments welcome and Cheers for looking.
  13. I've seen on a online shot of the decal diagram some FS colours quoted, seeing as I've really only got Humbrol or Vallejo shades, it'll be play get the best match, maybe some custom mixing. I'm not sure which kit I need, I've recently bought some older Hasegawa F-4E & F-4EJ kits to mix & match with slatted & un-slatted wings etc, I'm need to figure what these birds need. Steve.
  14. Great start . Good luck with your painting exploits. Keep up the good work All the best Chris
  15. Gidday Stelangton, I've found that progress can sometimes appear to slow down towards the end of a build, doing lots of fiddly detail. She's looking awesome. Regards, Jeff.
  16. Frosting during airbrushing might be caused by partial drying of the solvent-paint-mix "on the way" before it reaches the surface of the painted object i.e. you are using too strong solvent.
  17. I am pleased to present you one of my works that I care about most, namely a Ford T hot rod. The starting kit is a revell re-boxed monogram, very different from the model I made. Link W.I.P: http://www.modellismo.net/forum/custom-cafe/126992-ford-model-t-street-custom-monogram-1-8-a.html finish outdoor.
  18. Good to see someone making progress on their Be-200! It'll be nice when it's done, but there's a lot of work involved.
  19. Think (because I'm still away from my references) that the story is told, with some photos, in Peter C Smith's book on Vindex, which I think is called Escort Carrier at War. IIRC the rocket rails were at slightly different angles to give a spread of fire (though I would have thought these rockets were so inaccurate they would achieve that without encouragement). Shall be home this evening and will tidy up the various hares I may have set running.
  20. Gidday, yeah the wood scrubs up very nicely. Who hasn't given in to temptation at some time? If temptation wasn't so much fun it wouldn't be so tempting ! Now, back to models . . . Regards, Jeff.
  21. Rob G

    Twice Two Four Times

    bleep bloop beep bleep
  22. That is a awesome Eagle . Always good see a Lakenheath. One.
  23. Carole Ann appears to have only one wing cannon, the radiator blank from S, the chocks from M and W, with the apparent remains of a badge under the cockpit. An interesting exercise in weathering. With such an angled launch, presumably there's no need for blast protection. I think that's the first time I've seen dual launchers on a Hurricane, so now tell me it is from a book I've already got. Can we be certain this is Vindex?
  24. Was looking at the Bently drawings and books I bought and I noticed there should be a seal on the cockpit side walls I wonder how Airfix missed this Pictures are to help with build if they are not allowed please delete So I made these channel seals out of .004: aluminium shim stock Then added PE Trial fit of the canopy Got the wheels made up so thought I would see how it would look on her legs Until next time Regards Richard
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