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  1. Thanks! Don't get me wrong, it is still a very nice kit. Nice details on the hull and the turret, nice interior (which I didn't wanted to make), but overall I think I just overhyped too much, Hmm, be careful with wheels if you are not planning the resin ones, be veeeery careful with the instructions, there are missing parts, wrongly labeled etc. Overall rather nice fit, a bit over complicated chassis. I would like to show you the mistakes in the instructions, but I built it like in June and all notes I made are at the moment make no sense:) Good luck and have
  2. Thanks, Usually I use thin guitar string, but just run out so had to use some different material. Those A-A look great though, tempted:)
  3. Hi everyone, Finally finished it. Nice kit, although I was hoping for something better. First of all, wheels included in the kit are really bad. Bad fit, and not really well detailed. Once I started assembling them, two broke. So I found replacements done by Eureka XXL, sagged and really nicely detailed. Also bought a barrel and smoke grenade dischargers. Overall quite fun build if you can ignore tens of mistakes in the instructions. These were probably made by the guy from Dragon. And he must have been drunk.. Anyway, after the struggle during the build, there was a struggle w
  4. How about now? Maybe the picture is too big, I'll reduce it.
  5. @Golikell I mentioned it in original post. This is how it looks in game. I based diorama on it, didn't replicate as it would be too much time I don't have.
  6. @Golikell thanks. In game you can play either as a Russian operator or US operator. You can cooperate cross fractions etc. I just found random cool looking figures.
  7. Hi! Long time no see. Recently finally finished a project that was on my table for over a year. Had not enough time due to work, business, two kid ans wife, but an hour here, two there and managed to finish this diorama. It's based on a scene from a computer game Escape from Tarkov, strongly recommended (game, not the scene:) ). What's on diorama? Takom's Kamaz Typhoon-K, few random figures bought on wish and aliexpress, crates and palettes laser cut by Bartec Design (that's my small business!), rest is scratchbuilt. Road made using AK Interactive Asphalt paste,
  8. Thanks! I couldn't find too many pictures of Milan, instructions said one antenna but instruction also said one sit, no passenger sit too. Then I found this picture and assumed there should be two antennas: About the rigidness, I'll change it asap, thanks! Bart
  9. Hi, Uhh, With a little one around the house, modelling is getting really hard, but I've managed to finished another model! Yeah. This time is a French VBL with Milan Anti-Tank Missle Launcher by Tiger Model. First go at this manufacturer and.. Yeah, the model is nicely detailed, with full interior and some extras such PE and great decals, but the flash on the parts was a bit of a pain to be honest. Also there are few mistakes in the instructions as well as missing reference to paint the interior apart from some basic stuff. Overall nice kit. Finished with Vallejo Air series pa
  10. Hello again, I've completed this model few months ago but had no time to photograph it properly. Nice wee kit, really enjoyed it until the painting time. I think I can't work with white. I've build a white car before and it was a bit of a pain, now I've just made sure that it's really hard and demanding colour. Overall no big issues with the kit. Of course railings are way to thick for the scale, but nothing dramatic. Decals could be better. And colour references in the instructions too. Oh and a rigging plan could be great:) Enjoy:
  11. Hi, That's my latest build. Israeli Apache, AH-64D Saraf. Kit made by Academy, bought cheaply for 8 quid if I remember, it was ok at first glance. Then I bought a Aires cockpit set and a set of decals by Armycast. On top, I wanted to paint it with Hataka IAF paint set for modern rotors. Oh, and of course Eduard masks for canopy. Ok, where do I start.. Oh yeah, I had to adjust a cockpit to fit Academy kit (originally designed for Hasegawa), a lot of mess, but quite easy. Cockpit itself is absolutely BRILLIANT! Well detailed and well designed. Then I moved to the kit.. First dis
  12. Great built! The only thing, is a bit too shiny for me. But it might be because of light. Good old Russian! Bart
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