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  1. Thanks! I couldn't find too many pictures of Milan, instructions said one antenna but instruction also said one sit, no passenger sit too. Then I found this picture and assumed there should be two antennas: About the rigidness, I'll change it asap, thanks! Bart
  2. Hi, Uhh, With a little one around the house, modelling is getting really hard, but I've managed to finished another model! Yeah. This time is a French VBL with Milan Anti-Tank Missle Launcher by Tiger Model. First go at this manufacturer and.. Yeah, the model is nicely detailed, with full interior and some extras such PE and great decals, but the flash on the parts was a bit of a pain to be honest. Also there are few mistakes in the instructions as well as missing reference to paint the interior apart from some basic stuff. Overall nice kit. Finished with Vallejo Air series paint set for nato vehicles. I hope you'll like it! Thanks! Bart
  3. Hello again, I've completed this model few months ago but had no time to photograph it properly. Nice wee kit, really enjoyed it until the painting time. I think I can't work with white. I've build a white car before and it was a bit of a pain, now I've just made sure that it's really hard and demanding colour. Overall no big issues with the kit. Of course railings are way to thick for the scale, but nothing dramatic. Decals could be better. And colour references in the instructions too. Oh and a rigging plan could be great:) Enjoy: Cheeeeers! Bart
  4. Hi, That's my latest build. Israeli Apache, AH-64D Saraf. Kit made by Academy, bought cheaply for 8 quid if I remember, it was ok at first glance. Then I bought a Aires cockpit set and a set of decals by Armycast. On top, I wanted to paint it with Hataka IAF paint set for modern rotors. Oh, and of course Eduard masks for canopy. Ok, where do I start.. Oh yeah, I had to adjust a cockpit to fit Academy kit (originally designed for Hasegawa), a lot of mess, but quite easy. Cockpit itself is absolutely BRILLIANT! Well detailed and well designed. Then I moved to the kit.. First disaster. Bad fit, even worse instructions, flash on most parts, etc. I was on a brink of depression. But at some point decided that it's not gonna be a masterpiece (never meant to be:P) so I'll just do whatever is necessary to just finish the model. I wasn't easy, trust me. Finally got to the stage of painting. Another disappointment - Hataka paints. I bought them because I've read some reviews that they're hassle free, easy to use and working well. I was struggling to even finish the first coats. Couldn't find the right ratio, airbrush constantly clogging etc. I've managed to spray base sand colour and gave up. Finished with some mixture of Tamiya paints. Very disappointing as set wasn't cheap. At least decals were brilliant as the cockpit. Anyways, managed to get to the end of the build and the result you can see below. I know, that there are parts missing, I know there is vast amount of errors referring to israeli version of the aircraft, but I simply couldn't care less after a disaster that this kit was. Please be kind.. Thank you for your attention! Bart
  5. Great built! The only thing, is a bit too shiny for me. But it might be because of light. Good old Russian! Bart
  6. @MikeR @janneman36 @Arachnid I hope you can see the pictures now.
  7. Hello Everyone! I've just finished this amazing kit. Well close to amazing. It had few bits I didn't like but overall it is a really nice kit. Painted with Tamiya mix of Buff, Dark Yellow and random Grey in proportions 33%+33%+33% and then just a bit of grey. This is very first time I've used oil paint to do shadows and highlights and must say it's soooo easy! I hope you'll like it and you can see the pictures! Thanks for watching! See ya!
  8. I've seen yours and found it quite funny to have two the same kits on the forum pretty much at the same time. Black didn't scare me. Just ate a cat in the meanwhile with Black Sabbath in the background. Yeah, I used the kit decals, pretty hard to apply once you've put everything together, but thankfully Set & Sol came with the rescue.
  9. For all who can't see any pictures: there's a link: https://goo.gl/photos/TpnQ1v6JVYtvAPNz6 Don't know why it doesn't work. Must be because google took over picasa web albums..
  10. Hello, Finally I had some time to finish anything. This time I was working on a car. Quite a nice kit to build, straight forward with good fit. But as usual I had some problems on the way. Starting with lack of instructions on how to paint the interior, aluminium roof was a bit of a pain, I couldn't achieve smooth surface, tried Mr. color metal paints, AK true Metal wax, finally used old good Alclad2. I thought, that will be my try with high gloss Halfords laquers, Audi real colour. But then, I looked in the instructions, and bang - this car has a satin finish.. I used it anyway and to be honest it looks way better satin than gloss. Some parts were meant to be gloss, like chassis. I guess that's because they used the same chassis for different variants on the track. Decals were a dream to work with, no big issues with the kit. Pictures: Now back to tanksThanks,Bart
  11. It is real thing. Only "maybe" is the interior colour. You're absolutely right! Trumpeter got it wrong in the instructions. I didn't even thought about it until now. It's quite obvious that this will be a Czech flag in a circle.. Just read that even the vehicle variant is wrong.. Well close but wrong. It's BTR-60 PU12.. :facepalm:
  12. Thanks everyone! It's quite motivating when your builds are appreciated. Really! Not sure, but according to the internet, it's AMU telescope mast, which was used for guiding anti-aircraft vehicles. Sounds quite possible, but I'd be happy if anyone who knows more could correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. Hello! It's been a while again. I've recently finished this great Trumpeter's model - BTR 60 PU with interior. When I saw this model kit, immediatly I had this thought of showing the interior via cut-offs in the upper hull. Finally I've picked this one to do and had a chance to do this project. In the meantime I've decided to put some lights inside powered by a battery placed in engine bay (the kit doesn't provide any details in this section. The kit itself was nicely moulded and detailed. The only problem I had, when it came to join together lower and upper hulls. Dry fitting was ok, but then when everything was finished, big gaps appeared in front.. Managed to fill them and finish the model. When it comes to interior colour, it's not 100% accurate for this exact vehicle. I've done some research and appeared, that there was pretty much everything from white, thru green and even blue. I've painted the instruments in classic russian cold war interior colour greelue (green+blue) Enjoy and don't be scared to comment! On some pictures looks like some wheels are not flat on the ground, that's due to my vinyl background, which is quite stiff and model isn't heavy enough to make it flat.. Thanks for your attention, Will be back soon! Bart.
  14. Hello again. After a while I've managed to complete this magnificent aircraft. The kit itself is a charm. Easy to build, nice fit and no problems whatsoever. Painting it was a bit of fun but nothing hard. Unfortunately I can't make a build without some problems. This time problems with silvering of decals. Weird, because on glossy surface it was absolutely fine, but after putting matt coat half of the decals were silvering:( I've read some forums, tip and advices and followed the one with needle and pucturing the silvered decals and another coat of Sol and Set. Helped a lot, but still I'm not happy to be honest. Some decals basically unfixable.. Build is OOB + Eduard masks. Anyway, pictures: I hope you like it. Thanks and see you soon!
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