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  1. Continuing with the build, and very happy with the time extension!! Interior walls are done and now primed, (not pictured painted) I have the lower hull primed and ready to paint. I have also had to rethink the masterclub tracks as they don't fit the kit sprockets/drive wheels, so back to the kit tracks... In between building the gun I will be painting the lower hull ready for the tracks..
  2. Well, it is a hobby and I have struggled for time to partake in it. I doubt I will finish this before the deadline, but we'll see. Hopefully the build will be completed! There is an engine supplied with the kit but I had no intention of showing it so was able to skip a couple of stages. The wheels are painted, I was trying out new paints on something else and had primed the wheels previously, so, it was the right colour... Started the tracks, but have decided to not use the kit supplied magic tracks, I have a set of masterclub tracks so am going to use them instead... I have started the superstructure as can be seen here. I have to say dragon instructions are in places very vague on where some parts go... lots of checking of photos and test fitting! Hopefully more to show soon!
  3. Well, I have made some more progress, although it has been slow, work and then holiday stopped me, but, now back at it and hopefully more pics over the next few days!!
  4. Thats a wow from me!!! Never seen that before! Plan for the invasion perhaps??
  5. Thats a great little kit, lots of options!!
  6. Managed to get a start yesterday. Nice touch in this kit is there are 2 different options for the rear idler wheels and the drive sprockets. I have chosen the variants that appear in most of my reference photos and pictures. They also give options on the suspension springs, but I haven't bothered checking these too much as they will be largely unseen behind the road wheels, but a nice option for someone I am sure! Anyway, clean up on the wheels and suspension complete and the lower hull ongoing! I am deviating a little from the destructions as I want to get the lower hull painted and weathered before adding the wheels and tracks.. ready for the rear plate!
  7. The Ausf H doesn't look too bad there, the first 38(t) i ever built was the Italeri kit and went together very well from memory, just the tracks that were poor..
  8. I will be using the Star Decals (set 35-852) for this to depict a vehicle in Italy in 1943. I can't start on Saturday, but will do Sunday or Monday.. Looking forward to seeing a load of my favourite tank and it's variants!!!
  9. I have missed a couple of builds, but not this one.... This is the first I have earmarked for the build, I have others if this goes as planned!
  10. Just a placeholder for the build... Pics to follow. Never built a 190 so another new experience for me!! Might get a start tomorrow!
  11. Just an observation, the back looks too clean, if you look at cars and lorries driving around, their rear is filthy compared to the rest of the vehicle, so in comparison with the rest of the Nashorn, the back looks almost new.. As long as you are happy though 🙂 - good job!
  12. Well, depending on how adventurous you are or want to be 🤨, https://www.minor-web.com/10.html sell etch snow chains for the wheels... I can't comment on this particular product, but I do have a set of their 251 printed tracks and they are brilliant!
  13. I have this to painting stage, took longer than I thought it would, but still very nice to build, and there aren't many (if any!) other ausf A out there in 1/35. I like the visual differences Peter mentioned between this and the C and D..
  14. I am partially colour blind, so my mind makes up all sorts of things, I need my wife to help me with all shades!! I have painted some great colours when left unsupervised lol
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