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  1. sampanzer

    British AFV Group Build we’re @ 20 and 2/3rds there folks.

    Definitely up for that, Centurion for me!!
  2. sampanzer

    M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB Chat

    I will have a go at this one. I have a Tamiya M4 in the 'to do' list!
  3. As it doesn't start til 2020 I may be able to source a kit and have a go at this too!
  4. sampanzer

    Pz IV STGB 15 Dec 2018 to 17 Mar 2019

    Please add me to this, I have a couple or more Mk IV's i can build and a few variants!
  5. I am interested, I have a tamiya mid production kit somewhere!
  6. sampanzer

    Kallisti - an open letter to the Mod's

    Completely agree Chris!
  7. sampanzer

    DML Panther G wip

    Hi Pete, Didn't think I'd seen this one before! Looks good mate.
  8. sampanzer

    AFv 432 and Bar mine layer

    I think Cromwell also do a 432. Bar mine layer, guess it would have to be scratch built, Landrover wheels and lots of plastic card!! Always wanted to do one myself! Would be fun adding all the clag we used to carry around the pac....
  9. sampanzer

    Trumpeter Challenger

    Hi, I've been out of the army for almost 10 years so this may be irrelevant now, or at least out of date, but we only had one colour of green no matter what we painted, be it land rovers, APC's, tool boxes or the grass...... Perhaps the green looks darker alongside the black? I'm partially colour blind so its all grey to me! Sam
  10. sampanzer

    centurion canvas manlet

    Another option is Firestorm from Australia. They do a resin replacement which is very nice. You could go all radical and make one though! Sam
  11. sampanzer

    A longshot: anyone got a part?

    Hi Kevin, I have found you a pair of sprockets. They are from a Dragon Marder III kit but should fit fine, the only problem is the centre plate is not duplicated in the kit, but a small plastic disk should easily sufice, especially with a touch of "mud". I also found a sprue of Dragon individual links for the Hetzer if you want them?? If you pm or email your address I will try and get it away this weekend. Cheers, Sam
  12. sampanzer

    A longshot: anyone got a part?

    Have you found an item yet? I have numerous 38(t) kits and no doubt have a spare of what you need. Let me know if you are still looking and I will have a search. Sam
  13. sampanzer

    Famo 1:35

    Hi Andy, Thanks for the info. I may have a go at making the spare part today. Cheers, Sam