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  1. So, I managed to contact a company 'specialising' in Humbrol paints (info@wwcomponents.co.uk). As well as suggesting Sky 'Type S', which had been used by other modellers, they replied with a link to a Humbrol conversion site here. This listed Humbrol 95 as Vallejo, 70.885, Pastel Green. I checked this against other paints and got Tamiya XF20, Medium Grey, which, to my old eyes, looks more of a 'concrete' colour, than Pastel Green or Sky 'Type S'. Trust the above helps and many thanks for all your relies and info.
  2. Hi Noel When I enquired to the supplier (eModels.co.uk) about the paints for the kits, from their reply, it seems as though the kits are packaged differently to being boxed, and they couldn't clearly see the instructions for Prince of Wales, only Repulse. However, here is the picture of HMS Repulse that's shown on their website: (Prince of Wales is a similar picture). I tried to look up their website as well, but it only listed aircraft and not boats, so not sure if this 'FROG' is the manufacturer you are referring to. Sure there are others here who would know.
  3. Hi Ray Many thanks for the scan. The list I was sent for Repulse from the FROG kit, were Humbrol 27, 33, 34, 55, 64, 70, 79, & 95. So I assume the Red Box kits were a re-release. It looks as though for the December 41 they've replaced and added a couple of paints, and for the May version, just replaced paints. Once I get the kits, I'll place the paint suggestions side by side and take it from there. Once again, many thanks.
  4. Many thanks for the replies and apologies for a very late rely. I did find a tin of Humbrol #95 'Concrete', in Italy, on eBay (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144459222783?hash=item21a270ceff:g:gPUAAOSwzLliLPwU ). However, although the tin was reasonably priced, the postage wasn't (I don't mind paying £2 or £3, but not £10 and certainly not £38 for something that only costs £3!!). The colour looks to be an 'off white'. I've yet to buy the kit(s), so I'm hopeful that the paint suggestions are in colour, and I'll then try and manually match it against the paints I have (I'm thinking along the lines of LifeColour UA640 - RN White, LifeColour UA633 - RN Admiralty Light Grey 507C, Real Colors #2 - RAL 9001 Cream White, or a similar in Tamiya or Revell). I'll probably get the kits (assuming they are still in stock) towards the end of June, early July. If I do find a very near match to Humbrol #95, I'll post here, in case other modellers get the same problem. Happy modelling. Steve
  5. Thanks for replies so far. I am really only interested in the paints as suggested in the instructions (apparently they cover both the May & December 1941 variants). I contacted Airfix, but they no longer had reference to the kits. I then contacted the supplier who was selling them. They managed to get the list of paints for Repulse (the kits just come in a plastic bag and are not boxed) as the paint list was visible through the plastic bag. One of the suggested paints was Humbrol #95. concrete. According to Humbrol, this paint was discontinued in 2010. I see that there is a Model Air paint colour concrete, but this looks more like an 'earth' colour (an equivalent to this is Revell #87, eEarth Brown Matt). This colour is not the colour I had in mind as concrete (i was thinking of a 'stone grey' or a 'cream type grey'). So, can anyone suggest a paint or even a mixture of paints that resemble 'concrete'? Many thanks
  6. I see that FROG have re-released the above ex Airfix kits. I have been unable to find a list of the suggested paints (presumably Humbrol) for them. Does anyone know what they are, as although they are listed on Scalemates website, the instructions (and hence paints) are not. Many thanks in advance
  7. I will be purchasing this model on Black Friday (November 26th). However, due to it's size when built, I am unsure if it will fit on any of my shelves. I do have a spare ICM aircraft stand which I could use. I checked the build instructions via scalemates, but there is no indication where to make the hole in the fuselage for the stand to fit. I know it needs to be at the centre of gravity of the model, so how do I calculate that? I would be grateful if anyone has previously built this model and placed it on a stand (rather than free standing) and could tell me approximately where to cut the fuselage for the stand to fit. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi Troy Thankyou for the reply. I did struggle to word the question, so as not to cause any confusion. I mostly build WW2 military and aircraft. When deciding to buy a particular model, I try to research which paints I will need so that I can check if I have that colour already (either in the model makers suggested manufacturer, or it's equivalent in another make),and, if not, I will purchase that colour when buying the kit. In the case of the IBG 1/700 series of boats, I could not find the equivalents of the Life Colour paints they suggested (hence purchasing the above paint kits). So now that I've finished the IBG kits, are any of the colours in the paint kits above equivalent to another manufacturer's paint colours? e.g. Humbrol 33 is listed as an equivalent to Revell 107 and Tamiya's XF-01 (the shades might be slightly different). The paints were not listed in the now being redeveloped, paint4models website either. I hope this makes my question clearer.
  9. I have the Life Colour paint sets Royal Navy WWII Eastern Approach "early war" (Set 1), and Royal Navy WWII Western Approach "late war" (Set 2). I purchased these for the IBG 1/700 series of model boats (12 in all). Since then, I have not used them again. Are these colours similar to other colours by other manufacturers (Tamiya, Humbrol, etc.- IBG do list Hataka as well in the instructions), so that I can use them if needed? I cannot find any comparison site that list these Life Colour numbers (or the Hataka equivalents). Many thanks
  10. Well I finished the model, only to find that there was no shaft to attach the propeller, despite the (rubbish) instructions showing one!!! So I have had to glue it to the engine. Also, when I glued the propeller in the 'Y' position, as I think is custom, the bottom blade rested on top of the cockpit!! There was no way I had glued the engine in wrong position, as the whole of the top wing structure, (yes, JWM, it wasn't easy to build), rested perfectly on the supports. Oh and no response from Special Hobby either. Many thanks
  11. Update: After a relatively good nights sleep, I had a re-think, and managed to re-attach the parts together. However, being made of resin, rather than plastic, I had to use superglue. At least, hopefully (fingers and other bits crossed), I should now be able to put the engine parts together and complete the kit. I still think that the instructions that came with the kit could be more explanatory.
  12. Has anyone built this kit? If so, how did you remove part PUR3 from its sprue, without the whole thing disintegrating into pieces, as that is what happened when I tried. The instructions clearly show this part unattached from its sprue (section 10) - it will not fit inside PUR2 otherwise. I now cannot complete the kit, unless I somehow manage to conjure up some way of fixing the propeller to the part. I've emailed Special Hobby and await their reply (offer of them sending me the completed part would be a start). Thanks in advance
  13. Many thanks and apologies for not replying sooner. I have now purchased the Tamiya version, though, although they give the colours to be used, they do not give the code number of the respective paints. I have sorted out all but black-blue, which is a 3:1 mix. However, as there are many different 'blacks' and 'blues', I have ordered the Ammo by Migjeminez Crystal Black Blue. Also, I couldn't find a Tamiya, orange-yellow either, so have ordered the Mr Hobby / Gunze Sangyo 10ml Aqueous Colour Orange Yellow # 24. I'm not worried if these are the correct shades or not, as I do not publicly show my kits. I just build them as a hobby. Once again, many thanks.
  14. I received a reply from Zvezda about an hour after posting this. The colour is metallic grey or metallic steel, (Tamiya XF-56). Can't do anything about the goggles as pilots are in situ. However, I should be able to paint other parts. Thanks Graham for suggestion. Hopefully, Zvezda will amend their instructions for the kit.
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