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  1. Wingsy Kits Finally, all the problems associated with the production are in the past! We start sending our new Sonia to the stores as soon as the volumes of each order are ready. We are also preparing materials for participation in Shizuoka and Moson... ))) Will you be selling kits at Moson? Richard
  2. Thank you very much, so the search is on for a cheap Airfix kit (tossed mine years ago, alas!) Richard
  3. Richard502

    1/48 DH Mosquito Two Stage Engine Nacelles for Tamiya!

    Hi Jamie, thank you for the update! The stash is huge enough to keep me busy, so waiting is no problem. I can not begin to imagine what a hassle the fire was, and do hope you have gotten over the mess. Richard P.S.: Your advice on airbrushing techniques caused the biggest jump in my learning curve for ages. Many thanks!
  4. Richard502

    Soviet insignia red - paint suggestions

    The section on Soviet planes in "Real colors of WWII - Aircraft" by AK hasn't got a chapter on ID-colors (in contrast to the British an US sections), so there probably is litte information. Richard
  5. This thread, and the first posting in "Burn down their hanging trees" are essential reminders of what WWII was about: beating into submission one of the most evil regimes ever. A big thank you to every allied soldier who gave his/her time, health and life for the effort! Richard
  6. Richard502

    1/48 DH Mosquito Two Stage Engine Nacelles for Tamiya!

    The website says the Pangolin Two Stage Nacelles will be "coming soon". Can you give a ballpark figure when that will be? And do they fit the Revell kit as well? Richard
  7. I tried -an failed miserably - with decals for the shark mouth, and am trying to work up courage for the wasp insignia. Has anyone succeed in applying these decals to the 1/48 scale kit? Richard
  8. Richard502

    TBF-1 Avenger

    Andre B and Ed, thank you for the link! Richard
  9. Richard502

    Dornier 335 question

    A quick check in Monogram's book on the do 335 by Smith, Creek, Hitchcock shows that - the wheel well on the restored example was painted RLM 02 at restoration - the gear cover on M14 (the plane acquired by the French) does look natural metal on the inside, very shiny underneath that big wing (p. 129). Richard
  10. Richard502

    1/48 Meng ME-410b/U4- The Hornet

    The two tubular thingies under the rear gunner's footrest look similar to Wehrmacht Heer style gas masks. Is that it? Gas masks on a plane? RIchard
  11. Richard502

    1/48 Meng ME-410b/U4- The Hornet

    could you spell out SWMBO, for a non-native speaker? Thanks, Richard
  12. Many years ago I had scrawled "camouflage instructions incorrect" across the Accurate Miniatures instruction sheet. Problem is, I do not recall where the information came from, let alone what the correct camouflage scheme might be. Can you help? Regards, Richard
  13. which one is better in terms of accuracy and buildability? Richard
  14. Richard502

    Factory camouflaged RLM 79 desert yellow He-111s?

    Over at Hyperscale there is a thread on torpedo carrying He11s, with some discussion of sand colors. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/hi-modeldad-trying-to-find-out-the-most-likely-gon-t503826.html#p2642988 Regards, Richard