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  1. Are you able to say when/if the Avia S-199 will be available in 1/48 scale?
  2. There was another D-9 crash at Lake Schwerin that day (April 17, 1945). Veit Scherzer, "Dortenmann's Fliegers", p. 227 quotes Dortenmann (of 1./JG26 at that time) after breaking off combat with RAF Tempests..."A joung pilot and Feldwebel Ostrowitzki, one of the few survivors from Heilmanns Staffel on the Invasion Front, are covering me. In low level flight we reach Lake Schwerin. I quickly turn right, because the lake is like a mirror, and one has got no idea how high one is flying. A quick warning by radio. But it's too late. Ostrowitzki has hit the mirror-like surface, could not judge his altitude and did not pull up either. While turning I see a flaming ball flit over the lake surface...." Richard
  3. Raven, in "WP Camouflage Vol III", states "... by early 1944 the ship was overall light grey or off white..." Wright, in "Warship Camouflage of WWII" shows her in Admiralty Dark Scheme, MS2 and MS3. Who is right?
  4. SWMBO booked a garden/Rosamunde Pilcher tour through Cornwall. Is there anything (sites, museums, bookshops, hobby shops, ...) Navy-related to spice up this trip? TIA, Richard
  5. SWMBO booked a garden/Rosamunde Pilcher tour through Cornwall. Is there anything (sites, museums, bookshops, hobby shops, ...) airplane related to do in Cornwall? TIA, Richard
  6. The Jumo 211 was larger and more powerful than the Jumo 210. Measures given in wiki.edu.vn, in mm, are: Jumo 210: l = 1478, h = 960, w = 686; weight 442kg Jumo 211J: l = 1745, h= 1059, w = 804; weight = 640kg Thank you all for a most interesting thread! Richard
  7. Over at Steelnavy: https://members.boardhost.com/Warship/msg/1641421614.html Hurray!
  8. Could you let me/us know the title of this book? TIA, Richard
  9. Have you read Christian-Jaques Ehrengardt, "Camouflages et Marques de l'Aviation Francaise 1939-1945"? If I understand Mr. Ehrengardt correctly, French camouflage was pretty much a free for all: "Quant a la France... eh bien! la France, c'est la France. Elle est allors majoritairement peuplee de Gallois irréductibles, râleurs et rebelles, qui n'ont du mot discipline que de vaques notions- Les schémas de camouflage...refletent parfaitement un état d'esprit ou l'exception est érigée en regle. " Richard
  10. How is the Harleyford book " Focke Wulf 190 - the Story of a Famous Fighter" by Heinz Nowarra rated? In his book on the Bf109, the caption for a photo of a Me410's port engine (wing visible aft and above the exhaust stubs) reads: "Bf109G-8 nach dem Zusammenbruch 1945 in Bardufoss/Norwegen" (Bf109G-8 after surrender 1945 at Bardufoss/Norway). This is NOT the onyl blooper.
  11. Was the recconnaissance camera installation on the Ju 88S identical to that on the Ju 88D? 10 years ago Dave Wadman sent me a scan showing recce-camera placement for the D version. Squadron Signal book shows installation for D's again. Meanwhile, my project has morphed to do an Ju 88S, and I can not find any information on where the cameras are to go. Richard
  12. as they were carrier planes, silver paint is likely, but I would like to be sure. http://www.arawasi.jp/salebook.hp/decal/fp/ka72m013.html TIA, Richard
  13. How about the planked decks? Wood or painted?
  14. Great build, Sir! An ICM I-153 is on the workbench, and from my limited sources I could not figure out the placement of the bracing wires. Your photos do help immensely! Does the SBS bracing wire set come with instructions on placement? Richard
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