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  1. close ups start about 1:00 into the film https://collections.ushmm.org/search/catalog/irn1001754
  2. Thank you for the info on the big "4A" on the lower wing surfaces. For once, just in time to get something right on my build (Tamiya 1/48 using Aeromaster decals) Richard
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dXDl60fLdo starts at 9:45 Richard
  4. Cybermodeler gives "November 2020" for a release date. Richard
  5. Nothing at all; I cited the Potez 63.11 as pictured in Heather Kay's message 2 postings down from yours. Richard
  6. Did they have a competition going? (tried to insert a smiling emoji and failed) If so, there were two categories: - the least aerodynamic (built from leftover IKEA parts): NC 223, Farman 222, Amiot 143, Bloch MB 200 & 210, Potez 540 & 650, Loire 130M - the excessively aerodynamic : Breguet 693 & 695, Potez 63.11 - if the designers were unsatisfied with their efforts, they bought ugly planes (try Cunliffe Owen OA1) The "ugly duckling" idea is a minor point I gained from Christian-Jaques Ehrengardt's excellent "Camouflages & Marques de l'Aviation Francaise 19
  7. The Airfix Modelworld issue linked by MDriskill has a photo (contents page, ref. to page 8 ) of a Typhoon with its individual letter repeated on the wing root leading edge. So the plane in your color photo may be "T". Richard
  8. Hello Mr. Duff, you have probably been down that road and found it impassable, but here is: Looks like Hannants can and does send xtracolor enamels in tins to mainland Europe via Parcelforce surface mail. Would this be viable for Colorcoat tins as well? From Hannats, FAQ page: "We can now only send Alclad and Enamel based paints if it does not go on an aircraft or a ship. Please be aware that you are not allowed to take it on-board an aircraft yourself. This means by Parcelforce SURFACE rates. Royal Mail will not take it at all. Parcelforce is more expensive but they will take it to
  9. https://members.boardhost.com/Warship/msg/1596901731.html Can't wait!! Richard
  10. Colors 0f the Falcons: Do you recommend this book?
  11. Italy entered the war on July 10, 1940. A bombing attack 2 months earlier is unlikely. Cheers.
  12. The entry/exit hatch on standard Ju88s opened against the slipstream. Were there any conversions for agent dropping? He111's were used for agent dropping. Richard
  13. Built Accurate Miniature's B-25 as "Dirty Dora", using the kit-supplied stencils and decals for the bat-motive. I like the result very much, the OD and light blue do go together quite well. Richard
  14. Hi Richard,I had a look through my decal bank and im afraid I have just about every gruppe badge,apart from the one you want,sorry about that.

    My address as requested

    Andrew Morrison-Carter

    41 South road



    la1 4xj


    Many thanks for your kind offer,will be more than happy to recompense any expenses you have.

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    2. Carts


      Not a problem at all.,sorry about the late reply,im in the middle of a kitchen re-furb :)

    3. Carts


      Richard,thank you so much for the pilot figure,and the extras,they arrived safetly today,will be sure to credit you when the build is done.



    4. Richard502


      Good to know you got the package; it's a bit depressing it takes the postal system 2 weeks to transport a letter from Austria to GB: stagecoaches again?



  15. Logging in to "Marinearchiv" lets you see contemporary photos of S 151 in postings Nr. 5 & Nr. 7 as well as photos of a model in posting Nr.11. Richard
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