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  1. Hi Richard,I had a look through my decal bank and im afraid I have just about every gruppe badge,apart from the one you want,sorry about that.

    My address as requested

    Andrew Morrison-Carter

    41 South road



    la1 4xj


    Many thanks for your kind offer,will be more than happy to recompense any expenses you have.

    1. Richard502


      Hi Andrew,

      will post the pilot on Friday.

    2. Carts


      Thanks,really appreciate it

  2. Logging in to "Marinearchiv" lets you see contemporary photos of S 151 in postings Nr. 5 & Nr. 7 as well as photos of a model in posting Nr.11. Richard
  3. Forum Marinearchiv had this thread about S-151. HTH, Richard https://www.forum-marinearchiv.de/smf/index.php/topic,31137.msg353253.html#msg353253
  4. P. 42 in Squadron "Yak Fighters in Action" has a photo of a group of Yak 9DDs "at the 97th Bomb Group base at Amendola near Foggia, Italy". The first Yak (white wingtips, oversized stars on fuselage and rudder, small red star on landing gear cover) does look like it was painted in one color; at least my old eyes can not discern a color demarcation line on the fuselage. Was there a one-color scheme for Yak 9DDs? If so, which color, and was that color overall or uppers only with the usual light blue lower surfaces? Unfortunately I can not scan the photo and haven't found it on the net. TIA, Richard
  5. Lucky man, to have access to Sovereign Hobbies Colorcoats! They are hard to get on the European peninsula. Doffing my hat to your excellent build! Richard
  6. Or were they removed to lighten the plane? I am planning to build Williamson's "4A" as at Taranto. Greeting, Richard
  7. Will we get to see a build report? I am curious about the brown/blue reece version. Richard
  8. Were the bracing wires painted the color of the surface they stood on? If so, did the color change vertically above a color separation line on the wing? Or were they paired a uniform color, if so, which? TIA, Richard P.S.: What is your experience with the Tamiya photo-etched bracing wires? Easy-peasy or PITA?
  9. Was that the inspiration for the Mistel composite?
  10. My tin ran out, all 3 continental suppliers are out of stock. Which enamel paint would you use in an emergency to replace Colourcoats AP507C? Richard (Had posted this on Ships-WWII board, before realizing it's better placed here.)
  11. My tin ran out, all 3 continental suppliers are out of stock. Which enamel paint would you use in an emergency to replace Colourcoats AP507C? Richard
  12. US planes strafed a VVS airbase in Vladivostok? And no one started WWIII?
  13. Ketley & Rolfe, in "Luftwaffe Embleme 1939 -1945" write on p. 45 (German edition) that the shield color for II/KG 26 was red, and yellow for III/KG 26 (both with a black, sitting, lion). The color illustration on p.54 has it the other way around: yellow shield for II. Gruppe, and red for III. Gruppe. I am confused, possibly lost in translation. Richard
  14. Well, 4 at least. Jerry Crandall and the team Deboeck/Larger/Poruba did two volumes each, covering the same ground and arriving at (mildly?) different interpretations. Richard
  15. https://members.boardhost.com/1250scale/msg/1589904081.html can you id the ships? Richard
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