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  1. Great build, Sir! An ICM I-153 is on the workbench, and from my limited sources I could not figure out the placement of the bracing wires. Your photos do help immensely! Does the SBS bracing wire set come with instructions on placement? Richard
  2. Could the "porthole" be an opening to eject spent cartridges? Part Nr. A35 looks like a hose leading from the dorsal gun (breech) to the bottom of the canopy.
  3. This is my first double-decker kit requiring bracing wires. For one, the kit instructions are, at least to my feeble mind, woefully inadequate re the wires: exactly where do they attach to fuselage and wings? Are they single or double wires? How long? etc. so, is there any wiring diagram/drawings available? Then, how to imitate these wires? Should I use stretched sprue, wires or some other material? TIA, Richard
  4. Medcalf, "Ju88, The Bomber at War Vol. 2", p. 608, has the reproduction of a Luftwaffe chart showing tactical range for various Luftwaffe bomber types. The data for the He111H-6 is 930 km, carrying a 2000kg bomb load and a mere 650km with 2800kg. The distance Rabaul - Guadalcanal is 1 064km.
  5. A Tamiya Swordfish (Williamson's "4A") and a Revell Ju188A are sitting on the bench. What color(s) do you use for the black undersides? Were the colors brushed or airbrushed on the original? Wasche Royal Navy black different from the Luftwaffe black? (as in RN blues for ships was straight blue, USN blue had purple, IIRC) TIA, Richard
  6. One iteration of the Revell He111H (1:48) decal sheet has got a "1", "B" and "H", plus a "3" that could be used as a starting point for the "O". No trace of the Wekusta-insignia, of course. Richard
  7. Could you, please, explain to a landlubber and non-native-speaker the meaning of "Killick" in that context? Google translate thinks it's a kind of small anchor: not likely. And my copy of "A Sea of Words: Lexicon and Companion for Patrick O'Brian's Seafaring Tales" is out of reach at the moment. Richard
  8. David, thank you so much for the photos! Richard
  9. Yes. please! richardaigner(at)aon.at Medcalf, "Ju88 Bomber at War Vol.II", p.622, has a photo of "3E+HK" with the original, damaged wing lying in front of the (repaired) plane. The dark snake lines on light background are discernible.
  10. now that is impressive! Congratulations to two excellent jobs!
  11. That is the plane on the new Revell boxtop http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/Flugzeuge/Wiegmann/Rev_Ju188A-2_48/Rev_Ju188A-2.html Revell calls for RLM 76 with RLM 22 black lines. Is this correct, or is a combination of standard RLM 70/71 upper surfaces overpainted in RLM 76 more likely? Or something entirely different?
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