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  1. Eduard has in the past offered an exchange scheme when they've retooled a kit (e.g. the 1/72 Mig-15 just after it was released) I don't see how this is any different. Nick
  2. I checked out the sprues and was blown away with the detail. Will be putting in my pre-order later today. Nick
  3. Looking good. Will go well with your other recent Airfix kits. Nick
  4. Great news! Looking forward to this. Amazing photos as well. Good luck with this, Nick
  5. This looks great so far. Hope you'll be able to find a UK distributor for it as the Delphin was great, just difficult to get hold of. Nick
  6. Lovely model. Saw it on your stand at the weekend which encouraged me to buy the decals. Hope mine turns out anything like as good as yours. Nick
  7. Nice! Look forward to seeing it on a club night. Nick
  8. Great stuff! Look forward to seeing it on Sunday.
  9. Superb work, can you let us know what corrections and aftermarket bit you used on this. Congrats again, Nick
  10. NickT

    Xtracrylix peeling

    I use Vallejo airbrush cleaner to thin Xtracrylix and much prefer it to their own brand thinner.
  11. Great stuff Can you let us know what paints colours you used? They look great. Nick
  12. Pheon models released a sheet of captured aircraft markings in 1/48 and 1/32 at the Nationals last year. I don't remember what was on them, but if you get in touch with Rowan I'm sure he'll let you know. Nick
  13. Looking forward to this. I picked up these decals at the Nationals and a couple of the Roden kits. How does the engine build up? I've seen some people's builds where they had problems, looks like you've managed OK Nick
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