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  1. A small start today. According to the engraved date, the kit was made in 1974. Fit so far seems decent, I won't bother rescribing, the raised panel lines are pretty fine.
  2. I started these two models as something to do while my larger builds were sitting with wet paint or glue. They are both Academy kits in 1/72 and go together nicely. I build them straight from the box.
  3. Thanks Giorgio, I really didn't know all that much about the F-84F.
  4. They might have deployed them but I'm unsure of how much, if any action they saw.
  5. Brad

    Hello Down under !! Some tips for my stepson ??

    Ah that's good, public transport is pretty good in Melbourne but having a car will help. If he has a car and likes aircraft museums, tell him to visit the RAAF Museum at Point Cook and the Australian National Aviation Museum at Moorabbin Airport, both are about an hours drive from the CBD (in opposite directions though).
  6. Brad

    Hello Down under !! Some tips for my stepson ??

    It's pretty warm here in Melbourne, 41C today and it'll be hot all week. The Great Ocean road is a good distance from Melbourne, to put it in context for you, the Great Ocean Road is as far away from the center of Melbourne where the tennis is, as Cologne is from Brussels, so I assume he is renting a car or taking a tour?
  7. The first batch of F-84F's arrived from the French in 1959, however Turkey would receive enough aircraft to equip 9 squadrons between 1959 and 1966 from several other NATO countries. The Thunderstreak had a fairly short active service life with the Americans, but soldiered on for other air forces for many years, the Turks using theirs until 1974, when they were replaced by the Northrop F-5. Almost all the 300 aircraft were scrapped. The Turks were probably the only country air force to use the F-84F in action, when two aircraft engaged and shot down two Iraqi Il-28s that strayed into Turkish airspace. I'll be using the older Airfix 1/72 kit with decals out of my spaces box. I picked up this kit, as you can see, on special from my LHS way back when I was a poor student and happy to buy 5 dollar models to feed my plastic addiction. It's floated around in my stash for many years, so it's time to build it.
  8. Brad


    Haha no I feel a little better, missed my cricket game, though, lucky someone filled in for me.
  9. Brad


    Food poisoning is not fun. 3am sitting on the bathroom floor half naked spewing my guts up, I gotta tell ya, I've looked better.
  10. Brad


    First training back for the year, get smacked in shin with the cricket ball fielding...now I'm grumpy and have a brusied lump on my shin....
  11. Haha lucky it's too cold in Melbourne for canetoads
  12. In the late 60's, Communism was the threat around the world and with it looking increasingly likely that New Zealand would fall to a Communist dictator, Australia decided that it needed to bolster it's carrier strike force. With the retirement of the Sea Venom ans Sea Fury, strike aircraft were limited so we purchased two squadrons worth of A-6 Intruders from the US, freeing up the Skyhawks to perform the dedicated CAP duties they were optimised for. In 1970 New Zealand fell to Communism and Australia, unwilling to have a 'Cuban Missile Crisis' in this part of the world launched Operation Sheep, the invasion of New Zealand. A-6's from HMAS Melbourne deployed to soften up the landing areas and interdict all forces moving around the target area. Australia's Intruders retained the outer pylon from earlier models that was wired for air to air missiles, this aircraft scoring a Skyhawk kill over the beach head. After a successful invasion and brief fight, the dictatorship was overthrown and democracy returned to the country, thanks in part to RAN Intruders. The kit is the old Fujimi model in 1/48, with weapons and bomb racks/missile rails added from the spares box. Decals come from a Red Roo Gannet set.
  13. I think I'll do a Turkish F-84F Thunderstreak. The Turks took delivery of the F-84F starting in 1959 and jointed NATO in 1951.
  14. Brad

    The song YOU want played at your funeral

    Well I don't want children and have a very small family, assuming I outlive my whole family; everyone at my funeral will get a taser. Last one standing gets all my crap.