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  1. Nice job mate. The aircraft is that of 1LT David Waldrop III. He scored 1 MIG-17 and another probable August 23rd 1967 and would fly 105 missions over the North, 49 over Hanoi itself.
  2. Building a model for a friend and he's asked for a gun turret to be put in the back. Does anyone out there make A/M ones in 1/72? I have googled but turned up nothing.
  3. ...all was well until I turned up the tin and er, yeh, well, can I offer anyone a chunk of cake? I figured what the hell, threw the icing and cherries over it. Looks bad, tastes good. Well you wont see me on master chef anytime soon....
  4. Funny you mention Tom. He answered me when I asked about the PFM in Angolan service and posted the front cover of part 2 of his book on the subject, upon which this is based as it's the profile on the front cover (still yet to buy the book!). I started looking after finding this picture. It's poor, but I've blown it up and you can clearly see the fin flash and the C50 on the nose.
  5. The Academy kit in 1/48 is still a nice model and is a good cheaper alternative to the new Eduard model. It comes with several options for AAM's and unguided rocket pods, but no bombs. I pinched some FAB 250's from the Kitty Hawk Su 22. Decals for the nose came from Crosswind Hobbies and the find flash was painted. I was unsure if the aircraft carried any wing insignia, but as I didn't have any, I left these off. There is the chance the aircraft didn't carry them as it was most likely used in the Angolan Civil War, which the Cuban's had a hand in. Many of their MiGs were flown by Cuban pilots. C50 suffered a crash landing at some time during the conflict and was probably written off.
  6. Very nice. Just finishing up a Mig myself.
  7. With the bombing of the Japanese home islands increasing, the IJAAF was on the hunt for a newly designed interceptor capable of penetrating the fighter screen and attacking the bombers. When U-1224 arrived in Japan in February 1944 she brought with her plans and details of the Messerschmitt P 1101, a single jet engine interceptor along with their new stand off wire guided missile technology. With the coming B-29 raids on the home islands, the Japanese thought this was just the fighter for them, commissioning Mitsubishi to build the aircraft. The Mitsubishi Ki 90 Thunder Lord was only built in limited numbers, serving with the 520th Temporary Interception Group, the first to see combat with the new jet in March 1945. The group comprised of Senior flight instructors and the most talented flight students. Escorted by the groups Ki 84 Hayate's, the Ki 90 scored significant success against B-29 formations, being able to penetrate fighter screens with a 200mph speed advantage and stand off at a safe range while launching their X-4 wire guided missiles at the formations. Despite their success, there was never enough in service to change the outcome of the war. The kit itself is the Dragon 1/72 Me P 1101, with decals from the spares box. The kit itself goes together nicely and makes into a smart looking jet.
  8. This is the older Revell kit, but despite it's age, it still builds into a nice model. The fit is generally pretty good and you do have the option to fold the wings. This is built straight from the box, with the roundels masked and painted on. The aircraft is one used in the 100 Hours, or more commonly known as the Soccer War between Honduras and El Salvador in 1969. It was the last air war fought with piston engined aircraft, Honduras flying Corsairs and El Salvador flying a mix of Mustangs and Corsairs. Surviving fighters on both sides continued to serve into the 1970's.
  9. Getting tired of hearing about professional sportsmen getting booed. Oh, you mean the opposition supporters should be cheering for the best players on the other team? Give me a break, you're being paid millions of dollars and you're a gun player, of course the opposition supporters are going to get stuck into you. The sports administrations never learn either, they come out in some moralistic lecture about how you shouldn't boo this player etc, then act shocked when the next week even more people boo them. Of course people are going to do what you tell them not to, you can't kick out 50,000 people from a game!
  10. Cleaning out the shed finally....oh my god, worked all day yesterday, donated a car full of stuff to the local op shop and we barely made a dent in the stuff there. Mum wants to try and keep everything like a hoarder, I think she's getting sick of me saying "if you haven't used it in the last 20 years, why do you need to keep it?".
  11. After watching the absolute junk that was The Last Jedi, I was hoping for something better with the final installment, but what we got to see in the trailer does not excite me. It looks like JJ is just ripping off ROTJ like he did with the first one but they are also playing the old bait and switch; the title 'The Rise of Skywalker' seems like a cheap tug at the hearts strings to fleece you of one last ticket entry to a dying franchise, especially after Kathleen Kennedy is on record saying that the title doesn't mean anything. Oh good, you made a multi million dollar movie in one of the most beloved franchises and then decided to name it whatever on a whim....hmmm Star Wars is dead people. Here's the trailer if you haven't seen it.
  12. A guy goes to his doctor and says "Doctor, I'm worried about my life, will I live to 100?" The doctor examines him, then says "well sir, do you engage in a lot of sex, dangerous sports, drink alcohol, eat red meat, drive fast cars, smoke cigars, eat chocolate cake and/or stay out late at parties?" No doctor, I don't do any of those things, says the patient. "Then why the hell do you care if you live to 100?", asks the doctor.....
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