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  1. Thanks mate, my first attempt at such a colour scheme but I've got a few more planned. It didn't take too long actually, half hour maybe, you have to move fast to avoid spiderlegs in the paint, it's got to be thin enough to flow nicely but thick enough to cover well in a single quickish pass. Had to stop a couple of times to readjust the mix.
  2. Ooo masking up, running out of tape so I need to restock that soon. A couple of little errors in the masking but I wont worry about them you wont see them after the next step. So how's my squiggles?
  3. Some masking and top colour on. I bought up all the stock of Aeromaster Luftwaffe paints from the LHS when they went out of business years ago and I'm still using them some 20 years later, in this case, their RLM 71.
  4. Brad

    Grumping into the 20s

    Yeh sorry about that, cricket really does have it's own language.
  5. Brad

    Grumping into the 20s

    What?!? Goldeneye is great!
  6. Brad

    Grumping into the 20s

    Ok, now I am grumpy. Wake up to steady rain today, look at the DVCA website, nope, games are not cancelled so we have to at least report to the ground. Drive out to Eltham College, get rained on the entire way and for some reason when it rains, people seem to put their brain in neutral when driving, anyways. Get to ground, ground is wet but playable, pitch is all weather stuff so that's fine. Lose the toss, get sent in. Now here's the thing, the opposition chose to bowl and 3 overs in they are crowing about how bad the conditions are and the ball is getting stuffed. YOU CHOSE TO BOWL!! Meanwhile the drizzly rain hasn't stopped, I'm now soaking wet, my gear is soaking wet and it's 19 overs in, we are 1/40something. My batting partner loses grip of his bat and it goes flying, their skipper calls our skipper out onto the ground and wants to abandon the day as unsafe. I tell their skipper he's talking out his back passage, pitch is fine, he just wants to abandon play because the ball is stuffed and we are getting ontop. Eventually our captain gives in and agrees to abandon play....UGH, so 19 overs gone, 1 over short of making it a match, we abandon play. If we were 6/40 he wouldn't have wanted to go off, totally wasted the day and we played into their hands as they had 2 of their best bats out, you can bet they will be in next week as the game is now a 1 day match. Soft all round, but seriously, winning the toss and bowling in the rain then complaining.........
  7. Too humid to paint today, but got the canopy and windscreen on. Unfortunately Hasegawa Stukas have the canopy molded separately but they didn't make an allowance for the hood to slide over the back piece with ease, so you need to push it and that leads to cracking. So closed it is.
  8. Brad

    Grumping into the 20s

    ....and why do ghosts only come out at night and why are they always evil or bad? Do ghosts get paid double time and a half for third shift or something? Just once they need to have a friendly ghost that you know, does the dishes or puts the roast on for you before you get home.
  9. Brad

    Grumping into the 20s

    What about "Finding Bigfoot Season 9"...damn, 9 seasons they should have accidentally found him by now.
  10. Unfortunately for my requirements Window is still the best option available. Just have to make sure I back everything up regularly.
  11. I hate Windows, the second time my laptop has crapped the bed on an update requiring a reload of Windows 10. *sigh*.
  12. Onto the wings. I nearly made the fatal mistake of putting the wings on before the nose and pushing the lower wing all the way up into the fuselage, this would have given me a terrible fit of the forward lower fuselage and the upper wings to fuselage. I found the fit quite snug though and if you line it all up, little if any filling required. I then attached each upper wing separately. Fit was ok, although I ended up with a large gap on the trailing edge. Tail, tail wheel and bomb all go on nicely. Gear spats and outer bomb racks present no real problem. Yes you can fit the wheels after you glue the spats together. I've fitted one of the 20mm, the white metal parts supplied are not the best and require a good amount of clean up, but be careful they are very soft and bend if you just look at them the wrong way. That's about all for tonight, might get some done tomorrow but have a big weekend of cricket and drinking ahead of me.
  13. I added some seat belts to the cockpit and closed her up, I needed to cut a couple of the frames to get a good fit, this might be my error though. Couldn't work out where I made the alignment error that caused tehe cockpit to snag, so a little chop chop worked. Rest of the fuselage fits nicely. Wings look like a bit of a tricky fit, not tackling that post midnight though.
  14. Mucking around with some of the smaller parts and the interior colour. Looking at pictures there's no dive brakes and I don't think there is a bomb sling either. Wing guns seem to vary, some with the long barrel 20mm others with machine guns and some with none fitted. I'll probably go with the cannons because, why not? A bit of weathering. I usually mix in a bit of flat clear with my wash to give everything anice finish and to stick the pigment down.
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