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  1. This is the older but still pretty good Hasegawa Ki 43. The wing to fuselage joint is about the only real issue with the kid that requires some attention, also it seems pretty difficult to have the flaps in the retracted position. Decals come from Dying Sun III sheet which are very nice to use. This aircraft was one of several discovered in the Hollandia area that hosted several airfields. Between May and November 1944 the 5th Air Force, 317th Troop Carrier Group, 41st Troop Carrier Squadron recovered and restored this machine to airworthy status. When the 41st moved on, the aircraft was left.
  2. Hot off my workbench! She sits next to her sister from the same decal sheet that I built last year;
  3. Considering I have built over 30 captured aircraft and have god knows how many more to do, I should really be in this one. Look out for my shiny American Ki 43 coming soon to the completed section!
  4. Brad

    Grumping into the 20s

    It's not beyond reason, the ground has houses backing onto it and we know there's at least one person who likes to complain about games and training. The football club who shares the ground in winter knows that if a ball goes over his fence, that it's gone. It's our second ground, but we have run functions there in the past as their rooms are bigger than our home ground, you can bet on it that sooner or later that night the cops will show up because he's made a complaint about the function, even though we are careful with the noise. We've never been closed up though, they just come around make
  5. Brad

    Grumping into the 20s

    You know what grinds my gears, people who vandalise cricket pitches. Get to the match today and find out some genius had been launching fireworks on the all weather pitch. So there are big burn/melted patches in the middle of the synthetic. Thankfully though it was in the middle so we could still get the game in, but really, just really? Why would you do that when you literally have the whole oval to set your fireworks up on. Honestly, words escape me.....
  6. Oh damn those decals look great, thanks guys.
  7. Best I can turn up is this pic of them in formation with glass nose J's. Anyone got anything clearer?
  8. I've seen illustrations depicting both and from what I can gather, black 14 was confirmed a part of the Geschwader Stab flight which might lead to people associating the aircraft as being Priller's. Is there any other information on the D-9 he flew on January 1st 1945?
  9. Finished, record time with 5 hours to spare. I did a little weathering on it, but decided to leave it a little patchy with regard to the final finish. Looking at pictures I felt hitting it with a flat wouldn't be right, many aircraft were just patchy, with gloss areas, retouched parts, dirt etc etc. I did a light wash, some pastels and called it done with chipping. Thanks for following along.
  10. Decals on, just cleaning up some silvering now.
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