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  1. Looks great mate, I wouldn't worry too much about the odd little imperfection on the masking, I guarantee the real thing wasn't 100% perfectly masked up.
  2. A couple of weeks still, plenty of time!
  3. Nah it's because Queenslanders can't spell "beer".
  4. Keep going mate, it's looking nice.
  5. ...and that was the summer camps second beaufighter. They also had a vampire, tank, brengun carrier, tram and steam train.
  6. Brad

    Ilyushin Il-76LL

    That's pretty cool mate, nicely done.
  7. Also one of the classics in the car industry, the Mitsubishi Pajero. Pajero means something else in Spanish. I'll let you google it.
  8. I've been to Massive Wieners in Chapel st. Also don't forget our famous V8 Super Car driver, Dick Johnson, now owner of Dick Johnson Racing.
  9. Brad

    Canberra T17

    Great job. With regards to the finger print, you could try to buff it out with an old tshirt or some very fine grade wet and dry sandpaper. You could try a little more gloss over it to see if it makes it disappear, but it could go the other way and seal it in.
  10. So dumb question time; why the tint?
  11. That's ok, I'd rather someone complete it and be happy than rush through it and not enjoy or like the end result.
  12. Looking good. I'm forever buying white and black, wish Gunze would do larger jars of it like Tamiya use to.
  13. Nice metal coat. I might have to try that one.
  14. Very nice, they are good looking jets.
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