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  1. Pretty simple idea here, build something designed to shoot down aircraft from the ground or water. Lots of stationary flak guns, tracked moblewagens or SAM systems to choose from. I'll even include the special U boats designed as flak traps and things like type 45 air warfare destroyers if someone wanted to build one. Barrage balloons are included too.
  2. Oh yeh the fit is fine, just holding it together so the liquid glue sets.
  3. Started the wings, all seems well there. Flaps too. At the top of the picture you can see I've glued together the tail gunners positio and masked off the windows in prep for painting the interior colour. More interior colour. I also forgot to install the waist guns so that was done with a little more paint. I will pick them out with gunmetal once the paint is dry.
  4. Ok, main interior is done. I've washed and detailed up the flight deck, I won't bother with the rest of the interior as it cannot be seen anyway. Waist guns and clear to be added now before buttoning up. The etched seat belts were from Eduard.
  5. Yes they can be pricey. You could go nuts with the detail, but you wouldn't see much when it's closed up. I've done a few large bombers; 1/48 wellington, 1/32 Heinkel 111 and recently the new mold Emily in 1/72. I even included the crew for the Emily, but once glued up, it's just black inside, apart from the flight deck.
  6. A little green....pew had to use a stinky lacquer as well as I couldn't find the right colour in the aqueous range.
  7. I'm in for this one. There are literally thousands of options from aircraft, tanks, warships and artillery.
  8. Yeh a friend says Humbrol 117 or alike is pretty close, maybe with a touch of white. Honestly I don't get too hung up about interior colours and considering the last betty was cut up by the Australian War Memorial in the 1950's, it's a case of prove me wrong lol.
  9. Ok, plastic is cut. Lots of cutting and gluing of interior parts, the Tamiya colour call outs seem a bit strange, wanting the interior to be painted XF 22 grey. Shots of crashed Betty's would indicate it is interior green with perhaps some aotake in the rear fuselage. In which case I need more interior green, lucky I'm visiting the Hobby Shop tomorrow that is owned by a friend. I'll use the decal for the instrument panel too.
  10. I decided to bite the bullet and break out this bad boy. It was a birthday present from mum a couple of years ago, I think she just bought the biggest box on the shelf she could find, either that or dad was with her at the time lol. It's just a great looking aircraft and the box art is super too. I've been in the zone this year, with 15 or 16 builds of my own, so time to bust out something larger and harder. I will do a camouflaged aircraft, like the box art based out of Malaya.
  11. This is my entry in the Airfix P-51D special group build. It's a pretty good kit straight from the box, the only addition were decals from the spares box. The Germans got their hands on at least 2 airworthy D models, later in the war they were over painted with a dark colour, I am assuming RLM 71. Both were found belly landed at wars end by allied soldiers.
  12. My P-51D Mustang in captured Luftwaffe markings.
  13. Thanks Mike. I use silver over the joins to check for unfilled seams or file/sandpaper scratches. Silver shows up every little fault.