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  1. I've had this kit in the stash for about 20 years and never really gave it much attention. Recently though I had a second look at it and despite a few parts suffering some sink marks, it didn't look too bad. Construction is actually pretty good, I used little in the way of filler, the turret required the most clean up but it is not beyond the most basic modelling skills. The driving lights suffered badly with sink marks, thus I pinched one from my spares box and re positioned it from the front armour to the top of the hull. I also left off the top bar securing the spare track links to the front of the hull, I guess crews left this off as it's 6 less bolts to remove when you need to change some track out quickly. I did like the separate track links in the kit as they supplied the flat straight pieces for top and bottom as a single bit, making building the track easier. One issue I did encounter is Italeri have left out the bottom pieces of the spare track mounts around the turret, thus I just left the top mounts on without any track mounted. Decals came from the spares box along with the two figures and the flag. Camouflage represents a generic Tiger sometime around Operation Zitadelle.
  2. Brad

    Cataract op?

    My grandmother had both her eyes done at 85, no problems at all. I know about the surgery thing, it's not a good feeling laying there with the anaesthetist explaining to you that there is the chance of stroke, heart attack and death.....sign here. But just remember nothing in life is risk free, you could get hit by a bus tomorrow. Go do it, you'll be fine!
  3. How do they go conforming to the surface of figures?
  4. Just starting into 1/35 figures and I'm slowly getting the hang of things but painting on rank badges and insignia is well, difficult. There has to be a better way of doing this, but I'm not sure about what products are out there. I mean I assume there are decals but I'm not sure how they will conform to the surfaces of jackets etc. I'm not sure what I'm asking actually, well, is there any other way of doing these in 1/35 other than painting or using decals? I usually build WW2 stuff. TIA.
  5. I have a large scale Japanese locomotive perfect for this.
  6. Brad

    Those Lockdown Blues

    True, but it's easy to say if you haven't lost your house, business and everything you've worked hard for in life. I know of a couple of business owners around my grandmothers area that have already committed suicide due to their business going under, I fear these lock downs will be more deadly and destructive than the virus and that's no cure to be proud of.** **talking about my own area and states situation, your mileage may vary.
  7. Brad

    Those Lockdown Blues

    Most people have gone beyond the fear and into the annoyed.
  8. I've got pictures of '2', it's no doubt about it. Unless they are figuring that '2' is just '302', or it could be the 2 in B5N2?
  9. Brad

    Those Lockdown Blues

    Another 6 weeks of lock down for me as I live close to the outer edge of suburban Melbourne. Guess I'll break out some more models.
  10. Reading the background of their colour scheme choices on the Airfix website, they have gone for aircraft '302' based out of Rabaul at the end of the war. It last flight was under escort of American fighters to Jacquinot Bay in PNG in October 1945. There are two pictures of this plane, one taken while being prepped for this ferry flight and one after it was left at it's destination, thus I can tell you that their colour scheme in white with surrender crosses is 100% fiction. This is also the aircraft whose remains are now at the Pacific Aviation Museum. However, there was one Kate painted in surrender markings, so if you want a genuine aircraft, just delete the green cross on the tail and add a small black '2' to the rudder on both sides. You will also need a spinner, not sure if the kit includes this.
  11. I like the choice of subject, just a bit of a shame regarding the surrender markings option being fictitious.
  12. Brad

    Those Lockdown Blues

    Please check on family members and friends who are elderly and live alone and who you might not have seen or talked to in quite some time with all these lock downs and restrictions on our movements. Just had a bit of a problem tonight, one of my dads friends who is quite elderly had a car accident near our place and thankfully no one hurt, but his car was badly damaged, he thought to walk to our house. Said he was off to the DMV to pay the bills, but on their website it said they were open at 8:30, he got there at 9:15 but it wasn't open. Now the problem is he turned up on our doorstep at 10pm. He's actually mistaken 8:30pm for AM and gone to the store, had an accident then waited around for at least an hour for it to open, not realising that it is the night time before walking to my house. Anyways dad and I managed to sort out a tow for his car and waited with him until midnight for the truck to turn up, but he seemed very confused and really wasn't understanding that it was the evening, not morning. I think this might be the starting of dementia, have to call his family tomorrow as they weren't answering their phone tonight. Usually he sees my dad once a month and other people 2 times a week, but with the current locks downs here, he lives alone, his family live all over the state and he hasn't been able to regularly meet up with people, thus, I think his recent mental deterioration has been hidden from others, until tonight. Anyways, dads now got to make a pretty hard and somewhat delicate phone call tomorrow to his son, so as I said, make sure to check in on those family and friends who are isolated at this difficult time.
  13. Brad

    Grumping into the 20s

    Just learned a friend of mine at my cricket club died on Friday morning. Came off the road and hit a tree, I suspect he might have fallen asleep at the wheel getting to work early. Leaves behind a wife and 5 year old son...can we just put a line through 2020 already....................
  14. Why would you want to avoid a stash? You buy at a good price when you see it. Sometimes you should buy because of limited availability. Having a stash is not so bad, besides it's your money, you work hard for it, why should someone else have a say over how you spend it? As for deciding what to build next, I sometimes go with what's the latest group build, or what theme am I working on for a display at a model show, sometimes it's just random.
  15. Brad

    Grumping into the 20s

    Yep, Microsoft is like that. I had to reset my laptop a couple of years ago because an update went bad and stuffed up Windows 10. When it works though, it works well, when it doesn't, well you'd rather stick your genitals in a blender than have to sort it all out.
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