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  1. Burns is no good, dropping Khawaja was a crime. It's like for the one day team where everyone was calling for him to get dropped but he was the highest or second highest run scoring batsman for the year in ODI's. Warner is a flat track bully, always has been. He hits the ball hard, but that's all he knows, once the ball is moving a bit, he's in trouble. How Lambshank, I mean Labushagne was overlooked for so long on the back on the mountain of runs he'd made in Country Cricket during the year I just don't know. He's just lucky he came in for Smith otherwise I doubt he would have been given a chance.
  2. That's pretty cool, although if ti was in my neighbourhood I'd probably try to tow it back to my house!
  3. The swinging duke has undone a few of our batsmen. The 4 piece Kookaburra that we use out here doesn't really swing. The division I play still uses the two piece Kookaburra that bends like a banana, I say let the professionals use that and watch the carnage for the batsmen! That would sort them out lol.
  4. I had this sitting around half built before I got sick, so decided to finish it off this week. It's not a bad little kit, some minor fit issues but nothing that someone with moderate skills couldn't cope with. Decals were shot so these were from the spares box. I went fairly hard on the paint chipping as I read the paint was probably scrounged from Army units and was applied in the field, probably with minimal surface prep. Thus it tended to wear rather badly.
  5. I will add you both to the list guys. Looks like we are still alive here.
  6. I've done the usual googling but didn't turn up anything in 1/48. If someone can point me in the right direction that would be good. TIA.
  7. Hasegawa also do their Kate with torpedo or 800kg amour piecing bomb. Unfortunately they are separate boxings.
  8. Oh what the hell, I'm in again, although there will be no pictures of me cooking the BBQ in my budgie smugglers.
  9. Also, this is why British cops need guns. Glock is a great equalizer.
  10. Reminds me of the joke; A bloke rings the police up and reports that someone is breaking into his house. The police respond that they don't have any units available at the moment to respond, so best he lock the doors and barricade himself in a room. He hangs up and rings back a moment later and says not to bother coming out, he shot the bloke trying to break in dead. Two minutes later, 4 police cars, a tactical weapons squad and ambulance turn up and catch the home intruder in the act. A police officer says to the man, hey, I thought you said you shot him dead. The man says; yeh and I thought you said you had no one available to respond....
  11. Nice, it's not an aircraft you see modeled often. I like it.
  12. Dad tells some interesting stories from the people he worked with who fought in WW2. He worked for Ford in the 70's with a bloke who flew Bf 109s in Switzerland, a Halifax tailgunner who was shot down in flames, a Hitler Youth AA gunner and an Italian bloke who fought on the Eastern Front.
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