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  1. Got the same issues here in Australia. Closing down our cheap, plentiful coal fired power plants in favour of unreliable and expensive wind and solar has caused prices to skyrocket. Add to that the reluctance to go nuclear when we have so much uranium here is insane. Australia should have the cheapest power generation in the world, but we have near the most expensive. I tell ya there is something wrong with a countries leadership when I think I could do a better job leading it.
  2. Hey guys, I'm sorry I will have to drop out of this GB due to lightning hitting both my house and me a week or so ago. It's caused damage to the house but I seem fine, just everything is all up in the air at the moment as we have arranged a rental and in the process of moving everything out of the house in preparation to either sell or fix and sell...not sure yet but mum and I have decided that we don't want to go back to the house, we'll go and buy something else and something smaller, so modelling is off the table at the moment. I was really looking forward to this GB too.
  3. At the moment prices are high. China virus and other factors are pushing up the price, but they will come down again. Talking to a mate at cricket, importing a shipping container use to cost their company about $6000, it's now at about $22,000 due to the current global shortage of containers. I do remember about 15 years ago prices skyrocketed, the Special Hobby Malta Spitfire sticks in my mind. It use to retail out here for $170, but these days can be found for about $40.
  4. Yep make a formal complaint with pictures and ask for compensation. That's just not good enough.
  5. The labelling of the guns at the Old Melbourne Goal is poor. I can't remember the wording exactly but they describe the .36 Caliber Navy Colt pistol Ned Kelly took from one of the police officers he killed as a "Colt Carbine" and the Martini Henry rifle as something else. I was there for work as the company I worked with use to partner with them. I pointed out these things to the woman showing us around, she scoffed at me and my manager told me not to be a smart a.....Oh well.
  6. If you can identify this plz let me know below, thanks.
  7. All Gunze Aqueous; under surface was 317 grey. Top side was H340 light green and H330 plus H304 mixed to an 80/20 ratio.
  8. This is the very nice Fujimi kit in 1/72 built straight from the box. There are no real issues with the kit, it even comes with a nice pilot figure that I used as I was initially going to mount it wheels up, but the gear doors don't fit that well closed, so I decided not do all the extra work to make them fit. Thankfully these kits also come with weapons and drop tanks, so no need to raid the Hasegawa weapons sets to equip her.
  9. Fujimi's 1/72 MiG 21 bis of the Finnish Air Force, done straight out of the box.
  10. Managed to finish her off this morning. Good thing there was the extension! These Fujimi migs are pretty solid kits, although in some boxings (the SMT especially) the accuracy is lacking. I have several more in the stash. Thanks for following along, several more pictures are in the gallery;
  11. Gloss and decals applied. The decals are fairly good, thin enough and sit down nicely when left to dry. They do give you a sheet of generic numbers so you can in theory do any Finnish Bis that you want. I just went with the box option. Just weapons, drop tank, weathering and matt left to do, along with some touch ups here and there.
  12. Doing some NYE modelling since it's about 37C today in Australia and I'm not one to be out partying tonight really. I did the grey undersurface a few days ago, masked up and painted the upper light green, which Isreali light green seemed to work well. Up on her wheels and I painted the brown, a mix of dark green and olive drab, although I think I should have added a bit more dark brown or maybe a drop of black, But it looks ok enough.....also got in some light refreshments tonight. I still have the Atolls, drop tank and jet pipe to paint.
  13. I got kinda busy last week before Christmas doing all those things I'd put off, but I did managed to get in a bit of modelling. Now with the extension I will probably be able to finish this. Things progressed rather well, however the undercarriage gear doors don't fit the wheel wells,, so my idea to do her wheels up would require considerable work, thus I scrapped that idea. I have a pilot in her but that's ok. As you can see she's sitting up with minimal work required on all the joints.
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