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  1. Instant chocolate pudding, just how hard should it be to find such a staple item? Well apparently really hard, 4 supermarkets I tried tonight to find this, 4, not one stocked this item. They all had an ample supply of vanilla instant pudding, but no chocolate and I needed that to make my dessert for tomorrow's christmas party. Now just imagine you are on the board of a major super market and the the subject of chocolate instant pudding comes up. How exactly did they decide to take the best one off the market and only stock vanilla.....WHO EATS VANILLA INSTANT PUDDING...WHO I ASK YOU???? I don't want to meet the person who eats vanilla pudding over chocolate pudding!!! It may appear that I am irrationally angry about pudding and I am....but who stocks vanilla pudding over chocolate? A psychopath, that's who!
  2. Only a young fella, 18 or 19, got talked into it by an opposition who literally and I mean literally, appealed for everything. He now knows for future that in our team, if you don't have a proper umpire from the division, that if you snick it, you walk. No need to give it out if there is an appeal for caught behind, we'll give ourselves out if that's the case.
  3. Grumpy that my damn teammate gave me out caught behind when I didn't hit the ball....very grumpy.
  4. It's not a shot I usually play, but the off spinner came around the wicket to me and it was just in the slot.
  5. A lofted on drive that sails over the boundary and into the car park.
  6. Brad

    The Weather,

    Too cold in Melbourne, looks like another wet day of cricket this Saturday. So far only 1 day of play has been washed out, but we've played two other days in rain and hail plus the torrential rain Tuesday two weeks ago for our T20 game. I got so wet batting a couple of weeks ago I had to put my gear outside to dry out.
  7. Two things that really grind my gears this week; drivers who don't know the merging laws and people who don't take their shopping trolley to the collection points in the car parks.
  8. Just wondering if there is anything I could get to add this to my Hasegawa 1/48 Kate. Failing that, any good drawings of it?
  9. Just wondering, how's it going with your game?
  10. Didn't get a single bite. Could see some bubbling and activity, but struck out. Oh well.
  11. Damn straight Dave. I've got training tonight but was thinking about dropping by the local park and seeing if there is any life in the lake there. It was cleaned out a couple of years ago so that should be enough time for some fish eggs to make their way into it.
  12. Please keep the post positive guys, I was just trying to get everyone to take a minute to look after themselves and their family members. Please note that this idea was called "gender politics" on another site, which is absolutely laughable, I note here for our good moderators I have no political motives in this post, just want us all to be well and happy.
  13. What do you think I'm tricking you about? There is nothing sinister nor ulterior motive here. If you think the link is something bad, just google 'International Men's Day' and the link is the first one that comes up, it's to the days official page.
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