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  1. Brad

    Grumping into the 20s

    Can we just all agree it should be legal to run over people who walk behind cars on the road, particularly those reversing out of parking spaces and ESPECIALLY when there is a perfectly good foot path less than 5 meters away. Could we also agree that if you road rage a person and threaten to hit them, it should be legal to punch them in the face. People are so angry at the moment, second time this year an old man has threatened me with violence because HE nearly backed into my car while I was parking. Like mate, you're more than double my age, I'm double your weight and a foot tal
  2. I work from a lap table and a pin board so I have to be neat and tidy or I run out of room very fast.
  3. Thanks guys, some great ideas here. I checked my kit and it actually comes with molded in surface detail haha oh well. I really liked the filler idea but didn't have any, I experimented with automotive body filler and an old brush. Slap some on, let it dry for a minute or two then work the surface, came out looking really nice, just enough roughness to look good without overdoing it. I will keep this in mind for future builds!
  4. Just wondering what your preferred method is of recreating that pot marked rough surface you see on cast hulls and turrets of tanks. Building an IS-2 if that helps.
  5. I don't worry about things I can't change.
  6. Yeh I swap them over, normally when I'm going to a show and I have to pull some out of store.
  7. B-26K Counter Invader, Italeri, 1/72.
  8. A little bit of weathering, a flat coat and here we are, finished. I used a dirty black wash for the upper surface and a light pigment wash for the under surface. I didn't want to have the panel lines stand out too much against the black, just enough to give it a dusty appearance. I also went pretty light on the paint chipping, they looked grimy but not completely battered. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, a few spots I could improve upon, but that's probably true of all my builds. Thanks for following along.
  9. Phew, I thought you were calling me a needle d... for a minute there hahaha
  10. I ran a new #11 blade over them a few times and let some future seep in, worked well. Sealed them in with a little more future and you don't see the cuts.
  11. Gloss and decals on today. I did get some silvering despite using Mr Mark, the wing walk area's were bad thus, I touched them up with paint to hide the silvering. I sealed the decals in with some more gloss and up next when it's all dry, weathering.
  12. Painting continues. I used Gunze flat black for the under surfaces, here I was just masking up the, well I think they are anti icing leading edges, although those probably weren't required in Vietnam. Also masked the props for the yellow tips. Ordnance on and under surface looking good. I free hand painted it to get a softer edge. I'll touch up the patches on the fuel tanks (I think) over the weekend. I also noticed that it was common to paint the bottom of the napalm tanks black, so I'll do this too when the paint is dry. Wheels and gear fit nicely and the tires are e
  13. Those are good ones, just interested in the snake being quite visible.
  14. Just compiling a list of aircraft with snake based artwork as a bit of a theme and wondering if anyone can add to the list. Thus far I have; Ju 87 Stuka Fw 190A A-10 AH-1 Cobra Pfalz DIII Junkers 52 Messerschmitt 209 F4U4 Corsair
  15. Masking and more masking. Colours used were Gunze H303 light green, Humbrol 118 US tan and Humbrol 116 US dark green. I still have some touch ups to do before painting the black under surface and yes, I will be using black.
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