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  1. A small start on the interior. Splashed around some light green, there are decals for the instruments and the seat of course. Nothing spectacular but it will do the job.
  2. This will be my entry for the 'special schemes' section of this GB. The Hasegawa kit looks pretty nice in the box, it's a special edition that gives you 2 kits and the decals for both the blue and yellow aircraft. I will be doing the blue one and maybe if there is time the yellow.
  3. This is a great little kit from Meng. There's plenty of detail, although the surface detail may not to be to some people's choice (yes I know about Mustang wings and putty). The kit is snap tight and can be assembled without any glue at all. I did use glue. although it's near perfect fit allows you to snap the parts together and run glue into the joints. I did add some seat belts to the cockpit. Decals look very thick and I had my doubts about them, but the right application of setting solution and a press down saw them dry nicely and settle into the surface detail. You do get the option of cuffed and uncuffed propeller along with different spinner and canopy. Two decal options are included, both PLA aircraft. I chose the one with the biggest national insignia. Rudder flash is supplied, but I chose to mask and paint mine. The Communist Chinese captured around 40 Mustangs from Nationalist forces at the end of the Chinese Civil War, when the Nationalist forces retreated to Taiwan. I'm not sure how long they were in service for, but were probably quickly retired once the supply of Russian Mig 15's arrived.
  4. This is the new Airfix kit in 1/72. It represents Skyhawk 3A305 as she would have looked the morning of May 21st 1982. This morning saw the first large scale attacks of shipping in San Carlos, or Bomb Alley as it would be know. 3a Escuadrilla launched 6 Skyhawks in two strike groups, each carrying 4 Mk 82 fin retarded bombs. '305 was flown by TN Lecour that morning as wingman in the second element strike. Approaching San Carlos, both sections found and attacked HMS Ardent. The first elements strike hit the ship with at least 1 bomb, but it failed to explode, they were then intercepted by Sea Harriers and shot down, losing all 3 aircraft and 1 pilot KIA. TN Rotolo leading the second element arrived 15 minutes later and flying through a hail of light flak dropped their bombs on Ardent. One of '305's bombs penetrated the stern and exploded under the fuel tanks, fatally crippling the ship. TN Lecour would fly several more missions along with Skyhawk 305, both surviving the conflict. Pros. - Readily available for a reasonable price - Nice fit of parts - Nice decal sheet - Engraved panel lines (although these are deep which may not be to everyone's liking). Cons. - Very soft plastic with large sprue attach points and flash on smaller parts - No MER included for which you need if arming up the Argentine aircraft - Incorrect weapons included for Falklands War A-4Q and not enough of them - Incorrect shape of antenna behind cockpit for A-4Q (not changed on mine) - No windscreen wiper or VOR antenna included (not included on mine) - Colour of Argentine blue on the tail flash is too light (tail flash masked and painted on mine using Humbrol 109 blue) That said, it's not a bad kit, just you need some extras if you want to get the A-4Q right. It seems that Airfix were either a little bit lazy with the details of the Argentine aircraft, or more likely the inclusion of the markings was an afterthought, leading to the mistakes listed. In any case you do get 2 Expal 250lb bombs and a Mk 17 1000lber, that you can use with your other 1/72 Argentine aircraft.
  5. My initial thought was no, but on reconsidering I think yes that would be fine. So long as there was at least one built, flying/floating/driving prototype, not just plans or a sketch.
  6. I've got a couple; I put the nose wheel bay on a 1/72 Me 262 in back to front. I glued the prop on backwards on a 1/48 Seafire XVI I painted a duel seat TP-51D dark blue, when it was in reality light powder blue. In my defence, I was following a profile at the time, it was only later I found a colour picture of the aircraft.
  7. Bf 110E S9NN, flown by Lt Herbert Kutscha on the Russian front, sometime during mid to late 1943, while his unit was attached to SKG 210. Kutscha was a career military man, fighting in Poland, during the Phoney War, the invasion of the West and Battle of Britain before going to the Eastern Front. In the Bf 110, he scored 22 victories, including 4 RAF fighters over Britain and a Swiss Bf 109E. Included in his score were numerous tanks, rail cars, trucks and artillery pieces destroyed while conducting low level bombing and straffing raids. Transfering to JG3 and retraining on the Bf 109G, Kutscha fought in Italy, before coming home to conduct defence of the Reich operations. He was shot down by a P-47 during 'Big Week' and seriously injured before returning to duty, fighting over France during the battle of Normandy. Transferred to JG 27, he was again shot down over the Ardennes on Christmas Day 1944. Escaping back to German lines, he was transferred to JG 11, where he would fight to the end of the war, scoring a further 25 victories in the Bf 109G. Herbert Kutscha was one of the lucky few to survive fighting from the first, to the last day of WW2 in Europe. He passed away in 2003. Eduards weekend edition kit looks very nice in the box and builds just as well. It comes with a lot of other parts, including a new fuselage and canopy so I think you could probably make a D model with what is supplied in the box (Iraqi anyone?). As it's a weekend edition kit, only one decal option is included. Detail is is very nice, my only critique there is the way they did the nose, having you insert the guns from the back before you close up. This is frustrating as the wasp decal covers some of the machine gun ports, so you need to finish this part first, or cut the guns away and insert them later. It would also have been nice for Eduard to include the RLM 74/75 upper camouflage pattern to go under the winter white wash as they claim this was patchy on his aircraft. In any case, I found a picture of this machine operating later in 1943 when most of the white wash had been removed, thus I chose not to put it on.
  8. I've got a lot to choose from here; SAAB Drakken Swedish special yellow and blue Jaguar GR3 retirement scheme 'Big Cat' F-18 Tiger Meet F-16 Tiger Meet F2G Super Corsair Hind D Tiger Meet F-104 Tiger Meet A-4 Skyhawk Top Gun 'Mig 17 impostor' scheme Liberator formation ship Green Dragon Spencer Flacks Spitfire Mk 14 Spitfire Mk 14 race 80 Laird Tuner racer Geebee racer A-7 Corsair Tiger Meet Su 22 Tiger Meet
  9. Thank mate. Yes you get longer wingtips in the kit too.
  10. I can hear you guys now "I didn't know Cuba flew the Spitifre".........well they didn't, I made this up. I picked up this Academy 1/48 kit for 5 bucks recently second hand and I wasn't happy with the plain old RAF options so I went a little strange. Decals came from my spares box, along with some extra 60lb rockets and etch seatbelts. The kit itself is actually pretty nice, it goes together without any major issues.
  11. This is the old, but still buildable Hobbycraft kit. It's straight from the box, including decals. This is probably the weakest point of the kit, with the decals being thick and fairly impervious to event the strongest setting solutions. I gave up after an hour of soaking the fin flash in Mr Mark Green. Aside from that, the kit builds nicely. Nose weight is a must and I kept the weathering pretty light.
  12. We're up to 14 players, anyone else keen?
  13. One of the nicest kits I've ever built. The detail is great and the fit the same. Lots of options and spares in the box, ammo included.
  14. Got the same issues here in Australia. Closing down our cheap, plentiful coal fired power plants in favour of unreliable and expensive wind and solar has caused prices to skyrocket. Add to that the reluctance to go nuclear when we have so much uranium here is insane. Australia should have the cheapest power generation in the world, but we have near the most expensive. I tell ya there is something wrong with a countries leadership when I think I could do a better job leading it.
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