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  1. I ran into some trouble with this build that caused me to put it aside. I found the fit of the forward fuselage tricky and the Hasegawa instructions lacking. Some parts simply appear on the instructions without a guide, just one step they aren't there, next they are. Clearly they have not proof read them good enough, but I think I've figured it out now. The cockpit seems to fit a bit odd too, it looks out of position but it wouldn't fit any other way. Last couple of days I picked it up and just started gluing stuff on. I also found my weapons set so I'll equip her with 3 drop tanks and 4 Mavericks, two on each inner pylon. If I just keep plugging away I should it finished, or at least close to it.
  2. I too like fixing things rather than buying new. I remember years ago mum was going to get a new washing machine, but a quick search on ebay and 50 bucks later I had the machine washing like new. That thing lasted another 12 years until the gear box finally died last year!
  3. Jumped in the car, turned the ignition to be greeted with wooop woopppp pfffft and just like that the battery is dead. Great, 100 bucks down the drain tomorrow for a new battery. My first battery lasted 11 years, 11 damn years, the guy who changed it was shocked. Since then this is the second battery I've gone through in 7 years! Going to get a genuine Holden battery this time as these RACV ones seem to be rubbish.
  4. Brad

    Model show economics

    Yes, lots. Put it this way, at the major show here in Melbourne they get on average about 220 entrants, yet more than a few thousand visitors, lots of families too. If model shows had to rely on just enthusiasts turning up they'd go broke.
  5. Brad

    Model show economics

    Out here traders, public and entrants all pay at least at all the shows I attend. Traders have a standard fee for tables, general public have a price for entry and entrants pay a fee per model entered in the competition. A far as I know and was involved with clubs, they do not pay to attend, however, very often especially at the larger shows it does cost clubs a small amount of money to buy display items etc to make their tables presentable. At the end of the day though, there aint no free meals. Venue, tables, insurance, trophies etc don't pay for themselves, so if you want model shows to happen then you gotta turn up and pays your money. If you don't, then don't turn up and they will soon fade away.
  6. Very nice, I've always liked the Avenger, I just wish I had the 300k to buy one of the ones that was for sale over here in AUS a few years ago. Would be great to just sit her in the driveway!
  7. Thanks mate. I really don't know, it was in an Eduard box though.
  8. This is a very nice kit, the detail is great, fit is near perfect and the decals are extremely nice, all 200+ of them. My only gripe is there was not enough room for me to get the nose weighted down, so I made up a little base for her to sit on. I really like Tiger Meet special markings and this is a cracker of a kit. It's painted in overall RLM 04 yellow, weathering kept down as she looked pretty good when on display. It seems this aircraft was kept in her tiger colours and put on a pole outside an airbase hanger.
  9. A bit confused here. Mum has been selling hand knitted babies clothing as a bit of a side hustle (and doing quite well with it) and someone purchased a pink jacket. No probs, they paid quickly and it was posted the same day. 2 months later the package has turned up back in our post box unopened with the address crossed out. No communication from the buyer at all, he had been send the tracking number and now we've gone looking for him (it was a purchase made on facebook) he has disappeared. I've also been slowly selling many of my old toys, some quite collectable and in maybe 100 packages sent in the last 6 months this is the first time we've had issues. Why would someone not at least communicate that their package didn't arrive? A bit odd really.
  10. I read somewhere that newer machines off the production line in the last months were so such poor production quality that some units reverted back to using older aircraft they got from training units. Many of their skilled mechanics had been drafted into the army and therefore squadrons were lacking the skilled people to bring the newly delivered aircraft up to spec.
  11. Alright sweet we're away with 5!
  12. Those are good pics I had not seen some before. Although I think in the first part, one he identifies as Red 1 is actually Red 4, if you look at the damage just under the windscreen and compare it to the famous picture of '4' on the scrap heap, it looks identical. That and the upper gun cowl looks flat.
  13. Yeh mate what if's are cool.
  14. Clover, I hate clover. It's a paint to try and pull out of the garden. A friend suggested that my soil might be deficient in nitrate and suggested adding this to kill off the clover, so when I can actually go to the hardware store I shall try this.
  15. No, that's not my tinder profile, it's a new GB suggestion. The idea is pretty simple; anything packing a 6 inch gun or bigger. That's 152mm to those who don't use inches. Lots of possibilities from battleships and cruisers to tanks and self propelled guns and artillery or railway guns. All scales and genre welcome.
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