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  1. One thing to watch if modelling a 17 Sqn high back of this era is that some/all of them were fitted with the larger rudder usually seen on low back mk 14s (and mk 18s) - e.g. RN185 (p 76-78, Camouflage and Markings No.5 RAF Fighters 1945-50 Overseas Based(Paul Lucas))
  2. Although I got four of the original release, I'll get one of these too
  3. Might be of use to some, Air Britain Puss Moth Histories https://www.ab-ix.co.uk/pdfs/dh80.pdf
  4. My bet is it will be similar livery as the current BAE146 CC2s
  5. I've seen mention it is in for a C or D check (Sources vary) Either way i don't have an issue with the UK's VIP aircraft being painted in an appropriate scheme. It always puzzles me the negative attitude in the UK to having a proper VIP fleet for Head of State/Head of Govt.
  6. That was the policy of a previous CAS (We only need two of each) Unfortunately for him, they found the A400 couldn't do all the tasks the C130 did.
  7. The charter aircraft are those that the RAF has no requirement for at present, but may need in certain circumstances.(The surge fleet). At the moment, one of the surge fleet is in permanent use by the RAF (and has been since delivered) The others were de-militarised at BN after delivery and have been variously chartered by Thomas Cook or Jet2. They would only have the countermeasures fit re-fitted if they are needed.(AirTanker use one of the surge fleet themselves for the Falklands air bridge and other MOD charter work) The core-fleet of 9 aircraft (including ZZ336, the VIP jet) is, and has always been, RAF only.
  8. Exactly that - as I say, it's a story, I've never found any firm evidence to confirm it.
  9. There is a (probably apocryphal) story about one of the RAF Ju88As, that when repaired it was fitted with a replacement wing from another aircraft. It was only when they test flew it they discovered that one wing was longer than the other.
  10. The kit has the single rear gun option on the canopy. (A couple of the RAF A-5s had the same arrangement, as well, which was always a pain as most Ju88A kits had the latter style)
  11. The only 1/72 A4 kit with that sort of parts count is Fujimi.
  12. If it's not a typo on the website, it's intruiging
  13. If it's got 116 parts, it can't be the ancient A-4A either. That is close ot the Fujimi kit, but I suspect it's a typo It's interesting to note the box art is subtly different the 80s issue showed an A4E/F, this time it's showing an A-4B
  14. http://www.mccrow.org.uk/EastAfrica/Uganda/RoyalCelebrations.htm
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