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Dave Fleming

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  1. Dave Fleming

    HMS Valiant is 2nd SSBN

    We currently have a Vanguard. The Second ship of the CVA01 class was rumoured to have been going to be D of E, which was why I suggested it. Although someone said that name was not favoured as the current Earl of Wessex will adopt the DoE when his father dies.
  2. Dave Fleming

    Airfix's new 1/48th Hunter F6 - notes and other things

    54 Squadron - 45’s markings were red diamonds on blue bars
  3. Looks like upper and lower fuselage halves, which can make ofr an awkward to deal with join line
  4. Dave Fleming

    Post War R.A.F. Roundels, possibly a stupid question ?

    The Desert Tempests And Spitfires carried the ‘D’ roundel.
  5. Dave Fleming

    Airfix 2020

    Just something I was told, but it's not as expensive as it was in the 70s - amended my OP on reflection and two cups of coffee! Now, my wishlist for 2020.... 1/72 Battle 1/72 Ju88A-1/5 1/72 Seafire F17 1/72 Scimitar
  6. Dave Fleming

    Airfix 2020

    Wez stole my example, but there may have been other examples of them shuffling the releases. Not saying the Spitfire was ready for a 2018 release, but it must have been down the dveelopment path These days, the tooling isn't always the deciding cost in manufacturing, production costs (Manufacture, packaging etc) can be significant. Added to that the fact you are contracting a production slot in a factory that one week might be making light switches and the new Airfix kits, then mobile phone holders, so you have to book your production run a long time in adavance. You need to do your initial test shots, finesse the design if possible and allow time for that. (Remember the first test shots shown of the Jet Provost were incomplete) Then you have the things that need done to a kit before release - the instruction sheet artist needs a copy to work form, the decal artist needs a copy to base his/her work on etc. Obviously a bigger more complex kt needs longer for these areas. It's plausibe that a kit scheduled for release in early 2020 could exist as a test shot at present. I wonder when the first test shots of the Hellcat mould were made?
  7. Dave Fleming

    HMS Valiant is 2nd SSBN

    Only if either of those countries would let it pay them a visit!
  8. Dave Fleming

    Airfix 2020

    Trainer and target tug versions as well, which gives you versions for a future release. You also have Australian, Turkish and Irish aircraft (Airfix like Irish subjects). The VC winner gives that extra interest. I've also heard one of the design team express an interest in the aircraft. And the RAFM one was restored just down the road. And it was deemed an attractive enough subject to put the horrendous old kit back in production in 2010 ( with a Greek option) There is every chance that some of the 2020 new tools exist as 3D printed or even fully tooled kits at the moment - this has happened before, remember when they started announcing the tools mid-year a few years back.
  9. Dave Fleming

    HMS Valiant is 2nd SSBN

    Missed this! Warspite would be logical, but the fourth boat becomes more interesting - another old Battleship name that also became a sub? Or a curveball, like Duke of Edinburgh? (PS Decades of RN Submarine naming tradition thrown out the window! - in fact since the last Dreadnought/Valiant Warspite!)
  10. Dave Fleming

    Meteor FR 9

    It's other intruging use was alongside Dark Earth as an emergency fighter camouflage in the Mid East, so stocks of it were obviously on hand. You quite often find unexpected colours turning up on interior or non-aviation uses
  11. Dave Fleming

    Meteor FR 9

    You can see the subject aircraft here, in this pic from the 2 Squadron Association web site. which shows quite nicely how different the scheme was. One point that intruiged me was how much more matt it looked than the other two - and how shiny the squadron marking was in contrast. the 2 Squadron markings haven't been accurately illustrated in the past, but Airfix have got it pretty close.
  12. Dave Fleming

    Post War R.A.F. Roundels, possibly a stupid question ?

    Just to throw a slight curve into this, it seems the roundel colour changed in the mid 60s from Aircraft Blue to Roundel Blue when the coulrs were adopted in BS381C. I'd thought this an apocryphal tale, but in his most recent SAM article, Paul Lucas mentioned Aircraft Blue as being the bright blue roundel colour from 1948 onwards. I think the red should always be Post office Red/Cherry (not seen any indication it changed). One point about decal sheets is many modern ones are a bit off as they tend to use Pantone colours and there is no direct match - the blues are often too dark and the reds not right either.
  13. Dave Fleming

    Airfix for 2019

    Not even that, they have replaced toolings which were still in production and not worn (Harrier GR5/7 for example) if they think there is a return on a better product. The logic being if the old tooling continually sells well over the years, then the extra boost a new product gets makes it viable
  14. Dave Fleming

    Classic Airfix Concorde for 2019

    I'd avoid brake fluid on plastic of that age - have you tried a sodium hydroxide based solution like stripakit or Mr Muscle?
  15. Dave Fleming

    Are Hong Kong Models kits over-priced?

    Ultimately the retailer, although the Importer/wholesaler will set a recommended retail price. But each element will have their selling price and mark-up - so HK to Wholesaler/Importer then they sell to the retailer who sells to you. Each will have their mark up (and the taxman takes his 20% of that - your £400 for the kit, £80 goes to HMRC) - I sometimes wonder what the actual factory gate cost of a kit would be. But ultimately, you pay what you think something is worth