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  1. That's an interesting one, it certainly had them as early as 1976 (having been sold in 1975) - it might be an addition during her MOD(PE) service
  2. haha! I had the NF11 kit in front of me and didn't notice them! Oh well, that solves that problem - get the NF14 kit and use the intakes from the HF11! Thanks all!
  3. The intakes sit below the cockpit just forward of the fuel tank. As noted, they were introduced in the NF13 and added to the NF14s that served in the Far East. You can see them on this shot of the NF13 in the IAF Museum. They are quite obvious on all the 60 Sqn 14s. Not too difficult to scratch build.
  4. I’ve never seen any adverse comment on them. (Other than the price of the original release!) EDIT: Just remembered they got the elevators wrong. They should have a horn balance on the end, but Dragon modelled them inset, with the end of the tail plane fixed. Not a difficult correction!
  5. Does anyone know if the SH NF14 kit has the air conditioning intakes that were fitted under the fuselage of the 60 Squadron aircraft? Had a look at the review, but they aren't apparent
  6. Best I've seen were a set that was produced by someone in IPMS Canada, I had a set years ago but not sure where they are now
  7. Ah, true, i must have been getting my ACs confused.
  8. I believe it is a new sheet. Yes, Palitoy did that with several kits. C-130 to AC-130 and Canberra to B-57B are another two that spring to mind.
  9. I hope they do as none of the existing 1/72 PR noses are completely accurate - they miss out the 'flat' areas around the side looking camera ports
  10. Revell one is pretty close to some of the P1127 (RAF) Development Batch aircraft. The big Airfix one is pretty good, it has one or two strange features and in modern terms is really, really basic. (Like @Colin @ Freightdog Models I still have a Woolworths Harrier and Sea Harrier in the stash). I'm presuming they won't include the GR3 frame in this release.
  11. They treat them as a limited edition, so presumably it's only one run
  12. I always saw them in SEAC instead of the Mosquito
  13. There were relatively few US aircraft that didn’t get at least tested by the UK - the RAF even had an early Black Widow, albeit it retained it’s US markings
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