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  1. It also has the effect of making a Pinger or a Junglie harder to tell apart from a distance, whcih could be an advantage in some situations, and the fact that grey helicopters are harder to spot from the ground than green ones.
  2. Yes, you can see it on the colour image on Flickr, and on another in FAA Squadrons book (414/WT984). The father of a friend was on HMS eagle at Suez and said he painted the aircraft with 'blue and yellow' stripes. There is a pic of an Albion aircraft ( WV179 424/C) that seems to show definitely black and yellow stripes. I did get my left and right mixed up on the LSO/Angle stripes, they should be on the left side
  3. Yeah, you're right, i was being sloppy in my terms. USN/MC used B as well, the split occured on the devlopment from the B. But they were long out of service by then.
  4. Thart'll be the one that was pitched for a potential swap with LF363 about 10 years ago
  5. I'm sure there was a futher change later on (90th production aircraft springs to mind, but I'd need to check that) I think the missile is a blue practice/drill round rather than grey
  6. Stencel SIIS is the family designation, each type of seat has it's own designation (The AV-8B one is different) The story behind the mk 9/Stencel switch on the AV-8A is interesting, after the US decided to fit the Stencel, AV-8As were still delivered with the mk 9, which was then replaced in the US by the Stencel seat, as the RAF School of Aviation medicine refused to certify the US seat (UK test flights were under the UK authority). Later deliveries and the TAV-8As had Stencel seats so they must have resolved that issue. The new Italeri GR1 kit builds as an AV-8A out the box with the small fin, or if you can find an Airfix AV-8A (Kingkit has several) that can do too. https://www.kingkit.co.uk/product/airfix-aircraft-1-72-04057-hawker-siddeley-av-8a-harrier
  7. Depends on the version you want to make - the Hobbycraft one doesn't have the upper fuselage windows (or at least the outlines for them) of the Airfix kit. Also, beware of the batch of Hobbycraft kits released with non-clear plastic fuselages frames! From another site:
  8. Resurrecting this thread as I found my old Italeri OH58A kit at the weekend - price ticket (from bath Model centre) - £2.35!!!
  9. They are manual, so it is possible - first few mins
  10. Mine arrived yesterday too. couple of minor points, the RN aircraft is from Eagle not Albion (The A is A Flight of 849 Sqdn) and at the time of Suez it didn’t appear to have the angle of attack lines painted on the fin. Also, the Suez markings don’t wrap round the leading edge, the slat is left in blue and the stripes were only yellow on the undersides, as you could see the serials Roundel blue colour is a thorny issue as some Skyraiders show a lighter blue You can see the kit subject on the first vid here at about 7,55 https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060023888
  11. Tim McLelland's book on the Harrier has some useful diagrams on the P1127 including the undercarraige on the later P1127s
  12. Modeldecals were screenprinted as well with hand mixed inks, and one of the issues with modern reprints is the colours are different, as they have to use standard pantone colours. have a look at an original Modeldecal roundel sheet alongside one of the ones hannants reprinted and the shade of blue in particular is quite different
  13. Got one on order, certainly intend to use parts from my abortive Aeroclub/Hasegawa conversion with it.
  14. Presumably for diorama purposes. It was really the MRC kits that started the trend, with their H-13, Huey and AH-1 series
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