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  1. There is a less watermarked version on the IWM site, along with a few other pics from the same time GROUND CREW WORKING ON FLEET AIR ARM AIRCRAFT AT RNAS YEOVILTON, SEPTEMBER 1943. © IWM (TR 1275) IWM Non Commercial License
  2. Swift mould damage was early in production (and delayed the main release for some months). It was fixed (and related to the slide (?) mould section for the upper fuselage
  3. Al has popped up on a few of the modelling feeds on twitter over the summer. I saw him on the Airfix Book of Scale Modelling one a few times.
  4. I do like this inclusion of a 'Research note' on the colour diagrams where there are points of contention or unusual items
  5. The tones do seem to match the descriptions of the schemes applied to the 56 aircraft that took part in the colour trials, the later ones where a 'dark grey' replaced Sky blue on the underside
  6. It's the old KP et al kit https://www.scalemates.com/kits/mistercraft-f-05-mil-mi-8t-hip--1194887
  7. Nice pics! Both used by the (cough) AAC for many years until about 2010 when replaced by Dauphins. AE-335 is now at Middle wallop in AAC colours, AE-331 at Yeovilton repainted into Argentine colours but retains the British lumps and bumps that were added. They also bought two new build examples, one of which is preserved on base at Credenhill and the other is at AST in Perth
  8. That was 1/72 it could be a typo and be Revell's own 1/72 M4A1 kit
  9. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/RV3290 Sherman M4A1 in 1/76th? The only kit of a cast Sherman in 1/76th I can think of were Nitto (later Fujimi box)
  10. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/RV3845?result-token=Is9Nm I wonder if the Hawk T2 is an original/revised Revell kit or the Kinetic kit?
  11. It was only flown for a very short time by FIGAS (possibly as few as two flights) before it was grounded, due to damage ot the skids and requiring an engine/gearbox overhaul. that was cancelled and it was originally proposed to be a museum aircraft before sale to Grampian
  12. Not something that appeals personally, but if it's a success for Airfix I'm all for it!
  13. No, and the weird thing is the Civilian parts were obviously always on the mould since first issue, but have never been released.
  14. It's fake. The post below was from John Tapsell. My concern would be where they got the email addresses from. Presumably harvesting the IPMS website
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