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  1. Another example of a similar design approach was the Vickers Type 253, where the inner porting of the wing swept forward to give the pilot a clear view downwards
  2. Dave Fleming


    I have several tins of it carefully preserved! It's best described as a browny-olive drab colour. I'll see if I can find something painted in it and take a picture.
  3. Dave Fleming


    Humbrol 108 remains my favourite PC10
  4. And lacking in kits unless you want to build a T-6G! I'm not sure if the reference to them as 'Yales' is contemporary or a modern usage. From our previous correspondence you said
  5. And you can use the Merlin nacelles to make Beaufighter mk IIs
  6. Indeed, likely the Airfix kit will be available in many more outlets than Eduard kits are in.
  7. Only one I know of is in the Aeromilitaria article mentioned above, showing the natural metal one in RAF markings abandoned (No wings!) in Bombay/Mumbai in 1948. Likely it was camouflaged, as most other BVAF aircraft were (Tiger Moths, Aeronca Chief, Yales etc)
  8. You might find these of interest https://www.flickr.com/photos/142978726@N08/albums/72157668039935828 Especially this one - note the Avengers (presumably from Bulwark) next to the island
  9. Thanks Peter, I'd found that - a big help!
  10. It's not, it's actually a hybrid nacelle that is neither Blenheim nor Bolinbroke (but matches the flying one!) - from memory too long for a Blenhiem, too short for a Bolingbroke. In which case, they are just as accurate releasing the kit as the latter!
  11. Further research confirms upper and lower wing as far back as the front spar! Time for a sanding stick!
  12. Partially answering my own question, I found this image, which suggests upper and lower (assuming an accurate restoration)
  13. HI All, I know Australian-built Tiger Moths had 'hard' leading edges made of plywood under the fabric covering. Was this both upper and lower wings, and how far back did it go? Was it just the area covered by the riblets on the UK production? had a look at lots of photos, but the wing leading edge is the hardest part to see on any angle!
  14. But late on this but Aeromilitaria 1991/1 has an article
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