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  1. Interesting, I don't think any confirmed photos of that exist, but there was an useful thread on it a few years ago (Make that 6!)
  2. Hard to tell from the sprue shots if they have modified the outer engine angle - the Cs were canted out, the V/As should be parallel to the inner ones. That said I want one!
  3. I think 86 was the last 'proper' airshow - they had a couple of enthusiasts/photo days after that but with minimal flying.
  4. IIRC The Jag had a shorter tail on the CBLS100 to allow them to be loaded on tandem on the centre pylon
  5. And sometimes the need was such that aircraft went into action without having had the codes added - e.g. X4110 of 602 Squadron, which probably had the shortest operational life of any Spitfire
  6. Be still my beating heart! Looks like the design will allow for different upper cockpits, so an NF3 might be on the cards too!
  7. His Tempest drawings were the first he did, but his background in Technical Publications and Airframe structures meant he put a lot of effort into them. No drawing is perfect, and especially when it's been reproduced a couple of times (He makes the point that some of his early prints were stretched by the duplication machine) but I'm just curious https://www.albentley-drawings.com/about/
  8. Hasegawa is an H/J as opposed to a B/C for one. Not much between them. Level of detail is similar (Airfix maybe a bit better but the Hasegawa one has reasonable standard as well). I think the panel lines are a little more restrained on the Hasegawa
  9. How much? been a long time since I looked at one, but my memory was that it was close to a copy of the Heller kit but with engraved panel lines (Like a few of their kits at that time) and a dodgy wing tip shape.
  10. Here's XW269 in 1977 (by which time it would probably be a T4), with the original short fin. It kept this until the LRMTS and RWR was added
  11. Note it's Light Stone not Mid Stone
  12. Bruce, I’m out and about just now but will send you some stuff when home. Basically, the tall tail was never fitted with the RWR, Heller got that wrong. The RWR tail was (basically) the same shape as the single seater fin with the extension on the base. (Just to confuse, as the T4 designation represented the engine fitted, there were tall finned, pointy nosed no RWR T4s as well!!) nB Nick Greenall is on Britmodeller too @NG899
  13. I think the mk II qualifies as the ugliest installation of the Merlin on any aircraft!
  14. Yes, in fact the RAF had one before the war too (K4047) which was used at the RAE from 1934 until 1943, so it had both silver and camouflaged paint schemes. There were another 9 impressed and used by the ATA (X9342, X9344, X9394, X9346, X9437, X9345, X9347 and X9343 plus one which appears not to have been given an RAF nUmber)
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