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  1. One is a mid production OAW fuselage and the other is a late production OAW fuselage (OAW being the manufacturer) - the D7 had many differences between the Albatros, OAW and Fokker produced examples, mainly around the nose panels, but in other areas as well. So much so that Windsock did 3 volumes on it!
  2. Well there is at least a surviving Maryland, albeit stuck in the middle of an unfriendly country in Africa
  3. Not sure about that - there is another shot that shows either same model or another with none 3C34F177-74F4-4E16-A16E-F6947E2D51D9 by DaveFleming68, on Flickr
  4. Don't think so, the old S2 didn't have a wing fold option 54350977_2077746182321410_7445577235001507840_n by David Fleming, on Flickr
  5. They have apparently reformulated H30, and H163 is a satin/semi gloss paint
  6. That might just be a production thing, e.g. you need to use a softer plastic for mass production runs
  7. There was a shot of one with it's wings folded in the James May/BBC documentary
  8. Yeah, it's probably PVC, I was using 'rubber' as a euphemism. Soft plastic tracks in the classic 'Airfix' style
  9. Interesting, thanks for that Ed - the mention of (apparent) red/blue roundels in 1939 especially! As Graham says, it could be that things changed as the RAF changed their roundel styles over the years. There are a few photos of BVAF aircraft, but MVAF ones (in camo) remain elusive!
  10. Added to which, if you are familiar with how known colours appear on various b+w film/filter types, you can usually make an educated guess at whether a colour is non standard or not by comparison to those.
  11. As Des mentions, there are lots of legislation where the Police are not the enforcing authority - Trading Standards & Environmental health are my areas of expertise, but there are many more. Breach those laws and you risk a conviction and criminal record. What my original post was trying to say is that there is sometimes a view in the police that legislation that is not enforced by them is 'civil' and not a crime. Often this is as a result of lack of knowledge as much as anything else, and one which my former colleagues in TS try to educate where they can (NOt knocking the Police, I did a lot of joint ops with them)
  12. Time to paint the Master By x tanks, but it’s the first time in years I’ve painted rubber tracks (resin ones would be too expense be for 12 tanks). Any tips? Primers? I remember using OV A as a primer years ago, wondered if Stynlres would work?
  13. There may have been criminal law breaches of Trading Standards law ( the Police aren’t always up to speed on the fact that non-Police laws can still be criminal) however TS Depts are so overstretched these days that they may not be able to investigate.
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