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  1. Thank you. Yes and carrying 2 tanks actually reduced range at max chat! Always wanted to do a Scimitar but the prices the 1/72 version fetches on Ebay are out if my reach.
  2. A few pics of my Sword F3 Demon that I made during lockdown. Mostly straight forward. One day I'll get round to fitting the missiles!
  3. Stressy

    Joint flaws

    Not heard of that product?
  4. Stressy

    Joint flaws

    Thanks - marker ink is a lot thinner than primer and might be just the thing I was after.
  5. Stressy

    Joint flaws

    Thanks, I think I do most of that - not the licking! I probably need to do more of the looking before I resort to primer. Just checking there wasn't a miracle cure that's passed me by I guess.
  6. Stressy

    Joint flaws

    How do you do it? I'm not really asking about filler itself, but rather what is best to use to reveal any flaws in the joint or filling - I hate visible joint lines. I use either Tamiya or Halfords grey primer but its very easy to end up with an over thick layer of paint before you even start painting proper, and panel lines and other details to re-scribe even after you've given the primer a light sanding back. Do any of you have a killer alternative approach?
  7. Stressy

    Do 17z camo

    I've just completed a RLM 70/70/65 paint scheme on the Airfix Dornier using Xtracrylic paints. I know the 70/71 tints didn't sgow much contrast, which is why I abandoned the Humbrol colours I used to use, but my word! These acrylic tints are almost indistinguishable - if they are anything like correct it makes you wonder why rhe Germans bothered doing the camo ar all!
  8. Stressy

    Best sd.kfz 222

    Thanks for the info
  9. Stressy

    Best sd.kfz 222

    Which is the best offering of the sd.kfz 222 in 1/35?
  10. Yes the Merlin engined varient is the one I was thinking of - thanks
  11. I'm aware that Revell's Halifax has some wing and egine issues. What's the problems and can they be cured?
  12. Given the Revell/Italeri F3 in 1/72 is hard to come by has the Airfix kit got any merits and is there milage in taking the fuselage sections you need from it to convert a Revell GR1?
  13. l have an unopened Hasagawa RAF Mitchell III that I picked up from a friend's sale recently. What I really wanted was a US version that I could do in natural metal finish. Does anyone know if this RAF boxing can be built as a US aircraft with just a decal sheet being needed, or are different parts required - in which case I'll try to sell/swap to get what I'm after (so I'd rather not break into the packaging)?
  14. Can anyone tell me a good paint match to the red cheat line flash and roundel colour used on French fighter aircraft in the 1960s please?
  15. Thanks for this help guys.
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