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  1. rayprit


    I have been wearing glasses for the best part of 65 years, (I am 70 plus now)progressed up the chain from NHS glasses right through to today where I now wear varifocal, I wouldn't be without them, in the early days, I tried having separate pairs for various jobs but, it meant always carrying another pair with me when out and I just could not get on with it, so about 20-30 year ago I changed to varifocal, but had to always carry clip on sunshades...……………………..., then they bought in tinted glasses, so, tried them for a year or two but, when indoors, the whole room and was constantly dark...……………………...then re-act alight glasses came in where they automatically darken as the sun hits them. Those were OK for a few years and then came transition lenses...……..They adjust from clear indoors to dark outdoors and everything in between. No matter where you are, or what situation you’re in, Transitions lenses adapt to the perfect shade so you see well...…..I have 2 pair of these. I am short sighted and I have found in modelling(No matter what pair of glasses I am wearing at the time) trying to paint figures the eyes and shading parts of the uniforms, or delicate parts, difficult as I cannot see the fine detail, so, for fine modelling, I end up modelling taking them off and modelling without them. Apparently I have been told by an optician, being short sighted, removing glasses for fine detail work is an advantage to being short sighted as I can focus more closely on things close at hand...…..same when I read a book, I tend to take my glasses off and hold the book close(Not a kindle man!) I can read a book with glasses, but, prefer not to As an aside, by law, if you wear glasses and have a driving licence, your supposed to carry a spare pair of glasses with you just in case you break a pair whilst out. Happened to me when I went to "Go Ape", broke the pair I was wearing...…...always keep my last pair of replaced glasses in my glove box
  2. rayprit

    The Revamped London RAF Museum

    Here she is? The CEO of the RAF Museum, the woman that put a stop to the modellers fair...…….seems to be plenty of room for tables, but I imagine that a collection of models would look out of place in a "posh" museum
  3. rayprit

    Revell Victor... Just how bad is it?

    Then, I am afraid, this kit is not for you...………………….wait for the Airfix kit to come down in price
  4. rayprit

    Revell Victor... Just how bad is it?

    Whether its good or bad isn't the issue, if you have the time and patience to put into it, you will get a superb model as can be seen from the many, many superb builds posted on this site...……………..here a couple built from this site to be going on with(their is kit progress to be found on Britmodeller) https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234957606-172-matchbox-hp-victor-k2/ https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235002485-revellmatxhbox-victor-is-it-that-bad/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnulrYUiUEA
  5. Top left hand corner of the diagram mentions Station, I reckon the cryptic clue is a railway time table with all the rest added as a smoke screen, so, new locomotive,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  6. rayprit

    Rotary Tool Flexi Shaft

    I have about 6-7 types of saws for various jobs! Gaz, it sounds like you need a "Flexible saw"? Many years ago, I bought a set of "Micro saws"--------------- they were called - and made by Tri-tools; wafer thin, virtually indestructible and fit between finger and thumb and can cut around bends(dependant on your skill). Some good news and bad news? First, the bad news, they went out of business years ago, now the good news, Hasegawa, knowing how good the product was, bought all the tooling for the product and now produce it(They retained Tri-tools name - but spelt it different)...………...I don't see it being sold anywhere in England(Stand to be corrected), but, it is sold in Japan by the hundreds and costs less than £10 and that includes P&P and takes less than 3 weeks to get to the UK. The set I have has never worn out and still is going strong. I use mainly for cutting intricate parts on Resin Sprues and ideal for cutting around the tyre pour blocks on wheels...……...did a great job of the 20 plus tyres of The Accurate Armour Antar, Scammell Explorer and many more, theres enough flex in the blades to get around many bends. Hasegawa make a number of saw sets for the modeller, but the original Tri-Tool set on set 3(or TP3)sounds like the one that you want……………...these blades saved me a lot of trouble over the years and anyone using them I am sure will also find them very helpful...……...they give a much finer and neater cut than your normal razor saws...……..Please note AGAIN, there are other saws, YOU need Set3(TP3) no other set unless you want to This is the place and pack that you can get them from: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hasegawa-Tri-tool-modeling-saw-set-saw-set-plastic-model-tool-TP3-JP/292739578260?hash=item4428a37994:g:T6gAAOSwE8VbpuKT
  7. rayprit

    Rotary Tool Flexi Shaft

    I model in resin quiet a lot and even though I have a Dremel close at hand, never consider using it for cutting pour blocks and with Accurate Armour they are big. I always use a saw, clogs the teeth up, but a quick wipe across the teeth with a wire brush soon cleans it up, if I do happen to use the Dremel for resin, it will be a short burst of seconds...…..I stuff cotton wool up my nose!!!(even though I have various face masks) I forget the last time I used my Dremel for Resin, relie entirely on pin vice and broaches. Plenty of saws around for cutting plastic and resin...……..you can buy a couple in a kit, small saw, big saw and a handle https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/X-Acto-Razor-Miter-Saw-Set-Handle-/391980579014 But, its the a bit like scribers, glue or paint - each person has there own preference or favourites, somebody will be along in a moment and recommend what they use...……………...buy one and see how you get on with it, we have members on here who are tool stockists, check out there sites
  8. rayprit

    Can't believe I've done it again!

    The thing about this site is somebody will generally prove you wrong if you put the location holes in the indicated place!!!! A build I regularly come across is the Sabre, I have a couple in the stash, so keep my eyes on Sabre builds, there are some nice builds on here of the Sabre, but, the builder usually has it brought to their attention that the kit location holes beneath the wing are wrong! They need to be 2 more mil to the left or 3 mil to the right and to prove it, they usually have the works drawings to show you...………….If memory serves me right, somebody had the rocket firing platform of a Gannet - two or three mm out and this was brought to their attention, so...………….., before you go punching holes make sure you know where the holes are going, or, if your like me, if they look correct, they are correct
  9. rayprit

    Can't believe I've done it again!

    we all do it sometime, Just a thought, put the wing upto a strong light and hopefully you will be able to see location holes...………..if 100 watt doesn't work, try the headlights on your car
  10. rayprit

    Airfix Vampire 1/72

    That's what it is about Ian, learn, improve and move on...………..you seem to have picked up as to how the experiment turned out, next time can only get better, but, to be honest, looking at those pictures, I like your build
  11. I do the same, 209 Fluorescent Fire Orange Gloss over gloss yellow - works for me
  12. rayprit

    Weighing the nose on 1/48

    Why not Sellotape both fuselage halves together and balance on a round item such as a pen, looks like a see-saw, then add weight until the end having the weight on drops...…….then add a fraction more for when the kit is assembled?
  13. rayprit

    Who is this?

    Frankó Endre I think you can find all about him from the many links you will find here(Great if you understand Hungarian):- https://www.google.co.uk/search?biw=1920&bih=963&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=I-eiW93SNsyWgAb0vIDQCw&q=Endre+Frankó+&oq=Endre+Frankó+&gs_l=img.12..0i8i30k1l2.43724.43724.0.45935.
  14. rayprit

    Improving a Matchbox Provost T1

    In the past year we have had members making these kits, search the index...……………...heres one of those builds heres another off the web:- https://modelingmadness.com/scott/korean/uk/raf/provost.htm