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  1. This should help bring you upto speed
  2. rayprit

    Settled paint - salvageable or replace?

    Having been a modeller these past 50 years, I have never lost any paint thanks to this stirrer from badger...…..https://www.amazon.co.uk/BADGER-Airbrush-Paint-Mixer-BA121/dp/B000BROV02/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1550245656&sr=8-1&keywords=badger+paint+stirrer………......all my paints have between 2-3 hexagonal stainless steel nuts in them, tried ball bearings, BUT if you don't use your paint for sometime those ball bearings settle in the gloop and will not shift not matter how you try when you come around to shaking the bottle, as mentioned earlier hexagonal nuts is the way to go. Those nuts carry weight and mass and have 6 cutting edges to smash sediment to pieces. All my Tamiya paints have been transferred to Vallejo bottles and nuts added...…………...nuts and bottles are all available from Ebay……..another thing I found with ball bearings in Vallejo bottles, sometimes when you tip the bottle to drop out paint, nothing comes out!! A ball bearing having dropped into the hole in the nozzle...…………. There have been discussioners on this website relating to DIY stirrers, somebody made a good one from a black and decker sander, just attach to where the sandpaper goes with a special attachment to hold the bottle, I ended up fetching the bottle from the other side of the room after trying numerous times, I now stick with the Badger mixer...………. Forgot to add...……...I do have paints here that I have not used for 20 plus years, but if I should need to use them, a tip is put them on a radiator for about 30 minutes, it makes the gloop thin out and is a lot easier to stir afterwards
  3. rayprit

    John Haynes OBE has died

    As a pensioner I must add my regrets to the news...……….for the past 50 years first thing I bought when buying a car was the Haynes Manual, it was a great help finding how to remove tricky parts and more recently as he diversified, I started to buy some of the more nostalgic books such as Centurion, Chieftain, etc...………...he has over the years been a great help to me
  4. rayprit

    They shall not grow old.

    Also available at Amazon and many supermarket stores such as Sainsburys and Asda for about £10 https://www.amazon.co.uk/They-Shall-Not-Grow-Old/dp/B07KK42BTV
  5. rayprit

    1:76 Alvis Stalwart S & M Models

    I have tried to build the s+m kit, but due to so many inaccuracies I threw it in the bin, decided to see what ACE had to offer. As ACE are modelling the Stalwart that I drove in BAOR from new and as he chose to using my photos of the Stalwart from the internet, I did expect it might be better than the S+M, but I am not impressed, we chatted for a week or two about the tyres to fit on the Stalwart, as per the photos I said, but he had a thing about the Saladin tyres, so, I left him to it...……...even the Saladin tyres he fitted to the kit are too thin ………….instead of buying his kit, I decided to go for a more accurate kit, I bought the KFS 1/24 Stalwart instead and its going together like a dream
  6. I would look on this kit as a review, theres plenty of guys on this thread complementing how good it is, how brilliant, superb, best kit ever, then proceed to knock holes in it(as an afterthought.) I have found that to come right out with faults with a brand new kit, that all other Britmodellers pile into them and asking the modeller to give the kit a chance as its only recently hit the shelves(relates to all new kit releases - not just the Hunter)..………. they find its far easier(or in a round about way)to preferably complement the kit FIRST then add what really they wanted to say about in the first place...….small errors found on the kit which in their minds, proper research could have avoided, doesn't take long for a few others to join in with a complement or two then add an error they just happened to find.
  7. rayprit

    Fine canopy painting

  8. Mentioned here from post #70
  9. rayprit

    Help I need assistance with a clear part

    No image showing, , so, we cannot help - try again
  10. rayprit

    The Great Amazon £10 Challenge!

    Think outside the box? When ever I have money to spare, as you do, when I go to shows or shops with money burning a hole in my pocket, for the last 7-8 years possibly more, I come out minus models but with the odd bag of goodies...……...spare blades for my scalpels, bits for my airbrush, paint, new gizmos such as scribers for lines, rivet making tools, paint brushes, decal sheets for making your own decals,l cutting mat, thinners, books for research,...………...I have everything I just about need, whatever I buy now is usually an impulse buy which always goes into the stash...………..building about 4 at the moment with about 6 on the shelf of doom and 100 plus in the stash...……..all within your budget
  11. rayprit


    I thought Radio 2 was supposed to be an easy listening station playing hits from days gone by, but when they started on Rap and current releases so, a few years ago I decided to move stations, so after much searching, I settled on Magic. A new generation runs Radio 2 and they relate THEIR own personal easy listening to the station....................
  12. rayprit

    A Klear alternative?

    I somehow don't think that will work!!! All varnishes I have come across, be it painting pictures on canvass, spraying after painting car, models, trains, name anything that requires the use of varnish, you will generally find them "clear"/translucent...….what you have found is something that is not clear is it? It has a die or colouring added to it plus a flavour, which will never do especially on clear parts with kits or diecasts, it you use it, finish may not be upto much, but it will smell nice...………….as was mentioned earlier, this topic has been done to death on here and I expect it will crop up again, there are clear floor polishes out there, not just Kleer, just a matter of finding a clear one...…………..., you should find one recommended on some of the previous topics posted on here
  13. rayprit

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    As this is a "modelling site" you forgot to mention what scale its in? 1/144 perhaps? Think I will put some photos of my cuff links or tie pins up
  14. rayprit

    Cold War Shield, Vol. 3 update

    Just a heads up for any guys who missed out on RAF Fighter Squadrons 1950 - 1960, Vampire, Venom, & Sabre Squadrons: Volume 2, one has appeared on Ebay, starting price a bit lower than £60...……….much lower, if your interested take a look...……………………..I myself am looking for Volume 1 which dried up years ago, but keep my eyes open where ever I can, hence how I spotted this one. https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Cold-War-Shield-RAF-Fighter-Squadrons-1950-1960-Vampire-Venom-Sabre-Squadrons-Volume-2-by-Roger/213085130