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  1. rayprit

    Mixing Paints

    why not ask him Steve? He is a member of Britmodeller
  2. Superb series from the mid 60s "Combat"and ran for about 152 x 50 minutes episodes...……….available in boxed sets, but, most of them are on YouTube
  3. I expect it will continue to go up, I have just subscribed, lots of enthusiasts I am sure feel for a lot of those modellers...……..some of those kits destroyed will never be replaced as I am sure many member are past their prime and will now lack the time or incentive to build or create another...……..very heartbreaking
  4. What many modellers fail to realise when adding weight to the model is to take into the consideration the stress added to the undercarriage, especially nosewheels, you either need to add reinforcement to the undercarriage or consider buying replacement undercarriage made from white metal or brass
  5. Thanks Chris, its amazing what useful tips , tricks and advice that you can find in our search facility. I find the sites search rather restrictive and selective, easy way to do a search on Britmodeller is to go to Google, type in Britmodeller and then add what your interested in...……….the results go as far back as when the site first started...……………..Happy modelling and good luck
  6. Your link does not work, but, if you read the threads relating to the 1/48 Airfix Hawker Hunter on this site you will find this link and a lot more info, which works and was posted last week on the topic of Hawker Hunter flaps
  7. You will find trying to drill an abundance of 60+ windows, that there will always be 10-20 or more that you will never get all the holes the exact same size or even a perfect alignment of the bottom of the windows, go for the popular replies...…...fill and decal, you find you keep your hair longer instead of pulling it out!!!!!
  8. rayprit

    Stripping paint

    My pleasure - always try to help----------------another tip, especially about your paint stripping, ANYTHING, that anything, any topic, weathering, soldering, types of glue, varnish, kit reviews, tips on spraying cars of all scales - basically, ANYTHING, you will always find the answer on YouTube...……..I always search there before and its not unusual to find myself getting sidetracked and remaining on YouTube for 2-3 hours before I even consider Britmodeller
  9. rayprit

    Stripping paint

    Why not use the forums where this topic has been done to death over various ways to strip paint from models...……..heres just one of the discussions:-
  10. I had similar built for my model room, BUT - there has to be a but! I realised after a month or so that I didn't like them mainly due to the solid sides and they blocked all the light coming in and that only a certain percentage of the kits were viewable - the rest permantly in the dark. All well and good trying to move the cabinets to let the light in, but basically the cabinets are ovens, when the sun hits the glass cabinet, especially with air tight doors, models tend to cook and suffer in the end, undercarriages buckle, transfers peel, paint fades, etc, etc When I moved house I got full glass cabinets and kept them away from windows, a much better solution...……….Ikea sell many such cabinets and if you tend to search old forums on this site, this topic has been covered many times
  11. rayprit

    Micro Drills

    I think what you say speaks volumes about a piece of kit...………...get another - I have 6 all with drills permanently held in them
  12. rayprit


    That is true, BUT I tend to notice it MORE on this site...…………..brings it to the fore
  13. rayprit


    What really annoys me about this site, or, its members is their thanks or gratefulness for help them out. Someone will find they have reached a problem with a build, need help with an airbrush, need photos for reference build, looking for paint advice - lets say matching paint up or even what colour or make a member used in there build, buying kits from members(they rarely acknowledge thanks and that the kits arrived)…………….just a simple thank you is all it takes and all you get is - nothing! You offer advice, you may even spend 20 minutes or so searching for a source of material, or even a spare part for someone missing a part in their kit...……...really winds me up when I watch a member helping another member out and he gets no response, remark or even a thank you
  14. Nice to see somebody who thinks it looks good rather than being EXACTLY right Steve. My philosophy exactly, if looks good to me, then its exactly right for me...…….
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