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  1. rayprit

    Vulcan XM597 in Rio

    Heres the logistics of how the Victors were set up to refuel the Vulcans on the mission...…………………..easy when you see how it was done https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5yAtuYPHK4
  2. I used to use the same method of weights for balance as Pete, but a few years ago I had to have a tyre on my car replaced, they ripped off the old LEAD balance weight and threw it in a large dustbin, full of old lead weights which were to be recycled for scrap. I asked the fitter if I could have my old weights, which was not problem...….so, I used old lead weights now...……..you can cut the weights with pliers or do as I do, melt them down with a blow lamp into a small mold I made for the purpose of weights to fit into restricted places. A tip I spotted on here recently on how to fix lead weights into noses was to drop hot candle wax onto the weight, it sets immediately...…………...don't use blue tac as over time it leeches through joins as it is oil based
  3. In all the years of modelling under my belt(about 50 plus) I have always used Halfords car auto primer, (this is a rather large aerosol can)I have also used Mr surfacer but always return to Halfords...…………..easy to find in the store, usually top shelf of their car autos display. Its never let me down yet, you can if you wish and feel like you have the time, decant into a smaller bottle and spray with airbrush. I also use there touch up paint, its a 6 inch canister with a small brush in it, ideal for smaller jobs, such as undercarriage, wheels, etc, etc Sorry, I see that you live in Australia, still, not a problem, you must have car auto stores out there selling primer for cars prior to them applying any type of paint.
  4. Have you tried pinning those ends together?, as you say, butt joint will never work. Drill small hole into ends, push relative wire into those holes, then Butt joint them together, much stronger than the resin. Having said that, why not buy after market replacement tracks like these? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/113357535374 https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/312524986980?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=710-134428-41853-0&mkcid=2&itemid=312524986980&targetid=486496260859&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9045466&poi=&campaignid=7643169303&mkgroupid=78014891181&rlsatarget=pla-486496260859&abcId=1139576&merchantid=138344340&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5cOyvOHn5gIVgbHtCh0MdQ-jEAQYASABEgLh7_D_BwE
  5. I do not think its a reaction Steve, its old age!!! Vinyl tyres deteriorate over time...…….I have 2 x built Tamiya LRDG Chevrolet wagons and the tyres have all cracked, so replaced one with resin copies and the Tamiya Chieftain Mk 5(ish) all the road wheels on those are perishing...….I have heard a lot over the years about this rotting away...……….just hope that it doesn't effect my Trumpeter Faun slt-56 Tank transporter, well over 32 tyres on that. I do have some old Dinky toys with rubber tyres(not the same) but, everyone of those over 40 years old has rotted away and had to be replaced(devalues the price of collectable dinkys - but what are you to do...…..)Real car tyres rot away, I had the walls of one of my car tyres rot away not just the one, all 4......leeching air and I had to replace all of them...……….same with models...……….if anythink when fitted to the model, over time they "shrink" and eventually split in half, takes a few years, but it happens
  6. Seems to me a lot of work for a kit costing a lot of money, your solution sounds like a perfect recipe for eventually ending up on the shelf of doom, but I hope that I am wrong
  7. Seems to me that you have had your warning, with a tank so old and unused your inviting trouble...…...everybody on here is right - scrap it
  8. Must remember to get my licence renewed...….served me well over the years, accuracy with me is flexible
  9. That's strange? I have the same licence as Angelo, if it looks right it is right
  10. Thread relating to wishing members a Merry Christmas started last week
  11. Hand painted lines? Up until now I thought those to be transfers, for me to think that your painting skills are superb, you have nerves of steel. I concur with what everyone on here has said, Mach2 do not make easy kits, you, have proved the opposite...…….only thing is - that making it look so easy and perfect many modellers will be flocking to buy them(thinking its an easy kit)Lets hope they get built and don't end up at the bottom of the stash...…….well done
  12. What happens if your one of those people that doesn't come from Guernsey? Don't we get a Merry Christmas!
  13. When that tool first went into production, they would have thought it to be 100% perfect...………..to look for a miniscule fault is like trying to do quality control on a 1000 piece jigsaw...…….are we modellers or assemblers? Try doing a vac form with hundreds of faults...When I built the latest hunter, a sanding stick presented no problems, I shall not bother on the next as its not even noticeable unless you count rivets
  14. rayprit

    PayPal Scam

    I fully agree with your response, as for gullible, there will always be gullible ppl, there are always "new" ppl joining the net from all ages completely unaware of such things as spam and scam. Until they become experienced with the net and its ways ppl will not be sure what button to press and some who receive threatening letters relating to court action willingly sending cash to be rid of the non existent debt...…...once again I agree whole heartedly with all you say
  15. For Airfix to rectify the fault in the tool, the production run would have to be stopped and the tool makers modify the tool, removing metal isn't a problem, but adding or filling in a void on a tool takes a fair bit of time, I cannot see Airfix stopping the production run for a week or so(that's being optimistic) of a hot selling kit for a slight modification when all it takes is a few rubs on a sanding stick
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