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  1. Worthy of note is that, 3 separate Driver training vehicles, designated FV653 were built, the first 3 off the production line they were fitted with a cab and no rear bodywork except for ballast tanks. They were delivered via Cosford to the No 4 School of Mechanical Transport at St.Athan, near Cardiff, in September 1962. Where they were issued out in 1957 RAF school of firefighting at Sutton-on-Hull. Two of these were planned for redeployment at the RAF training College at Manby and at RAF Syreston It is worth noting that from1970 all defence firefighting vehicles were painted olive drab and the Mk6 was no exception. Information provided from Alvis Saracen Family by Bill Munro http://miliblog.co.uk/?cat=161 Which can be found in the top right corner
  2. I tried stainless steel balls years ago, but found that if you didn't use the paint much the balls would collect at the bottom of tin/jar/bottle and be a pig to release, I used to put about 4 in, but gave up on them as they lacked mass/weight to actually break up the sediment so changed to much much heavier stainless steel nuts, 2 or 3 added to contents, I noticed the difference immediately on shaking receptacle, you could actually hear and feel the nuts working, PLUS they have 6 cutting corners to really chop up the crud, I also use my Badger battery-powered stirrer, just to make sure of a uniform mix
  3. rayprit

    Getting older

    Are you saying Do not include decals with kits and instead download them from manufacturers site?, Sounds good if you have a computer or are you saying that manufacturers should make them available on there website for copying by any one who wants to rescale or abuse them? If manufacturers did that it would be economical suicide as any tom, dick or harry could copy them to there hearts content and use them for any manufacturer of a particular kit. I scan many of my decal sheets, just in case I muck one up when applying decals, be they crazed, destroyed by wrong varnish, or refurbishing a kit. Cannot see any kit manufacturer putting examples of decal sheets online unless they have a copyright logo splattered on them as Britmodeller does on any of there reviews; at aged 72 I am quiet happy with the current procedure, although I do know that a particular decal artist does put his decals online for free downloading https://sites.google.com/site/rjcaviationart/decalarchive there are plenty decal sheets on the net, heres another done by Richard http://www.modelaircraftmagazine.com/full_site/frames/info/069.htm and another http://www.modelaircraftmagazine.com/full_site/frames/info/050.htm
  4. Anything your not sure about, want to learn or improve your skills, always, especially before posting on these forums(you get so many tips here it can be so confusing in the end and usually only works for one person) Always check out YouTube...…….the answer to everything is there, just a matter of checking, try this, this is just ONE tutorial of many:-
  5. Having recently purchased and assembled this new accessory I note that it is not quiet as should be? I see from various photos on this thread that burners slide in/out of the fuselage, there should be a gap around those burner ends after fitting showing the inside of the fuselage, I should think about a 1" gap eyeballed on photos. The accessory from HPM is a straight Butt fit, cannot understand why they bothered to drill holes for the burners as no way once all the crud is removed from the burner will it slide into those holes unless you make the holes bigger, which you cannot due to the tolerance of those holes and you cannot reduce the diameter of the burners without removing the finely cast detail on those parts. Unless I did it wrong!
  6. Yours is the only link that appears to work Mike...……...works for me, but the others within the topic do not
  7. For expert help and 1 to 1 observation your best friend is YouTube...……...thousands of videos showing you how to do anything with Airbrushs, from buying them, stripping them down, mixing paint, fault finding, tips and tricks, the list is endless...…..heres just one of the videos(beware!!! Its over 2 hours long and that's just for a beginner)
  8. rayprit

    Hunter T7/T8M

    I am in full agreement with you. As for the poor nosewheel and undersized pylons...……...Ali is one jump ahead of you as he has already done those...………...check his site:- https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/category/1-48th Whether he takes notes of the conversations on this forum we will soon find out by what he chooses and adds to the conversions. You keep adding these little extras and the conversion will work out more expensive than the kit, the Heritage kit when it was out, wasn't exactly cheap., but fingers crossed
  9. rayprit

    Hunter T7/T8M

    I was informed by the ex-owner of Heritage kits the last time I spoke to him that he sold most of his molds and tools to another manufacturer of aftermarket kits and that the new owner would be upgrading them as and when he gets the time. The owner of some of the Heritage tooling now is Ali and Heritage told me the Hunter conversion was one of the tools he sold him and judging by the photos he has displayed of his up and coming 2 seat Hunter conversion all the parts are the same as I have the same kit. I believe Ali is making(or made) a new canopy for the conversion and I would imagine he is tweaking the fuselage to fit the Airfix Hunter and of course he is also adding new decals to the kit
  10. With the advent of Tattoo artists and nail "artists" coming on the scene in the past 2 years, the airbrush/compressor equipment is currently taking a bit of a kicking. I note that on Ebay alone(other places are available)deals being offered for a compressors with tank and airbrush for less than £80, having said that MY airbrush a H+s Evolution cost more than £200, but, I had to start somewhere and eventually move up...……….I think I started with a superb Chinese copy airbrush which was brilliant, for less than £12 and a cheap compressor, it gave me experience and taught me what to look out for, but remember, you get what you pay for, I was happy with what I started with and knew no different, as years progressed and I watched videos on YouTube, I had to try something different, buy something your happy with and work with it...……………………….check out this page and ignore the United States products https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_odkw=airbrush+compressor+kit+set&LH_PrefLoc=1&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=2+x+airbrush+compressor+kit+set&_sacat=0
  11. Do not forget, there was also a Shackleton MR1 and I believe the sprues reflect possibilities for a MR1 to be made, would need a new fuselage, have to see what the future holds
  12. I know where your coming from and indeed it would be nice to see Ali add the nose wheel wouldn't it, at the end of the day though, its down to Ali, but, it would be nice to see that wheel in the conversion. Even without the wheel, Ali can put me down for one of the conversions when its done, possibly two
  13. Think if you check Alis site that he is already one jump ahead of you? He has already made those(besides wing pylons)and have been up for sale for some time https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/hawker-hunter-brass-undercarriage-set-airfix
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