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  1. Me163................shocked the whole world to see such an unknown aircraft suddenly appear from nowhere and look whats happened........that 163 led to todays Typhoons and lightnings
  2. Perhaps this may help or give you some ideas? rewind to beginning
  3. rayprit

    2nd hand prices

    I see the 1/48 Classic Airframes Fairey Gannet has come down from in excess of £200 to £99.00.........one seller selling 3 separate Gannets at that price, in fact one seller is not even going to ask a silly price for his, its listed as buy it now £30 !!!! Still cannot beat the Airfix kit though
  4. If you cannot see what the spray is doing - add some food colouring
  5. I am a name - not a number? Wrong!!!! You can find out most things about servicemen all arms, from the number they were issued with on day one.........names do not count, means nothing, you have to have there number, everything is revealed once that is know. If you are charged for disobedience of queens/kings regs, you are addresed by your number, pay parade you had to report your name, rank number, everything revolved around numbers...........after all, if you asked about corporal Smith or Jones in a regiment - going back over 30 plus years, you would get no reply unless you knew the ID number that person was issued with
  6. Put some masking tape where the hole is supposed to go, mark location on masking tape with sharp point and drill with correct size drill using pin vice(tape will not only aid as drill location but will also stop the drill slipping on the clear part
  7. I use this quite regular, the only disadvantage is it stops every 10-15 mins for adverts.................however, you do get the odd film that plays all through
  8. From Harder and Steenbeeks site..........many, many helpful videos on ALL there products.
  9. https://www.thunder-and-lightnings.co.uk/hunter/survivor.php?id=338
  10. Yes your right, tis a plastic model, but at £50 plus and not quite right bit of a hard pill to swallow. Thats why I stated earlier, give it a miss and save your money, buy another plastic model
  11. Interesting read about Aeroclub Vulcan a lot of input from John Aero in it
  12. Quote from John Aero posted in 2013...................The tooling is buried in the rockery of his last house!!! Gold Member 3.1k Gender:Male Location:UK Posted September 16, 2013 I had the last few Vulcans sitting on the shelves for well over a year and there were only 200 produced. I wonder how many were actually built. It was actually done as a joke. We were talking about what to follow the very successful Lightnings with a subject the big companies wouldn't touch and we laughingly said lets do a Vulcan. When we'd stopped to think about it Brian Fawcett and I put our heads together and we decided to take a leap of faith. The result was the kit which seems to have become a bit of a legend. The original price (£99.99) was in fact achieved by both Hannants and myself both accepting a lower profit margin and it should have been about £20.00 more. Speculators note, all the original moulds still exist despite being interned in a garden rockery at my old house and they are now at my studio at home and will remain so. I have no real interest in producing any more, unless someone copies it... I really think people are nuts to pay any more than £70 for a second hand one. John
  13. Lot of money for a defective kit and a hell of a lot of time correcting(not perfectly)the faults with this kit, hang onto your money, I am sure Airfix may eventually bring one out and possibly cheaper
  14. What I do and no idea where I got the idea from, as I am drilling with pin vice and its taking a long time due to a blunt drill or threads clogging up, periodically I remove drill from hole and lick the tip with mt tongue......you dont taste much as by the time it reaches your tongue most crud has fallen out but the tip is wet and go back to its job!!! possibly put down to idleness and reluctance to fetch water Update: broke 3.5 drill and carpet monster tried to devour 3 x 5.5 drills ****************** How to deny the carpet monster ANY drills??? I have a circular magnet (from a loud speaker I think)....I do what search and Rescue do? I run a search pattern with the magnet along the carpet.....left to right, then up and down......usually come up with more drills attached to magnet than I expected, but Carpet monster is really wound up about my magnet) Most Model Railway enthusiasts have spare magnets - put them to good use............I do magnet checks often as always without my knowledge knocking loose drills off work surface ***********************
  15. 2 sets of figures for this kit, as soon as they come into stock they sell out!!!! https://modellingplanet.com/en/valkyrie-miniature/873-135-d9r-bulldozer-crew-idf-2000-era-3-figures.html https://www.super-hobby.com/products/D9R-Bulldozer-Crew-set.html
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