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  1. A member of this site posted a number of videos on Youtube of helpful tips and advice, heres his take on canopy s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9PPYEbwPRU
  2. I have always used the washed out tops from disposable Milk bottle containers...…..I have about a 100 now, used once and thrown away...………...for my airbrush I use small plastic medicinal cups from ebay
  3. I have always used the good old Airfix way? A couple of concealed staples, even better if its the top run and behind skirts or bottom beneath a road wheel.
  4. rayprit


    If social distancing is to be the norm at that time, queues to get in at 10;00 will stretch back as far as Telford one way and Wolverhampton the other way, how about admission? 9-10am full members allowed in, then dependant on how many are inside, as the doors open at 10 to general public, do the stewards then only allow 1 in as 1 comes out? Could be a bit daunting for those waiting to go in. Going to have to be a lot of lee way and accepting that crowds will appear around stands and stalls, some people may accept it whilst others will insist on correct distances creating a bit of aggravat
  5. I thought the thread was titled "1/48 - Blackburn Buccaneer" How does an F101 appear anything like a Buccaneer? Please try and avoid thread drift or - start a new thread on the F101
  6. Just had exactly the same message pop up on my Bitdefender and like clive, ignored it...…….
  7. I was trying to ovoid putting a name to the company Nigel, but, you hit the nail right on the head......at the end of the session there was a queue to buy lots of his accessories for airbrushes plus a lot of Stynylrez primer
  8. I and about 6 others, did a similar course as Nigel, but mine was with a company in Leicestershire and really feel that I learnt more from YouTube and still continue to do, than what I did from the course...………….could have saved a lot of money
  9. rayprit

    Lockdown Meals

    Fried spam sandwiches
  10. nearly all the "Carry on" films are available for watching on YouTube.
  11. Tamiya Mk 5 Chieftain is more near a Mark 3 than a Mark 5...….fair bit of work to bring it upto Mark 5 standard, but, here are the mods that you need to carry them out to bring it upto mark 5 standard:- http://www.onepointed.com/dan/model/ChieftainTweaks/ Be aware that the rubber perishes(or shrinks) I built this kit over 15 years ago, already road wheel tyres are splitting, hub caps cracked and tracks splitting, same with rubber tyres on my Tamiya LRDG Chevrolet Tyres split in half...……….purchased resin replacements.
  12. £47.74 plus free postage https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sword-1-48-Gloster-Meteor-NF-14-48011/333574814767?hash=item4daa9bbc2f:g:PiMAAOSw1ZJelZX9
  13. I always use superglue with a pin...……………….if parts or holes are big, add baking Powder or Bicarb of soda...…...been making Accurate Armour and KFS kits for years now and never failed me
  14. rayprit

    Lock Down.

    I have notice in the past few days when I go out for exercise, the abundance of discarded facemasks and disposable gloves to be found on pavements...………….this is the new threat...…….people not thinking...….all it needs is one item to be infected and it could bring disastrous results - I read recently also that the virus can be caught again, even if you have had it before...……….quote "South Korea reported on Friday that 91 recovered coronavirus patients have tested positive for the disease again, raising questions over health experts' understanding of the pandemic."
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