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  1. Really nice Russ. I've been tapping into a few P-40's this week so nice to see this one so well done
  2. This is looking absolutely excellent. I just picked one of these up and plan to do it in the same scheme. I did a Pakistani Sea Fury last year and both fighters look so right in the desert scheme. Top Draw
  3. There are multiple photos out there showing Corsair MkIs with the retrofitted clipped wingtips. Off of the top of my head a decal manufacture was doing some for a clipped MkI but I cannot remember the companies name. The instruction booklet showed some photos of the subject matter. I do have some photos of MkIs that have had the wingtips replaced and they've been repainted in GSB.
  4. I missed this announcement but a 1/48 Firebrand will be getting my Dosh. Look forward to seeing more about it.
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