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  1. 85sqn

    Airfix 2020

    I bet absolutely loads of people on here have flown in a chipmunk at some point- whether that was as a Air Cadet, University Air Sqn Cadet or in the RAF, Army grading or Royal Navy. It has huge appeal for the fact it served for so long and so many got to fly them- think halcyon days as a young cadet flying for the first time. I happen to have a share in one and that it has given me so much pleasure I would love one to be kitted.
  2. 85sqn

    Airfix 2020

    De Havilland Chipmunk 1/48 It's iconic and there are more paint schemes than you can shake a stick at, c'mon Airfix!
  3. Fantastic Spreckers, look forward to seeing it in the flesh!
  4. Have just started building this so was looking around for inspiration- yours is fantastic!
  5. That's excellent, really conveys a sense of dynamism and action. Beautifully made too. I think I may have to get one of these at some point.
  6. You must've worked like the clappers to get her done! Very nice!
  7. It might be a bump or it may just be the starboard trailing edge. When I modelled JT427 I came to the same conclusion that it was just a camera on the underside position.
  8. I haven't seen a photo of the mod but he must've used that aircraft to take the photos. Some copies of aerial photos which I have, have be seen credited to him. Off the top of my head I know that some 1846 Sqn aircraft were modified with cameras on arrival into Ceylon. It's mentioned in the Sqn diary. They were too late to see action but other BPF were modified. Iang will know more. I think there were a few on Formidable.
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