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  1. There are more photos of 1850/1851 sqns aboard Venerable and Vengeance (off the top of my head) that have the band on the cowling. I do have several original photos that I believe are taken post-war. I've always thought that they were white but I'd need to take another look.
  2. Wonderful, great work! I was only just reading my copy of Barracuda from the Cockpit last week.
  3. It was MRP paints for interest. Looks like you're making great progress
  4. Good spot! I'll give it the old switcheroo
  5. There's some good gen in here which is a collection of items I found out about FAA avengers. The interior information you will find useful: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235021746-some-questions-on-faa-avengers/
  6. Thanks Tony, I appreciate it! I do rather like the Defiant TT in FAA colours and the silver scheme, if only someone made a conversion for the Airfix kit....... atb Nick
  7. Heya Tony, thanks for the comments. A fair shout on all points I reckon. K7 is the Katakrunda code. I ahhmed and ahhed about the upper wing roundels for a time and in the end went with that size as it is similar to what they did with the other SEAC fighters. I love the Oxford photo and had thought about doing that as I have the SH boxing but without any decals. I’m guessing as they were mostly made of wood, the silver finish was an attempt to reflect the heat from breaking down glue, like they did with the mossies? cheers again! Nick
  8. Thanks, I'm a big fan of SEAC roundels, even more so on a FAA bird!
  9. Hi folks, Down in the Texan/Harvard STGB: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/forum/726-texan-harvard-stgb/ I have just completed this Italeri/Occidental kit. I've used resin exhaust and wheels plus Eduard seatbelts. The aircraft was masked and sprayed with Tamiya Silver and Colourcoats for the roundels. Maketar masks were used for all codes and roundels. I also used a spare Monogram cowling rather than the kits version which has the wrong profile. It represents this aircraft:
  10. Fleet Air Arm Harvard MkIIb of 729 Sqn Katakurunda, Ceylon. Occidental/Italeri 1/48. Sprayed with Tamiya LP-11 and Colourcoats for the roundels. Apart from decals from the spares box it was masked and sprayed using Maketar. Resin wheels and exhaust. Eduard belts.
  11. She's finished! I'll put a photo up in the RFI and the gallery here. Thanks for all those that came along and thank you to our organisers, a much needed GB!
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