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  1. Some absolutely lovely work here Tony! Love the Buckmaster and the Brigand. Would love to see those in 1/48
  2. Thats a lovely corsair. I agree with some of the points raised above but you have done a great job.Good old 1833 Sqn a/c flown by the boss.
  3. Personally I’d go for a dark brown. I use W+N raw umber with a dash of their black.
  4. Heya Tony, that's absolutely superb. I think the Brigand is a great looking aeroplane particularly in those markings alongside the Beau! I don't think we see enough Brigands in general so thank you for posting it. I would love to see a good one in 1/48! You've also inspired me to get on with a Beau in that scheme! Nick
  5. Absolutely smashing Andy, well done indeed! I had a look around a Jungmann the other day, lovely little aircraft
  6. It's a lovely Fulmar and one I must get around too at some point! Well done.
  7. Absolutely lovely work all round, really nice to see an Oxford. My grandmother used to work at the Airspeed factory in Portsmouth.
  8. Interesting photos they are. I believe the wavy demarcation also features on some MkIs
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