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  1. If you mean UQ-D at Paramythia I thought the same and rudder is slightly deflected. However, this is probably midday or close to it. The picture looks East and the aircraft is looking South. Judging by shadows I would say that this is around midday or a little after. I am not so sure that there would be so much of a difference.... I'm not sure and the desert painted rudder is entirely plausible given the nature and location of ops and that the squadron has a mix of colour schemes.
  2. These are the aircraft @Dana Bell refers to. Note that the top one is JT228 Corsair MkII
  3. Really lovely detailing with your paint work.
  4. Not sure, certainly not in my immediate family. More digging required.
  5. Yes, KD780 is a MkIV: Henry Adlam's in fact. Vought, F4U-1, Corsair MkI Vought, F4U-1A, Corsair MkII (apparently the 'A' was an unofficial marque at the time and fell in to use later). Vought, F4U-1D, Corsair MkII Brewster, F3A-1, Corsair MkIII Goodyear, FG-1A, Corsair MkIV Goodyear, FG-1D, Corsair MkIV Major difference between a 1A and a 1D either Vought or Goodyear is the plumbing. 1A has wing fuel tanks and fuel filler cap on the wings. Can carry the single underbelly fuel tank. 1D has no wing tanks but can carry the dual fuel tanks under the fuselage or dual bombs or one or the other etc. The FAA museums KD431 is a Goodyear, FG-1A, Corsair MkIV. She has wing tanks and no plumbing for dual underbelly tanks. Hope that helps!
  6. Just to tempt you to using sky undersides, this is why I favour it: https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/faa-corsairs-in-color.17962/#lg=post-484764&slide=12
  7. Both of these cockpits I would comfortably go with US interior Green. Both have yellow zinc chromate interiors. The 759 Sqn option may have a light gray engine intake area. On British Corsairs the wheel wells are practically always the underside colour. Salmon pink was only used on early Corsair MkI's and maybe some MkII's. Some early Corsair I's and II's may also have dull dark green cockpits which Vought certainly used on other aircraft (like the vindicator). Carrier Pilot is one of my all time favourites. Nick
  8. Sure thing.147 is a Corsair MkII from HMS Illustrious, 1833 Sqn. It is painted with the ANA top surfaces (Xtracrylics) and the undersurface is is sky. The darker Corsair (6A) is a MkII also from Illustrious and 1833 Sqn and I have taken the liberty of presuming it was repainted in Extra Dark Sea Grey, Dark Slate Grey and sky. I believe that some were touched up/repainted whilst out in the East. Once again, Xtracrylics were used. I think the grey is a little too dark in this case for my liking and could do with lightening up. I sprayed over a black base which may be why. The MkI in the photo I went for the grey undersides- as I say I'm not 100% yet and I favour sky but it's a different one in the pack. Here was the link to another:
  9. Lovely stuff Graham! I must get around to one of these Lancs someday. I recently did a Halifax for someone and its given me a hankering for more Bomber Command! I see what you mean about the silvering. Yes definitily try and flood under the decal with alclad gloss. If you can before decalling any other areas use a bit more of the gloss. Its looking very nice though! Nick
  10. Great Stuff! I love the MkIII in the three tone camouflage.
  11. Fantastic stuff and you got that for a steal!
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