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  1. I have the spitfire and hurricane books and they are fantastic. @Troy Smith if you haven't already, the hurricane one is right up your street and there is a page dedicated to all the different spinner types which is superb alone.
  2. Does look awesome, look forward to seeing that with some paint on!
  3. Great stuff Roger, you've made a good choice with the kit
  4. For what it's worth I did the Airfix MkVb with the MkXVII wing and some bits from their old Seafire MkIII /Spit VC kit:
  5. I made a post on their Facebook page but if I had one bit of criticism it would be the tone of the markings- they seem too light just as they did on the Proctor kit.
  6. Well done! And especially well done to getting those tricky code letters so brilliant! I tried them once using a decal mix and it didn't go too well! Brilliant job
  7. Hi @iang, thanks for the kind words. Your Firefly is absolutely lovely! Yes, I think the Special Hobby is probably more of what my eyes think it should be. It's probably not a fair comparison as I can't remember if I sprayed the SH in aluminium and then pre-shaded it or not. Certainly the Trumpeter one was black based first. Your photo nicely shows the intakes missing from the Trumpeter kit and where the kit profile is lacking. Best regards Nick
  8. Well done! I have the Magna Models Master MkII and it just been on the shelf of doom for years!
  9. Lovely stuff and good effort with creating the rear cockpit. Well done! I ended up buying an italeri kit, nicking the windows then selling it on!
  10. Thanks for that chaps. Looking again, he flew it three times. July, Aug and Sep. Its another option for people to do. On this site: https://www.aviationclassics.co.uk/p7s-new-colours/ If you scroll down there is a photo that is what is supposedly K9998. If so, it confirms the early pole type aerial.
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