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  1. Out of interest, what's the issue with soft plastic? It does build into a lovely model. There are some inaccuracies along the way that can be resolved without too much bother.
  2. Nice one Troy. Yes I agree they are just 'Furies'. This particular one was built as a Sea Fury but diverted to PAF stocks. Before it left it was de-navalised making them FB60's. The FAA serial is mentioned on the decal sheet, I'll have to dig it out.
  3. They should be up now, wierdly wern't displaying initially unless I post as plain text! Cheers @Troy Smith
  4. Hi Everyone, thia is my latest build. The Airfix 1/48 Sea Fury built as a Pakistan Air Force, Fury FB.60. Apparently the aircraft was originally delivered by Johnnie Johnson. It was built with Eduard belts, Aeroclub cowling and it suffered from the short shot tail. I riveted the aircraft and it was sprayed with Colourcoats enamels. I really enjoyed the build and despite being a massive FAA fan, decided the desert scheme was the one to go for on this aircraft. Decals are by Barracuda. Slightly annoying that Airfix didn't include a P-type compass and a gunsight but oh we
  5. If your interested in a share in a Chipmunk, make sure you do your research. They can get VERY expensive. Ask me how I know...
  6. All absolutely wonderful Tony. Did the target tug version feature in a magazine about ten years ago??
  7. I do apologise. Rodens kit whilst it may be a little more accurate is about as much fun as watching paint dry.
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