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  1. In this scale folks, I really recommend something like Maketar Masks rather than large decals. You can pretty much order an FAA styles you’d need to mask and spray in 1/24th.
  2. You’ll have to build it yourself. I added a seat, control column, rudder pedals, some instruments and other bits and pieces for my Hobbyboss avenger: sorry I don’t think there’s much in the way of photos but there is a link in here to another very useful thread I started when I first came to building my FAA Avenger.
  3. Lovely collection here Tony I hadn't seen before.
  4. Hi Folks, continuing with my theme of Midhurst (RNAS Cowdray Park) aircraft, I have just finished this Albacore BF612 which was at Midhurst for a time in 1943. It is the Trumpeter 1/48 kit with some Montex Masks and Eduard etch. It is actually one of the schemes included in the kit so the decals for the serial came in handy. The build was easy enough but Trumpeter have really neglected to do this one justice and so there are a fair few additions I have added in. Massive thanks to @tonyot who went for this aircraft a few months back and has a wip on it: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235046930-148th-trumpeter-fairey-albacore/ So this one then has some of the rear cockpit taken out and Eduards etch added in as well as some plastic card decking, Vickers gun from a Beaufighter and some magazines, table made from plastic card with a wooden decal and some other pieces. The annoying thing is that Trumpeter have put the floor too high so you wouldn't be able to open the door inwards as it is supposed to so you will have to forgive me for having it open outwards. Shes just missing a P-Type compass from the external area behind the door which I may make before it goes into the Midhurst Museum. The cockpit has some photo etch and the side window has been cut out and a new one made from clear plasticard. The carb intake is from a Beaufighter which has been doctored to make it more like the later style seen on most Albacores. Trumpeter really should have included this with the kit. Once again please forgive me as it is not quite right. Rear step added, framing to the Taurus engine added. Props adjusted to go in the correct direction (anti-clockwise) when viewed from the rear. The cowling lip was horrific so I have sanded that back and sanded the top of the cowl. Arrestor hook frame added. I spent some time riveting the fuselage only to find most of it had disappeared once airbrushing had been completed! Thoughts, comments all most welcome. Would I go for another? Nope, stick to Special Hobby instead!
  5. Really nice! Its down at LGW right now and I was fortunate to get my photo with it this week. Good to see someone makes decals for it already!
  6. Thanks Phil! I'm working my way through an Albacore right now from the Trumpy kit which is getting some spray treatment. Looking forward to seeing everything you've got on the go!!!
  7. Hi Troy I made 7-T MB183 from the Tamiya VB kit with a resin Seafire IIc conversion kit made from Aeroclub I think. Decals were from On Target/Model Alliance for that aircraft. Rather annoyingly the red and white codes were abit out of register. I wanted to do that for years as that first colour photo you posted was in a book called British Aircraft of WWII. I used a light blue for the underside which off of the top of my head was an RLM shade.
  8. Thanks very much for your replies it is much appreciated!
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