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  1. It was relatively rare version: MiG-21FL. Wikipedia: MiG-21FL (1965; Izdeliye 77) F = Forsazh ("Reheat") L = Lokator ("Radar") Export (Third world) model of the MiG-21PF. Downgraded from baseline MiG-21PF with older and less powerful R11F-300 engine, no provision for carrying RS-2US beam-riding missiles and a simplified, downgraded version of the RP-21 radar, designated R1L. Wide-chord fin and brake chute fairing at its base. Built under license in India as the Type 77.
  2. 1/72 Hawker Hart + Demon. Westland Lysander Bristol Bulldog Fairey Battle Hurricane Mk.I "late" DH88 Comet
  3. I agree with you. But I do not have Swedish paints and I have already bought decals. I will certainly build a Viggen in camouflage, but I'm waiting for a new kit from Special Hobby. https://www.rebell.com/dekaler/dekaler-flyg/saab-ajs37-viggen-the-show-must-go-on-januari-14492.html?___store=eu&___from_store=default
  4. The collection contains about 400 Matchboxes. I'm suffering from Matchboxoma Malignum. Want to see the Viggen? OK. It was actually my first choice. That lady looks good in red. http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/AWA1/101-200/walk200_viggen/walk200.htm
  5. A small part of my treasure. Box number 37. Matchboxes without boxes, with ugly boxes or missing plastic parts that exclude them from the main collection. One of them I will build in that group. Difficult to choose. Viggen, Meteor, Buccaneer or Jaguar T.2?
  6. I started with that model a long time ago and I'm not finished yet. The cooler I previously showed comes from the original Matchbox kit and is more suitable for Mk.V. Here are some photos of my attempt to build Mk.VI. http://pwm.org.pl/viewtopic.php?f=257&t=14576
  7. I used the oryginal part and rebuilt it a little.
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