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  1. Kolendorski's plane was not known until now. The markings are based on snapshots from the film, which in various versions can be found online. http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/view/5c0c05b8e10443c9a48f184fec0ebb35?subClipIn=00:00:00&subClipOut=00:01:21 https://www.britishpathe.com/video/VLVAB9BL7QBKU57KY6PVB2UKBT5RF-DEFENCE-AMERICAN-PILOTS-FROM-EAGLE-SQUADRON-AND-CZECH-PILOTS/query/eagle
  2. I have a little sensation. In this interview Storey says: http://australiansatwarfilmarchive.unsw.edu.au/archive/1279-william-storey Did your squadron ever have a mascot? No. It was distinctive in that for morale purpose and squadron purposes my flight we had plum coloured spinners. This is the only photo I know of of his plane AP894/C. Perhaps it is the one with the plum spinner? Are there any other photos of Storey's aircraft?
  3. Have you read this article? All about the BE581 is gathered in one place. http://armahobbynews.pl/en/blog/2020/10/13/karel-kutterwascher-the-most-effective-hurricane-night-fighter-pilot/
  4. This is a standard tailwheel from the first months of Mk.II production. I could already give a picture with changed contrast in the first post.
  5. This is the most exceptionally painted Hurricane I knew. It is the only one that has the bottom surfaces painted in two colors. I suspect it is the result of experiments carried out in May/June 1941 in 56th Squadron. Among the boring and repetitive camouflages that Hurricane wore, it is simply unique. Unfortunately I do not have any other photo showing code letters or serial number. The code letter looks like S or J. If only I had those missing elements, I would definitely like to build such a painted model of Arma Hobby. Will you help to write its story?
  6. Between May and August, they were stationed on the Isle of Man (Jurby) and used Mk.I. It was common practice that units were given older equipment for less demanding tasks.
  7. At the time when the 302 Squadron was stationed in Churchstanton, there was not a single Mk.IIa in the unit. In July they got eighteen new Mk.IIb.
  8. It´s R/HV845 at Armada Road airfield. Air Fighting Training Unit 1 Calcutta. Pilot W/C Frank Carey! Anyway, I believe it deeply. Check out the description https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060038346
  9. It was relatively rare version: MiG-21FL. Wikipedia: MiG-21FL (1965; Izdeliye 77) F = Forsazh ("Reheat") L = Lokator ("Radar") Export (Third world) model of the MiG-21PF. Downgraded from baseline MiG-21PF with older and less powerful R11F-300 engine, no provision for carrying RS-2US beam-riding missiles and a simplified, downgraded version of the RP-21 radar, designated R1L. Wide-chord fin and brake chute fairing at its base. Built under license in India as the Type 77.
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