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  1. The point is still that we should not be fixing what the manufacturer should and could have done right in the first place. And they can do better, I have their F2F kit. "They've tried" doesn't count if it isn't free.
  2. I did not expect them to portray the spanwise lap joints, but I did not expect the chordwise trenches either. It seems that my planned strategy for the Mirage kit will have to be used on the Arma kit also. Well, this was the first and the last time I preorder anything. Lesson learned.
  3. Do you see any scribed panel lines on the wing in this photo? Fuselage and interior are massive improvements over the Mirage kit, but the wing is just... words fail me.
  4. Dear Arma, to say that I'm dissapointed in the treatment of the upper wing surface is an understatement of the century. Do you plan to ship the Expert kit with a sheet of HGW rivets? Vedran
  5. This is why AII Green was replaced with AMT-4 - it was less visible on the IR spectrum of German aerophoto films. Both AMT-4 and AII Green are different formulations of the same green colour of the 4BO standard. Previous camouflage colour standard was 3B - that brown OD/khaki shade visible on f.eg. 1940 Soviet helmets. And I-15s sent to Spain. I have pictures of Akanihin holding the colour etalons - a card with two colour samples (low and high allowed value). Mixed paint must be somewhere between or equal to the low or high samples. I'll post them when I get home.
  6. Yes. I'm prepared to sacrifice some of my blood on the Sanger kit if needed.
  7. Change ICM to Airfix and you'll be right. There is no contest.
  8. Mikhail Timin's series of articles on 1941 VVS colours from M-Hobby magazine published in 2018/2019 is supposed to be expanded to a full book. Hopefully someone will pick it up and publish it in English. Cheers, Vedran
  9. What Sergey wrote is the primer for GPW fighter colors. We won't go into winter finish as well as the remnants of pre-1940 finishes here. Cheers, Vedran
  10. As Graham said, it matters much who is doing the debating.
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