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  1. There was a pretty good coberage on Wick in a special issue of Avions dedicated to WW2 aces, must dig it up.
  2. Obviously there is one. I have the ICM Firebee drones with their dollies, nice simple colourful kits.
  3. BS_w I see that you still do your magic Thank you for the drawings and info. Cheers, Vedran
  4. Plus, original plans were scanned by Archives Departmentales de Haurte Garonne in 2018 - sadly the D.520 fb group is now private, and the Archive site is busy, but the link below is where the good stuff is. https://archives.haute-garonne.fr/archives/archives/fonds/FRAD031_0056J
  5. Thank you Giampiero! Page 3 has the best photo of the asymmetric tail I have ever seen. Plus the plan.
  6. Best set of drawings IMHO are by BS_w, but I believe he pulled all but the drafts from the internet.
  7. Wait, is this a new photo? He confirmed that he makes the noses again?
  8. He made great stuff, I'm still sad to have missed his correct nose glazing for 1/48 Azur Potez 63/11
  9. Re: 24) Waroff (i.e. bs_W) made the sets with properly bent nose, new radiator and two options of props and spinners. I managed to get a couple of props and radiators from him ages ago but the nose mould was gone by that time. Maybe he could be persuaded to make a new set of moulds.
  10. Well, the Su-25 is widely available, I see no problems with the Yak.
  11. Beware of the Hataka Gris Bleu Clair - it is too blue. Acording to BS_W, best match is Mr. Surfacer 1200.
  12. New issue of Le Fana de Aviation (with MD Ouragan on the cover) has some profiles of tan/chamois D.520s. Waiting for my copy.
  13. Looks good. I wonder how it compares to Modelsvit kit (not trying to start a fight).
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