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  1. Bok Milose, I checked two online shops in Russia and Type 5s are in fact unavailable. But I can ask the owner of one if he can source it. He was able to get me two OOP Neomega Su-31 kits but I had to wait a couple of months. Hopefully we'll see a re-issue or a new kit at some point. Best regards, Vedran
  2. Oh, that was them too? IIRC another Ukrainian decal maker did the same at the start of the conflict. Revisionists... Cheers, Vedfan
  3. Neomega makes nice resin conversion sets with full interior, canopy and decals for Type 5 and Type 29. It is made for the Ark kit but should be adaptable to other kits. I got mine from Russia with love. Cheers, Vedran
  4. For a similar scraping problem in a narrow space I used an old Excel No. 11 blade. Heat it with a pen torch, bend the 2-3 mm of the tip 90° with small pliers, then dunk in oil. I needed the back of the blade and not the edge, but it should remain sharp long enough for your cut. Cheers, Vedran
  5. There was a test on fb and Youtube of all lacquer klears, including X22. X22 when cured is one of the toughest finishes available to modelers. Just don't drench it with enamel thinners. Cheers, Vedran
  6. Yes, 1/48 scale please. Cheers, Vedran
  7. I asked because I was aware of AM shortcomings and have the required fixes, and I know about the windshield debate but failed to find which one is correct or if both are correct. I hoped that ABeck had some new info. Oh well... Cheers, Vedran
  8. Do tell. What is the final verdict on canopies? Both AM and Tamiya are incorrect? Cheers, Vedran
  9. That is just a hotter thinner that doesn't allow the matt lacquers and metallics to settlle so much that they become satin, as can happen with their levelling thinner. X21 Flat Base is the answer.
  10. I bought the kit yesterday at Plastic Winter in Bratislava. Also, SH had their fuselage on display. Both look very, very good. Vedran
  11. Option 2, A-19 over AE-9 is my favourite. Cheers, Vedran
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