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  1. Is there a list of Fokker G-1 victories? I found that "330" had two.
  2. Please note that "black 4" has a non-standard oversize shield on the tail, and that "black 10" (which was a straight G-14 btw.) had a small shield on the tail stabilizer, similar to "black 2105" illustrated above. This is one if the best renditions of "black 10" built by a Croatian modeller Mtech in 1/48 scale:
  3. There was much gnashing of teeth last month when that colour pic retired all those cherished late war brown/green camo theories. Goat's head emblem is still debated but IMO it's the variation of the one seen on a Fiat G.50 This newly released photo will hopefully result in a new set of decals, i know that some are in the works.
  4. No, no, I'm sorry if it came out as if I thought you were "attacking" WNW. I'm also preparing for this a/c but with lozenge wings. Haven't been on the Aerodrome since Dan-San passed, I'll go have a look. Cheers, Vedran
  5. Could you please elaborate on that? Cheers, Vedran
  6. If they have Tichot's drawings, it'll be a treat. PS Joel also made great drawings of Br.690 and Bloch 174. Just saying.
  7. I'm afraid it's the same story as the Barracuda - the manufacturer developed exactly what the customer ordered.
  8. Nice to see death metal metalheads here
  9. CA Debonder. No modeller shoulf be without it.
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