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  1. Except that the Monogram B nose is too long? http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/264086-monogram-148-a-26-issues/ "Metal nose is way too long (should be 63 inches long or 33.3mm in 48-th, Monogram - 40mm)." That is the problem with those "nostalgia kits" - their accuracy is taken as granted.
  2. I find that "protecting their ideas" spiel a bit worn out. How many times was an actual kit producer really hurt by competition releasing the same subject at the same time? As Tamiya 1/48 F-14 has shown, fanboys will still buy the AMK kit.
  3. Cierva in 1/48 would be just what the doctor ordered
  4. FreeCAD https://www.xsim.info/articles/FreeCAD/en-US/HowTo/Install-on-Linux.html
  5. I don't believe it was s marketing ploy.
  6. wargaming3d.com has a good selection of STL-s. Also germania-figuren.eu
  7. As to 2), I call it BS. The wording is bogus, and that type of packaging was certified in the UK probably even before UK entered the Common Market. Why would re-certification be needed? Smaller bottles mean more profit. All else is evasion. Vedran
  8. Longer cowl and Gebauer machine gun bulges. Check out https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/73392-132-hungarian-mavag-heja-ii-conversion/
  9. Translation: probably all cross-sections are wrong.
  10. But, but, some people tell us there is no point in criticizing a kit in the CAD stage./sarcasm
  11. Apples and oranges. Mirage 2000 was one of their first kits under old management. IIRC Raymond took over at the time of F-5 series. And switch to the new tooling shop happened during the Mirage IIIE/V series - note the finer panel lines on two-seater fuselage vs the wing taken over from the IIIE release.
  12. If you want a reasonably accurate P-40B go with Airfix. If you want a detailed kit of something that wants to be a P-40B, go with Bronco.
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