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  1. Looks pretty good. Didn't know Airfix did a 1/84th scale Javelin. I have 2 of the 1/48 kits in the stash.
  2. Cheers guys. Reference photos in the Pat Martin British Phantom books also show the prominent stencils on the camo birds.
  3. Just managed to get this finished. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 with Xtradecal markings, Aerocraft resin intake ramps and Spey Cans, Hataka acrylic paints for the main colours and Vallejo Metal Color for the metalics and washed over with Flory Models washes.
  4. Cheers guys. Stencils almost finished.
  5. More work done on the Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 today. The bulk of the painting done with Hataka acrylics.
  6. Kit exhaust (sanded almost smooth) Aerocraft resin replacement
  7. The Fujimi kit is easier to build, yet the Airfix kit is more acurate but does have its faults too. Bleed air vents above and below the intake ramps absent on the Airfix kit, as are the vent just above the Spey Cans (afterburners) - Aerocraft do a replacement part. Stepped rings on the afterburner cans (Practically 1/1 scale on a 1/72 model) - no where near as prominent on the real engines (almost flush) - Aerocraft do a replacement set but they do seem quite a bit larger than the kit part. Which is correct? Not sure at the moment. Need to check the refs. Early round top fin - Perfect for an early F-4K/FG.1, leading edge panel lines different for F-4M/FGR.2 Late square top fin - Perfect for a later mid 70's onwards FGR.2 as it has the large vertical antenna panel in the forward portion of the tail. Needs to be filled and rescribed to do a later FG.1. Lots of test fitting is needed too before gluing major parts together like wings and fuselage. When finished, it does look like a cracking representation of a British Phantom.
  8. This will be a 111 Squadron Toom in Dark Green, Dark Sea Grey over Light Aircraft Grey. I will be using one of the Xtradecal sheets which incorrectly gives the aircraft as XV582 when it is in fact XV583.
  9. Got a bit of work done this week on my second Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 Primer on... And back end metalics... And today, Postie delivered my Aerocraft 1/72 Replacement Spey Cans. Right engine is the kit part sanded smooth and the left one is the Aerocraft resin replacement.
  10. Cheers guys. These are indeed the kit decals.