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  1. Ps I love the subject of 4-4-0?, Thought you might be starting a whattif of an articulated Schools class as 4-4-0-0-4-4; certainly solve the axle weight problem!
  2. And this is exactly why I love your bullds Peter! Even on subjects I allegedly know about I learn things A factor for the southern in general was the need for light axle loadings, hence when Bulleid did get round to building a Pacific it was a lightweight one, but.id never thought about how advanced the lner were with them compared to Lms, let alone gwr Of course for a ger person like me, anything more than 6 wheels is more than we can count too!
  3. It's a Peter B build and railway; I'm going to enjoy this Ah but malachite green, yes good luck with that. Probably explains the KUTA aspect! Don't railmatch do it?
  4. Sorry to hear this It's at these times that I'm glad I'm hairy sticks and rattle cans and never splashed the cash for a proper airbrush. Equally I'm not a proper modeller so that fits
  5. And it is absolutely lovely. Great to see another member of the Anything bit injection molding GB safely home
  6. Cessna 172 taildragger 5H-MRX, Mission Aviation Fellowship, Tanzania 1995 Finally started in the High Wings GB, but problems with the home-printed decals led to it arriving in the land of the KUTA. Purists should stop now- it's more impression than hyper-realist! build thread here Thanks to @CliffB for hosting the original GB, @Enzo Matrix for always setting up the enjoyable KUTA playpen and everyone who's offered support along the way, now the pictures... Being my sole remaining shot of the original
  7. Finally! Over 25 years since we left Tanzania, and a bit longer than the duration of the High Wings GB of 2021, this 'interpretation of a Cessna 172 is complete as a little tribute to the planes I worked with out there. Actually the 172s were being retired as we arrived but in the absence of 206 model (or a 210) it had to make do. Cessna purists, and they do exist, will point out that the base kit has problems with the cabin shape, add in my loosing all my own photos and it becomes very much an impression- as ever perfectists look away now! More photos in the gallery soon
  8. Suitably KUTAed by the vast number of completed builds in the gallery, I'm definitely going to finish this tomorrow, or maybe Saturday but certainly before the weekend is out...
  9. I'm sorry, but I just couldn't help myself; let's end the day with some Matchbox Multicoloured Magic Shame it won't be visible at the end.
  10. Comforted that it's not dementia setting in, because it's certainly not something I remember about them from days of old! Perhaps I stumbled upon the special edition set!
  11. More seriously, it's the best part of half a century (gulp) since I tackled a Faller build but in my memory it was impervious to feeble British cement (as were Pola kits come to that). Maybe thinks have moved on, or are you getting out the arc welder?
  12. This is going together really nicely, so I'm at a loss to explain the apparent blood on the engine nacelle; hope it cleans off later! Never mind a bit of blood loss, I'm (unusually) interested in the instructions! I learnt most of my technical terms from the instructions for Airfix kits, in the days when they were always 4 sections long with one picture per section and a lot of text. Or for buildings from Superquick models, somehow I never noticed how Matchbox instructions came with a good splattering of terminology. Though I'd never have guessed that the 'Wing flaps, fore and trailing' were both there
  13. Love it! I wondered if the title was a pun. Could be an entry for the matchbox GB in its multicoloured splendour
  14. Oooh white metal, the long forgotten medium of modelling (at least for AFVs and railways), lovely. Going to enjoy this. Also self-administer a KUTA being as you're onto no2 and I still haven't completed vol1!
  15. Strange that the Less than a tenner GB never gets adjusted for inflation...now off to Kingkit to have a look, just in case and then I'll be ready for the next one! It's not part of the stash if it was brought for a reason is my justification
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