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  1. I'd have thought a kit would need at least 2 pieces, not sure how the less than 25% completed rule would work for less than 8 pieces Intriguing though, what happens with 3D printing if it all comes out in one print run (if that's the phrase for it)
  2. It's the casual, I can always do another scratch build that I like. To relieve the boredom yet to cutting out the vac form, if be pretty sure that'll be under the standard 25% rule
  3. This is the GB for you☺ The perfect supportive environment of a GB to try something new
  4. Keep your stash under lock and key before you get a visit from @trickyrich
  5. Something that will be very different from the last Anything but Injection is the emergence of 3D printing. I'd not thought much about it, but this is possibly the first GB 3D printing can really make it's mark
  6. A cocktail dress? I was thinking something more flamboyant in the style of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, or was it Dessert I forget
  7. So pleased that the Life President of Resin Dust Anonymous will be along! I'm relying on you and @Pin to be knowledgeable! I'll do the tea and biscuits!
  8. I hope not otherwise I've only got 2p left for thtosr items, that'll teach me to read the rules
  9. I share your hit. After 2020 though, I think even a paint drying contest could be event of the year looking forward to another breath taking build from you
  10. Can we have a bunfight on your build options? I vote repeatedly for the Welsh models 747sp
  11. The oo version is out so I think you've a good chance. I suppose some sort of duty of care requires me to say that's going to be a lot of cardboard. I think the oo version comes to about £75 to build it as illustrated
  12. Excellent. Im hoping the greatest burden will be deciding if we can allow plasticine Borat and mankini on a family friendly forum
  13. Like an Oscar winners speech, here comes a long list of thank you's... Thank you to everyone who voted, and helped nudging this up the forum page so that it was noticed. Thanks to everyone who's putting in a 'double shift' with something in the They Also Serve GB for this year, which I think is @qn30jEkPz7 @Tim R-T-C @Torbjorn @nimrod54 @TonyTiger66 @JOCKNEY @SleeperService @zebra and everyone I've missed (whoops). I think it was a great way to show just how many ways there are to make models outside of injection moulding; a wonderful showcase. If you're struggling for id
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