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  1. Back from my hols and in amongst all the discussion of vinyl and wood carving (though not how to make a record in wood) a couple more signed up, welcome to the alternative world.. malpaso Mr T
  2. WHAT!!!! There are people in the world who aren't on Britmodeller? No, sorry I just can't get my head round that
  3. AFAIK KUTA is the only Gb with any prospect of reducing a stash I've already got 2 or possibly 3 lined up for it! Though the timescale is rather tight for my liking!
  4. The problem with plastic loco kits is that they're too light; most railway modellers will want a working loco and that means metal or resin to get the weight for traction. So even as Kitmaster/ Airkix were producing plastic kits most manufacturers such as K's etc were in white metal. I suspect that large scale IM British outline would be far too niche a market, but with 3D printing coming along, I could be wrong. Well I might still be right but the start up costs would change the economics of it.
  5. Thanks, I'd looked in the wrong thread- I'll let my 'friend' know
  6. #obvs I'm asking on behalf of a friend. I can't find it on the GB calendar, and 'they' have a couple of builds that they need a KUTA to even have the prospect of a GB to make progress
  7. It seems to be a Grumman design house style for planes to have a 'pugnacious airframe'- very elegantly put; I tend to think of them as the 'you looking at me..do you want some then, eh!' school of design. But who'd want to go to war in a plane that was, 'excuse me, do you mind terribly..if it's not too much bother' in its lines?!!
  8. I'll guess the nickname was the Blackburn Bother! With a name like that it was doomed from the outset surely?
  9. And there was me fretting that I'd have to explain to older BMers that it's possible to play things other than shellac 78s on the gramophone equipment. Anyhow vinyl is back, not that anyone's proposed either shellac or vinyl for a build....yet
  10. Brass, oh that's another medium on the list. I expect Lord of is will be intrigued by that We all built our first Gb once, I've even finished a couple! But they are hugely stimulating and supportive events
  11. Yes please! You've reminded me, I've got a w/m 1:43 car in one of the stashes- I think it was banished due to the non-existent instruction which were basically a general view of the real car
  12. OOH yes please, though not made by me- I think we'd be looking at the whole history of modelling from wood and paper right through to 3D printing, and maybe rope tar and feathers (though I'm still confused how that works!!)
  13. If anyone wants to enter something made from tar, rope and feathers- they're clearly going to out trump the rest of us, but I'm sure the build thread will attract a lot of attention and maybe not just on Britmodeller!!!
  14. If anything, this was a great exercise to show all the world's modellers to give this contraption of plastic parts a very wide berth. There were lots of time when I was humming a paraphrase of The House of the Rising Sun... Mother tell your baby children, yea yea Don't do the things that I've done Spend your life in sin and misery With the Frog mould katiuska!! Which probably means that within the week will there will be three or more master builds of it in RFI
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