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  1. A bit late? Welcome but you can't be late for a GB that hasn't started yet. I've dabbled in resin a couple of times with no ill effects. Oh hold on, yes I didn't appreciate just how sharp you can make a trailing edge in resin and got the equivalent of a paper cut- but don't let that put you off. As I said above sometimes we must suffer for our art
  2. It's open and shut @Marklo! Dont open the windows otherwise all the bits of photocopying will blow away and don't close the fuselage. I"m impressed at the level of anticipation when I'm still floundering in the Africa GB, that I really knew I didn't have time for! I think it best if you carry on with your prep work; as @Enzo Matrix says Airfix don't produce a new model in the duration of a GB (though I bet Tamyia could) so what you're doing sounds more like prep than construction...or is there something you want to share with the group?!!
  3. Heather, I'm with @Pin about spirit not law, so ultimately if you're spirit says no that it the end of the matter. But I'd like to venture that the prospect of a professional model maker working in their preferred scale using resin, brass and white metal in this GB would be a sight to behold for those of us with two left hands.
  4. We must save it from the shelf of doom! And as 1:43 = o gauge = 7mm we're in for a Heather modelling mistressclass which will leave us in complete awe on your home turf! The more so if this is going to be in addition to the other ones you'd mentioned earlier Just don't close the fuselage up for a while
  5. Oh my, there's another firm I'd forgotten all about from the Saturday job days in a model shop (that was in the day when every town had a model shop). This GB is going to be amazing for the diversity and how alongside all the cutting edge 3D printing and prototype resin kits there's going to be so much old school white metal going on. If you don't fancy CA glue, then there's always soldering iron and a different way to hurt yourself. Personally I never ventured beyond Araldite because it was more forgiving and could double up as filler. Never mind all the classic, Airfix, Revell etc.
  6. Alas, I knew you meant darning needle, but in the land of auto-correct they are called dancing needles, and I liked that image more!! And showing a vague awareness of safe working; if you are stuck together rubbing the stuck fingers rather than pulling them apart is a way to loosen the 'bite'. You might wonder how I know this, there again you can probably work it out.
  7. I know we've said this GB is all about using other material than IM plastic, but I'm starting to think we might have to say no human skin. There again sometimes it's necessary to suffer for one's art
  8. Attention Sctachbuilders and 3D printer types in particular! Please see the post from the Lord High Enzo of GroupBuild about preparatory work not counting inside the 25% complete rule. Almost makes me want to scatcbuild something to get started on plans etc. Oh hold on, I rashly entered the Africa GB; focus Michael, focus
  9. I'm sure Enzo is looking forward to this as much as the rest of us given how many locomotive kits he's piled up ready for it; but we should give him a chance to have a life. It's worth keeping in mind the post he put up for @Bullbasket about preparatory work on scratchbuilds and being ready to put into a post when the GB forum opens up. I'll try to track it down and give it a 'bump'
  10. So much nostalgia in one post! Bradford Barton, Wills and x04 motors. Please don't say all that was 40 years ago; though I've a ghastly feeling that you're right. Fortunately I've got the chassis to go with the kit. I've come a cropper before by buying a Graham Farish (China) rather than GraFar (Poole) donor loco to go with a kit. It all adds to the thrill of the chase and I've generally managed to recycle them on a certain auction site!
  11. With a user name of airfix Peter I was waiting to see what was coming. Welcome, the real question is will people be able to put up with me . Lockdown is definitely nurturing my reclusive side
  12. As Enzo says, yes that's quite OK- anyone else on the 3D route, feel free to do the same. Is this a cunning plan to get Enzo to move this to current GBs earlier than normal
  13. You mean Airfix don't do that? Well, that's rained on my parade Also, when will the first exclusive 3D printing GB be?!!!
  14. Well, if you won't come to the East, how about the 72xx, that is an example of the wheelbase being different for the pairs of axles. A more serious problem could be that they lack rear and plan views; can you extrapolate those from photos etc? No pressure, but I suspect that a lot of us are very excited to see what you come up with, aren't we @Enzo Matrix. Get ready for your cottage industry, I assume once you've cracked it you can offer any scale from z through to gauge 1 and beyond?
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