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  1. OH! I had no idea about that 'undocumented feature', I'll try to remember to video it for the WIP thread. Glad I'm going for a scheme which doesn't have many markings if it gets too spectacular!
  2. I really like that- very Lichenstein https://www.tate.org.uk/art/artists/roy-lichtenstein-1508 Which, I'd like to have a 'pop' at making one day having seen the original on a school trip back in the day. Back to the build though what's all this about having the right paint? I thought for a retro nostalgia build it was grab anything that's a bit crusty and slap it on!
  3. And yes, it is the Frogspawn- novo in this case. Very helpful info thanks- 2 blades it is; which sounds like it should be a budget modeller's nickname, as in 'have you seen what 2 blades has built this week'
  4. Should I be impressed or very afraid? Spot on, and no indication of which props for which version but I'll worry about that later
  5. If it's flirtation and tease you want, then a box art pic won't do, here's a tease though Clue, I'm not doing the ski plane version
  6. I refuse to fondle any sprues or post teasing photos until this topic moves into the current builds area; I hope it's soon
  7. a definite case of welcome aboard @helios16v I know I said I'd be hoping to get a long period for the build but I don't think we'll be allowed to start just yet! But that takes us to 20, in 1:20 scale grand prix models list over 200 resin kits (some of them are even in stock), none of them in my budget though https://www.grandprixmodels.com/search.aspx?selected=PT018,SC018,&order=orderByPrice&stock=showALL I think the mention of a tamyia resin kit that I can almost afford is a mistake unless I'm about to learn that they have dabbled in resin (oh, come on who hasn't?!!)
  8. Yes, it won't be until 2020 assuming it makes the lists and isn't languishing on the shelf of doom by then. As for the length allowed, I hope for leniency and a long build time to allow for all that chicken wire to be bent into shape, cottage industry kits to be cast, gold leaf to be delivered and, most importantly to give me a chance to finish which does seem best if I'm one of the hosts. So @helios16v please an I add you to the list?
  9. There's plenty of resin and vac-form enthusiasm and a few of us are pondering card, but what else is out there? Would you believe it, there's wood!? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hobbys-MM24-Matchmodeller-Cabin-Cruiser-Matchstick-Model-Boat-Kit-T48-Post-/123297926416?hash=item1cb5210d10 I guess it comes out like 3d printing and then there's a lot of smoothing to be done. The big advantage is that you don't have to fear the carpet monster because boxes of matches are really cheap.
  10. Good points, but I think the Brigand deserves a special place because of it's need for a LOT of maintanance and loving care- more than it's perhaps reasonable for a piece of front line equipment to receive. For example the undercarriage wouldn't always go down, even more alarming than a belly landing was the possibility of gas accumulation on the cannon blast tubes (under the cockpit) which would ignite the hydraulics. With fire in the hold you might opt to abandon ship' getting the crew of three into the cockpit was an exercise in patience and an orderly approach- annoying but trying to get out in a hurry? Not what you want to be faced with. The solution? No HE rounds and a signficantly reduced ammo load- hardly what you design a fighting plane for. Oh, and it would shed propellor blades... So yes, Giorgio, I think you make a good point, and there are plenty of examples; but I still think that the Brigand is a worthy example of stuff you wouldn't want to go to war in - indeed as I remember the navigator in the article in the Fly Past article positively refused!
  11. I've helped to boost the economy, and my stash by going for this. https://www.kingkit.co.uk/product/valom-aircraft-1-72-72030-bristol-brigand-bmki The wikipedia entry is a catalogue of flaws in the a/c until this, 'dammed with faint praise conclusion, 'When everything was working properly the Brigand was considered by its pilots to be a good aircraft'- that's a good aircraft, not remarkable or anything else but good!
  12. A resin Jon Pertwee? I'll not be the one to make cheap comments about stiff acting styles! She's an excellent judge of character, but we've got resin Ignore @Angus Tura's very perceptive wife- now's the time to buy some.. vacform, brass etch, white metal, wood, anything goes - this will be The Libertines of GBs!- be careful with the solvent and other substances though
  13. My experience of vac-form is that there's only a couple of pieces of plastic...then you start the cutting out etc. and there's loads more than you bargained for. As for completing GBs, I have a very dismal record myself; my worst/best was buying a kit for a GB, I may even have started a WIP of the contents and then loosing it for the duration, well til now. What baffles me is not so much where it is, but what else is in this ancillary stash that I've lost all track of!
  14. Welcome, but I wouldn't want to be burdened with the guilt of knowing that this GB led to stash diminution!! It's never happened before; please can I suggest you focus on the 'possibilities are endless'- they certainly are and that way the stash can grow and flourish
  15. I'll be along with one of these https://www.scalemates.com/kits/frog-f176-tupolev-sb-2-katyuska--145726 Probably novo. First kit i ever built, rather than my dad
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