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  1. No doubt you've seen how tactical it all gets; generally the front runners loose votes because they're perceived as being able to spare them and the no-hopers loose what few they've got because, well I guess they're no hopers and a lot of chopping and chasing happens in the muddled middle!
  2. By one means or another- it's fast becoming the by another option as the more feasible. Some discoveries this week. Trying to figure out a multipoint harness was too complicated and the results didn't even come up to my low standards so no harnesses. What I said about this being a decent little kit, doesn't apply to working out where the cabin sits on the fuselage sides; after several dry runs I figured out what seems to be right. But it meant that the crude Airfix pilot is way, way too big to fit in so has been dispensed with. Shame I'd spent so long painting him into a civilian pilot before I realised this. Alas, no pilot makes it hard to justify a running engine so I'm back to making a three bladed propellor somehow. And still no substantial thoughts on how to go about the markings. The good news in all this though is that there's been sober reflection rather than my usual gung-ho flight of Icarus approach.
  3. I think I built one of these about 20 years ago- didn't look half as good as the job your making of it. The (modelling) world needs more Cessnas!
  4. I should add that for anyone of a normal approach this is a tidy little kit in its own right with pretty accurate dimensions- shame I'm about to spoil all that really. Bu tI don't like the little boots and once I'd decided they were going to come off, one thing led to another.
  5. No. apologies for the pun because in this build I am very definitely winging it! I'm aiming for a representation of 5H-MRX based on one photo and memory. The memory isn't too reliable because it was leaving Tanzania as I arrived and so I had more dealings with C206 and C210. Means though it has to be a tail-dragger- I've got the Airifx reissue of the Fiesler Storch for wheels which are close enough Unusually a 3 bladed prop- no idea where to get a 70" diameter one of those, so it might have to be modelled as spinning An under-belly cargo pod- plastickard at the ready The harnesses were 4 or 5 point (hazy memory time) but will need masking tape and a way to figure out how to suspend it from the roof of the cabin. And to round it all off, the crucial matter of markings. A lot of winging it ahead To date there's this... Not too fussed about the interior because you can't see so very much. But If I go with the spinning spinny thing at the front, I'll need a pilot on board. The pilot off the Storch is all I've got so surgery ahead for him. Strap in because I predict turbulence and tropical storms ahead.
  6. Ah Kato (with apologies to Peter Sellers and Pink Panther films). This is getting rave reviews so you're certainly back to model railways in style. Just got to buy all the extension sets for the carriages (and hope the yen takes a tumble)
  7. If @Swamp Donkey goes ahead and builds Newcastle and @bootneck keeps chipping away at Birmingham then my thoughts of a country goods shed are going to look rather puny. I've always fancied one of these https://slatersplastikard.com/linePage.php?suffix=JPG&code=7032 Apparently it's not the 'best' of kits and the wrong scale for me but that's easy because my model railway club have just built an O gauge layout so I'd have 'running rights'
  8. Time for a nudge. Otherwise I'm left with another kit I brought for a GB that didn't make the grade
  9. I guess with over 40,000 to choose from you're spoilt for choice and the registration was a lucky dip! Meanwhile an initial dry fit suggests nothing to scary Though after the Eastern Express Canberra anything would be a breeze. Well maybe not anything; as the skunk said when the wind changed direction, 'it all comes back to me now'... Way back when I was going to build this as a Tanzanian tail dragger 5H-MRX that I was briefly acquainted with back in the 90s. So long ago that I've only got one picture left to work from, so maybe not But I fancy a tail dragger in some way
  10. Eastern Express (Frogspawn) Canberra. The build thread is here (if you really want to torment yourself) I know a poor workman blames his tools but this is probably one of the worse models I've ever wrestled. Ancient mouldings, warped plastic, dodgy decals and an indifferent painting guide were all part of the mix. I think the morale of the story is that it's true and that size isn't everything ; though it was a substantial lump for less than a tenner. Thanks to @PlaStix for hosting, in the event of cheapo part 2, I'll spend more wisely rather than just going large. Enough though, and here it is, in all it's beastliness...
  11. Well that's that! In the RFI section now, but it fought me all the way; even after putting the prescribed amount of ballast in the nose it was still a tail-sitter. I fear that the warped fuselage is starting to overpower the CA adhesive, or maybe my mind is playing tricks on me but I'm sure there's a growing crack at the nose. If this build lives long in my memory it'll be in the form of disturbing dreams! Thanks though to @PlaStix for hosting.
  12. The decals are fully living up to my (VERY LOW) expectations of how they'd behave They're all massively think and ignore the supplications of Decal Fix, though are prone to cracking whenever the fancy takes them. I swear the teeth motif was on just fine and then 30 minutes later had contrived to break apart. There's a very wise modeller on here who's signature block is that 'Life's too short to worry about all the stencils', in the case of this kit life too stressful already to worry about all the stencils! Not least because of the paucity of instructions as to where they go. In a nutshell, enough of them have been wrestled onto the plastic and it's time for the final touches and a short hop (famous last words) to RFI airfield.
  13. I can't remember if I read or dreamt (story of my life) that a GB has to rest a year before being put up again; if that's right it's 2023 before an Anything but IM (3) can happen. However for those of you with withdrawal symptoms the great news is that @LorenSharp's proposal Cleared the 30 mark last night and is in the bunfight for next year. This link might not work soon because I don't know if they can follow a thread when it's moved, but I'm sure more support won't go amiss. It joins @AdrianMF's In there bunfight so I'm sure you can spare the votes and look forward to two different ways to challenge yourselves next year!!!
  14. Yeah! Into the bunfight. Exciting times. What with this and the not my comfort zone proposal I could really scare myself next year
  15. Down to the details and decals. The details don't worry me, but as for the decals... I've a bad feeling about the responsiveness of the decals themselves so they're may be another raid of the spares drawer yet. And the sum total of Eastern Express's placement guide leads plenty to the imagination. To help things along I've managed to find a grainy copy of the Novo box back for more clues. I think that like the rest of this model the decals are going to be more indicative than accurate. And so, into the final over, finishing straight, penalty shoot-out, whatever sporting image you like!
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