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  1. For British viewers it's on freeview 33 this afternoon so you can check the accuracy, of the model not the film that is!
  2. An obscure regional carrier with a suitably dated livery, including yellow - what not to like? Do you want to fly my bubble bee? Curiously when AirUK set up it's budget operation they named it Buzz but I don't think it was a conscious reference to their origins
  3. That's better! Now the wings are on, I can see where a tad more filler is required. And then it's onto the topside It's my firm belief that if Roden ever launch starter sets (yes I know that's far fetched) they should include a tube of filler along with the tiny paint pots and cheap brush
  4. Small world time- I used to be rector of Hoxne (and 6 others!), and I know exactly the field you're referring too! I'm more of a let's martyr King Edmund the myself. But if both of those are too ancient for your liking, how about something for the 95th BG just across the fields between Denham and Horham? No, I've never come across any decal sets for them either so good luck! Like I say, the East will rise again!
  5. There often is, I think the buyers premium includes vat. They hiked it up in covid and hammer prices have noticeably dropped since then I'm guessing you've seen the car kits, including an airdix 'hot rod' also sure you're wise enough not to succumb to auction fever. Calculate your max including charges and stick it it!
  6. Coming soon to Bury St Edmunds (online bidding possible) https://www.lskauctioncentre.co.uk/auction/search/?ic=False&sd=0&pp=96&g=1&st=renwal&sto=0&au=806&sf=[]&w=False&pn=1&mc=1051 Lot 661 might be of particular interest just before Christmas. My eye was drawn to a lot with a couple of Rosebud Kitmaster offerings, but it seems they were never issued by Airfix else they'd have been trying their luck for the Airfix classic GB, who knows I might still go for them
  7. Bear in mind that the shop is only available to members, but they do some excellent kits - I'll be tackling their Gresley Full brake in the golden Age of Transport GB if you want to see ho not to do it- I can't see you learning anything else from me! For items like lamps etc, there's also P&D Marsh and N-Brass, the latter is up for sale if you want to take the plunge in a big way!!!
  8. that is stunningly good, you did say 1/32 scale right?!!
  9. But it just doesn't look right! Conversely I don't like A3's (Flying Scotsman, though over ones were available!) with them
  10. And again by the power of the internet https://www.rmweb.co.uk/forums/topic/164999-932-blundells-self-trimming-tender/ In summary, pinch Nelson's tender and you won't be far off. I mean he might biff you so creep up on his bad eye, and apparently the end won't be exactly right but the sides will do. Something a bit different if life isn't complicated enough🤪
  11. Saved by wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_SR_V_"Schools"_class_locomotives?fbclid=IwAR0vdVKRn7ZHnZkuY50J3y8uv6vI2P9wadBNveX47i4FMEobTEUAXCDsl3k Uppingham got uppity (please applaud the pun) and so 923 became Bradfield Also in there is that is was 935 that was mocked up in streamline form as 999 And a couple had high sided tenders if you fancy something a bit different Reassured to know I didn't imagine it all; wonder how much that edition of Locomotives Illustrated is worth now that all the info is on the internet🤷‍♀️
  12. Crumbs this is nostalgia, there's a firm I'd forgotten I even ever knew about!
  13. Even with the clue about its 'distinctive' looks in the title, I still burst out laughing at the photo. Still I'm sure it's mummy loved it!!!
  14. Ooh a nice double build - very appropriate for a bicentennial! And excellent choice of subject.
  15. I'll just leave this here https://www.kingkit.co.uk/product/revell-aircraft-1-72-4150-supermarine-spitfire What I like is how in those simple times, marks, variants etc were irrelevant - it's a Spitfire. End off! I think the best example was Airfix and their German 'Assault Gun',
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