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  1. I've just shown this to my guide dog, and he says, 'no chance, even if he did have thumbs!' Are those really etched seat harness? Oh my!
  2. Is this the moment when I do my Meg Ryan impression by shouting, 'yes! yes!! YESSSS!' Oh, ok I'll save it for some other time Everything is welcome as long as its not an injection moulding
  3. Well, where is this year going; its all a little bit crazy to put it mildly but I'm back in the saddle and yes still up for this so please count me in.
  4. I vote yellow as well, if that's light blue in with it then It's pretty much the home and away colours of Cambridge United so please do that one! M
  5. An excellent counterpoint to the high tech wonder of 3D printing and just the kind of variety I'd hope that a fully voted Anything but Injection GB would bring. My only worry is that you're getting this built quicker than I do a conventional kit, but there's lots of reasons to worry about my model making and not just the knives and chemicals involved!!
  6. Having a South African daughter-in-law its no surprise that this is my favourite Gresley! Masterpiece
  7. Am I the only person pondering a What If build at the moment? I bet I'm not!!
  8. This is beyond bonkers, I'm tempted to say that it'll never fly! Can I suggest that inventing the universe and making the apple pie might be easier
  9. a build with a 'commercial confidentiality' clause- intriguing. But maybe something that special should be held back, ready for next year's real GB? Not that I'd ever want to discourage extravagance.
  10. Enzio's idea was that it was a way of promoting GB's to give them a better chance in the 2021 poll- the election campaign has started already!! Being optimistic, it's worth holding a plum build back for the real GB next year.
  11. It would be silly (not that that usually stops me) to start anything with a house move coming in March. But with the whole year ahead, I'll be along later with something in cardboard with a Dutch theme. Undecided between Schipol airport terminal (the original Art Deco one) or a historic lighthouse. any preferences oh learned ones?
  12. This looks brilliant in sooo many ways!
  13. Yep, KLM it is, a very tidy (I'm getting ready for Gavin & Stacey) livery on the F-DCAL sheet
  14. Back from my travels and time to knuckle down with a sizeable chunk of the GB schedule already behind me! As has been flagged up, one of the problems with this kit is the lack of nose bay detail or even locating lugs for the u/c. I can live without the lack of detail (yep I'm a bodger), but I don't want the nose gear collapsing. There are no doubt more elegant ways of doing this, but I've gone for this Tacked in place for this photo, what I've done is used plastastrut to build up the two ridges on the foot of the cockpit floor and cut notches out of the base of the u/c moulding; this should give a decent surface area for the cement. The bracing arm will then go in front and, well I suppose, brace it. splash of paint and hopefully button up the fuselage and make progress
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