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  1. Yes. Yes it does! And I , for one, am more pumped than a bilge pump in a storm! First GB of the year and usually first contender for that year's KUTA. This year, Im going for modest enough to be achievable and yet with enough f a challenge to be stimulating. Though that's also what I say every year
  2. Seems they're like buses! Wait a lifetime and then two in the same GB! And a choice of scales at that!
  3. Ah yes...The rigging! Certainly not an eyesight test that they offer at Specsavers, though other opticians are available so maybe they do. Had to move onto to the dining table and use every light in the room to see the mass of black threads: Christmas cards and table runner an unnecessary reminder that this has to be completed within 3 weeks Still, without the 11th hour nothing would ever get done. A week at it, andI think it's a passable attempt and conveys the complexity of the rigging- no place for a landlubber, for sure. That's instruction stage 91 behind me. Let the eyes recover but next up are the sails, I think they'll be much simplified. Anyone with a passing knowledge or the Mayflower, or sailing ships in general, will notice a few of the arms are missing. This might be left as storm damage at the end of the crossing. No actually, they got knocked off but it's an ill wind and all that, so I'm figuring it might be easier to attach the sails to them first before reattaching to the masts... We'll find out soon enough!
  4. I approve! a yellow helicopter was also on my list; it's in better hands with you though I'm sure
  5. Paint work tidied up before it got the model got too cumbersome and delicate. First piece of rigging in place and time for some sober reflection aka Reality Bites. Firstly these 'guy ropes' for the masts aren't explicitly in the instructions, but I worked out by comparing different illustrations in the diagrams. As the full rigging instructions are no clearer, they are definitely stages where I have no idea what is going on. Secondly, it's incredibly fiddly; threading through the masts I completed 4 out of 5 bt had to send for my wife's far more dextrous fingers for the last one.. This was partly because the thread had frayed too much on my earlier attempts and I'd trimmed it back too much. Point is, I can't keep interrupting her art! So the rigging is going to be the simplified version, plus any of the full version that I feel capable off and can understand the instructions for. As usual reverting for my impressionist approach to modelling. Due to the hull shape, this model is very much the nautical version of a tail-sitter; the more so as the masts and sails go on. Some ballast in the base of the hull would've been a good idea. But it's far too late for that. Instead I've packed out the base of the stand with milliput- yes I know it's not to be used as ballast, but it's so pliant and the easiest way to get weight into such a thin area. And finally a question for those who know about ships- where's the ship's wheel/ helm? I notice there isn't one included and I'd have thought it would be on deck for visibility rather than below decks? Idle curiosity because I'm not likely to scratch one.
  6. Not that I know nothing, send for @Enzo the Magnificent but it's not without precedent because @Jinxman is finishing off his son's build on kuta I rather like the idea of kutas anonymous and the fabled 'im asking for a friend ' line 'all these unfinished builds, no obviously they're not mine, I don't have a kuta problem, I'm doing them for a friend '
  7. The wings are now on Some packing required, also had to shave a lot off the centre spar as it was way too think and split (splat, splitted?!) the wings A bit of headscratching while I try to remember what I was planning on doing and why that bit was left like that; suspect a lot of us have to do that
  8. I wish you well! Trying to get a sense of the size, but I reckon that as it's HO it must stand pretty tall; I know the card one I did was n gauge and came to a respectable 15cm or so. Because card modelling is so established in continental Europe I think the techniques of 'appliqué' will have been transferred across for building up the depth of pieces as laminates. I'll say you've got a distinct advantage over the one I built because the instructions are in a separate booklet; on my card on the German instrctions were fine but the English ones were printed on the back of the sheet so as you progressed you lost more of the instructions (at a very early stage), fortunately the follow the numbers system comes into it's own. Having said that I've just seen that part 127 attaches to part 133 and 135 on this. Right off to get some chips and mayo to enjoy this, maybe a wurst and mustard later!!
  9. So that's what the nacelles are meant to look like!
  10. Open the box, you tease... please. Pretty please
  11. I'm going the 'full Jeff' has the makings of a BM catchphrase - @ArnoldAmbrose your fame is assured!
  12. @ArnoldAmbrose Hey, Jeff! I was thinking of you in the night (nothing freaky honestly) that this build would be right up your street quayside and here you are, right on station! @Adm Lord De Univers 1/350, it's certainly going to take up a lot of shelf space, or if your prefer make room in the stash once it's complete! Onwards to success good sir!
  13. Beautifully put! Though too often, I end up thinking, 'oh well, there's always another KUTA to roll this one into!' I find all the GBs very supportive places but the KUTA by far the best, and a great tonic for mojo restoration alongside such a diverse collection of entries - sometimes people don't build B17's in it PS perhaps the B17 GB should be renamed the pre-KUTA GB?
  14. That's an interesting angle, I think I'll investigate (aka procrastination) I'd certainly prefer the float version
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