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  1. OOh, I think it's time for some of Mrs W's jewellery making tools to be, well I like the phrase, seconded for career development. Great tip, thanks.
  2. If that's not the OED's word of the year come the autumn I'll be massively disappointed. However, in this instance no sproing took place and all clothes pegs are accounted for, that's not to say it was an enjoyable experience but the fuselage is joined rather than sproinged... It's bottom is just as ugly is you'll pardon the phrase... I keep telling myself I'm making progress; at least my bank account is because I can't get to the LHS to see what they've got for a tenner so I'm stuck (literally at one point with the vast amount of CA glue) with this
  3. Oh dear, right near the bottom of page 3 and lots of 'completed' threads around me.... not for the first time in my life, I asked myself why am I doing this? Except this time it wasn't at an existential level or even some philosophy of modelling musing but the simple business of making an etched brass ladder when I couldn't see a thing. Then I realised that I what was effectively two brass grids together against the grid of a cutting board so it was not so surprising that I was making no progress and getting headaches. Change of plan, sprayed one of the ladders in red primer because I co
  4. Huzzar! Back with us for the charge to the finish line.
  5. I'm planning on one of these as well. Haven't studied it in detail bit just seen how atrocious the decal registration is; that could well add to the general entertainment value
  6. Did you want that answer in hours and minutes? Roughly 4 weeks and 3 days and 6 hours. I'll admit that with 3 completed the fourth may not get there; it's why I'll never enter the blitz builds!
  7. This is an ideal opening for a 3D printing enterprise. Scalable for use in dioramas of picnics, troops at rest etc....
  8. That is some mighty fine handrail curving right there.
  9. Coloured transparencies, swanky. I was expecting clear and paint them
  10. As the old post office advert had it; I saw this and thought of you couldn't see you as a contributor but perhaps you've been following it. Sure you can help clarify or muddy the waters as appropriate
  11. We could have a little side-bet running here, with the stake money going as donations to the site fees fund; personally having picked up the the body is hollowed, I'm optimistic. Yep. Some years I don't even know which builds I was planning to dust down for the KUTA!
  12. Absolutley love the carrier deck- is it something as simple as kitchen towel or cost a fortune from an obscure website? I'll believe either answer. PS love the model as well
  13. Another weekend behind us and there are now a day under five weeks left of this GB. We're now up to 107 build threads and both I and the mystic spreadsheet are struggling to keep track of it all; so profound apologies if I've missed anyone. An impressive 32% of threads are already in the galleries- remember there's a display only and a competition one to choose from, every single one is very good and shows there is excellence beyond hasegawa! For those of us who are still toddling along, heres' some timely advice
  14. I knew things were bad (really, really must curb my GB over-enthusiasm) but didn't realise I was on the last page! The model is just as bad- I'll guess that I'm the only person who is surprised that boiling water made no impression on the invisible Russian plastic of yesteryear and the warping refused to yield. The problem is the starboard fuselage half, so I'm trying to use the port side (while resisting the urge to drink port) as a datum and hang everything off that. So much for the plan- the canon pod is precision engineered to fit where it touches, and I bulked out the
  15. Retrieved from the goods siding that is page 4 of this GB, I'd like to say that I've not been idle which partly true. Though I've not been as productive as I could've been, and the cart is now firmly in front of the horse... I actually finished the tender a couple of weeks ago and had some anger management time smashing up a piece of coal to make a load to go in it, but remarkably I've lost it; doesn't bode well for the smaller parts on the loco. To my satisfaction, it's very free-rolling hence the robust chocks applied to stop it running away and being camera shy!
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