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  1. That's what I'm going to say happened! Though exactly how the thickness changed after the dry fit I can't explain. Everything was amazingly good when I tested it, but somehow it went wrong once cement was applied... Not disastrous though- I've had mainstream kits with worse seams, though the bottom was somehow worse and needed some packing Again, think it can all be cleaned up well enough. This though is 'interesting' or in management speak 'challenging' Yep the windows into the spartan cabin are indeed very large and very clear- an interior is really needed; shame it isn't going to happen! Worse though, in what can only have been a senior moment, I fixed the windows with decal fix rather than clearfix and only realise my mistake when they started falling out. Inevitably this wasn't until after I'd joined the fuselage together which makes inserting them a hoot. They are an impressively exact fit as well for added merriment. Wings glued together, again with deceptive ease- that is to say I rushed the second one and didn't pay enough attention to the alingments so needs some cleaning up. Thanks to @TheyJammedKenny! for all the helpful nacelle and engine info- at least there's something useful in this thread for serious modellers now! I'm just going OOB with this one. So, there it is, some progress and all-in-all going well enough indeed probably better than I expected.
  2. Ah yes! Thanks for the reminder, alas I knew this because the idea was to crack on with things in the month before the Revell classic GB started and I got distracted. Instead I've now got 2 builds on the go and make no progress on either because I get distracted by the other Actually there is some progress (and regress) but a full sitrep tonight; because writing a report is always a distraction from action
  3. I think it's a personal judgement thing. For my part I've got one my dad brought me and as he's been dead for nearly 21 years I feel it's long overdue! I guess another test would be the one that is literally at the bottom of the pile! @Adam Poultney have I read your thoughts aright?
  4. Nothing much for show and tell so far. Not least because having gone from the most detailed cockpit I've ever done in the Valom Vickers Viking in the Jubilee GB, this is probably the sparsest ever; a seat an aviator (possibly an alien) clutching a control column, and that's it. There is however this So I now know it's the 1982 repop. Obviously I should file it off, but this being a Classic GB, I'm inclined to leave it in situ and maybe even dry brush it for emphasis at the end!
  5. Nothing changes! I sat down to study the instructions last night (I was bored) and if you build this exaclty to the picture (rather than letter) of the instructions, there's no mention of nose weight, so up she goes. At the moment, I'm toning it down; I wasn't go to get to hung up with painting but have decided the the green is just far too lurid so a white premier is going on before anything else happens.
  6. Or only 8 hours if you want the full kid at Christmas experience
  7. I'd be worried about the structural integrity of the lattice of fine plastic left behind because they're very closely spaced and there are going to be more holes than material
  8. nostalgia! Yep think it would have been in the 70s that I first came across one; wasn't sure that I wanted to build anything that small at the time. As for the 'tube' of glue, oh those were the days- Novo kits used to have them as well and my did they stink. I expect if you were to open it today a major chemical incident would be declared.
  9. And one of Nixon or Kissneger not being sold on 'hearts and minds' policy in Vietnam declaring that, ' when you've got 'em by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow'!
  10. I've a feeling that most of wouldn't expect anything else from you! I suggest that if the even happens you sign up for a simple OOB build- that would be a zillion miles outside your comfort zone (I'm only jealous)
  11. That can't be right - wasn't the B-36 called The Peacemaker?!
  12. We don't start for a few days yet and already the build threads go on for 2.pages🫢 True to form, I'm near the bottom of the last page with one of builds It's going to be quite the cavalry charge at the off 🫣. So thanks for hosting and good luck to @stevej60 and @Corsairfoxfouruncle for when the cat herding starts in earnest
  13. Oh, that's excellent! Just wish I'd known to turn the brightness down before seeing that yellow- retina burn isn't anything to worry about, right?!!!
  14. As Oscar Wilde summed it up, 'the one thing I can't resist is temptation'; surrender to the voice saying build all of them, and buy a couple more for good measure!
  15. The boxing could well be different, but according to Scalemates the parts have never changed, and I'm more than sure they're right about that- looking forward to doing something with the crew members! I will try to produce something fitting in honour of your ancestors. As for sailing ship kits- there's 3 moored in the harbour of this GB waiting to cast off already, so I say go buy one (I can't save the global economy all on my own) and get on board- the water's lovely for a sail!
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