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  1. Dennis, Grovelling apologies. I had failed to acknowlege this and say 'Thank you'. I didn't do so right away and somehow it slipped of the radar, possibly because work has come to a halt on the model (life got in the way) Thank you John
  2. That's a really nice model. The dust is very effective and gives it a 'real' look I have built a couple of High Planes kits and whlst they do need some(!) tidying up they do seem to get the shape right, which is not something that can be said for quite a few manufacturers John
  3. Wish I had taken those. So you spent a day chasing Merlins across Dartmoor then went all the way to Bedfordshire on the Sunday. Clearly a man with stamina or else a complete nutter! Or perhaps both. John
  4. Apart from the Shuttleworth Spitfire, that is. I was not alone in being disappointed. Someone on the UK Airshows site said that he was now very familiar with its underside. I met one of the Shuttleworth pilots, Peter Kosogorin, in the paddock just afterwards ans had a moan to him about it. I thought that it was all high speed zoom across the field, pull up high and then descend in a turn showing the underside then pulling up. Repeat until time was up, no decent shots for the photographers. I thought that the Spitfire XIV was going to do the same but its display finished with some lovely topside passes. John
  5. I will start at the end of the show with a couple of special visitors Hawker Fury Spitfire XIV The Jet Provost appeared in place of the promised Vampire Blenheim Swordfish Bristol Scout The Red Kite was an unscheduled visitor Some of the usual suspects Spitfire and Mew Gull. Un fortunately I was too far back from the crowdline to get a better picture Mew Gull alone A strong crosswind meant that some of the more susceptable a/c like thw Sopwith Pup had to land on the short runway. The telephoto lens gave some 'interesting' aspects to the pictures Miles Trio. Speed Six and two Magisters Avro 504K Avro Anson Parnall Elf Primary glider Slingsby Petrel Quite a lot but if you reached the end I hope that you enjoyed it John
  6. Are there any details/drawings of the pylons which carried the Firestreaks or were they mounted on the standard pylons? John
  7. I found that the wet, sticky finger works well. I wonder if the difficulty in picking things up and the tendency for the PE to zing off into space it is something to do with static electricity which is not present when a wet finger is used. I tried a version of the Micro stix idea by using a blob of Blue Tack on the end of a toothpick. I didn't quite succeed but got close enough to think that with more patience than I had at the time it could work. Thank you for the idea. John
  8. I wish I had thought of that As I said to JamesP above you are still worried about breaking the end off at a later date A big part of the problem would be getting them into the tweezers in the first place. All my efforts to pick them up with tweezers or other methods ended up in them pinging off into space and it was amazing how far they went. One chap did a WIP of the FD2 and he managed to attach all 4 of them. My mouth is still wide open in amazement
  9. Thank you for the compliment. I have seen your P1a and it looks like a more thorough build than mine. That comment about keeping the sprue attached is most interesting and helpful. I would still be worried about breaking the whole thing off at a much later date. I usually replace all plastic pitots with one made from brass tube.
  10. Were you allowed to handle the controls ? (but not at 30ft, I think). I was and was struck by how easy it was to fly. I remarked on this to the pilot and received the slightly terse reply that it was a fighting a/c and had to be like that as you would spend most of your time looking out. John
  11. The Dorawings kit is a significant step forward in the products from outside the mainstream. Most of it went together very well. Most problems were self inflicted. The only significant problems with the Dorawings kit involve the nose section. That long nose probe is moulded as part of the fuselage nose and my first reaction was that it was unlikely to survive the building process. This was borne out shortly after assembly commenced when I realised that the end had gone missing and there was no trace of it so I did not know exactly how long to make the replacement. Repair was not an option. Even if possible it was bound to happen again so a replacement was made using brass tubing of various diameters but leaving the thinnest off until painting was about to start. There are several vanes supposed to fit on the probe. These are made from PE and there was no way my fingers could get them in position without them pinging off across the workbench. If anyone knows how to do it please tell me. The canopy is another problem. There were fitting problems but the real trouble for me was the masking. I could not get the masks for the window in the roof and the 'portholes' to stick in position and replacements had to be made without great success. I think that it spoils the look of the whole model. The NMF is Alclad applied over gloss black. After applying the NMF there arose a problem with the decals. See here for details https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235139192-dora-fairey-fd2-decal-problem/ The P1a was built many years ago using the Aeroclub vacform fuselage and the rest from an Airfix F3 but I thought that it should be included here for comparison as both originated at almost the same time. John
  12. WV318 started life as an F4 but after an accident was rebuilt as a T7 and in October 1964 was upgraded to a T7A. She was used to train Lightning and Bucaneer crews. One of the last 4 to serve with the RAF she was painted black to commemorate 40 years of the type. Purchased in 1996 by Delta Jets at Kemble she was a regular on the airshow circuit until 2012 when Delta Jets ceased operations. She passed through a couple of owners then ended up at the International Test Pilots School in Ontario and is currently in service there. I had the good fortune to fly her on my 60th birthday, a surprise present arranged by my wife, and 24 years later my heart is still in the skies of Gloucestershire. The model represents her as she was when I flew her with a satin black finish. She was repainted in gloss black shortly afterwards for the Hunter Jubilee. The model was built from the Revell kit with the PJ Productions resin T7/T8 conversion kit. The only significant problem was that the place where you saw the front end off the Revell fuselage appears to be about 2mm too far back which creates a problem as the recess for the front of the wing has to be extended forward to compensate. Unfortunately the PJ forward fuselage had already been mated to the Revell rear section before I found this out. I thought that I had a picture showing the problem but it seems to have gone AWOL. Fitting the vacform canopy was something of a struggle which required some building up of the cockpit sides. The paint finish is Xtrakit 'Night Black' with a satin finish after the decals had been applied. Decals came from an old Xtrakit Hunter set which included a set for the Black Arrows. They are not quite correct for this T7 but were the only set available as far as I know. I had some trouble applying them as they had a tendency to break up. As luck would have it the worst case was the upper surface decals on the wing where part of the outer white ring went adrift. I reckoned that it was better to leave it that way than try to paint in the missing bit. There was a bit of last minute panic when I discovered that contrary to the instructions in the coversion kit this T7A was fitted with a tailhook and I had to make one. One is actually supplied with the kit for the T8 version but in my case the hook had been broken off before I received it (It was secondhand from Ebay) John
  13. I stand corrected. I think that I was measuring the diameter of the blue ring. In fact a standard 48" roundel fits beautifully over the existing one which saves trying to remove it. Similarly a 30" one fits, not quite perfectly, over the one on the underside of the wing. It leaves a tiny white border which could be taken as the carrier film if you don't look too hard. John
  14. No way! a. It's stuck on the model b. Even if it wasn't that sort of delicacy is beyond me John
  15. If you simply type WG774 you get the 'gap' between the 7 and the 4 and that's how it appeared on the decals but the illustration in the kit shows it the way it appears on the a/c. Interestingly theWG774 on the rear of the fuselage of the a/c does not have the 7 and 4 closed up when it first flew but this was changed when it appeared with its brother at Farnborough in World Recorder Holder markings. Now it's me being unobservant. I had seen the white ringed decals on the coloured a/c and felt sure that I had seen them in pictures of the NMF version so didn't check further. Even worse the rather grainy picture I have of two of them together on the runway appears to show the fuselage decal with a white ring but the one supplied in the kit for that version does not have one. Even worser (sorry, but this is getting to me) replacement of the white ringed decals is not going to be easy. A quick check of the spares box showed nothing suitable and a measurement of those supplied seemed to indicate that they were 45" diameter which I think is a non-standard size. Gordon Bennett! why do we do this to ourselves? Thank you John
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