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  1. I'm not sure what you mean as it was finished over five years ago. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234949577-avro-arrow-a-corrected-version-of-the-original-hobbycraft-172-kit/ John
  2. Andre, PM sent regarding availability of a kit. I don't think that it was ever issued over here as I never saw it on Hannant's site. Maybe it was too expensive. If my (dodgy) memory is correct it would have retailed at £60. John
  3. That looks a fine job. Especially with the decals. How were they? I have found old Hasegawa decals reluctant to leave the backing sheet. After seeing that I really musr get around to doing mine. I started but put it away when I found the rear part (strakes?) before the elevator was warped and reluctant to straighten. John
  4. Nice work on an interesting a/c Seeing your reference to the YF-96A. Did you know that I had built one. It's here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/63662-republic-yf-84f-ex-yf-96a/ John
  5. Don't know what happened there but I have reloaded it John
  6. Well the flying was excellent and the weather was good for flying but no so for photography as it was grey all day with just a few shafts of sunlight in the evening. Flying went on until after 9pm which made photgraphy of the Edwardians challenging, to say the least as it nearly dark when they flew. As if that wasn't enough it was the first time out with my new camera - one of those that needs some sort of qualification to operate. However the Bleriot and Deperdussin flew, something I have not seen for some years. The day started with a couple of passes by a BBMF Spitfire Then we had the Lysander pair. The ARCO one was making its first public appearance. For some reason they couldn't seem to synchronise the bank angles Next a Hurricane leading three Spitfires Shuttleworth Sea Hurricane Mark 1 Mark V Mark 1X Miles Magister and Avro Tutor The Eon Primary glider The English Electric Wren amazed us by flying several circuits The Fauvel AV36 glider was supposed to be fitted with smoke generators on the wingtips but these did not function - no explanation as to why not. There was a three ship formation of the Comet, Mew Gull and Hawk Speed Six but ,alas, no decent photos but here is the Speed Six taking off The show ended with the Edwardians. The blueish haze in the background was caused by the smoke left by the previous act, an Extra 300, that lingered long enough to make us wonder if the old timers would be able to see enough to make their runs Bristol Boxkite Blackburn Monoplane Bleriot Deperdussin - by now it was VERY dark - the camera said ISO 12000! Hope this wasn't too many John
  7. A&A models Ye-2a needs a little but there is plenty of room behind the nose cone John
  8. Another one wrestled to the ground! Well done - can't be many (or any) of those about. John
  9. I was going to say much the same things. I would not have liked to have been he pilot with the exhaust that close but maybe it kept him warm. Do we have any idea of a typical flight duration?
  10. I'm sure that you were happy with them at the time - and that's what's important
  11. I built one of these many years ago before AMS was first mooted so have no views on its accuracy. Mine went together without much trouble. The only things that spring to mind are some thin plastic around the air intake and the decals which were very thin and not very accurate sizewise. Good luck. John
  12. One of the 'must haves' for my collection but in the 'couldn't face the hassle' building department. Wonder what the Dora Wings version will be like when, or if, it appears John
  13. Lovely model but it did make me feel old when you said that it had been in service for twenty years as I was involved in the design of the software used for stress checking prior to it entering service. John
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