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  1. I agree with you about the complexity of the wing root/fuselage junction. I reckon that it is even harder to get right when trying to correct an inaccurate wing made from resin. Regarding plans. After reading your comments about finding different versions from Google I followed the same route with interesting results. I had only Barrie Hygates version to start with and as he referenced the actual a/c, Bae archives and gave actual dimensions I expected these to be reliable but there are some obvious errors, notably in the area of the intake/fuselage junction. Other versions seem to have got the latter correct but have the wrong wing LE sweep. I am curious about why you did not follow the intersection line on the drawing as this looks as if it would have given the correct shape. John
  2. I like it. It shouldn't be too difficult to make one out of MDF. On mine the doors were the most difficult things to make. John
  3. Here is a very rough mod showing what I meant. The intake has been removed and the gap filled with Milliput to show the shape of the wing without the intake. The second picture shows the forward edge cut off. The red lines show (very roughly) the wing root with the front cut off and the black line in front shows it before the cut off
  4. There is something not quite right about your argument but I can't put my finger on what it is. I agree that it looks as if the nose of the aerofoil has been cut off. I wonder if the aerofoil shape at the root should have a less pointed profile. where did you get the drawing shown in the first post? It does seem to show the correct shape at the root, something that is not right in any other drawings or models that I have seen. Is it possible to show a views of your model that show the same aspect as these pictures? Note that the wing/fuselage join appears to be an almost straight line. I'm trying to get it in 3D using Milliput and sandpaper on a Pro Resin version! John
  5. Sorry to rain on your parade but the fuselage/intake junction is incorrect. Have a look at the pictures in here.
  6. I went and wallowed in a hot bath! Regarding the piloting I had great sympathy for the Stampe formation as it poured with rain just before they took off and thay really got bounced around in the air.
  7. Well done for getting any pictures at all, let alone decent ones. A friend and I got the three day ticket thinking that there would be a fair chance of getting at least one decent day. Ho! Ho!. Despite being dressed for the Arctic we baled out even before the Daks. John
  8. Well done for getting any pictures at all, let alone decent ones. A friend and I got the three day ticket thinking that there would be a fair chance of getting at least one decent day. Ho! Ho!. We went on Saturday. At the the time Alpha Delta replied my friend and I were on our way home thoroughly chilled despite being dressed for the Arctic, as the rest of the program did not seem worth dying for.
  9. A really nice picture but the point of the splitter plate obscured the bit I wanted to see however on your Flickr site I found the following which shows that there is no opening. something that, to me, looks most unaerodynamic as it looks as if the airflow meets a blank wall. Anyway thank you many times over. You have been a great help. John
  10. Whilst building the Pro Resin 707A I thought that the airflow splitter on the intake looked a little thick so I looked up a picture I had taken of the 707C to see what the real thing looked like and discovered that the intake/fuselage junction on the model was completely wrong (surprise!). However the photo of the 707C revealed something interesting. Behind the splitter plate it appears as if there might be a recess (it could be just the shadow) for another form of intake. Might it be an offtake for the boundary layer? Does anyone have any ideas, knowledge or pictures of that area? I belive that it is the same for the 707A and C. I have looked at the pictures of the a/c in the Manchester Museum and they are maddeningly inconclusive. The drawing in Barrie Hygate's book was no help and I suspect may be in error in that region. John
  11. The glass shelves were were I cut to size from defunct double glazing units . These seem to end up in skips or go for landfill. You have to keep your eyes open for houses being refitted. I'm not sure (it was a long time ago) but I think that I bought the glass for the doors. Glaziers will cut it to size.
  12. Well done. I had my 'dream flight' in a Hunter almost 20 years ago and my heart is still in the air of Gloucestershire... John
  13. Bill - A really nice job of a really difficult kit. To anyone else: I built one of these about 10 years ago. If you read my build notes you will have even more appreciation of his excellent efforts https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/53277-leduc-022-update-to-add-some-build-notes/ Regarding getting in and out of the cockpit there is a photo somewhere of the pilot doing just that. By the way, it did actually fly but never reached its Mach 2 design speed but only reached Mach 1.25 before it was cancelled John
  14. I was in the 6th or 7th row back, very close to the 'road' down the middle zone - just about my favourite spot. There are bad spots. For the first airshow I was close to the back of Zone A and very close to the trees so it was not possible to a/c approaching from the right. I was not happy. John
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