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  1. Only just found this thread - fascinating because I started one one these about twenty years ago, as the original pure jet version, and it came to a halt because I didn't think that I was up to getting the fuselage bits to fit together. All the time I kept looking at that propellor, mine was unbroken, and wondering about doing that version. I am really interested to see how this turns out. It looks a great job so far. Regarding the finish I use black gloss enamel as an undercoat for the Alclad. You do have to be careful to put it on lightly. At my urging a friend tried this method but thought that you had to flood the Alcad on...lacquer and enamel are not good friends. John
  2. SCSI (pronounced SKUH-zee and sometimes colloquially known as "scuzzy"), the Small Computer System Interface, is a set of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard electronic interfaces that allow personal computers (PCs) to communicate with peripheral hardware such as disk drives, tape drives, CD-ROM Before your time....the things you youngsters have missed.
  3. I still have mine - built back in the day when I put the pilot in. Nice kit as I remember. I sanded off the lights on the outside of the tanks thinking it was flash!
  4. Rats! or something stronger! I used to have a Coolscan II but when I changed PCs the resolution went to 'coarse' and I couldn't get it back and it was junked. Maybe I should have perservered. Was your's the version that required an SCSI ?
  5. John R

    Supermarine Type-545 colours?

    I saw it at Cranfield in the early sixties and my admiitedly dodgy memory remembers it as fairly matt plain metal, suggesting that it was mainly dural. Barrie Hygate gives the finish as natural metal overall. John
  6. Martin, which scanner are you using? The quality looks great. The pictures aren't bad either! It's not only the military that get the hump when you try to take photos. I was just leaving work at Boeing when the prototype 737 was taking off so I grabbed my camera from the car and tried to take a picture whilst looking through an access gate to the airfield. The guard on duty went balllistic as I was 'on company property' - the parking lot between a main road and a civil airfield. John
  7. John R

    MPM Gloster Meteor prone pilot.

    There was an article about flying it in the Aeroplane Icons book 'Meteor'. The pilot said that after flopping on the the padded couch his feet dangled into the space above the nosewheel and a crewman grabbed his feet and put them in position on the pedals, which he could not see. Apparently once in position using them was not a problem.
  8. John R

    Shuttleworth Season Premiere

    No, it wasn't you. I was in my preferred position, about three rows of cars back. It gives me a bit more height to see over the hordes on the flightline and saves being clobbered by those with long lenses when panning. Mnay years ago at Shoreham I thought I was going to get that shot but the positioning and bank angle meant that all I got was a side view. John
  9. John R

    Shuttleworth Season Premiere

    Some of your pictures look a lot like mine - especially the first one of the Lanc and the Bristol M1. You were not by any chance the guy standing a few yards away from me who let out a cry of 'Yesss!' when you realised it was actually going to give us a topside shot? I messed up the one of the Boxkite/Triplane crossover by focussing on the Triplane
  10. John R

    Old Warden May 6

    What a wonderful day - wall to wall sunshine and a flat calm so the Edwardians were able to fly before dusk. Glory be - the Lancaster gave us a topside shot! Spitfire - unfortunately the Shuttleworth Spitfire had been unable to complete its flight tests and so was unavailable for display ...and a Hurricane Bristol M1 Highlight of the day was the first appearance of the Sopwith Camel A memory of my gliding days - the first glider in which I flew - the Slingsby T21 Bristol Boxkite My favourite old aeroplane - the 1912 Blackburn monoplane
  11. John R

    Meteor NF engine nacelle size

    I think that Bill Gunston got it right in his 'Fighters of the Fifties'. It says NF14 same length as Mk 12. John
  12. John R

    Meteor NF engine nacelle size

    Do you know about the error with the NF14 nose? It's too long and you should use the shorter of the two supplied. John Adams discovered this a few years ago.
  13. John R

    1/72 Valom N.A. FJ-1 Fury

    Did you have any luck with the decals? I am currently trying to finish my SIGA version as the first XFJ-1 for which the kit decals are unsuitable so mine are going spare. I am having a decal problem of my own. I bought a set so that I could finish my Pirate. There were 6 the size I needed and I used 4 on the Pirate. When I came to do the FJ-1 I found it needed the same size decals as the Pirate so I am two short. I don't fancy buying another complete sheet just to get two decals and ending up with two almost complete sheets of useless decals.
  14. There has been a minor tweek to the original post. I have revised the rather crude looking main u/c jack. It still does not bear much resemblance to the actual a/c as information on the gear is almost non-existent.
  15. I have just sprayed my Fury XFJ-1 with Xtracolor FS15042 Glossy Sea Blue and it has come out a different shade to the rest of my early US jets. I can't remember which paints I used for the Panther and Phantom but for the Pirate I used Humbrol Authentic HB9 Sea Blue Gloss. As it was very old I suspect that it was used on the Phantom too but as the Panther dates back to the 1980's it was probably Humbrol. I was happy with the colour of the earlier models as they seemed to match colours from photos and what my eyes had seen at airshows but the colour of the Fury seems to have a greyish/green tinge. I did wonder if I had not stirred up the paint sufficiently before using but the colour seems pretty close to that on the lid of the tin. Please can anybody offer any help on this matter? John PS. There was a thread about this in 2010 in which someone stated that the Xtracolor was the 'gold' standard but has it changed in the interim? http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/42748-us-navy-sea-blue/