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  1. You should see the number of duff shots! I use the lower shutter speed, 1/250, so I don't get motionless propellers but I get a lot of unsharp images. I do wonder how well the experts manage. Of course with shots like that of the Bristol, where the prop is in line with you, if one's mind and fingers were fast enough a high speed could be set. I nearly missed the Bristol because I was looking elsewhere when it appeared without warning as it started its take off run from close to the hangars. It was a case of up with the camera and 'click' - Lucky John
  2. Thank you. Peter gave very nice display which included a couple of lovely topside passes. Contrary to the impression created by the pictures above my panning that day was nearly useless and I only got one good shot from both passes.
  3. At Last! A warm sunny day at Old Warden Peter Teichman's 'Russian' Spitfire made its first visit to Old Warden Miles Hawk Speed Six and Mew Gull Bristol M1 made a sharp right turn after taking off from the short runway I nearly missed it Polikarpov Po 2 Primary glider Bristol Fighter Miles Gemini Nieuport We were promised 5 Edwardians but the Deperdussin,although rolled out, did not fly. The Bleriot did one short hop and nearly came to grief on the second when the pilot got he nose too high after lift off Avro Triplane Bristol Boxkite Blackburn
  4. A heart stopping moment as the Bleriot suddenly reared up after take off But it flopped down without apparent damage as it was towed back to the hangar without trouble
  5. He's a mate. He will understand that it takes one to know one John
  6. A really nice model (as usual) but who in his right mind would spend all that time and effort just to get something that no-one else has? John
  7. Aaah, one of the posh people... I was surprised to be so close to the aircraft taking off. I thought that the Elf & safety people would have put a stop to that as I was less than 100 metres from the runway. Great though. I did think that some of a/c could have come a bit lower along the display line but I did enjoy it apart from the weather. I only brought my fleece jacket along as a last minute thought otherwise... I am just about to add a few pictures of the models. John
  8. Where were you standing? Some of your shots show similarities with mine. I was at the corner next to the parked Mustang. I suspect that you were further back to get the shots of the aircraft that had taken off. Those were good shots and I was most jealous to see that you got that great picture of the little and large and that I completely failed to get any pictures of the pair John
  9. Yet another grey day and not very warm either but a nice display and a number of a/c I have not seen before Jet Pitts - apparently it's going to have 2 jet engines fitted in addition to its piston engine Stinson Reliant - looking rather like a Lysander Spitfire in American markings Rolls Royce PR 19 Spitfire Harvard Another Harvard but not in the display - just leaving Auster AOP 6 Miles Gemini Hurricane This pretty Siai Marchetti SF 260 gave a gentle display Yak 3 Spartan 7W To finish here are some pictures of a 'Red Arrows' display put on by two model jets. Most impressive, especially the piloting skills. Landing
  10. The Wheels! The instructions seem to show locating spigots to make the two halves align correctly but on all wheels there are only holes. Also there are no holes into which to fit the axles although they are shown in the instructions. You have to drill your own. Another Snafu methinks. Another 'interesting' item. The accesories on the front of the engine are handed left and right implying that there are left and right handed engines - unlikely? The cockpit instructions show that there is a hole in which to put the control column but it does not exist. The instructions also show part of the control column asssembly, part 57, as nicely detailed but it is not
  11. It's that bit that I am working on at the moment. I have managed to disaasemble the bits I got wrong. It's not obvious (to me at any rate) that the bits are meant to form the intake tunnel and not, as I assumed, to blank off the holes into the wing and fuselage insides. I think that I will try fitting the intake to the lower portion of the wing and build the tunnel to fit that. I have more than a sneaking suspiction that once assembled it might foul the upper half of the fuselage. Watch this space...
  12. I am currently wrestling with trying to assemble one of these and it is not easy. Apart from the aforementioned problems almost nothing quite fits and tongues do not match the grooves into which they should go. One does wonder if anybody actually tried to assemble one before it went on the market. John
  13. Thank you a fascinating post. It's great to learn of something new. Nice modelling too. John
  14. Neat work. Not a subject that I would expect to be made by a mainstream model company. Was that colour scheme and associated decals in the kit? How did you deal with the oversized canopy? John
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