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  1. Nice models. Pity you didn't remove those apostophe's (sic) at the same time as the dust. Sorry, but I am descended from a long line of pedants! John
  2. A finished Merlin kit? Wow! A nice job and thank you for the background information - most interesting John
  3. That is a really nice job. I am not surprised that you had trouble fitting the cockpit. I have suffered greatly at Modelsvit's hands in the past in that regard. John
  4. What is the story behind the shape of the nose and the colour scheme? John
  5. Ed, you didn't say how you modified the wings. Cutting the rear section off would leave a very blunt trailing edge. John
  6. Ed, I have looked again at the drawing and your post and the gray line is the production version ( short nose and fatter fuselage) and the plain line represents the prototype so I think that I was right first time. John
  7. Sorry Ed. You are quite right. I must have been away with the fairies. I have an ambition to make the prototype and was concerned about the fuselage fatness and must have let that distract me and so I got confused about which version I was looking at. Age and Covid confinement have a lot to answer for! John
  8. I have just been comparing the model against Tommy's drawing and it appears that the fuselage length and the fin size match the drawing of the prototype rather than the production version John
  9. Hi Chris, I see that this fine weather has lured your models out of their dark caves John
  10. Just about everything, except for the wheels, is the wrong size and shape or warped. It probably wouldn't look too bad if you built it straight from the box except for the canopy which, for me, spoils the look of the whole thing. See here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235078902-avro-707a-in-black-and-white-and-silver/ John
  11. As the rest of the kit is so inaccurate worrying about the fitting or positioning of pitot tubes brings to mind the old saying about re-positioning the deckchairs on the Titanic. John
  12. Nice job, Ed. Only problem I have with it is that mine is no longer unique! John
  13. It never flew. It reached the stage of high speed taxi trials but the loss of its predecessor due to structural problems led to flight testing being prohibited. Nice job on the model Robert. I thought about getting one for my collection of Russian prototypes but as it never flew I decided against it - wisely it seems. John
  14. Hi Ed, Only just found this thread (why did you not tell me you were starting it?) so have not found time to read it all. I have just remembered about the decals on the intake. I did not make them. They came from the spares box. They may even have come from the Fujimi kit used as a starting point. Regarding the NACA inlets in the nose. My memory is not what it was these days and I tried several ways but I think that I ended up with making a cutout in a sheet of plastic and then embedding that in a hole in the nose using Milliput. I am very interested in seeing how the maski
  15. Just found this. It's faint but it looks like a fairing over the front end of the engine ending where the air enters the engine.
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