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  1. I have been in contact with someone who produces exquisite resin models in1/72 scale. He would like to produce a model, possibly more than one, from the aircraft which appeared in Barrie Hygate's book Bitish Experimental Jet Aircraft. Which one would you like to see produced? My first preference would be a Supermarine 535. For those who haven't got or seen the book these are the a/c featured John
  2. Not quite a silk purse from a sow's ear but a decent result but why did you start from there? Was it lurking in the back of the stash and here was an incentive to get rid of it or did someone give it to you and say 'Eric, could you?'
  3. Another mischievious thought. Perhaps there are problems with Ian Black over his fee. 'When I signed up I did not expect thousands of entries. Do you expect me to work for months for peanuts?'
  4. At least Airfix have replied. My queries on the FB page disappeared. At least they could have updated the competiton site to say 'hold your horses, we are overwhelmed'
  5. I am glad that someone else is having the same problem. I was beginning to feel that I was either living in a parallel universe or had imagined the whole thing. John
  6. I saw this on the Airfix website and sent in an entry but have not seen anything else (i.e other entries or results) about it since and Airfix have not responded to my queries. Does anybody know anything about it? John
  7. I have a 3 view with cross sections from the Argus books 'Aircraft Archive Post War Jets Vol 3'. No idea about accuracy Drop me a PM if you would like a copy John
  8. When all else fails read the instructions, or in this case the text! It's so often the case when somebody writes about their Dad and his aircraft that he was a pilot. Thanks John
  9. Regarding dates, does your Dad not have his logbook? Received wisdom says pilots never throw them away
  10. I use Google to find old threads as all the Britmodeller search engines over the years have proved useless John
  11. The first 1052, VX272, flew in November 1948. The second, VX279, flew in April 1949 and was later sent back to the factory for conversion into the 1081 and flew in this form in June 1950. VX 272 had the swept tail fitted in 1972 so your model should be VX 272. But as you said 'it was all done for lark' and if you are happy who cares John
  12. Unfortunately that is not the P1081. It is the P1052 with the swept tail. The P1081 was VX279 modified to have the exhaust at the tail probably because there were plans to fit an afterburner. Good effort, though John
  13. Talking about the eye of the beholder I have just undergone an operation on my right eye to remove a cataract and now each eye sees a different shade of white. My 'white' kitchen cabinets now look 'off-white' to my left eye but bright white to the right one. I also remember seeing my infant son have that test for colour blindness where you have to pick out a number from a field of coloured dots and it became obvious that he was seeing a completely different one from me. Fascinating John
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