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  1. I haven't played a game of WHFB since around 4th edition rules - more of a painter/collector nowadays - but there's always the chance I'll play the occasional game at some point in the future. Cheers, Ross.
  2. Kislev Winged Lancers. Recently I started painting my old Warhammer fantasy figures again and the first to be dusted off were these winged lancers from the old Empire army. They're probably the most eye catching of the Empire cavalry regiments so I wanted to give them a more interesting paint job than I had previously (though I stopped short of the crazy paint horse scheme). These models are clearly based on Polish winged hussars so red and white seemed the most appropriate choice for the main colours. The rounded lances were a good opportunity to use the spiral striped design that might look slightly awkward on the hexagonal lances of the heavy cavalry. An old Slavic design was chosen for the shields, and the animal capes I decided to paint as snow leopards despite fearing that it could end up looking slightly 'Cruella de Vil', but it seems to have worked out okay. For the next batch and the command group I'll add some different coloured horses into the mix to stop the unit from looking overly identical. Snotling and squig. This is a just-for-fun project that I cooked up from a couple of items that were sitting around in my bitz box, and some green stuff putty. The idea is a foolish snotling gets himself a pet and fancies navinga go at being one of those Squig Netter crews from the Orcs and Goblins army; he'll eventually end up as dinner. Thanks for looking in, Ross.
  3. Thanks for posting - I'd love to visit there someday. Ross.
  4. Ravens

    What are you reading?

    The White Spider, by Heinrich Harrer. It's about the early attempts on the north face of the Eiger in the mid-twentieth century from one of the first team to make it; makes for grim reading in places. EDIT- time period corrected.
  5. Ravens

    Flyhawk HMS Prince of Wales 1:700 kit review.

    It looks like a fantastic kit. I would say that the Tamiya KGV has aged quite well (apart from a lack of vertical detail), but the Flyhawk offering is clearly streets ahead. Ross.
  6. Thank you Mike, that's exactly the kind of set I was looking for - it has all the PE parts that I'd want to use without going OTT. Cheers, Ross.
  7. I am wondering if anyone knows of any PE upgrade sets tailored specifically for the Fujimi version of the cruiser Yahagi in 1/700? I have the full-hull version of this kit and so far I have only managed to find a set by Five Star intended for use with the Tamiya kit, but I'm hesitant to purchase it in case it doesn't match the dimensions of the Fujimi version. Does anyone know if there are other options out there, and if not is the Five star set a good match for Fujimi's Yahagi? Thanks, Ross.
  8. Ravens

    Newly announced naval subjects

    A new HMS Vanguard has been on my wishlist for a while and that 1/700 SMS Baden is quite tempting as well; we're spoiled for choice. Ross.
  9. Ravens

    HMS Eskimo

    Very convincing seascape and a beautiful finish on the ship. Ross.
  10. Ravens

    New Ship Related Releases

    Nowadays I tend to wait until test pics appear before overly anticipating a new release. Until there's something concrete then these announcements are essentially the hobby industry's equivalent of 'vapourware.' Ross.
  11. Ravens

    New Ship Related Releases

    Are there a lot of previously announced subjects in there, or is it more of a case of variations on a theme? Ross.
  12. Ravens

    New Ship Related Releases

    Flyhawk's update for 2019 http://www.flyhawkmodel.com/html/xwgg/18/12/1973.html Ross.
  13. Thank you for the kind words, guys. Ross.
  14. Thank you Fred. I did find 1/700 a bit strenuous on the eyes this year though, so I'll probably go back to 1/350 for the next few models for a change of pace. Thanks, Ross.
  15. It's been a quiet year's modelling for me. First kit finished was a 1/700 SMS Derfflinger (Flyhawk), with deck, brass guns and etch also by Flyhawk. It's is displayed here on a flat printed base, which isn't nearly as amazing as the handmade waterscapes that many modellers make, but it saved me time and space; you can get them at Starling Models. It's too bad one of the rigging cables broke during transport and I didn't notice till uploading the photographs. 1/700 HMS Hood 1931 (Trumpeter, with Flyhawk etch detail). I can't remember off the top of my head who manufactured the wooden deck for this one, but I think It was Hunter. The Flyhawk set was ridiculously extensive for such a small scale and I still have quite a lot left on the frets. That's it for my 2018 - thank you for having a look and I hope that everyone has a great Christmas and a fantastic 2019. Thanks, Ross.