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  1. Gareth that’s good to know. I will check the printing on mine before using and will see about sourcing possible options off the FGA 9 sheet as well as a back up
  2. Home now and had a look. The guy that does these is still on flea bay here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-48-Hawker-Hunter-RAF-The-Tower-Bridge-Incident-Decals-DEK-Ls-II/193474306020?hash=item2d0bf79fe4:g:Jd8AAOSwoSleEDIV but I see that he only seems to have 1/72 and 1/48 prints for sale at the moment. He did do 1/32 though as I have a set for my build of this very one. It might be worth contacting him to see if he still has a set lurking at the bottom of a drawer somewhere.
  3. There is a 1/32 am set for this partic aircraft. I have one. I can’t recall the manufacturer but it’s an Aussie firm and they trade on fleabay not home at present but will check it out if no one advises sooner
  4. Always loved the name - Siemens Schuckert. Sounds like a Walt Disney cartoon character
  5. I think the interest in the decision reflects modern attitudes. One might have thought that this emblem - which for centuries before the 1930’s had been a good omen and good luck symbol - would have been dropped in the immediate aftermath of WW2. I used to date a girl whose family had an antique salt and pepper set in silver from the Middle East and they carried the swastika emblem and were made long before WW1 far less when the symbol got hijacked later
  6. It will be another five minutes before my toes uncurl again. That’s an ouch if there was one. My “I’m trying to get a house built“ pales in comparison. Was there much fudging said? Hope it heals up soon. Get better soon - that’s an instruction not a well wish. I need to see how this Bucc gets done right
  7. Bottom !! I missed that due to being overworked !! Hope you get more in Duncan
  8. What’s the plural of multiple? theres always two .....
  9. JohnT

    Grumping into the 20s

    I dont have a problem with cyclists or cycle lanes even though I am a keen motorist however there is one cycle lane that I shake my head at. Its lovely and new with all mod cons as it were. It must have cost a fair packet. It runs on the A68 main road South from Earlston. Great idea except it must run South for a good mile or more and took ages to build with much road congestion and.............. then it just stops in the middle of nowhere. Doesn't go anywhere. dead end. Why ?? If its to support leisure then would it not have been better to use the cash to put a cycle lane /path into one of the old disused railway lines where there in no fast main road traffic and fumes etc etc? Oh and the clincher is that even though its been open around two years we have only seen a cyclist on it twice at most for obvious reasons.
  10. No, probably because it’s not Goodenough
  11. Well if there is mucking up there I can’t see it. Two lovely models there and ones to be proud of. The checkers are brilliant
  12. Know what you mean. Went on a rugby trip to Ireland once and had a visit to a Guinness Brewery. Tragic really. Great beer but one of the married guys slipped and fell into one of the vats and drowned. At least we could tell his wife he didn’t suffer though. He got out three times to go for a pee
  13. Very true the subset of that rule is if you buy a kit to convert it to a different mark a mainstream manufacturer will announce they are bringing out a state of the art kit within two weeks of you cutting plastic to start the conversion Dont ask me how I know.......
  14. Go for it David as I have two Airfix kits one of which was a very tentative B1 conversion so I am half way there and it’s one sale anyway I can then pass on those Matchbox things
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