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  1. Spotted a typo in your OP. You said 1/72 but that has to be 1/32 right? Just kidding. That’s a hugely impressive bit of model making there. I hadn’t thought you could get that much into a 1/72 size model. Very well done and inspirational. bravo
  2. JohnT

    Grumping into the 20s

    I was bought a Timex watch around about 9-10 years old and was well advised (warned in 1950’s speak) not to break/ lose or bust it. It’s still telling the right time over 50 years later. I wear a 1960’s Rolex Oyster left to me by an uncle I was very close to. Dads younger brother who, not having kids himself, became Dad number2. It’s a very plain face and clockwork from the days before Rolex went bling. I love it for many reasons
  3. JohnT

    Grumping into the 20s

    Bentwaters young man. Remembering and enjoying that has made my week. Thank you
  4. On a lighter note imagine the flight from Hell for certain of the passengers though in the end it didn’t turn out that way. And this is a true story as I was on this trip Scotland we’re playing a friendly football match in Poland. I had a mate who was in the Tartan Army and he persuaded me to come on the adventure. Flight Glasgow to Gdańsk. Can’t remember the carrier now. Tartan Army in back half of the plane. 4 days staying in Gdańsk and coach trip to another city for the game and back again. We had a stop over for an hour or two in Luton ? Can’t recall now
  5. I am aware of at least two reported cases in the UK of disruptive passengers getting a prison sentence for their conduct on a flight. 3 months for one lady. People get disruptive for a number of reasons but excessive alcohol is most often the principal factor in their behaviour. It’s a central nervous system depressant and when taken the result is first to lower higher brain functions so typically there is the merry stage when you feel happy and great. That’s why it is a popular and historically accepted drug. As one takes more however the effects change as normal inhibitions are stri
  6. I always said my late Mum “killed more Spitfires than Herman Goerings Luftwaffe” No easy solution though I found that moving out of the city to clean air rural living assisted greatly. A bit extreme perhaps The only solution really is to have them under cover. After that it’s what the guys have said
  7. One in production today - Jaguar F-Type both coupe and convertible please. Anyone else think the coupe looks like the lines could have come off a drawing board at Aston Martin?
  8. Do I detect a soupçon of frustration there my modelling friend? Can you add the development of the self rigging biplane too while you are at it
  9. Any more news Not that I am over anxious to get one, really I’m not
  10. I can imagine organising and judging competitions would be a nightmare. Perhaps just have what we do on here at BM as a ready for inspection to showcase models. If there was no competitive element some may be discouraged from posting but perhaps others might do it for the first time as they didn’t feel comfortable with the competitive side of things I was thinking of it being a national event so to speak so workload might get spread a bit Having said that it would be as much hassle (or more or less?) than organising a Telford. Maybe get a major sponsor to fu
  11. It’s a case of fools rushing in where angels fear to tread but an unconsidered thought - has anyone thought whether a virtual show online could be possible. Models could be displayed, manufacturers announce new kits and modellers display built kits, vendors could offer on line sales etc Probably a thousand reasons why not but head stuck above parapet to get sniped at on the million to one chance it’s not quite so daft as I suspect it probably is
  12. Difficult decision but the right one to take methinks. Probably sensible if the other shows take a similar stance from the off too. Not what we all hoped for but better safe than sorry. Good advice there. And dont worry Mike you are safe - they are not allowed to travel to get you for it. Not quite sure how you run your big kit past Mrs Mike though
  13. I think you can be chuffed with that. I think the hardest part is getting the eyes right on faces. Yours are pretty good if you ask me. Perhaps a little “staring” but just add a cation “Stalingrad” and then all is perfect !
  14. One thing I remembered from my criminal defence days. A client who had done time was in the office and spotted aviation prints on the wall and the odd model. He mentioned that they were allowed to build kits in jail and if I recall they were allowed to use toothpaste as glue substitute. I can’t imagine how that works though older types of toothpaste can dry out quite hard. Probably useless for fine work but perhaps the BM massif can come up with some alternative from our extensive collective experience?? Ive seen some of those wooden boat models and they look really good and always
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