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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-bristol-48320578/raf-brize-norton-hercules-captured-in-mid-air-photoshoot enjoy
  2. But you would have then had the perfect subject to practice and perfect rust weathering techniques
  3. The C130 experts will be along in a minute to tell you whats right here but I'd have guessed that the latest moulding would not back convert? I suppose it depends on how much Italeri used from the earlier moulds without changing things. Modelling experience required no doubt !! Anyway Attack Squadron did do an engine conversion for the earlier engines on the C-130 though they are out of production and impossible to find. I looked long enough and found a set that cost a few bob to get second hand from some esoteric location as I recall. Also the fuselage sponsons are the wrong size. A full explanation is on the Attack Squadron web site as to how they think Italeri messed that up. They do replacements but again the earlier ones are like an endangered species. Dave Parkins at Flightpath did an etch set for the internals way back in the day but again OOP. At least I think thats the case. He may have set lurking in the workshop under the biscuit tin? I am pleased to report thatI am totally wrong above Hannants have sets here:- https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/FHP48106 regards John
  4. Very very cool . Nicely executed from a “challenging “ kit.
  5. Jeeze, and I thought I could crawl that’s way ahead of me. I bow in awe.
  6. Two Typhoons enjoying a wee play for the last ten minutes (11.50 am) over our house near Earlston Scottish Borders. Quite a small air display there as they were coming over the house several times with me outside stood underneath. Interestingly they were hardly going flat out - or so it seemed. More like some orbit pattern with one following the other. Good watching material all the same. Too high for a mobile phone camera though to make a picture worthwhile. Wonder what they were up to. Sounds like they just came back ! (12.11)
  7. Great thread and super find with the film. Just to throw the proverbial spanner in the works can I pose a mildly philosophical question? I can see it’s important to “get it right” when doing a diorama but if it’s just a stand alone model why might it be wrong to model the flaps and workings in an open position albeit the real aircraft would be parked closed up? After all we leave canopies open to better view detailed cockpits and even sometimes do cutaway models to show internal details. I think you should do it to display the model as you like particularly to show off modelling skills. That’s why my detailed complex etched flaps are still in the box and the finished aircraft closed up - but I say it’s for realism
  8. That’s a very tidy build and finish given your observations on fit issues. You can be proud of that one. I have the Tamiya one in the stash and was thinking of adding the Revell one due to its comparatively low cost but now wonder if I should bother?
  9. Last night I explained the controversy over dinner to the ladies present without expressing my own views in any way. I asked what they thought. The response was universal and spontaneous. It’s historical and in context to be left alone. I am afraid these days there are waay too many folk with their personal agendas that they want to press on others and do so vigorously in full on self righteous mode. Sometimes I feel I was born in the wrong era.
  10. Sorry to hear about the injury. Good that you are getting close to starting up again and brush painted as well. Who says you can’t get a good finish without an airbrush!
  11. I would stick a tenner on you being right certainly Royal approval when mooted
  12. Well my Revell Me 109e in 1/72 arrived today so I am good to go. Really odd though. Plastic must shrink over time as it’s an original boxing (to get into the right frame of mind) and the box and kit was way bigger in 1963. After 1/32 for two decades I’ll need smaller fingers and a cataract operation
  13. Welcome to the frustrations of modelling and nice to see you on board too. Loads of the folk on here will give tips but the first thing to say is even if no one said anything at all you would find you just get better at it with practice. Just like sports I guess. Personally - and we all have our own way of doing things - I mostly try and glue before painting. With small parts and complex sub assemblies like cockpits which are impossible to get to later you do need to paint first. Touch up paint is almost inevitable, especially when you start out. The other thing I’d say is always resist the temptation to rush to the finished model. Dry fit parts first to see if there is going to be a problem. Same again after painting. And use just enough glue and not too much. What’s enough? You will get the feel for that the more you do. Whats the next model planned after the Spitfire?
  14. He has dropped the Kan from Kanye becuase a Scotsman pointed out that really he "Can't" eg hope it cheers the grumpy gits up a bit
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