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  1. You are both daft beggars. He can’t do that hat. He’s going to have a lot of glass to replace when the cow kicks off inside the greenhouse and the milk will go off for being too warm. The cow needs to go inside a fridge dunnit? Jeez modellers these days
  2. Wot he said Guv’ner. MrsT says that if I do lots of housework today I can get a fondle tonight. Somehow I think that refers to owning my box of Buccaneer bits rather than any other interpretation. mind I disagree with the distinction between modellers and assemblers in that they are one and the same - just in different places on the same spectrum. I am trying to work out where I am as a plastic basher
  3. Interesting design. As in no tail and no fly by wire. Might have been more than challenging to fly for the average Luftwaffe pilot by 1946. Perhaps as well it never got further than drawings and models in 1945 in several senses! all those way out designs, some good and some adventurous but the war was still lost to mass produced basic T-34’s. As some historians have written it was a war of materiel production I am sure this will go down well with the ‘46’ aficionados though.
  4. My 2p worth. what everyone above says above is spot on. An “in flight” model is much more difficult to “display” and store. Support stands are unconvincing and detract from the effect. Even the clearest plastic rod can be seen. Pilots in cockpits obscure detail that is all too often far superior to the pilot as modelled. I take my hat off to those who do figures convincingly. Kit pilots are mostly dreadful though I have recently seen some jaw dropping resin products and recently bought a 1/32 1960’s French pilot climbing out/in the cockpit in a rush of blood to the head as it looked amazingly good - at least that’s before I add paint. (Anyone seen the “Top Gun” style pilots walking in 1/32 resin? Stunning even down to the aviator sun glasses) Also with it modelled “on the ground” you can open up, add aftermarket interiors under inspection panels etc all to add interest and that’s not possible if modelled in flight. On the other hand maybe we just hate putting those unused undercarriage parts back in the spares box feeling we are not getting our full money’s worth.
  5. Alan. Hope you get better soon. My Bucc arrived today and I almost sneaked it into the house while she who must be obeyed was out. My smugness was undone when my neighbour asked the boss if I got my parcel ok this afternoon. I have not opened the box yet as too much housework penance to do. I am sure it will be worth it though. For other readers I’d be up for sharing and pooling resources for stuff like decals etc. Last but not least don’t be put off Alan. You are not Mr Tamiya and while no doubt some modelling input may be required you have filled a gap which is unlikely to be done in IM any time soon enough to take my funeral money.
  6. Hobbyboss 1/32 B-24 D arrived today in a box you could get 3 of them in. Thinking of using the box as an extension to the house. Alan at Icelandic has confirmed a 1/32 Buccaneer is “winging” its way here too so a great month after not many purchases this year
  7. If being broadcast in the USA can someone please tell Mr Trump it’s just a tv programme? We don’t want another one of these do we? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_War_of_the_Worlds_(1938_radio_drama) Looking forward to it. Will miss Richard Burtons deep tones though. I liked the suggestion of the alternative of Anthony Hopkins though. A coincidence they are both Welsh I think
  8. Sadly my knowledge of Soviet types like this one is nil but I do know a nicely done model when i see one. Well done. From what i have read Trumpeter dont get panned for their fit as they seem to make pretty well fitting kits. Its the shape issues and then it seems to matter which designer gets the job. Some of their kits are excellent while others are very iffy. No reason for why one model comes out like a cartoon of the real thing and the next is pretty much spot on.
  9. Thanks Ewan and Ian. Oddly the engineer pitched up and got decent readings with no issues such as drops. He showed me the results and all were well inside the norm. Helpfully he decided to replace the router which, though only a year old, was a possible source. He did that on a belt and braces approach. The guy was really good, helpful and diligent. I will remember the re-cyc;ling option Ewen. My wife says she must remeber that option when she wants me to do something and I don't move fast enough. She will threaten a divorce and see if that works! The good news is all the legal paperwork for the fibre installation has been approved and the local engineer on that side called to say he hoped to have it in by the end of the year - but no promises.
  10. Never a truer word said but of course the more knowledgeable among us agree the Victor was the V-Bomber. however basking in the warm after glow of seeing my second favourite post war aircraft getting the modern mould treatment from the company that made my childhood fun I will not make an issue of Joe Publics understandable error. ps. On a less flippant and less jovial note I imagine the Vulcan/ Victor partnership gave Soviet air defence personnel the odd sleepless night. It would me in their place back in the day
  11. I confess when I see them both in model form and when in the tin, sailing I have mixed feelings. Glad that the RN are getting back into fixed wing aviation but wishing the design, while doubtless a form of function, looked a little less, well ..... porky. No one is going to accuse them of grace and style anytime soon. They are no Hood or Cossack by any stretch of the imagination though I presume entirely functional and designed to do a job and not just to look pretty. I hope someone does them in model form for our nautical modelling brethren though and 1/350 will permit detailing for the average modeller where the smaller scales are more challenging to detail to us plastic bashers. I get amazed at what some of you can do in the “tiny” scales. Truly incredible at times.
  12. I’ve had my nose glued to the office desk and missed that (and Telford). Can I ask what ships?
  13. USS Grayback found. And HMS Urge too Kind of appropriate that's announced today on 11 November. Feels like they are being brought home in a way https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-50380521 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-50260427
  14. in the Sunday Times today a columnist wrote about a chap who had calculated that if the British Empire dead from WW1 had marched four abreast past the cenotaph it would take three and a half days for the marchpast. A sobering thought. I also remember the guys who come back but carry the scars, the ones you can see and the ones you can’t. They all made my world a place where I was not called and that’s a debt I can’t repay other than to remember what they did
  15. Confess I was surprised 2016 came and went with no QE model. Warspite, Malaya or Barham. I guess the numbers don’t crunch the right way for one
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