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  1. Exactly but the “heavies” probably still carried a bigger tonnage overall I suspect. There is still the argument that a fleet of Mossies would have caused the Luftwaffe bigger problems than the Heavies for less cost in casualty rates. Still the reasons for not upgunning the Heavies always seemed a little odd to me. You would think that the tail turret could have been made a plug in replacement with a set kit but then what was airframe life expectancy I suppose ?
  2. One thing always puzzled me about WW2 RAF heavy bomber defensive armaments. The .303 machine guns were known to have limited effectiveness but were not replaced with heavier .50 cal guns. I gather the main concern was interruption to production. I wonder though if heavier longer ranged more penetrating .50 cals might have resulted in fewer aircraft losses which in turn means more aircraft in service to compensate in the short term for lower production rates in the change over. Assuming the answer is no however because any fighter at night needs to get close in for visual identification and targeting and range is not a big problem though penetration issues remain, might it not have been better statistically to consider removing the weight of three turrets, ammunition and crew to get a faster higher flying night bomber? I hear a small voice say and why not lose two engines, make it of light weight material and reduce the crew to 2. Sounds strangely familiar.........
  3. Definitely no swastikas on that one !!!! I did see a very nice Luftwaffe Typhoon at RIAT last year with the tail done up in commemoration of Manfred Von Richtofen. Wonder if any company done that in decal format as yet? Would have looked fabulous in 1/32
  4. That would have put the wind up Galland & Co - Mind you they would have had them as well Hmnn........ any chance of a Eurofighter Typhoon in Luftwaffe "40" colours then?
  5. JohnT

    737 Max

    BBC reporting further issues with the 737 Max production. FO in the fuel tanks found in stored aircraft. I dont know how much of an issue that really is - not enough knowledge on my part - or if its just newspaper alarmism in the sense that these things can happen and are routinely dealt with - or is it something that should never happen in production. I'd bet on the latter but have a scepticism on journalism these days. No doubt wiser and more knowledgeable heads than mine will advise https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-51499777
  6. Guys you might find the explanation on here helpful Link to Attack Squadrons old site http://www.attacksquadron.pl/en/2015/03/16/c-130-hercules-upgrade-sets/ The C-130 J sponsons are pretty much readily available and you will find pictures on the net. The earlier E/H sponsons are almost impossible to find now and are different to the J version.
  7. Yes that’s right. I saw the shape was out but I would live with it. There comes a time when you think there is just so much to do and so few years to live And those immortal words:- it does look like a Herc
  8. Got one of these too and have been putting off building it due to issues with Italeri measurements. There is an explanation online about using the wrong plans or something - I don’t recall - but in short the side sponsons are the wrong size. Not easily corrected without resin and the Attak Squadron sets are unavailable though the engine sets have been produced again by Brengun. I gather though they have plans to do the sponsons again sometime. It’s a classic case of don’t read the reviews and be happy with build OOB !
  9. JohnT

    The Weather,

    Of course when I wrote the above A small voice in my head said “Oh you will regret that” At approx 1050 last night a noise was discernible by myself and Mrs T coming from outside the house. I use the term noise loosely. More like the sort of noise a crashing Lightning might have made had I ever heard that. Cautious investigation showed a fully mature beech tree around 110 feet had come down across the road taking a grown fir tree with it on the way. It looked like a road block from a 70’s WW2 movie. Anyway I am £960 poorer after a team moved and cut it up but now coming down in logs for the fire once they season, dry and cure
  10. JohnT

    The Weather,

    deleted due duplication of post
  11. I said it way back but it’s worth saying again that’s a marvellous Beaufort and Airfix will have to go some to beat it. You don’t fancy trying the 1/48 Sanger vac by any chance? Just sayin ..........
  12. JohnT

    The Weather,

    I always wanted to be a meteorologist imagine having the ability just to look at a girl and tell weather
  13. JohnT

    The Weather,

    EDIT what I said:- Dennis giving us a miss but did blast Hawick which is a forty five minute drive away. Weather can be highly localised. Dennis has decided to blow a gale in the last hour and has just removed at least one tree from the wood across the way
  14. Nominated as the most useful modelling tip of 2020 so far Just show to your Missus with the words “See, the stash isn’t so bad”
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