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  1. Brilliant. Totally bonkers but brilliant. Love the Halifax job too. One thing, I tale it the wings are not modified and it’s perspective in the photo that makes the racers wings look twice the size of the other two “normal” Spits?
  2. Welcome aboard to the forum. You’ll find it a friendly place and the knowledge that some folk on here have and freely willingly share is mind blowing. Really good people Enjoy your time with us
  3. JohnT

    Grumping into the 20s

    I do think the IT industry needs a massive compulsory education with following exam Pass for permission to make and sell computers and software which is then subject to annual review. Any gobbledygook or verbal diarrhoea results in termination of rights to operate. To redress the grumpiness balance I love this response from General Motors to Bill Gates criticism of the auto industry. Might be urban myth but it makes the point GM replies to Bill Gates At a recent computer expo (COMDEX), Bill Gates reportedly compared the computer industry with the auto industry and stated
  4. Also throughout Scotland. If a deceased has no one to inherit either through a will or on the operation of statute law on intestacy then in that event their estate falls to be the property of the Crown as Ultimus Haeres. In Scotland the Crown Officer that deals with it goes under the quaint title of The Queen’s And Lord’s Treasuer and Remembrancer.
  5. don’t know about that Alan but I am 100% sure Mrs T doesn't’
  6. Simon can you lend me a few bob as I have an elderly mother who suffers from arthritis and needs a 1/32 Wingnut Wings kit to help her dexterity? John
  7. You asked him what colour of blue Malta Spitfires were didn’t you
  8. There is a fine line between insanity and genius but that build of a notoriously problematic kit is well into the genius side. Nice one
  9. Hi Speedy no its the Dave Parkins Flightpath version. I got it less than half normal price so happy with that. I wouldnt have bought one except this time the bidding seemed slowish so took a punt. Not a subject I know anything about beyond building the old Airfix one with Land Rover and police dog back in the 60's. Glue everywhere if I recall.
  10. Aye - I can see it now - driving through Dover docks in a truck - no drugs, no illegal immigrants, no money laundering, cheap cigarettes or booze but a ton and a half of kits from the Far east. "Your knicked - Our specially trained sniffer dogs can detect a Trumpeter kit at a mile " Oh the shame of it.............
  11. Thanks Julien much appreciated and will drop you a pm John
  12. Picked a 1/32 Bristol Bloodhound on EBay cheapish. Now I have to look up references etc cos I know little about them other than they are British pointy anti aircraft things
  13. Not a Catalina flying in to do an Air Sea Rescue or an old airframe being saved from the scrap man but something a little unusual. A Catalina stuck with engine trouble on Loch Ness and unable to take off. Then the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and their inflatable to the rescue video on https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-54590948
  14. Is there a small point being missed in the last several replies or am I missing something? What if seller abroad charges buyer in UK a price for goods including VAT but then fails to pay VAT to HMRC? I assume HMRC have a mechanism for non delivery which hardly seems fair on UK purchaser. Ive always thought VAT an abominable tax deriving from the French waterfall tax as it does. Assuming goods travel through several hands before end purchaser the admin is bonkers. Eg if my business does work for itself technically I am supposed to invoice myself, pay VAT and then reclaim the VAT.
  15. JohnT

    737 Max

    Further thread resurrection. Article in today’s Sunday Times asking as the 737 Max nears a return to the skies will people be told what they are going to be flying on and will they choose to travel elsewhere? Seemingly a number of airlines have said they will make that choice available to passengers Of more interest the article quotes Chesley Sullenberger as saying Boeing have not done enough. While praising the autopilot and sensor revamp he says more needs done in pilot training. Charles Kennedy, pilot author and aviation analyst says the decision to add new
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