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  1. That’s an attractive idea. And as Tim has said it could apply to tankers and uboats. Must be the odd sub hunter that sunk 5 uboats. USS England got 6 in the Pacific. I’m into planes and have the Eduard 1/48 Ernst Udet set plus a Fokker E1 and decals for him with that and need an excuse to move them up the build list
  2. Seen yellow ones on Vulcans and what looks like blue in colour photos of a Victor
  3. Yep indeed. I could always spot a few court contemporaries with similar traits myself. Sadly all slowly going and being replaced by bright younger things with only 10% of the character but that's the modern world for you. Same for judges too. All too afraid of getting it wrong and being criticised for being outside the systems. In that case you might try the novels by Jay Brandon from the USA. As a practitioner in the courts myself I found his description of process and courts the most realistic of any legal fiction writer. Available cheap on Amazon Kindle or second hand.
  4. John im sure you will know but the dash and overdrive switches were quite different as between the older chrome bumper and the later rubber bumper vehicles. I have some old photos of my 1978 b if of use?
  5. Good news - they are doing a remake of "Rumpole of the Bailey". A much loved comedy series with the late Leo McKern in the title role. Last produced some thirty years ago a great characterisation of a well written story by a very decent author and man - John Mortimer. Leo McKern epitomised the "Old Bailey Hack" barrister. Wiley and street wise but enjoyed his cigars and port in the local pub and always in escapades with the judges not to mention his wife Hilda - "She who must be obeyed".. Good news then. But wait a minute - this is the today's grump topic so where is the grump then? Well you have probably guessed it. Take a tv series or book the core essence of which is the title character who conforms to a particular type and I would argue is essential to the genre and "update" it. I use the word "update" loosely. Or at least that's how the new program makers describe it. Yes the principal character may be changed from that so wonderfully described by John Mortimer in his books and portrayed on the small screen by Leo McKern into Ms Rumploe acted by Lily James (32) or Keeley Hawes (45). Wholly different ages and while much more pleasing on the eye than the late Mr McKern as he would no doubt have conceded himself just "Gonnae no dae that" as they say in Glasgow. Just "Gonnae no" Both ladies are admirable actresses. Both deserve great scripts to act and yes there are not enough of them but I find this constant playing around with characters just horrid. There are some roles that might enjoy a gender change but some are just not suited to that experiment IMHO. Rumpole will always be an elderly gent with a very lived in face, cigar ash on his jacket, a healthy enjoyment of good drink in Pomeroys Bar and a gruff voice that falls foul of the judges that are irritated by him yet over whom he always prevails. I am pleased to say both ladies fail notably on all the immediately above qualifications to be a "Rumpole" bar their acting ability and I hope they have the good sense to say the role is not for them. Now Ian McKellen would do admirably if he is "resting"
  6. Two blondes on holiday in Ibiza. First night sitting on terrace having a drink. One says that’s a long flight from Manchester. Other says yeah but could have been longer. first one- that’s a lovely moon though second one - yeah it is first one - what do you think is furthest away, the moon or Manchester? second one - Doooh, can you see Manchester stupid? ????
  7. My wife said to me “You know at times you think you are God” I replied “At times I know I’m God. Every time I look at our son I think Jesus Christ” disclaimer this joke does not represent any person alive or deceased - which I will be if Mrs T reads it
  8. And I thought BVR tactics were down to advanced radar, missiles and systems.Now I realise that the major possible combatants have a protocol that as their aircraft are so ugly they will engage out of sight of the other More seriously I reckon the guys are right in that when you design for the same problem you get the same shapes/ solutions. Of course a highly active government agency specialising in industrial espionage helps
  9. Now you’ve got me away to check mine!
  10. It’s hard to believe that’s the old ESCI kit. Neomega do make a decent cockpit but you have executed it magnificently. Nice one
  11. Now that makes it even more impressive. Very nice indeed
  12. Nice. Especially the sharp lines on the paint job. Good photos too Id love to see a photo of the model with something in picture to show scale if possible. It can’t be too big in 1/72 which makes your work even more praiseworthy
  13. Mike? You sure they’re not straight out of Pixar’s next “Cars” cartoon movie? Well you can’t say it lacks character. What is it about WW1 tanks, armoured cars and ships that just ooze period “something”? Not sure what the right word is. All in all it looks a cool little model and one that I suspect might have general appeal beyond AFV modellers
  14. 2021 obviously. They’d never have panel lines that good back in 1981 Oh you mean the advert using a model model lady? Oops sorry More seriously part of me wonders if the advert is more a wee bit of a wind up come poking fun at that genre of advertising. Or maybe not. Oh well it makes for a different type of discussion on here and a change from how many rivets???
  15. Nicely done. And a great tribute to a great pilot and leader. Arguably the most underrated pilot the RAF ever had.
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