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  1. I'm sure I saw that up for sale on the internet - somewhere in the Dordogne ! A project to restore and planning for three bedrooms. great diorama Sir, champion.
  2. “From this day to the ending of the world, But we in it shall be rememberèd— We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;” and so you be shall Sir RIP
  3. My wife did a genealogy search against me and my Scottish parents. Interstingly Dads family come from North of England as of four generations ago and Mums are all Scots. Looking at the England performance there I am choosing my Scots side on this one When it comes to other sports my allegiance shifts depending on score line! Very comfortable and convenient really. Wonder if I have a long lost New Zealand relative for the rugby?
  4. JohnT

    Luftwaffe Tires

    Saw an interview with an Afrika Korps veteran years ago and he said that when they heard the Tommies singing “their song” Lile Marlene across the desert at night they knew Germany had lost the war. He did say it with a smile though
  5. JohnT

    Luftwaffe Tires

    Well I’d never have expected this op to turn out so interesting. Thanks everyone
  6. JohnT

    Luftwaffe Tires

    Some amazing stuff there. Thanks to Elgar for putting right on Hugo Boss. On drinks i recall having having a bogweed a few times. Coke and Schweppes grapefruit. Comes out the colour of dishwater and tastes....... interesting. Bit like a sweet and sour
  7. JohnT

    Luftwaffe Tires

    Gosh that’s all very interesting and I didn’t expect my op to generate that new info to me anyway I did know that the SS uniform was designed by Hugo Boss I believe.
  8. JohnT

    Luftwaffe Tires

    Wow. Didn’t know that. That must be the answer. Thanks Pity Messerschmitt didn’t have a factory at Luton then
  9. JohnT

    Luftwaffe Tires

    I have seen a couple of product reviews recently for resin tires for Luftwaffe subjects. The most recent are Barracuda Products for the Zoukei Mura TA 152. What I thought odd was seeing them cast with the manufacturers name "Continental". I have found out that Continental is a German company so thats ok if they were supplying in the 30's and 40's but Halberd product 1/32 Do335 rubber tire set says "Dunlop" on the main wheels and "Continental" on the nose wheel. I am guessing this is because the wheels have been copied from museum airframes that have replacement tires as I cant imagine the Third Reich buying from the USA or UK in 1945 even with their rubber shortages ! I expect this also means that the numbers on the resin/rubber replacements are also incorrect. All a bit odd and surprised that if my guess is right that the companies concerned didn't have a penny drop at the design stage Or am I missing something??
  10. What Skodadriver says above has been my experience with the courts albeit only over a decade of criminal experience on the defence side before seeing the light and departing that ship for the world of the civil courts. The problem is that by the time kids get to court as adults at 16 the patterns of behaviour are already stamped. It was my experience that if they can get caught earlier (pun not intended) then there is a turn around chance. I well remember a young kid about to go off the rails whose Mum lived along the road from us back in the 70's. She was a widow and struggling with the rebellious teenager. A very sensible cop dragged him home after some minor misdemeanour and rather than charge him he explained the path the kid was starting up, rattled his cage and gave him a fatherly talking to - which was what was probably missing in the first place. Under some ongoing guidance from the cop the putative "wee ned" was persuaded into the Royal Navy. There he found purpose and a way of life that he took to with a passion. I recall the last I heard he was working his way up the ranks as hard as he could. On the matter of kids we are lucky here as the local school has kids that are hard working and well behaved. All my sons friends at school are great kids. Thats not to say there might not be "challenges" but hopefully not big ones.
  11. Great photos and as Parabat says lots for the modeller to ponder over
  12. Tease ! My wife and 13 year old were watching too. At the end she commented how young they looked and not much older than our lad. Of course he thought they looked a lot older. As Einstein said it’s all relative
  13. Clearly we both are gentlemen, well read and of similar minds as well as timing !
  14. Outcome reported on BBC News today - 4 boys 3 are sentenced to 12-month referral orders and their parents were also ordered to pay £500 in compensation. A fourth boy was told he would be sentenced on 2 September. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-49397838 In case anyone does not know a referral order is the community sentence most often used by the courts when dealing with 10 to 17 year olds, particularly for first time offenders who plead guilty. Referral orders require that an offender must agree a contract of rehabilitative and restorative elements to be completed within the sentence. I'd like to think that 12 months work will prevent any repetition of that behaviour. I'm a glass half full sort of chap.
  15. JohnT

    Airfix vs Revell

    What’s been said above however I’d say that Revells’ 1/32 aircraft are better than Airfix while their 1/24 aircraft are better than Revells. TBH it’s a pretty impossible comparison but back in the good old days of the 1960’s I’d suggest Airfix produced more kits but that from memory and impression without in iota of evidence to support that comment! As a kid of the 60’s my childhood would have been diminished without either
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