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  1. How about ships and submarines in service with the RN in 1966 next for the maritime modellers? Only fair I could start with Lion, Tiger and Blake to cover the cruisers and the by the radar picket ex Battle class Barossa as in 1967 I got a tour of her in Gibraltar and sat in the forward turret Need to start a new topic though
  2. Love stuff like this. Thanks for posting Rob
  3. I thought Nimrod as it was announced in the 60’s but didn’t become operational till the early 70’s I think Any others we missed ?
  4. Just thought. - Bristol Britannia the book cover looks familiar. I think I had it way back then. I’d be 13 or thereabouts so not 100% sure but the graphics ring a bell somewhere. God we had an Air force and a navy back then
  5. Did it list the aircraft then with the then RAF Historic Aircraft Flight? If yes then add Spitfire and Hurricane
  6. Mike it worries me greatly that you recall that video with such spontaneity One of your desert island discs for when the yacht springs a leak cruising round the Caribbean perhaps?
  7. Looking at the above piccy and then way back to what you started out with at the beginning I am amazed. I would not have thought it possible to make anything out of the disaster that was in post 1 here. Marvelously done !!
  8. One word describes them. Elegance. I can almost see Audrey Hepburn coming down the front steps. Two stunning lovely models. And that old BOAC livery oozes class
  9. What was his name? Adolf, Eric or Hans-Joachim?
  10. Yes please i always thought wild horses wouldn’t have got me into a ball turret. Having seen that diagram know I know!!! No way.
  11. Just had a Sunday morning read through this with more than passing interest as I have two of these in the stash. Jings it’s Sunday but what a school day. I’ve learned lots thanks to your work and experience as well as great contributions from other like Troy. Going to pull up a chair and a cuppa and sandwiches and follow this one through. Enjoying this immensely
  12. You are the only one then! Its gorgeous! Well done. I remember the Danish AF F-104s at many a Leuchars Air Show as regular visitors and the wear on the paint scheme often not helped by the wet Scottish September weather. Great displays though. bravo
  13. RIP HRH Job well done so well earned rest now
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