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  1. I always say to enjoy a movie you have to leave your critical faculties as to realism and such like at the pop corn stall coming into the cinema. On the discussion on here about Kelly's Heroes and Tiger tank engines the point was made that the story behind the guys is perhaps not the best moral if you think about it. That's true as regards so many movies when you stop and analyse them. Top Gun Maverick will be just one to sit back, forget we ever knew anything about aeroplanes, go with the spectacle and enjoy with the family.
  2. Not far from here a memorial tucked away on its own to Richard Hillary, pilot and author, where his aircraft crashed in the Scottish Borders. Not so hidden now with two roads signs giving directions to it.
  3. Motty I sympathise with what you say. I think the rule has to have a no exceptions and results in necessarily being a bit of a blunt instrument accordingly. Sometimes we forget Mike and the Mods are volunteering their spare time and with the membership we have and are that’s a big enough job already I suspect. Relaxation of the rule albeit for the good reasons you suggest might just require too much engagement. That’s just my speculation and no doubt Mike will confirm the rationale behind it more accurately in due course. not sure if there is a clever tech answer
  4. MODS - Just spotted Ali posted this on 1 May and I missed that before- please either delete the post or merge with his Thanks and apologies for the extra work ! I don't think Ali has posted on this yet but I came across these and just had to order 2 sets for my Trumpy Lightnings. https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/english-electric-lightning-replacement-canopy-set-for-1-32-trumpeter-kit I have had both kits since they came out and not touched them as for me the highly peculiar shape of the glasshouse was such that it just put me off while my skills are nowhere near good enough to do a fix. The canopy area is one part of the "Frightning" that kind of sticks out a mile so for me these sets are a God send Looks like Ali has come to the rescue so those two will be coming out of the stash of doom soon.
  5. Thanks Julien. I suspect that a lot of site members who are not in clubs or traders like me won’t know the financial set up. The way the world is going I can see how traders who have to travel must get good sales to make it worthwhile.
  6. Really interesting to read all the above. As a non trader and just one of the punters I am surprised that there is any question that entry to a show is by admission ticket paid for. I just took it for granted that it would cost me to get in. There are very few events where you don’t pay something to get in. £3-5? In most cities you will pay more to park the car for the afternoon. As for under the table selling I suspect the problem only appears when it tips over from casual limited selling of obviously unloved elderly stash queens into an off site shop! When it gets to the latter the traders have a valid point where they pay the show for a stall pitch and there is someone doing the same as a freebie
  7. Well done that Man ! Give him a 48 hour pass.
  8. Hi Mike Yes I know its not been kitted before in this scale. I have been hoping for one for about ten years now. The nose profile on the model does look more like that of the RE8 Its disappointing that the model's "chin" isn't right but what I was thinking was it looks like a fairly easy job for one of the AM companies to make a new "chin" in resin and a cut line just at that large diagonal seam would be a good place to make a joint I would think. Lets hope someone reads this and does the necessary !
  9. I would imagine the issue with the shape of the area under the engine could be resolved with an aftermarket single piece resin part or similar approach. Not required in an ideal world but fixable I would have thought
  10. Superb build there. Quite inspirational. Bravo !! And a great tribute to one of the great Polish pilots of whom there were so many and who must not be forgotten https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanisław_Skalski
  11. My dad told me aircraft recognition was all very straightforward. When they saw the Luftwaffe coming over he and his mates took cover When they saw the RAF (usually Typhoons) coming over the Germans took cover When they saw the Americans coming over everyone took cover
  12. Did the first one leave any cash for the stash
  13. Getting five years out a marriage without having a coffee mug thrown at one is more than impressive too. I’ve always binned a mug once the handle goes. You can’t trust a repair like that and no one ever says thanks for a lap full of just boiled tea
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