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  1. JohnT

    World Cup 2018

    I do believe the first Croatian goal against Argentina was caused by the boot of God perhaps? What you think Maradona? More seriously the Argentinian team was a shadow of the team you expect to come from there. Must be disappointing their fans
  2. JohnT

    World Cup 2018

    Think that as well as goal of the tournament we should have dodgy hair do and dodgy tattoos of the tournament. Seen several contenders already. If you have broken out high security hiding in the team squad could keep you camouflaged until after the final. Still what else is there to spend all your cash on ? Couple of good games so far though.
  3. Terry Can I ask if any of the Mosquito Gee set in 1/32 are still available or may be again in future ? I should have ordered first time round! John
  4. JohnT

    Spitfire pilot pistol

    Good discussion. I wonder if we are maybe focussing on what happens after a bail out etc. when there are other possible applicable scenarios. I think even today pilots and others even in non combat roles such as logistics are required to carry or be issued with a personal weapon if in a combat zone. Might that require a pilot to have a revolver at the least if say in France after the invasion? Not just for use on ops but also for personal defence should the enemy be encountered for what that's worth. No doubt current regs can be confirmed by someone in the know. I am recalling one young lady sent out to Iraq some years ago to do decidedly non combat work and her taking her issued pistol, Browning I think
  5. Great pics and got a few "oohs" from the family. Not for your Spitfire I am sorry to say but I admired it though! Is he there to feather the propeller for the pilot?
  6. JohnT

    Grump Britain.

    Ah the inappropriately named safety camera vehicle. Thursday last week I was taking my son to his judo class and approaching a frequently used tax collection point when I was flashed by an oncoming car to preadvise of the possible toll charges. I was as usual well under the limit and always check there anyway. Imagine my gobsmackness to see said police safety car pulling out of lay by coming towards me with drivers right hand planted up on drivers right ear. Now he could not possibly be telephoning I thought, not a safety camera operative. Surely not.
  7. JohnT

    Grump Britain.

    Ah - now designation means a lot to me because of my training. Its are you Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Mz etc etc. Silly to put it in a form as its a technical term really. Whats wrong with plain English ?
  8. JohnT

    Cometh the hour.

    OK, the F35 ain't going to win the aircraft with the sexiest lines but the Harrier was more than a tad podgy, subsonic, limited in range and payload when it first appeared anyway yet was very much loved and appreciated in the end. Much the same can be said for other aircraft and it's been said on here before its often that the replacement aircraft is pilloried while the one it replaces is eulogised in death. I am inclined to reserve judgement till we see what it can do. Hopefully a case of handsome is as handsome does
  9. JohnT

    1/32 Revell Arado 196-A

    Graham How do the floats compare with the kit ones? I have one in the stash and looking quickly at the kit reviews no one really mentions them. I am guessing they are much less detailed. Do the kit ones have accuracy issues?
  10. JohnT

    1/32 Revell Arado 196-A

    Superb. Been surprised at the lack of alternative aftermarket decals but you nailed that. Any issues with the build you can pass on?
  11. JohnT

    When the Wehrmacht and US Army Fought the SS

    Me too That's think I've seen it and also going senile 1963 Walt Disney film starring Robert Taylor
  12. Headed off to our local cinema tonight with family - three generations. Odd in that I last saw it in the cinema after being taken to see it by my grandparents when it first came out !! Ian - better not be - imagine everyone on here arguing about how far back the black goes in the interior and whether the green camo was right shade, pre shading of panel lines and was Trumpeter the advisors on the bomb shape - Oh it could go on for months on here
  13. JohnT

    BMW M3 E30 DTM "FINA" in 1/12 scale

    I swear I can see a dead fly on the number plate and a stone chip on the front bonnet lid ! Lovely model (even if it doesn't have wings!)
  14. Superb diorama work and just what all the other posters have said with bells on. Magnificent. One of the best and most enjoyable models to look at that I have seen in a long time