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  1. Historical documentaries on television with slipshod research on the most basic details rather like the last person they might have thought to ask had read the Dummies Guide to insert here topic being filmed. All too often what is on the screen and being heard is just…… well, rubbish. Just watched a documentary on battleships. Seemingly HMS Hood was Britain’s most powerful battleship. And it was the equal of Bismarck too. Probably news to RN sailors on RN battleships. The Scharnhorst was sunk by British cruisers at North Cape. No mention of a certain KGV class ship at all. Bismarck was torpedoed by Swordfish - cue shots of any interwar biplane including a Hawker Fury (Nimrod?). Almost every second comment was in error and every other bit of film was of a totally unrelated ship that looked nothing like the ship under discussion For a programme that sets out to educate it and it’s type are lamentable
  2. Massive thumbs up there. I do like dioramas that tell a story and that one does in spades. I'm always amazed at the skill sets of diorama modellers. There is so much to master - figure painting - construction and scratch building - lifelike foliage etc to name just a few - and you have exhibited great skills there with this one. Thoroughly enjoyable to look at it.
  3. arrived today and every bit as good as the photos. Well worth it - thanks Ali and also to Anthony in NZ
  4. Nominate Graham for the succinct answer of the year One more thought stemming from that. Why didn't they standardise the front screens as flat for every mark of Mossie? I'm assuming they kept on using the split angled screen for bomber versions right through all the production for a reason?
  5. Good question. After 50 years looking at planes and looking at Mosquitoes and never seeing/thinking about that. I wonder if its to do with the fighter version needing a flat screen for the reflector gun sight to work properly
  6. Got an email saying that Jadlam are offering double J points - but only today - so that might be worth a bigger discount on any future model purchases from them on such a big purchase.
  7. And there ain’t much sporty in a driving sense as regards your standard SUV either
  8. I’m sure that’s fine. Better than having a Mod on your case love your figures. I’m useless with them so stick with planes without pilots. Great skills there though How do you get the light effects on the photograph? LED and such?
  9. Hi klobuk nice work while I’m no expert on the forum rules I think posting and directing members off site to the likes of personal web pages and you tube isn’t permitted You can of course add more here for us to enjoy your work
  10. Jerry i was with you all the way up to the sentence containing the words “sensible” and “1/24 Douglas Boston”
  11. There is more than a smidgin of truth in there. Fact is we all love a wee bit of fantasy speculation. It’s a bit like “If I won the lottery big I’d commission Airfix to do a 1/24th - here insert subject of choice” Bit of fun with some logic behind it. Sort of, maybe, possibly even, type logic
  12. I suppose it’s too soon after the Hellcat for Airfix to be thinking about another 1/24 big beast? How many years do they tend to space these out? And if they were thinking about a Biggie what would they do?
  13. OI !! You mean you’ve forgotten all our Christmas presents again this year maxima mea culpa you mean ( always knew the Latin class must have some benefits)
  14. The black and white one in the second batch could easily have come from the lens of the late Charles Brown in MHO
  15. I thought much the same Steve. I still bought 8 of them - 9 if you count the Meng Tripe
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