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  1. JohnT

    Iconic Intros.

    From the 60's and one which I recognise instantly 56 years old, reportedly recorded in one take in a session that took all of 15 minutes, and it still sounds brilliant - all the way through.
  2. JohnT

    Iconic Intros.

    Oh yes @psdavidson I recall a Friday night at the local church at scouts. The place was empty and the organist was having a practice for Sunday. Once he finished he played this very very loud on a very good and powerful organ. He had a dozen cultureless early teen boys spellbound which was about the equivalent of herding cats. Never forgot it. PS. No one calling Meat Loaf and Bat Out of Hell ?
  3. JohnT

    Iconic Intros.

    Sorry my wife insisted inserting some culture Old Ludwig knew a good intro
  4. JohnT

    Iconic Intros.

    One final one from me and iconic 70’s
  5. JohnT

    Iconic Intros.

    And two from my - what they call it now? - Youff? and
  6. All the above a very useful pre build advice so a thanks to the posters. On the cockpit and wing fit conflict isn’t that what test builds pre large scale production are supposed to address. On the other hand what would we have to talk about if they just fall together straight out the box? We all hate Tamiya for doing that don’t we…..er not.
  7. Ah no @Mark Harmsworth she is a long hair German Shepherd. Difficult to tell when they are so young. However the rate of growth is phenomenal. She will be almost full size by six months. John
  8. Big. She comes from the same place as we got our boy who is 40 kilos. The photo is at 5 weeks old
  9. To @europapete @dnl42 and @Rich75 my deepest thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Its a new world there and certainly out of my comfort zone. Indeed I might wait until that GB start next year. It will give me time to read and find out what "scuttles" are @Rich75 and I've found the HMS Hood Association website thanks @europapete
  10. Its a pity those old retired chaps are well past the 25% rule or they would have smashed it as winners. Cant get bigger than 1/1 scale and look at all that rigging https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-63584737 They have been working on that one for twenty odd years so well done chaps and treat yourselves to a cup of tea or two. The article says they have started on their second build I wonder what it is?
  11. That's not a bad idea at all @Torbjorn. I can think of a few lesser know pilots and such like who have lost their lives proving concepts which eventually found their place. It would be nice to commermoarte those persons too but getting the background information would be much harder. One that springs to mind is Squadron Commander Edwin Harris Dunning Wikipedia link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edwin_Harris_Dunning
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