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  1. Thank you very much. Your work is also awesome to say the least. Please keep it up.
  2. Greetings from Athens/Greece. There is a great kit in 1/48th for the AG-330 from Hypersonic Models. I have built it and posted it here: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/viewtopic.php?f=47751&t=513723&from_new_topic=1
  3. Thank you Mike. Your remark is indeed very accurate however, the prop was intentionally left unweathered because the general look of the model (regarding weathering) was already heavy and I thought a propeller in pristine condition would balance it out. So, yes the propeller had been recently replaced and the spinner overhauled, which might have been very common especially in Noemfoor island with all this coral debris flying around.
  4. Thanks a lot. No, I do not have them but fortunately there is a lot of reference info for the P-40. Preferably when it comes to such a crucial detail as the rivet plan, I would use close-up photos of the real machines as reference.
  5. Yes, as a matter of fact I have removed the slats but I have kept no photographic record of the procedure.
  6. Hi guys, As promised, these are the pics from the construction of this model of mine ( https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235057671-grumman-f-9f5-panther-monogram-148-walkaround/ )built some 15 years ago…:
  7. Thanks a lot guys! Stay tuned for the forthcoming Work In Progress post (...the build may be 15 years old but still some techniques remain unaltered).
  8. I think I used Gunze Sangyo's H55 Midnight Blue as the base colour but I have kept no such record and I am not really sure after 15 years... For the silver I think I used Alclad.
  9. Hi guys, The recent Grumman F-9F posts of Gary Brandley and “crobinsonh” reminded me of my own build some 15 years ago which has not been presented to this forum yet – unlike most of my other ones... So, here it is: It took me almost 21 months and It was extensively reworked adding a lot of scratch-built details. BLACK BOX No.48023 resin cockpit set was the only aftermarket product used apart from the decals which is a combination of EAGLE STRIKE’s No.48114 and SUPERSCALE’s No.48-778 sheets.
  10. Just shortly before the end of WW I, a large black hole approaches the Earth causing gravitational space-time distortion, strong enough to form a local parallel universe full of wormholes. One such gravitational field equation is used by the gigantic rescue vessel ISS Eternity from planet Mexi in order to reach the Earth. She carries 3.258 souls called Olavis, the last survivors of the Olavia tribe who desperately search for a safe refuge from their hunters, the Tulgars that follow closely just a few light years behind. The subsequent global unrest forces the immediate cease of hostilities and an international rallying along with the decimated aliens in order to stand up against the vicious exterminators. The Olavis bring along a large part of their science & technology heritage such as Tritio X-14 heavy memory metal (from the very structure of the rescue vessel) – the electropulsive plasmatic prop-ramjet engine - the nucleonic fusion ion engine – the high energy positronic laser gun – the yellowish stealth coating etc. The humans manage to successfully implement the new technology to several of both existing and future war machine designs in order to rapidly build spacecrafts capable enough to intercept the invaders under the Global Federation Army high command, bearing the red/black triangle neutrality emblem. Hundreds of pocket-fighters are produced in the shortest amount of time and thrown into battle for destroying the Tulgar base on the dark side of the Moon before they manage to unleash their final attack. The battle for saving Parallel Earth has just begun and the unknown enemy foreshadows an uncertain (parallel?) future for mankind…
  11. Yes of course there are several photographs. You may have a look at one of them in my WIP thread :
  12. Hi Piotr, What you wrote is correct. However, it refers to the period when the machines were flown by Spanish pilots. Before that, Henschels flown by German pilots did not have their wingtips painted white.
  13. Hi J-W, No, there is no photographic evidence that the spanish machines had their wing struts painted in anything else rather than RLM65.
  14. Hi guys, This is my 3rd Hs 123 in a row (and probably the last one...). It took me just 4 months, partly due to the experience I gained from the other two builds. The WIP is here : But you can also have a look at my first build here, that is more extensively presented : Enjoy.
  15. Fixing the top wing in position on this kit is as easy as it can be. As long as you setup the cabane struts to the correct position (which is also an easy task) you only have to glue the top wing on them firmly and wait until the bonding sets. Then you can squeeze the wing struts in without even using any sort of glue - that is what I have done on all my three Henschels.
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