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  1. Looks good, what made you decide not to wire them? I was contemplating printing some for my Alfa with just holes that would serve as indicators that could be drilled out. I’ve turned them from Ali in the past for aircraft and indexing the holes is always the hard part. great effort though.
  2. No I just based it on photos and spending time around old machines generally. the ‘chrome’ is mostly elbow grease. I experimented with a number of different finishes I could achieve by treating the white metal this kit is mostly made from in different ways, before the build-proper, including highly polishing for the tanks. I know the cost is a bit hurty, but everybody should treat themselves to at least one MFH kit before they die IMHO, they’re unlike anything else, stunning in many ways but still bloody difficult to pull off well, very, very different to the likes of T
  3. Hi Frank, thanks for your kind words. great to hear you’ve finally made friends with fusion 360, I’m glad you stuck with it. regards Nick
  4. So time to trot out the giant pen told you it was a model Regards Nick
  5. Thanks for the kind words - you missed a couple of other things -the jubilee clips on the fuel lines moved during cleaning and there is a hair shed from the brush used for cleaning across the top of the Speedo - I pride myself on being my own worst critic I remember now, I did intend to scratch the throttle cables but just never got around to it. I had terrible trouble getting paint to stick to the white metal this is made from right from the word go, and tried many, many different primers, chemical cleaners and various other techniques to get it to stick at all. It
  6. I've just bit the bullet and had a major camera upgrade and needed something to point it at, so dusted off the old Brough (literally!) these are all 5 shot HDR images and my first outing with the new full-frame setup. I'm starting to like the new camera now after not being sure for a few days!
  7. Thanks, your link doesn’t seem to work? Regards Nick
  8. No it’s still fine. I use sketchup as well and they are chalk and cheese, sketchup is useful for general drawing and some tasks, but there is no way I could have produced my F40 model in it. Regards Nick
  9. Hi Frank, great to hear you’re giving fusion another go, unfortunately work has reared it’s ugly head lately, so modelling has gone out of the window, here’s my latest film:- https://www.linkedin.com/posts/peel-ports_time-lapse-video-of-cantilever-rail-mounted-activity-6763429524114817024-7onx I guess it beats working for a living, but keeps me from the workbench nevertheless regards, Nick
  10. Been plugging away at this, got the motor put together with a touch of Eduard PE for the ignition loom. But the main reason I'm building this is the HGW rivet set, which is now underway. In summary, We like It's a two stage thing, where it has a clear carrier that you can just about see here, that holds the slightly 3D rivets in position. This is then peeled off when fully dry like this. I'm
  11. Lost my mojo a bit recently, so trawling through the stash came across an HGW riveting set for the Tamiya jug I bought years ago, so thought that might be a bit different. I'm going for a mostly bare metal finish, so not sure how that will go? anyhoo, made a start on the pit, I had an Eduard Big Ed set for this too. It's been a while since since I built a Tamiya aircraft and I had forgotten how nice they are, I was almost tempted not to use the the aftermarket stuff as the standard cockpit detail is so good. I used some 1200 grit wet and dry for the footplat
  12. Thanks Tony. if you click any of the above images it will take you to the build logs. It’s a 1/9th scale MFH Brough Superior. regards, Nick
  13. SO that's quite a lot of models then? Really like the Sunderlands and very impressed by the sheer quantity! Great work, Nick
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