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  1. Hi all. Long time no see. I have two new printers in the workshop now, neither of which is working to my satisfaction yet. Turns out when resin printers get bigger things get complicated. I’ve made LOTS of modifications including lagging heating and accurate temperature control. I’m getting there, but still not production ready. I’ve also been busy retiring early from my day job and doing the house up. in summary, Unobtainium will be all systems go in January and I have the CAD done and waiting for some exciting new stuff. The website is http://unobtainium.digital lastly, I have one of these puppies arriving in January too https://makera.com watch this space! Nick
  2. Getting some paint on now. You’ve got to love the actual size scheme/decal charts Tamiya now provide. I’m using AK colours for the first time and despite several coats, insignia white still looks pretty grey to me? I always seem to struggle with white as stupid as it sounds. Nick
  3. The 3D decals are Red Fox, but they do suffer from the same ‘dithering’ effect you get with Eduard stuff with plain light grey colours such as the ip background colour. Nick
  4. Side consoles too. Honestly, I prefer the Quinta sets, which include all the ejector seat stuff too, but the current Russian situation has pretty much closed that option down both morally and practically, which I totally understand, but still a shame especially as a micro-producer of model bits myself.
  5. The hyphen is silent which is what threw me. I stand corrected.
  6. A few developments, treated myself to this beauty after pretty much wearing out my trusty Iwata. not the colour scheme I would have picked, otherwise, We like. Here's the latest on the Phantom, got the bang seats now with a bit of trusty Eduard PE, Although I chose to keep the handles as PE always looks too flat to me. As is customary, now I've photographed it, I can see the paint work needs tidying up of course. Looking suitably old school busy in there anyway now which is the main thing The obligatory scale shot to finish thanks for looking and all the positive feedback so far. Regards, Nick
  7. The nozzles are the reskit ones, they’re almost too good, if that’s a thing - there’s some PE in there that a gynaecologist with a super trouper couldn’t find, but I know it’s there!
  8. Here the link to the phantom build Linky
  9. As promised here are some photos of my Tamiya F-4B. Absolutely amazing kit, stupidly complicated, super-detailed, and the best fitting thing I ever saw - glorious. I have admittedly become addicted to 3D printed cockpit decals now, as they are so good, so they make an appearance as do some rather nice nozzles. Otherwise OOTB. here goes:- just test fitting this thing is an experience, it kind of locks itself together in an very precise and satisfying way, you probably won’t understand that until you build one, but I know what I mean! here’s me chimneys spent a while looking at refs and painting these, but fairly happy with the look now. here’s the office It’s not so long ago I would have been happy with this in 1/32nd but this is 1/48th! very little to do with me, it’s the 3D stuff, it’s just so good now. Back to the kit, this is the moulded-in engine detail barely visible when the air-bleed doors are open, as they are in the kit love it! stay tuned for the next bit. thanks for looking. Nick
  10. A few things, I went to see Top Gun Maverick on Launch day. Wow. Complete nonsense of course, but so many amazing, real (not CGI) flight sequences, it made me like Super Hornets for the first time. it seems the entire ‘class’ went through enough fast jet training to not throw up and continue to act during all the actual, real-life high-G manoeuvres you see in the film, all shot by shoe-horning iMax rigs into 2 seater FA-18Es apparently that’s the reason they went for these over the much newer and shinier F-35s they originally wanted - because? There are no 2-seat F-35s. And of course Mr Cruise’s own real-life Mustang putting in an appearance which is stunning. I always assumed P-51Ds were Packard engined, his is Rolls-Royce? I guess I was wrong then? Anyway, I now have a Meng 1/48 FA-18E sat here as a result, and a bunch of stuff from Hannants to make it more betterer arriving tomorrow. So in order to make room for that I started my Tamiya F4. Yes, you were all right, it is even better than the F-14 in a ridiculously over complicated, over engineered, precision-fitting way that I absolutely love. A WIP will be along shortly for both things, a glorious distraction waiting for my printer to unstick from locked-down China. when life gives you lemons etc. stay tuned. Nick
  11. Wow! They look absolutely fabulous what a great result - I told you it was easy
  12. Hmm 3 you say, that’s more than 1 isn’t it? Why didn’t I think of that? I like the launch version with the shooter especially now Mig had released a carrier deck. I might have a dabble with the electronics/lighting to make the engines go while I’m at it after my experience playing with my falcon. https://player.vimeo.com/video/688933929?h=d136dcaff4 Nick
  13. That's looking completely convincing - great job. Nick
  14. Thanks for all the great feedback everyone! Nick
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