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  1. Been plugging away at this, got the motor put together with a touch of Eduard PE for the ignition loom. But the main reason I'm building this is the HGW rivet set, which is now underway. In summary, We like It's a two stage thing, where it has a clear carrier that you can just about see here, that holds the slightly 3D rivets in position. This is then peeled off when fully dry like this. I'm
  2. Lost my mojo a bit recently, so trawling through the stash came across an HGW riveting set for the Tamiya jug I bought years ago, so thought that might be a bit different. I'm going for a mostly bare metal finish, so not sure how that will go? anyhoo, made a start on the pit, I had an Eduard Big Ed set for this too. It's been a while since since I built a Tamiya aircraft and I had forgotten how nice they are, I was almost tempted not to use the the aftermarket stuff as the standard cockpit detail is so good. I used some 1200 grit wet and dry for the footplat
  3. Thanks Tony. if you click any of the above images it will take you to the build logs. It’s a 1/9th scale MFH Brough Superior. regards, Nick
  4. SO that's quite a lot of models then? Really like the Sunderlands and very impressed by the sheer quantity! Great work, Nick
  5. Hi everyone, here's my builds for 2020, they should all click-through to build logs/galleries :- Regards, Nick
  6. That really is looking super good, looking forward to seeing it all come together now. Nick
  7. That’s really looking great now, fantastic job. It’s always the tiny things that make models realistic in the end.
  8. Hi Frank the first part is the built in animator in fusion 360, it lets you move stuff around as well as explode and fade in and out components. chitubox is a slicer. When you have drawn your 3D object in order to print it you need to carve it up into thousands of ‘slices’ like salami. Each layer in this case is 30microns thick and is what gets sent to the printer, so send layer 1, cure for 8 seconds or so, lift the build plate 30 microns and repeat. Eventually you get your object. all 3D printers use some form of slicer as they all work in layers like this.
  9. Decided to actually make (like properly make, out of stuff, cut-up, joined together, you know like we used to make stuff!) a better stand quite nostalgic really also put a bit of a video together
  10. To paraphrase jaws.. we’re going to need a bigger printer
  11. Thanks for all the compliments folks. Work has really got in the way of finishing this, but now Wales is back in lockdown, I should complete all the missing pieces over the next two weeks - every cloud etc. Regards, Nick
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