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  1. I'm aware the ladder is the wrong side, it's not fixed and I set the model up to replicate the original photo. As I didn't have time to re-pose it before collection, and had built the ladder anyway, I thought I would include it in the shot. I'm also aware the cable ducts should be extended for the firestreaks as well. It's a reasonable representation of the photo, nothing more. Nick
  2. Hi all, after a long lay-off, slapped this together based on a photo cherished by a friend's father. It's not quite right, but near enough for him to be delighted collecting it today. Here's the photo that started it all off:- And here's the model:- Regards, Nick
  3. Chrome it is then. Stand by for fotos. Nick
  4. Finished assembling this now, lots of curves with lots of joints so took a while filling and sanding to get to this stage. It's quite good fun playing 'spot the kit' with these things - there's very clearly a couple of car doors stuck on this, but there is also an upside-down aircraft nose section either side of the tail - any offers? harrier maybe? So I'm just considering how to paint it. We can all do knackered tank schemes, but I'm currently thinking chrome, maybe McLaren-esque/starwars, or I've got some chromatic alclad that may be interesting except I'm not convinced it works. It is actually very curvy, so I'm tending to high gloss of some kind maybe Rosso Red then, OR, animals are quite good too - zebra, giraffe, tiger? I want something different anyway, probably not matte, not military so get voting:- 1. Chrome 2. High-GLoss red 3. Animal Scheme:- a b c Nick
  5. Bit more tweaking, now he's done:- He's 1/35 scale if anyone was wondering. Nick
  6. These are great, the black finish is tough to get right and you've cracked it perfectly. I'm a huge fan of Blackbirds - I even got the watch! You might like this one as well:- linky Nick
  7. So did anyone notice the coat hanger? Nick
  8. nick

    IAF F-16 "Barak" Blk 40

    Very nice indeed. Nick
  9. Nurse! more lithium please. Nick
  10. Thanks Dan, made a conscious effort to not over weather this, I thought I would keep it subtle for a change to see if I could do it.Nick
  11. A completely out of the box build of Trumpeters excellent Dauntless after a year off. Really liked this kit it's a cracker. Here's the build> linky Thanks for looking Nick
  12. And done:- Finished piccies in RFI here> linky Nick
  13. Well you say that, I can't ride a unicycle anymore, mind you I couldn't before. At least my memory is Ok though, although I can't ride a unicycle anymore. Etc, etc... Nick
  14. Heres the fotos:- Haven't weathered the engine cowl yet, for the sharp eyed amongst us. Nick