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  1. Hmm. Looks like a gentleman’s scale to me. Nick
  2. Actually forget that, I’m so used to scaling to 1/8th for my F40, I did it here. This is 1/8th not 1/12th, so it does fit. just sayin. Nick
  3. My response to that is if you don’t recognise it, then it probably shouldn’t be there! I picked it up off a reference image I got from somewhere, could easily be a 4 litre. I shall delete it then. Nick
  4. Here's the latest renders of the engine progress First 3D test prints are coming off as we speak. Regards, Nick
  5. Amazing to think that back in the 1920's Bentley engineers designed their crankcase to EXACTLY fit an Elegoo Mars 2 Pro print bed when scaled to 1/12th that wouldn't be invented for another 100 years. Clever blokes. I'm going to need a bigger printer for the 1/8th one then. oops did I just say that outloud? Nick
  6. Here’s a quick cellphone shot of the prototype wheel and spinner in paint Just a few more adjustments needed and they will be ready. Nick
  7. Excellent photos, I've been a bit torn with wheel weights, no two cars seem the same, so I'm debating whether to include them or not? are all wheels drilled with the 4 holes regardless? I could include a couple of different styles I guess, they're easy to do. Nick
  8. Tony, you shouldn’t be too hasty with these things did you spot your decal opportunity in David’s photo BTW? Nick
  9. David, you're too kind! I just opened a new thread for the Bentley as I ended up hijacking my own Alfa one! That's a great shot, I'm just about to tackle the drums (well it's on a long, growing list) and was wondering what the spline shaft looked like. Is that a 4 1/2 L supercharged setup or something else? Nick
  10. I thought I should start a separate thread for this now. This won’t be a standard build, I’m using the kit as a loose base to develop a pretty full transkit for. I’ve made a start on a few things already. here’s the things that jumped out as needing attention first; not exhaustive, but what caught my eye. so far I have tackled the wheels:- next I’m tackling the engine Big thanks to Malc2 for sharing his amazing photo references. Nick
  11. Sorry, I assumed you know to bring your 3 view drawings in as a canvas on each plane? Do that first if you haven’t already. regards, Nick
  12. Mike, It’s all in your head! Once you realise how to look at stuff with ‘fusion eyes’ the fog lifts. this a fairly chunky looking thing that doesn’t need to be dimensionally that accurate. Mirroring is your friend, cut the thing in half to start with then block it out, it looks like it’s made from 5 or six cuboids, keep them separate at this stage and play around with boxing in the rough shape. Think Lego. sweep is very useful too, it’s a profile along a line, so it can apply a curved profile along a curved line, I can’t see anything here you need to loft really. when you’ve done that, sketch the most complex curve on the appropriate face of each box and cut, take multiple copies of each box so you make cutting tools in a different Axis if required as the shape - this is the most important bit - shapes can be shapes OR cutting tools for shapes, try sweeping these profiles as discussed. when you have a full set, duplicate them all, hide one set and combine them See how far you get using fillets, I suspect it won’t be far off. shell it or cut out the voids (shapes as cutting tools) you need to then just mirror to get the full cab. If you really still need to sculpt it further, I have exported to Blender before now, as it’s a lot easier in there, bear in mind, it won’t come back into fusion as an editable thing at that stage though. BTW this a great thing to learn on, it’s helpfully chunky! have fun, Nick
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