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  1. Thanks again gents! I'm sorry Sabrejet, no 3D printer at home... Engine? This kind of engine may be? Pieces of the Monogram's engine kit , revisited! An tiny parts... Dan.
  2. A lot of E Type IRS have been used for Cobra replicas in particular, with many improvements for high torque engines. Jaguar's engineers have done a very good job in the 60's... To reach this stage, some surgery have been done! New spokes wheels are here too... Surgery: Of course the bonnet will be improved... New louvres! Dan.
  3. Thank you very much gentlemen... Proud? Never, I can just see mistakes, and today with my experience I think it would be better! Now, the body is as a "cell": Of course we have to work on the rear axle... A pure gem itself. Based on a De Dion system (A french engineer YEAH!). Monogram's one was not so bad, but some improvements , as usual, was needed. In fact it's a "bed"(?) on silent blocks. Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures... Specialy More soon... Dan.
  4. Thanks guys for your kind words! Every time appreciated... Me too Poul I do like this color! It's my choice but it's a genuine Jaguar's color offer: Well, brake lines and brake booster... Where is the Monogram's piece? Not really easy to find the right chronology... Dan.
  5. Thank you for your interest gentlemen! On the front side, more... As usual a mix brass/plastic to improve some pieces: In situ... Plastic disc brakes are changed... The other side: More soon... Dan.
  6. It's just the plastic parts measurements of the kit, with of course some improvements... Lot of pics on the web may help you. Be patient Roy, it's the first post and the beginning of a long way to the finish... Maybe a sight of the steering wheel will make you wait? Dan.
  7. Sixteen years ago I worked on the famous Monogram 1/8 E Type... I don't abandon the Citroën, but actually I can't work in my workshop! Too many people at home, kids, friends, boating trips and so one. But I cant spend sometime behind my computer, and for your pleasure, I hope(!), I am going to show you this old WIP. This time, first the result! Then, the most fun piece to work on, the false chassis: Of course brass pipes, soldered on... a jig! Yes another! Of course the bonnet is coming... That all for now folks! Do you want more? Dan.
  8. Yes, the Pocher kits were not perfect, far from it ... But they have given the possibility to thousands of model makers to make 1/8 models, completely honest, today too! Do you know many others 1/8 models kits brands? Thank you very much mister Arnaldo Pocher. Rest in peace... Dan.
  9. Thank you gentlemen! Codger, I'm far away the perfection... Dan.
  10. Half round? It would have been too easy Codger... But it's not! Its the edge of the end of the top shape. See below... Maybe this sketch will help... Dan.
  11. If I tell you how many hours I spent on this detail on the door and the body, you will don't believe me! And it's not really completed! Dan.
  12. Hi Olivier! For simple pieces, as these buttons, it will be very easy... And in the south of France, for sale the same lathe I use since twenty years! https://www.leboncoin.fr/outillage_materiaux_2nd_oeuvre/1656650516.htm/ You can get many tutorials on the web for your first steps... Good luck! Dan.
  13. For MB enthousiast... wealthy and patient! https://shop.autographmodel.com/LeGrand-1-8-Modellbausatz-LE102-Mercedes-SLR-Uhlenhaut-Coupe
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