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  1. You are welcome Manu... And in front of the dashboard, a steering wheel maybe? In situ... Now, a very special piece, the adjustable pedals system, the real thing: And mine... Totally invisible in the car... Dan.
  2. Alclad... Well, let's go inside... The GT 40's dashboard is really a pure beauty for a race car. The result, not perfect, as usual, but not so far of the reality after some hours(!): The beginning... Putty is our friend! Clear parts, on the lathe... Switches... A lot of! Air conditioning? No, just fresh air... Dan.
  3. There is always a bad word among Citroën designers, even nowadays: simple! An example, the rear bumper. The real thing: Easy, isn't? May be you don't understand the logical. Why a bumper now? Remember, a piece of the seat is chromed. I prepare all the chromed pieces... Dan.
  4. Wow! The metal working is really impressive. Congratulations! Dan?
  5. As promised, fiberglass operations... Silicon mould preparation: First layer for small details, then filling: Blue is the non stick product. Of course this step is anxiety inducing... But all is OK! Then, the first molded piece, the central section: Putty, sanding, then putty and sanding..... For the bonnet, one day may be... Dan.
  6. Et's stay inside... In two parts, why? The armrest will be chromed (Alclad). Have a nice WE, Dan.
  7. Now, go to the front... Radiator, brakes and so one: On the left corner top, wiper motor. Cooling the brakes... The trick? Here: I retrieved some pics of the mould! Next post will be for fiberglass lovers... Dan.
  8. These cases are splendid. Elements that really add a plus... Good Job Thierry, congrats! Dan.
  9. Thanks gentlemen! To Mr C and Thierry, take a look at the right bottom, 1/8 scale ashes, not incandescent, sorry: By courtesy of Mr Edward Hooper, RIP. Dan.
  10. Thanks gentlemen! Today, something who almost will be not visible, but completely hard to do... and shoot! Pure happiness,and two poor pics! Thanks Mr Heller for this delicious roof light... Dan.
  11. Today, some engine peripheral, poor quality pics, sorry ... Like fuel filters: A small trick... Oil tank, remember, it's a dry sump system: Dan.
  12. Better than an explanation I hope... But be careful, it's patented!* Dan. *(Joke)
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