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  1. Thank you very much gentlemen. I't's my pleasure... First layer on the completed turret: To Jo... Firstly I use rivets as general purpose: Others are "fake"... Holes, rivets hammered on the other side. 1,2mm aluminum rivets, with 2mm heads before hammered... Dan.
  2. Thanks Chris, as usual the more important it's to find the method, the good one! After, it's just time and sometime a bit of pain... Well, turret, more... All dry fitted of course. Dan.
  3. Thanks Chris and Andy, your enthusiasm is much appreciated... It's a pleasure! Turret story. I try once, twice, and OK, 1,5mm aluminum sheet is not suitable for a 160mm round turret, even four parts! A really round turret... So, I have to cheat. Down to 0,5mm to "dress" a 160mm plumbing pipe. I'm sorry, but it's out of my competence. Let's go! The Maxim bracket: As you can see, two parts will be come... Dan.
  4. Hi, my supplier from long time ago, fast, reliable with correct prices for a large line of products for model makers... Dan. https://knupfer.info/shop/index.php/modellschrauben-messing.html
  5. Thank you very much Thierry, much appreciated... Unfortunately, one car, two fenders! The second now, with some working details: Dan.
  6. Metal working on the first fender is now completed, here putty will be needed! And I'm waiting for an brass sheet for the second fender... Dan.
  7. Thanks Andy, you are welcome to the detail's club maniacs! Front fenders now, just up to 50% done for the first one... Dan.
  8. Thank you very much gentlemen for your kind words, much appreciated, and motivating, really! Wood session today... On the rear: The beginning an details... Gas tank guard: I do love details! All the wood parts are dry-fitted. I must paint these separately to obtain a sort of homogeneity with alu parts... And happy new year! Dan.
  9. Impressive! Without the background I'm sure it should be hard to not see a real motorbike... Hats off Sir! Dan.
  10. Thanks gentlemen! Yes Chris, she will be heavy but my shelf will be strong... Well, hinges, a lot, holes, a lot and after that soon some wood pieces with... hinges! Now I hate hinges, you should understand: The turret bracket is also ready. You are waiting for the turret? Me too... Dan.
  11. Thanks Colin, but remember pictures lies, always! But all is coming finally nicely... For the moment. Some parts of the roof are added: Dan.
  12. Thanks Andy for your kind words. Skill a bit indeed, but a huge amount of patience and experience, surely! To 74 years old, experience is one of rare benefit, against a lot of inconvenience... Riveting and mending. And yes, I'm proudly show you this part, putty is now unnecessary! Not perfect, but this word is definitely out of my vocabulary... Dan.
  13. Thanks Jo! Yes, of course these sheets are annealed. I know your trick, but I use an hot air gun, who fortunately give 600/650°C, the perfect temperature... Safer method! Dan.
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