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    Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    Thank you very much Sam! All the hardware you need are there: https://knupfer.info/shop/ Very serious, fast, a german dealer... Yes for the springs. Very easy in fact, 0.6 mm copper wire wounded around a 0.8 mm metal rod. Dan.

    Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    Hi ladies gentlemen and thanks! You are right Thierry... Maybe not the good one! Today, carburetors's side, the challenge: And the beginning: Three pics, but a lot of work... Dan.
  3. Not so bad in fact... Go ahead man! Dan.
  4. Hi Olivier, Your tenacity attire the respect. However, to my eyes, you ask to your printer something for which she is not made! I don't know anything about this technic but the tutos I saw (figures etc) were not as thin as your demand... This work to me require etched method! Just a view, I'm sorry! Dan.

    Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    Thanks Harvey! Where are details? Dan.

    Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    Where is the devil? The beginning... Spark plugs caps... Dan.

    Delage 15-S-8 Grand Prix (1/8)

    I'm confused by that: May be also an manual air intake adjustment of the compressor ? All the rest linkage only! Dan.
  8. So sorry too to read that! I wish you patience and courage and of course a prompt recovery...ASAP! Dan.
  9. And with great talent! Congrats one more a time... Dan.

    Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    You are welcome Codger! Take a look at: https://www.hemmings.com/magazine/hcc/2010/12/Silent-Knight/3693461.html

    1/24 Tamiya Porsche 911 gt2 (993)

    Great Nikita, but it's urgent now, you need a lathe! Dan.

    Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    Thank you very much gentlemen! And sometimes, "Can I now do that again"... With a doubt, of course! We are always_ fortunately_ in the doubt, and it's to my eyes a good thing. Well, today plumbing, the real car: You can see some work is needed on this side! And on the top, the beginning of the head cover. Note it's a valveless engine, a Knight patent. Dan. PS: I can't remove the first "quote case". What is going on? Thanks

    Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    Happy New Year ladies & gentlemen! And thanks guys for your kind words, always much appreciated... Today, around the radiator. Of course, nobody will see them in a few... month (!), but it's there and I know that! First steps... What a puzzle! Dan.

    1/24 Tamiya Porsche 911 gt2 (993)

    Welcome to the brass maniac club Nikita! Good job , and in 1/24 scale, not easy... Dan.

    Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    Merry Christmas ladies and gentlemen! To Roy, in the real life ash tree is used. Here, plywood! And no wood on the Talbot, it's for the Bugatti, were I used oak and red wood, sorry... First today, steering gearbox: And on the body now, the real car: And mine... Come back now to the engine. Do you remember, exhausts pipes are ready, lets go! It's easier with a jig: Strange pipes? Yes indeed... Dan