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  1. It's really a pleasure to show you my work... It seems you like it, thanks guys ! Today, a new deal with Mr Guiloy and his handlebar. His pieces: A radical approach... Why? Die-cast pieces are not really precise! And a minimum is needed for that: And the result: It's not the end folks! Dan.
  2. It looks that a professional one, don't it? But no matter, your work is really fantastic, a piece of art is born... Dan.
  3. Wow! You are all too kind... Thank you very much, I appreciate. To Dave, sorry I know that, but my last server disappeared. Hope the new one works more longer! Well, if for you fork enough is enough, close this thread immediately... Parts... I'm waiting for chrome plated nuts. And the real life: Next, handlebar! Dan.
  4. Honestly, this kind of exercise is not really "my cup of tea"... But here, I have to admit I'm impressed. Hats off, Ron! Dan.
  5. It's a pleasure guys... Fork? More? Yes! Technical data... Dan.
  6. Thanks gentlemen! Today, surprise! More work on the...fork! Settings with the Guiloy's shackles. Of course, they will be replaced. Some parts: Dan.
  7. Thank you Chris and Gary... It's seems that all pics have been erased. Why, I don't know. My uploader collapsed? Another one now... First, some work on the front brake flange, with brake arm and the delicious speedometer drive: And now, one more a time, work on the fork... Avoid pernicious traps first! Now, we can add some parts: The fabulous "triple tree"... Next? Fork may be... Dan.
  8. Thank you very much to all, really motivating of course... Today the beginning of a long way, hard but a passionate one! Ladies and gentlemen I introduce an Indian's fork: The Guiloy's one was not ridiculous, but _ are you surprised?_ I want be closer to the real thing... First step: Easy? Not really, To maintain this kind of piece in a vice, it's not evident. All the holes must be in the same parallel axel... I said it's the beginning! Dan.
  9. You are right Ghost. Holes are impossible to do with a drill first on the angled side of the hub. Fortunately I have the good size center drill! Every time I forgot to show you the real life. So, let's go... Front/rear hubs are the same: Then, on the fork, they are not alone... Brake side: And the other side: I talked about settings. All is now in place... Dan.
  10. Thank you gentlemen! Without my lathe and my mill, I'm nothing... Today, small history about hubs and settings. Its better when the wheels are centered I suppose! Hubs in black tie... Settings... Note the spacer on the right, between hub and chain ajuster as the 1/1 motorbike! First step on the fork: That's all folks! Dan.
  11. Thank you Pascal, but I prefer fly over "l'ile aux oiseaux" with a warbird... Stunning work, as usual, thanks for sharing! Dan.
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