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  1. Hi gentlemen! Thank you "Moa". Are you french? Because "Moa" in french is the deformation _or slang_ of "moi", me in english... You have to pronounce: "MoooooA". Funny isn't? Well, today brakes linkages. No very easy to show you this mechanism. Hope you understand... First, the core of this system, the central traverse: To the front: And to the rear... In front to the hand brake, on the right, the rod to the brake pedal: In fact, there is two tubes, one inside for the front brakes, the other for rear brakes! Are you still there? Ok, the coupling mechanism front/rear... An now, parts: And sorry Harvey, but I can't do that with... a spoon! (joke) Dan.
  2. I agree ! But to my eyes, the hardest thing is to find the good method. After that, time and sweat... Dan
  3. For sure, we enjoy... Stellar work, congrats! Dan.
  4. Hi gentlemen! Today, front axle brakes linkage: An unusual solution, do you agree? Parts... Dan.
  5. Only dry brushed on black heat resistant paint... Very easy paint! The paintaphobe, Dan.
  6. I love that Harvey... Who said hat's off? +1!
  7. Thank you very much gentlemen! As usual, much appreciated and very motivating. Around the front axle, after painting, with no pain, for the moment! Some new brass pieces before painting... Thanks all for watching! Dan.
  8. Hi gentlemen! Rear axle, more and not the end! And sometimes, a great (bad) joke by Gabriel Voisin: Next? Brakes, drums brakes, links and other tie-rods... Tinny pieces! Dan.
  9. You are welcome Roy! Forum are there to share, isn't? A good seller: https://www.toolsntoolsuk.co.uk/product-category/jewelry-tools/dapping/ Dan.
  10. Hi Roy, No positive mould! Dapping punch and annealed 0,3 mm brass... with a good hammer! And usually I use my vise as a press, not here of course. For the two shells of the rear axle by exemplar. Dan.
  11. Thanks to all my fans... specially to Harvey! Are you waiting for the "saucepan"? Here it is: Same way... Dan.
  12. Well, after the front axle, rear one of course! The other side... waiting for the"saucepan": This time, another way. Stamping! Next, a glance to the kitchen... Dan.
  13. Very good job Harvey! Be careful, metal forming is a hard drug! And when I see the pictures, I can see a 1920' workshop, and I do like that!. Dan.
  14. Now, I can agree with that! thank you very much gentlemen for your very, very kind words. I'm honored, really. Today, not completed, dry fitted, front axle in situ... When some pieces looks easy to make, be careful, may be they are not! It's the case for these pieces: Thanks again... Dan.
  15. Thanks Roy, but I can't agree... Today, front axle: With springs and dampers (friction) brackets: Thanks for watching... Dan.
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