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  1. Yes Harvey, fun with sweat also! Sorry S-B, nowhere to follow this full size built, only in 1/8, here! Dan.
  2. Thanks gentlemen! It was not my first idea for my new built... But as Roy said it's a real opportunity, and I will be able to ask any question during the real car achievement, it's really valuable. In the real world, the basis and the chassis, it' a WIP too... Dan.
  3. Another Voisin? Yes, another french "exotic" car! This car won, in her class, the french race "Course des routes pavées"in 1923. Why this car? Because by courtesy of Phillip Moch, I have lot of originals drawings! All that I need! I can't believe that... The first time in my scratchbuilder's life. And this gentleman (owner of the Voisin Record, my last built) is now in the achievement of this car, 1/1 scale of course... Let's go! First, the chassis. Two "U" brass, and go! On the mill, of course, and with this method, each chassis spar will be similar... Don't they? Welcome for the new challenge, Thanks for watching! Dan.
  4. Thank you very much gentlemen, much appreciated!
  5. Game over... Thanks gentlemen for your support! Dan.
  6. She is coming... The first bonnet is in place...With inaccurate louvres! The real bonnet: None louvre are identical and all are incurved. One tool for each louvre? Help! Sorry guys... Dan.
  7. Thanks a lot gentlemen! Nice to see you here Roy, and I agree, it's an improvement... Some experiences later, many mistakes and now it's almost right. Perfection is not in my world... Dan.
  8. You are welcome gentlemen! Do you love louvres? More and not exactly the end... Right side panel: And now a new tool holder, and you can find one every where! Here with for size louvres: With a good tool, its enjoyable... Dan.
  9. Your tool bag is awesome! Your built too... Congratulations! Dan.
  10. A very pleasant toy isn't? But be careful with wells hubs and aluminum... I don't know the diameter of your spokes, around 0.5mm I suppose, and of course 0.6mm drill... And in aluminum, it's a real nightmare! First you have to manage the exit of your drill, a pic is better than explanation: Very good job so far! First time on a lathe, really? Bravo! Dan
  11. Gentlemen, thank you very much for your kind words. Always appreciated and of course very motivating! Today left hand panel... Thanks for watching! Dan.
  12. Harvey, I don't agree... Un-annealed the metal keep always a bit of "memory" and its more difficult to form it. I use a thermal cleaner, 600 degrees (Celsius), its perfect! In a first life I don't had a mini-mill... But I had a bench drill. May way to block the spindle, with two metal bars bolted like this: Hope this (bad) sketch help you... Feel free to any question! Dan.
  13. I will try to explain my method to make louvers . Warning! Cardiacs, purists, timorous, go your way, don't look at what will follow. I don't use a press, I use my mini-mill (Sieg X2) as a press! Remember, 0.3mm annealed aluminum is not very strong... Overview: Tool holder with male tool: Sorry, female imprint is not really clear... And now, wish God help you! Well, when I don't shoot my mini-mill, I'm cleaning the radiator cowl. One side is _almost_ OK: The other side... Dan.
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