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  1. Glad to see you here again! Good job on the steering system, more realistic now... And your new toy is absolutely a lovely one, If you want some information of this English manufacturer, goto this: http://www.lathes.co.uk/adept/index.html Good health too, Dan.
  2. Thank you very much Brian! Today, after an hole party... One side is completed, only one! Boring, but I love this rough technic (screws or rivets) and appreciate the result... Dan.
  3. Gentlemen, it's time to bodywork, really! Verso is OK now! For all parts, no secret. Template, setting and let's go!. Here, some (!) holes needed. In the real life in fact it's screws. I can't find the good screwdriver, so, rivets (1 mm head) are used... Next step? Recto of course! Dan.
  4. It's just the contrary! A civilian truck became a "military" one... In 1939 the french army was not really ready, its well known. Lack of real military trucks, many light truck Renault, Citro├źn, Berliet etc were requisitioned and re-painted kaki. Of course, german army after the defeat take them and... re-peinted them in german grey "feldgrau"! I'm french, and it's a part of our painful history. Dan.
  5. Impossible my dear! I don't really understand where you can see on my WIP anything like that... Thanks again for your kind, very kind words Steve. Dan.
  6. Thank you very much gentlemen! To Steve, I agree with CC, but I used... red cedar, easy to use too. For the large surfaces, plywood (poplar). Well, wood frame is now completed. Ready to be aluminum covered recto/verso. A mix between 0.3 and 0.4 sheets... Dan.
  7. Woodwork, more but not the end! The wood frame is removable, as in the real life. Some wood pieces are coming... Dan.
  8. Thank you very much for your kin words Steve! I do my best, and support is always appreciated... Dan.
  9. Well, today great change! Woodwork began: Just the beginning... Dan.
  10. Sentences are not really a construction! Some pics one day? Dan.
  11. You can't give me a best compliment Codger... Thank you a lot! Dan.
  12. Thanks gentlemen! Head lights and more.... Then, a small break for holidays! Dan.
  13. Great choice indeed Jo... And great skills too, I do love that! Dan.
  14. Well, pipes are OK... without picture! Sorry! But it's time to headlights story. Big headlights, very big headlight, remember: The goal: First, thank you again Mr Pocher. The basis of mine are Pocher's Rolls Royce! These kits are also an organ bank. Of course some modifications are needed. You can see the new piece on the left the second on the background. Some hours on the lathe... Why the stem still there? You will understand later! Unfinished, but on the right way: Stem here, the reason why: What a surprise! Soft solder works on the Pocher's "chrome"... Happy new year to all! Dan.
  15. Hi Brian, take a look at: http://www.jrhscalecars.com/RRGNEnginePhotos.html Dan.
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