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  1. The end! Next? I don't know. First a break and wait and see... Thanks to all, Dan.
  2. Beautiful job Jörgen! But... Be careful, as Pocher models this bracket is missing! And very useful to fasten the steering gear properly... Dan.
  3. Thank you very much gentlemen! Fortunately, it's close to the finish line! I haven't enjoyed this built. Too much issues for a result just acceptable... Remember, pictures lies! Dan.
  4. Take a look... A great choice! https://knupfer.info/shop/index.php/deutsch/modellmuttern/messing/302-20.html Dan.
  5. Thank you very much gentlemen! Kind words are always really appreciated... It's a summertime, the 1930's air conditioning is working: Dan.
  6. What a show! I subscribe to all the words above... Congratulations, Dan.
  7. I can't tell you anything, but I can show you! Hope it will help you... The handle is Heller's one, thanks! Dan.
  8. Thanks Poul, but... Firstly I have to thanks everybody! Why? 655 posts, 2621 "like"! Over four time of thanks on my posts... Today, some tiny things, I do like tiny things! The multiple switch. I don't chose the more simple, but the other is the same on the 2CV! Not really class... Of course, very difficult to take pictures in situ, but be patient! Easier, with wiper's motor on background... Behind the scenes... The real thing... Dan.
  9. The wings and the bonnet now on the body! Not perfect but despite my efforts I can't do better... Dan.
  10. Thank you very much sportandmiah, but I have some doubt... Dan.
  11. Dashboard aboard! In the 1/1 life, it's not easy to shoot a dashboard. Here, it's eight times more difficult! I can't do better... And in fact... Dan.
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