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  1. My fans follow me! Thanks a lot gentlemen! Today, the guests are front shock absorbers (None for the rear train), steering box and his bar, and the very strange steering wheel axle. British engineers are sometimes enigmatics for french ones... Note some Pocher's parts every where! Dan.
  2. Thanks a lot Poul! Very glad you enjoy my work. Today, come back in detail to the front axle. Another mix... Front springs, not similar with rear ones, Pocher pieces resized: And a lot of non Pocher pieces, as usual. About accuracy of this chassis. General arrangement 70%. Shape of elements 30%... Why? Poor drawings/photos reference. Rear brakes: And, as you know now, none in front... Dan.
  3. The quality of those kits seems really excellent! And with your skills... Dan.
  4. J├Ârgen, you are the best exotic cars modeler! Thanks! Dan.
  5. First time on wheels! About wheels, another mix, helped by Mr Pocher... On the left, with brake drum, rear, and front brakes? None! Sorry for this apocalyptic photo... Dan.
  6. Thank you gentlemen! Yes Peter it's the desert fox on the photo, and of course those vehicles was there before the DAK! Sir Lawrence used a RR, not armoured, but it was the beginning of the story ... Some close up: Pedals, and the rod to brake system: Dan.
  7. OK Jo, it's an encapsulated universal coupling, as a central pin to permit movement the entire rear axle... At that time, many cars have this kind of mechanism encapsulated or not, joined side by side to the gearbox. Hope it's clear! Dan.
  8. Thank you very much GB! Your explanations are perfect. I suppose our friend Jo don't read the title and the first post! Some exemplary has been used in WWII in Libya! Called "Pattern 1920", and it's my choice...and the sand color too. No doubt about that: Well, after the gearbox, rear axel... With foot and hand brakes mechanism, a challenge! Springs? How to with annealed wire: Dan.
  9. A come back after a small break, but... Not with noting! The beginning have been the gearbox, the center of all the dispositive. With some processing and adding I used a part of the Pocher one... Simple isn't it... Dan.
  10. I think so, that's_crual_ life! Thanks to my shadow, my fan Ron, Chris and Neddy, be patient... Of course, a jig was needed. Lot of time spent but this time is not lost! Better your jig is, better and easier your work will be... It's a Dan's rule! Well, after destroying the interesting work is beginning. I suppose you see my interventions... It's just the beginning, the frame of an armoured RR is quite different! After done all the new cross members, I will cut off the old supports. Dan.
  11. Thank you very much gentlemen, for your support, with every time kind words, it's really a pleasure! And is it a model? Yes! Dan.
  12. The donnor was waiting since about forty years, here his last place, since ten years... This kit (K75) contained 2905 parts. And, one day perhaps, it will be close of that: The "armour" will be done with 1,5mm aluminum sheet, the perfect size to the 12mm steel in the real life. Souls fragiles, cardiacs, Pocher's purists, keep away! The wheel base is more short... 40mm to cut off: More soon?
  13. Thanks guys! As promised, after a struggle with bad virgin decal sheets... Last try and before a nervous breakdown, I decided it was OK!: During the struggle, details, without decals! Well, next? I have a question for our moderators. It's a car, but an armoured car. May I stay here or I must jump to armoured forum? It's as usual, a curiosity. 1/8 scale of course, the donor Pocher of course, a Phantom (K75) chassis re-visited as a Silver Ghost to install on a sort of light tank: Thanks to all my fans, and all the visitors... Dan.
  14. Hi Noel, and thanks for your comment. Just for you if I understand correctly your answer, but tomorrow, Indian, more... It's just an Unimat dividing head: And an home made piece, for clamping on every vice: Dan.
  15. My God, I'm unmasked! Poul is right, I'm sorry guys... But let's me finished this motorbike, for the summer... Thank you very much! I'm waiting for a virgin white decal sheet, a very big one(!) so you can see the result, with a piece of paper: Not easy to shoot! Last post I forgot to show you the other side... Dan.
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