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  1. Hi everyone! A big challenge indeed, the grill... First step, foam and after wood: Then, 0.3 annealed aluminum sheet and let's go... The grill will be sprayed with Alclad chrome, any metal support are OK! Settings, always: Now, internal pieces, reinforcing plate before cutting that will give thickness... And the piece that will receive the hood: As usual, many traps! Don't forget the protective leather band... That's all for now guys! Lot of work and nothing completed! It's the rough life of mad scratch builders. Dan.
  2. Thank you gentlemen! To Jo thanks, it's a solution. But it's a typical photo-etch job... Not in my workshop! As promised, exhaust line: As usual, parts: Next? Big challenge... Wait and see! Dan.
  3. Thank you gentlemen! Art? I don't know... But a lot of pleasure for an old retired man, I'm sure! And your kind words and support are a real part of that. Well, today pedals, more almost completed... Aluminum floor too: And the other side of the engine almost completed too... Next? Exhaust is coming! Dan. PS: Something is missing? Yes, I know: I'm not an artist engraver, sorry...
  4. Thank you very much my fans! Always appreciated and good for motivation... Do you remember? I said a pure nightmare. Here the end of the night: Pedal's side, easy. But the other side... Do you really understand? In fact the brake booster acts on the brass lever since the pedal acts on the booster. Clear? No, i'm sorry I did my best! Parts: Dan.
  5. Ten days ago I said: "Next step pedals". Easy in my mind. But it was not easy! Before pedals I have to make the firewall, and before the firewall I have to mount definitively the engine and transmission, and of course to made the two pedals... Transmission's side, easy, thought... But, but, the other side? The goal... Ten days later, hopefully some progress! Some parts: Next? Wait and see! Brake booster (1923!) linkage is a pure nightmare... Dan.
  6. I agree, it's not a show car... Better finish? No, realistic finish too, and it will be not easy. Good job Jo! Dan.
  7. What a challenge! Very good start too! Good luck sir.... Dan.
  8. Codger, you are too kind with my english... To S-B, I use acrylic paint Dupli-Color, this one for the chassis: Dan.
  9. Codger, you are welcome. And thanks for your very kind words. Elegant is the same word in french. Remember, I'm french, but my english can't leave any doubt about that... Warning! The following may cause injuries to purist's ears! About the primer: none. Except Alcad paints, I use always sprays "Dupli-color" (Germany) after degreasing (acetone), all RAL colors are available. Here is 7035 grey for the chassis. Hand brake is gloss black, drybrushed with aluminum paint. Dan.
  10. Engine and rear axle are now connected! Hand brake too... All is dry fitted. Note the passage for brake pedal connection... Before painting and parts: Next step pedals... Thanks for watching! Dan.
  11. Thanks guys! Codger, I would make a checklist before the first fire up! Dan.
  12. Outstanding work on the louvres Harvey! And I know the difficulties to reach this level, you can trust me... Hats off sir! Dan.
  13. Ladies and gentlemen the engine is completed! With the carburetor and some other pieces... Throttle cable is not fixed yet. It will be done later... Carburetor in pieces: May be you don't saw it, but the oil sump is there! I'm waiting for some hardware, some nuts and bolts... And of course thanks a lot to my first fan Harvey! Dan.
  14. Thanks guys! Now, I know, it's Harvey! Well, you have to know the goal... There it is: Now, my engine, with some wires. And the most difficult, this piece: Ignition system parts... Who asked finished? It's not finished yet! Dan.
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