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  1. Andwil

    Sea Harrier

    Jet nozzles attached and the various antennae on the tail painted Lifecolour Tan. These will need a second coat and a tidy up. I have no idea what that lighter blue area behind the ventral fin in the photo is as it’s not there in real life! AW
  2. Decals on. Special Hobby’s decals went on a treat, released quickly from the backing paper and went down nice and smooth. Always a good milestone in a build, it’s when the model really comes to life IMO. The kit had markings for MF-11 and MF-15. The aircraft I want to depict is MF-17 flown by Lt Kurtz of VF 221. Luckily I had suitable 7s in the stash of spare decals so it was an easy job to make up the correct codes. What I don’t have though are suitable serial nos, but as these are really tiny I have chosen to ignore them. AW
  3. Glossed and ready for decals: AW
  4. Forgot to take any pictures today, but attended to a little overspray under the fuselage and did some detail painting including the non slip walkways on the wings and sprayed the tires on the main wheels. AW
  5. Andwil

    Sea Harrier

    Nose unmasked and wings and tail planes attached: Looks like a Sea Harrier now. Of course having been so careful with it all along, after taking this photo I dropped the model and broke the pitot off. I can probably make a better one with some wire anyway. AW
  6. Masked the under surface demarcation line with blue tack worms and sprayed the blue grey uppers: During this process I noticed an ominous rattle from inside, something has come loose in the cockpit, hopefully not obvious to the eye, or relatively easy to get to and fix. AW
  7. Andwil

    Sea Harrier

    Unmasked the fuselage today: Happy with that, very little bleed. I then re-masked the nose and sprayed the radome with NATO black: AW
  8. Ow! Just reading that made my eyes water. Martian soprano? AW
  9. Andwil

    Sea Harrier

    Oh how did I manage to do that?! What a goose. Looks like I’ll have to display the port side only. Last timeI do this mod, in future I will either use aftermarket intakes or just ignore the closed doors. AW
  10. Andwil

    Sea Harrier

    After a bit of a delay brought about by my airbrush problems (see my Marine a Buffalo thread for the whole sorry tale) today I was able to give the upper surfaces a shot of EDSG: The coat of Future equivalent is still wet in these shots. Hopeful now of completion by the deadline. AW
  11. Well after a delay of a couple of weeks I got back to the Buffalo today. The Paasche airbrush arrived as expected, but I was not able to fit it to my compressor as the fittings are a different size. I looked in vain for a suitable adaptor and ended up buying a Paasche air hose for it, which took another week to be delivered. In the meantime I took advantage of a spell of beautiful autumn weather to get a lot of work done in the backyard building retaining walls and paths. Anywho, the new hose arrived today so I whacked it on to the compressor and completed the underside of the Buffalo. I have to say, the Paasche was a revelation, so much better than the Sparmax cheapie I’ve been using! Sealed in with Future equivalent which is still wet in this photo. A concerted push should see this get completed before the deadline. AW
  12. Nice little interior. No bathroom facilities in this one, but scope for some “backseat action” AW
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