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  1. Continuing with the rigging with the landing and flying wires, the bracing wires for the interplane struts and the wires connecting the ailerons: A fiddly job best done in small increments. Thanks for looking. AW
  2. Very nice Vixen John, even though I’m not a fan of the one wing folded look (I like symmetry). Judging by your hand, it’s quite a big jet. AW
  3. Underside painted today. The Fiats arrived in Spain in an overall aluminium dope finish and were soon camouflaged in a number of different schemes of yellowish sand, olive green and red browns over light blue grey. I have used RLM 65 for the underside colour. Thanks for looking. AW
  4. I have a plan to use the fuselage as the basis of a sort of steampunk racer…. AW
  5. Given that 1/72 is the only proper scale for aircraft, the right scale for really big things like ships ought to be 1/720! AW
  6. Had an enjoyable read through this thread this morning. You are certainly a brave man taking on several Sword kits at once! There are a couple of STGBs next year that might see me building multiple kits at once, but they wont be short run kits. AW
  7. I’ve had a Hasegawa F-14 in the stash for a long time along with decals and a mask set for IIAF machines in Asia Minor camo. Good excuse to finally build it so add me to the list. AW
  8. I’ll be joining in with this Airfix Tomahawk which will be finished as a South African machine using an Xtradecal sheet. I’ll be doing AN311/TA-C of 2 Sqn SAAF. A start will be made soon after other GB entries have been completed. AW
  9. Rudder and upper wing tips painted white. Thanks for looking. AW
  10. Work continues on the rigging, this time with the cabane strut bracing wires. First the lines are fed through holes in the wing: Then secured to holes drilled in the fuselage with a drop of CA: These are left to set for a few minutes then gently tensioned and set in place with a drop of CA into the holes. A weight is attached to keep the tension while the glue sets. The mending thread I am using is quite light so these small bulldog clips are sufficient weight. After these are properly set the extra lengths will be trimmed off, the hokes filled and paint touched up. Thanks for looking. AW
  11. Completed the undercarriage rigging today and then attached the top wing. It was when I went to fix the wing I discovered a major error - I had attached the cabane struts back to front! I don’t know how I hadn’t noticed this when dry fitting the wing earlierto check the alignment of the struts etc, but there you go. Luckily I was able to loosen the cabanes with Tamiya green cap and carefully prise them off, clean up the bar that connects them and reattach them the correct way around. I’ll have to touch up the paint, but being on the underside of the wing it wont be immediately noticeable. While I had some steel paint out for another project I painted the metal plate on the tail skid. Thanks for looking. AW
  12. I built that one as a kid, the crew consisted of heads moulded in the fuselage, rising out of a solid cockpit! Even back then I thought it looked naff. AW
  13. I’m using a smoke coloured invisible mending thread on this one. The monofilament fishing line I used on my recent Gladiator build I think would look too heavy on a WWI biplane and I just cannot get on with that stretchy ezyline stuff. AW
  14. Tail attached and rigged: Undercarriage assembled, lines for the bracing wires attached to the fuselage and will be fixed to the undercart when its all set nice and hard. Thanks for looking. AW
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