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  1. A piece of sprue chopped up and filed roughly to shape has been added as the mounting for the funny little cross shaped antenna on the rear fuselage. Canopy masked and glued on with Formula 560 canopy glue, this needed a bit of clamping to sit down properly. Some Evergreen rod added to the tailplane for the rear facing sensors or whatever they are. Some scratches to polish out and it will be ready for paint. I have had to change my intended subject, I originally was going to do one of the Tigers I saw at Avalon in 2019 but looking at my photos s
  2. Brave man adding the aerial before the decals, I’d be guaranteed to break it during the decal application handling! AW
  3. For purely aesthetic reasons I also would have preferred the Viper over the truly awful looking Apache! Thanks for the info Ray, I will have to see what I can do about the green. AW
  4. I’m sorry, but the fuselage looks like it is inside out, which spoils an otherwise brilliant model. AW
  5. All major airframe components assembled and some minor gap filling started: The stub wings and tail planes will be left off until after painting to make masking the camouflage easier. Thanks for looking. AW
  6. A few bits and pieces done since the last post. IPs; these are not very well detailed, the disks and buttons are represented by shallow depressions, so dry brushing is useless for bringing out the detail: But it’s moot as they can barely be seen once the shrouds are on: Seats, again very basic: Assembled cockpit tub: Fuselage closed up with the cockpit and rotating gun mount under the nose in position. Some thinning of the front of the cockpit opening was required to get a good fit
  7. Mine is ready to go, I do need to source some light gull grey, but plenty of time for that as I won’t be starting until I’ve finished the Tiger ARH helicopter in the Anzac group build. AW
  8. F/A-18A Hornet A21-39, 77 Squadron RAAF Williamtown. This aircraft has worn this special scheme to celebrate successively 77 squadron’s 75th anniversary in 2017, its 77th in 2019 and most recently 33 years of Hornet operations in 2020. The unit ceased flying Hornets in December 2020 and is now converting to the F-35A. In September-October 2019, 77 squadron deployed 6 Hornets to Chitose JASDF base for exercise Bushido Guardian, the RAAF’s first joint exercise with Japan. The model represents the aircraft, flown by the CO Wg Cdr Jason Easthope, on arrival at Chitose. 1/72 Hasegaw
  9. F/A-18A Hornet, 77 Squadron RAAF, Williamtown NSW on deployment to Chitose JASDF Base for Exercise Bushido Guardian Sept-Oct 2019, the aircraft of the unit CO, Wing Commander Jason Easthope. 1/72 Hasegawa with Quickboost seat and intakes, Reskit wheels, Eduard Brassin AIM-132 ASRAAM and AIM 3D printed ACMI pod. AW
  10. Last few parts attached and it’s done: Thanks for looking. AW
  11. Up on its wheels, jet nozzles fitted and canopy unmasked: I found the undercarriage doors to be quite fiddly. Just the stores now to do. Thanks for looking. AW
  12. I actually prefer the grey...... mind you if I ever build one it would be in the iconic SEA scheme. AW
  13. Thanks Pappy, I might go for a satin finish or leave as it is This doesn’t look too glossy to me, the level of sheen looks about the same as the rest of the airframe: (photo from Aviation Spotters Online) Also, I noticed from the photo that I had got the port LERX finlet too far forward. Luckily it was only attached with a couple of small drops of CA, so this morning I was able to gently snap it off and reattach it in the correct position without damaging the paintwork. AW
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