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  1. Good choice of colour scheme Moa, that is a splendid livery. AW
  2. Absolutely brilliant work on the Anson Mr Baron sir, it’s been a pleasure watching it all come together and plenty of inspiration even though I don’t think I could match the skills on display. Look forward to the RFI and the start on the Sea Vixens. AW
  3. Oh dear. I have several Printscale sheets in my decal stash. AW
  4. Looking closely, the 20 degree offsets are to port and starboard respectively, yours are all to the same side. If it’s not too late, two of them need to be rotated anti clockwise. AW edit: having another look at those instructions it may be that Italeri have shown both front and rear views, in which case you‘re ok hand can ignore the above.
  5. I reckon he’ll float in the bath, or build a pond for it in the back garden. AW
  6. For a modelling monk these kits are obviously the equivalent of self flagellation and mortification of the flesh. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa..... AW
  7. Two seat Lightnings are really ugly. That Sagittario on the other hand is a thing of real beauty. Ducks down behind parapet. AW
  8. Not my preferred scale, but that is beautiful! AW
  9. Must have been done by the same kit designer responsible for the wing/strut geometry of Roden’s Fokker DVII. Still, the model looks great and if you hadn’t let on few of us would be any the wiser. But then you are a modeller of very high standards. AW
  10. Just had an enjoyable catch up on this and the Ente, after three weeks travelling in Peru, more great work. Was the bathroom really tiled? AW
  11. This looks fantastic, I’m going to have to get one or two of these. AW
  12. Lovely diorama, great way of displaying the model. AW
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