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  1. Here’s another vote for the Hataka Polish colours: I painted the interior aluminium. AW
  2. I am in awe of your skill, but beginning to doubt your sanity! Fantastic micro surgery. AW
  3. The wing rigging completed. I had some trouble with the lines pulling out and realised I had used the wrong drill bit resulting in holes that are a little too big Filled with CA. Now I can move on the undercarriage and tail. Thanks for looking. AW
  4. No photo today, but I have finished the PE with the flap actuators and also temporarily attached the starboard door with pva to mask the insides, so it is ready for the paint shop. First though I want to finish the Nieuport over in the French Fancy GB to clear the decks. AW
  5. Thanks Mark, the cowling was a bit of an experiment with the hairspray technique, I’m quite pleased with the result. Rotaries must have been a handful to fly, but had terrific manoeuvrability, especially in the direction of the rotation. The Camel in particular was noted for very rapid right hands turns. Top wing on and a start with the rigging. The whole is very fragile, the connection points between the top wing and the struts are tiny, I have already knocked it off a couple of times. Getting the rigging line through is quite tricky, I have decided to forgo the bracing between the cabane struts, my tweezers just will not fit between the wing and fuselage. This is a very small model! Thanks for looking. AW
  6. When I moved house a couple of months ago, that is how I moved my models. I used the bubble wrap and packing noodles and also shredded paper. Only breakage was a radar aerial off the nose of a Me-110G nightfighter. One thing I did that I regret was in some boxes I used the bits of foam used as cushion filling, this was a mistake as it left a layer of fine particles on the models. AW
  7. Keen to see how you do the rigging, I have been long puzzled by the Triplane’s rigging, other than that it was rigged as a biplane, it is not clear whether the wires passed through the middle wing or just ahead of the leading edge? I have seen photos and drawings that suggest both. AW
  8. That was a good post Bertie, and I fully agree with the sentiments expressed therein. To be clear I did not intend to criticise your model, or choice of subject, merely to question ICM’s composition. As for the painting of Napoleon, he was not a great horseman so the chances of him striking such a heroic pose on a rearing horse were about nil. Pure propaganda (or myth making - a fine line). AW
  9. Just about squeezed them all on: Still have the cocades on the top wing upper surface to do after it is fitted and rigged. Thanks for looking. AW
  10. Seems like a good place to build a Swedish Fiat CR.42, so count me in. Also good excuse for a Draken! AW
  11. Which begs the question, would it actually have been able to support the weight of two grown men? AW
  12. You could have a bit of fun trying different props on different aircraft! Fancy a Thunderbolt with a tiny two blade prop, or a Cessna with a monster four paddle blade prop (would make it look like an Osprey!) AW
  13. Now you have a reason to build a Spirit of St Louis, if you haven’t already. AW
  14. I wasn’t happy with the upper surface of the top wing so I rubbed it back and res prayed the white aluminium. Much happier with this. Wheels and Cone de Penetration ( not a spinner, it was stationary, attached to the shaft around which the engine and propeller rotated). I think she’s ready for decals. Thanks for looking. AW
  15. Thanks Dennis, she is much better now. Gave the Porter a spray of primer to check the upper surface seams. A little work on the nose but the one I was most worried about, the wing/fuselage joint, looks OK. Propellor has been painted, light grey on the front face, black on the rear, spinner chrome. I’ll need to touch up the white stripes a bit. Thanks for looking. AW
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