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  1. Excellent finish. Love the SR-71, it was so far ahead of its time it still looks futuristic today. AW
  2. Underside sprayed with Lifecolour gloss white: AW
  3. What a beautiful little Nieuport. The finish and rigging are excellent. AW
  4. Yes that makes sense, I can see after a second look that the holes are off centre. AW
  5. Looking at the sprue shots I can see what looks like two turbine faces. Surely the Vampire was single engined? AW
  6. The holes to be opened up are obviously locating holes for those ventral fins which must be optional. As my knowledge of Starfighters is limited I can’t comment on which aircraft were fitted with these fins. If the jet you are modelling does not have the fins, don’t drill out the holes. AW
  7. Looks brown on my iPad too, but is probably due to the bright red cutting mat background. AW
  8. Thanks Mark. I slopped some Mr Surfacer 500 over the windscreen/nose joint and I think this will take care of the last of the uneven finish. AW
  9. Ummm did you forget the blue section of the rudder? AW
  10. Good result Dennis, now on the next one. Pip pip! AW
  11. Really really beautiful. It was a great pleasure watching this majestic model coming together. I like the old BW photo of the passengers boarding, looks like the cast of an Agatha Christie whodunnit. AW
  12. I have returned to the Harrier after a break working on other projects and taking a short break in the country, which is still nice a green and doing some wine tasting. Got stuck into blending in the windscreen and giving the whole plane a rub down with micro mesh. Added the ventral strikes, a Master brass pitot and a couple of ae behind the cockpit. Attended to the leading edge and primer on: Still a bit of work required to smooth out the filler in front of the windscreen. Have to get my skates on to have this finished before @neil5208 starts his and shows me up! AW
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