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  1. Great result with the model and even better that your daughter is healthy. AW
  2. @PattheCat, @Brad, @Alex Gordon, @TonyOD, thanks fellas. Thanks Ray, I’m sure you’ll do better than me, when it comes to decals I’m all thumbs. Actually most of the decals go on very well although they do grip quickly and can hard to move it you don’t get them positioned correctly first time. This is especially the case around the rear fuselage/tail area with the blue trims. The S shaped decal on the leading edge of the fin is particularly fun to position. Anyway, decals finished, paint touched up, nav lights painted and the whole given another coat of Pascoe’s L
  3. Snap! Not an interstate move, more just down the road a little, just sold the current place and the new one near completion. First grandchild due in early August, move probably next month. AW
  4. Very nice. I don’t know how you can turn out such quality so quickly! AW
  5. I’ll echo what the others have said above. They can quite easily be taken for much larger scale, very well done! AW
  6. Fantastic! I’m not into motorcycles, but that it one of the best models of any genre I have seen. Brilliant work AW
  7. Thanks Pat. Before I go any further, let me apologise for the rather downcast and frankly temperamental tone of yesterday’s post. In my defence I plead the stress of selling the house, and then the trouble with the model was the last thing I needed! Having slept on the problems (of my own making with the decals being somewhat ham fisted). I had a go at fixing them. Firstly, the canopy was very gently prised off after cutting through the overlapping ejection seat warning triangles and rescue arrow with a sharp blade and softening the PVA with water. The front seat had
  8. Thanks mate, very kind of you. Now how can I stuff it up? Decals! A frustrating afternoon that almost saw the kit go in the bin a couple of times. Started out OK with the wing roundels and the under tail blue flash it went pear shaped with the tail fin trim and rear fuselage pin stripes. The decals are long, very thin and prone to buckling. Worse, they don’t want to set, moving one section carefully into position and another piece applied an hour or so earlier started to buckle. It seems that breathing on them makes them fold and buckle. There are also a few gaps and tears
  9. Great collection Michael, judging by these earlier builds it looks like we’re in for a treat. You seem to like Marine Skyhawks AW
  10. I don’t think the grubbiness is overdone at all. It looks like a hard working refuelling truck in a tropical environment. Come to think of it, it looks in better nick than a lot of models of Japanese aircraft! AW
  11. Thanks guys I appreciate the support. No piccies today, but the wheel wells and insides of the gear doors were painted aluminium and then the whole got a coat of clear in prep for decals which I hope to get on over the weekend. AW
  12. Did it pop free as if it was part of an ejection sequence and land across the room somewhere or just come away nicely? AW
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