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  1. I have been priming the smaller components such as the undercarriage while awaiting the gloss black primer I ordered for the main airframes. Hopefully this will arrive early next week. AW
  2. Bit of an extreme length to go to get hold of a modelling tool. Easier, less painful and probably cheaper to just buy a pair! AW
  3. Plenty of Canadian aces so count me in. And if I can track down a 1/72 Caribou....... AW
  4. With a house move looming in the middle of next year and most of my stash in storage I will probably have to miss a couple of the group builds I originally signed up for. Will definitely be in for ANZAC and Skyhawks and probably unarmed then we’ll see how things pan out, should be right for the F-14 GB and would like to do a SPAD in the French Fancy. AW
  5. I forget where I saw this tip first, but what I do with Harrier undercarriage is to square up and glue the nose and outriggers first, when they are set then I glue in the main undercarriage leg, sit the model on its wheels and adjust the length of the main gear so the wheels touch the ground (bench top) and leave it to set. This ensures the model sits true on all four points. HTH AW
  6. Good grief that must take some courage! Putting a lot of faith in blue tack. AW
  7. Plenty of tales of woe with a Revell Tornados over on the Tornado Warning GB, so you are definitely no orphan with this difficult kit. I’m sure you will beat it into submission though. AW
  8. Probably the best looking jet ever. AW
  9. Progress on the Lightnings has been slow as I keep finding other things to do other than dealing with ejector pins in difficult to access spots. Things like house painting and more enjoyably, wine and cheese in my Brother in Law’s vineyard: I must admit that I am impatient when it comes to filling and sanding joins and don’t really enjoy this stage of a build. However, I have pressed on and completed the cockpits, given the canopies a bath of clear, masked and attached them. The F.2A canopy (the wingless one) is only temporarily fixed as I am planning on posing it
  10. Just had a catch-up of your last few posts, fantastic work it’s going to be an amazingly good model when it’s finished. AW
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