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  1. I couldn’t have lived with it as it was. Decals on: Exito decals, printed by Cartograph, went on beautifully. Released very quickly in warm water and settled down perfectly. Not sure about the boom stars and bars, they look a little large, certainly much bigger than the ones Airfix provide in the kit, which are no good as the blue is far to light. Here she is Thanks for looking. AW
  2. I’ve got this kit as well so I’m interested in how it goes together. AW
  3. I’ve got the fuselage closed up and the intakes and tailplanes fitted. Dry fit of wings shows that they should fit with little bother. The jet nozzles have also been painted, Vallejo dark aluminium for the front, cold nozzles and jet exhaust for the rear, hot nozzles. Thanks for looking. AW
  4. I wasn’t happy with the demarcation on the nose, looking at photos the beautiful lass should be “kneeling” on the demarcation line, mine is a bit too high such that it would probably pass through her waist. So I masked off and resprayed the OD reaching further down the nose. Much better. Lucky I noticed it before application of decals. Thanks for looking. AW
  5. A few bits and bobs have been painted. Undercarriage: The Pegasus fan: and some of the inner parts of the intakes: bit of bleeding there to attend to. Thanks for looking. AW
  6. Close enough! Thank you for the thought. Thank you, yes I had a very nice T-Bone steak, rare of course . And . I’m wondering whether the wheels should be NG as well? I’ll leave mine aluminium but will dirty them up. To be fare its not just us, its the NT as well! Actually never really understood the reasoning behind the 30 minute thing, I mean if you can live with half hour diff to the big eastern state cities, why not the full hour? If so, as we have the Woomera () I’m claiming victory for SA! OK, birthday celebrations over back to the bench. Today I masked off the underside and sprayed a lightish coat of Olive Drab (AK) followed by an even lighter spray of Vallejo Olive Drab Highlights for a faded effect. Masking off: Happy with that. Next some scuffing and chipping (hairspray method) mainly on the areas subject to size tens and the leading edges of the wings: I then sealed it all in with a gloss coat ready for decals. Thanks for looking. AW
  7. Neutral Grey on the undersides today. There is, to the unaided eye, some subtle variation, which I am pleased with. I have also repainted the undercarriage neutral grey as I think this is more correct for a G model P-38 than aluminium. I’ve also had to fill the hole Under the nose for the antenna as Beautiful Lass didnt appear to be fitted with it. Looking closely at the photo of the aircraft, what at first glance looks like an under nose antenna is in fact one of the blades of the starboard propellor. So it doesn’t matter that I had knocked it off and lost it. Thanks for looking. AW
  8. Thanks Adrian, much better now, fortunately in time for my birthday on Sunday. It looked earlier in the week as if the big family dinner might have to be postponed. AW
  9. Cockpit has been made up and the wings put together and some sinkholes filled: Thanks for looking. AW
  10. I did some random spraying of colours today to give some modulation (hopefully) to the main colours. I used white and two shades of grey on the underside and white, tan and a light and dark green on the upper side. Not sure how its going to turn out, the green is too heavy handed to be “marbling” but its all a learning experience, which is for me the whole aim of this build. I then sprayed some aluminium on the parts that will be heavily chipped. Thanks for looking. AW
  11. I’ll have to look into getting one of those. AW
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