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  1. Yes, And the more I compare the kit with the actual photo, the more I got confused. Dragon seemed to inteded to propose the kit as the 2004 version. But the aft mast is a joke, and they didn't provide small details. Luckily the kit included details for the communication antenna on the aft of superstructure. So I think I would use those to backdate her to the 2001 version where they already have the longer flight deck but with older set of antennas and sensor. Well that's the plan that is... Cheers, Mario
  2. Hi, After finishing several aircraft and helicopters, I feel the need to build another ship. And I guess I will be building Dragon 1/700 HMS Illustrious.. This is actually the first 1/700 Carrier I ever bought, and frankly I'm kind of a newbie in ship modelling, hence I hope it will be a good idea to post my progress here, knowing there's several experts on modern RN Carriers here who could correct me along the way. As you can see, I have prepare to add several PE's from WEM (716 HMS Invicible/Illustrious), Eduard (Naval Figures), and some generic raili
  3. OOB with the kit PE and slight modification on the main mast, and add generic railings and stairs from flyhawk. Base made from styrofoam, printed newspaper news from the internet, texture plastic and vallejo water texture, I'm still waiting for the custom frame. Slight story regarding the base.. I'm new in ship modelling, and I consider myself mediocre on building one let alone making a sea scape. So for this model, I experiment on adding some visual interests by adding printed
  4. Hasegawa 1/72 Sea Harrier Frs.1 Former Queen of my Shelf of Shame.. Accidentally found it when cleaning the storage room seceral days ago. This kit was enjoyable build but bite me in the *ss all the way untill I (finally) finish it. Certainly not my best, but I'm glad she's off to the display cabinet.. Definitely not my last Harrier though Cheers, Mario.
  5. Thank you @Col. I have to apologize to you for my mediocre try on this beautiful bird. This won't be my last build, since I still got a bunch of it in my stash. I just have to know the wizardry on fitting the wheels correctly Cheers, Mario
  6. I do hope so, @Col. Sir... But this is those kind of build which one enjoy so much but bite one in the *ss and keep on biting. Even if you let it hibernate for years. I spent the whole sunday modelling time fiddling with the wheels because it keep breaking due the brittle plastic. It doesn't looks good... It looks too tilted up on the head.. but at least It's on 4 legs by the end of the day I also open the canopy masking to inspect any damage due to years of masking tape. Glue marks cleaned with soap water, dried, and re-masked to be coated with s
  7. Work starts with drilling a hole to place a pin on several parts which broken due to long storage.. These was bit challenging for the middle landing gear. The plastic was somehow already gone brittle. But the pin was successfully placed. Now I really remember why I left this one alone.. fitting the wheels was a nightmare. Here I realized that I have gone too much in trimming the middle landing gear (anyway... What's the correct terminology for this?) So I decide to add a mass of epoxy putty on the wheels. The good ne
  8. I'm joining in with something I found when I was cleaning the storage room the other day... It actually close to be finished when the mid wheel fitings stressed me up. I'll be returning to my work in few days, so I hope I will be able to (finally) finish this... Cheers, Mario
  9. Sorry... Double post, could admin delete this? Thanks, Mario
  10. Academy 1/72 F-8E Crusader. Depicting VF-162 The Hunters, USS Oriskany, 1966. Eduard PE Zoom, Mr.Color paints mostly. Cheers, Mario
  11. It seemed like a trance or some sort... After the last post I continue to assemble the wing sections and add other small parts. The last ting I know.. I load a highly thinned flat clear coat. And... And no more parts in the box So, I guess it's done... Cheers, Mario
  12. Main scheme on, I use Mr.Color paint, and after a mist of Mr.Color Leveling Thinner, the result was gloss enough. So directly to decals. All the color variation has done enough to weather the appearance. So I only lightly wash the model with light enamel washing using Tamiya enamel. Cheers, Mario
  13. Almost a month! And honestly I lost the mood after my last post.... Job, and life issues. But when I arrived at home few days ago, I decided to continue the build. I assembled all the parts for the fuselage section, and prime the major parts. I decided to have some fun and (at try to at least) play with tonal variation.. Sadly, I was too concentrate to take other pictures. Cheers, Mario
  14. I experienced the same problem... What made it worse in my case was I added several details on the inner part of the glazing. I ended up trim several area of the clear parts, and even after all the sanding and filing, I still have to add a bit of force when glue all the clear parts together. I found those process along with masking the opened panels too exhausting. It still seats patiently for me to continue the build Cheers, Mario
  15. Thanks for all the comments, guys.. Thanks for the link you've shared Chris @helios16v, I made a lot of notes out of it... One is about the flaps. I realized I should've modeled the BLS since apparently F-8E I'm building doesn't have it.... luckily, the positions looks the more less the same with the notches which was the flaps' joint mechanism, so I think a simple fix with putty and sanding it will do good. Getting new knowledge on the airframe itself is really fascinating. This really shows that F-8 is a subject I'm not really knows about, But reading It's sto
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