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  1. Ever tried scraping it off with left over sprue? I usually use left over sprue, then shape the tip to form a chisel, then scrape the excess paint with it. It's rigid, but soft enough so it won't scratch the clear parts. Cheers, Mario
  2. It's actually been a productive few days... Cockpit and the nose area are done https://i.postimg.cc/ZY123PjW/20220906-001130.jpg A few review of the build stated the tricky alignment of the nose/cockpit section to fuselage. I added small plastic sheet to help the alignment of the two surfaces. Kind of worked I guess... Although there was still a micro steps found, but nothing a regular putty can't handle Next was the connection between the port fin and it's base which shows a gap. This was done using mixture of talk and CA glue which later sculp and sand to shape I cut out the ventral scoops on the fuselage, and replace it with new scoopsade from paper and attached using CA glues. According to the instructions, this practicular aircraft are not carrying any missiles. And since I didn't use any PE for this build, i decided to simulate the rails using masking tape. Replaced the HUD lens and display; Being a kit from tears ago, one can found the sprue directly attached to side of the canopy which sometimes cracked the canopy itself such this; Luckily I was able to minimize the crack using nail sanding sticks, followed by a short bath using Future. comment and critics are welcome... cheers, Mario
  3. The build has started.... After seeing how others work with Hasegawa's F-15, I decided not to start with the cockpit but from the fuselage parts. There's also a great build on Hase F-15C by @dimaADA I might follow some of the modifications I saw in there too. Cheers, Mario
  4. Excellent and beautiful build! I'm building F-15J from Hasegawa right now and your detailing will be very inspiring Cheers, Mario
  5. Hi... Another GB that fits my stash! After finishing my F-104 in the century series GB (which at the end added another F-104 kit, and F-101 into my stash).. I took to the stash and found 2 F-15E's, a F-15C (early version), a F-15J, and F-15I.. all Hasegawa. Seeing the challenge others face in this GB, I think I'll join with either or both of these; With both still in the plastic bag, I think I will start with the F-15J with less parts count and less modification required... So... Cleared to go? Cheers, Mario
  6. My second F-104 build ever.... Hasegawa's beautiful kit in 1/72, but sadly with yellowing decal which cause more problem than building the kit itself. Not my best, but still looks ok as long you don't zoom in the pictures Yeah.. I know I should've invest on some kind of dark background... Cheers, Mario
  7. It's a great and fun GB as always, and it's my pleasure to be a part of it. Thanks for the response and encouragement, @modelling minion @arfa1983, @Dansk, @Wings unlevel, and all... cheers, Mario
  8. Thanks for the encouragement guys... Finally all parts are fitted, canopy dipped in future and dried.... she's done. Full pictures will be posted soon in the gallery section. Cheers, Mario
  9. I literally went to my workbench and do your suggestion @arfa1983. I remembered I've successfully use this technique in one of my old build... And I don't know why I forget. Thanks for reminding me. The landing gears and doors installed and the whole kit received a clear gloss coat, and enamel wash, finally wings installed and followed by semi-gloss coat. All using Mr.color products. I always dreaded the canopy masking... And this build proved why.. a lot of paint, canopy glue, masking adhesive, clear coat seeping under the masking tape. I tried to scrapping it out using leftovers sprue, also small touch up on the canopy frames. I can't say I'm 100% satisfies with the results, though. Cheers, Mario
  10. Good news... The decals arrived, and the accompanying plastic parts are kept away. The not so good news... Turns out the new decals was not so good either. Some cracking but still manageable.. I have to resort by painting with Tamiya enamel paints (flat blue, mixed with a little green) to touch up the cracks. Got to admit... I need to find a way to blend the painted blue with the decals. The bad news; me, wife, and kids were tested positive with Covid. We all got mild symptoms, but this also means fewer time for building, and more time nursing the family. Cheers, Mario
  11. I just got back home after another hitch off shore, with beautiful plan on finishing the "zipper". Sat on my workbench, cut and dip the decal, apply sit on the kit, and this happened; Almost flew it to the wall when better judgement took over, and found the same kit in local online shop, only one left too... So bought it with intention to only source the decals (without any idea what to do with the kit parts, though). The kit will arrive in 2-3 days.. so this time I clear coat the surface to help with next decalling process (I hope) Cheers, Mario
  12. Wow! Beautiful weathering.... Now I really want to learn how to achieve that kind of weathering effect in 1:72... Cheers, Mario
  13. I finally have my temporary work bench up and running. After repairing several models which broken during the move, I continued the zipper I'm following the kit instructions with all white scheme. I have thoughts to paint it with light blue undersides, but I didn't find any reference photo of this practicular airframe (N811NA) with that scheme... Decide to paint the nose anti glare too, since I torn the decal when trying to apply it... Cheers, Mario
  14. Thanks for all the kind words, gents.... Like I said the overall fitting was good, except for few parts which I think it was due to my fault... Filled the wing, I want to build it without any pylon Primer on... Meanwhile I try to play a bit with the ejection seat with masking tape and lead wires... Not bad...? Cheers, Mario
  15. Hi, I have several century series in the shelf, but none was actually slotted for GB... and the I found this when we were packing for a move.. I can't remember when I bought this, but when I saw the decal.. I know it should be build at the earnest.. and it would be a good reason to join this GB, with a NASA bird. Beside, I already build the natural metal zipper few years back... So after a short permission on the GB chat room, I start the build; Hasegawa provided the instrument panel as clear parts... Can't really understand why, though. I'm sure the 1/72 F-104 is one of their older masterpiece.. the fitting and level of detail surpass their other releases in 1/72. I just add throttle lever in the cockpit Cheers, Mario
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