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  1. With so many PE already installed on the island, it's getting difficult and risky to handle. So I attach it to the deck, attached the mast and antennas. Interestingly, Academy provide many of antennas, but only shows instructions to attach few of them. So reference is your friend to identify spots to attach it. Also the crane, with so many PE it feels like build a whole kit. Colored the windows with marker. At this time I realized I should paint parts of the mast black.. don't know how I would do that, yet though. I actually try to mask the deck marking with the provided masks on the most aft landing area. Which I failed... So I masked the area and paint it with different dark grey tone. Cheers, Mario
  2. Putty on the flight deck to fill the "trenches" meant for landing markings and elevator. Meanwhile PE affairs continue for the helicopters. I realized I can't continue the build unless the flight deck assembled and painted. So, all masked and prepared. Choosing what kind of grey for my ship build is always a challenge for me. This time, since it seems that ROK Navy use the same shade of grey as USN, I use Mr.Color 306 (FS36270) with a bit of white added. Critic, Comments, or any reference are very welcome. Cheers, Mario
  3. Problem solved... (I think) Btw... I finished most of the PE for the island. Cheers, Mario
  4. Yeah not just you... It also happens to me.. and being deemed class one obese on my latest med made me even more offended. Still trying to resolve the problems.... Sorry for the inconvenience, guys. Cheers, Mario
  5. Hi, I bought this kit almost a year ago, just to add another flat top for my growing 1/700 armada. Academy made the kit as one of it's "multicolor snap fit" type of kit, but in a few review it was said to have a good detail, and I also bought Artwox Model PE sheet. The hull already came assembled between the upper hull and lower. As like other ship I have, I will build it as waterline. The details are quite good, and looking at the details on the stern, it feels like Academy going to release version which have well deck? I'm having a great experience with this set. The fitting is really good, although the instructions is confusing for some parts. I drill out the area around the hull and build a simple faux gangway to prepare the PE Railings. Cheers, Mario
  6. Hi, It's ironically intended as simple out of the box project of mine which became a bit complicated, and become a shelf queen. Then it was continued in the KUTA GB, but get postponed again due to work and life. The in progress reports are here from the KUTA GB section; https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235103598-the-almost-forgotten-phantom/ The decal process.... Yes.. I honestly consider stencils are fun I was able to use all the small stencils. Ironically the problem was on the nose number. I somehow lost one of it... Luckily, I was able to replace it with leftover decals from other kit which have the same size and fonts. The other problem was on the external fuel tanks decals. I were able to torn a bit part of it during the process... https://i.postimg.cc/RhCbmWxH/IMG-20220411-013043.jpg The red marks are red paint, acting as the primer before yellow paint added. other than that, all went okay.. clear coat the kit and slightly weather the kit. Avoiding to make it too dirty. And the figures, Both came from other Hasegawa kits, slightly modified by re-posed the head and the hands, add twisted wire as the oxygen line, and add visor for the RIO figure. Cheers, Mario
  7. Wow.... I always thought Zvezda's Mig-21 has fitting issues and low detailed, but your build really made me think otherwise. Love the interior colors too. Interesting to see the Mig-21 looks very clean... Hmmm... Air Koryo Il-76? Any pictures of the interior? Do they fit the commercial seats or just regular web seats in it? Cheers, Mario
  8. Hasegawa 1/72 F/A-18B NASA Dryden Flight Research Center WIP as seen here; Yes... I know white object over white base is a bad idea. But it was raining hard outside, and I need to catch an urgent flight. Cheers, Mario
  9. painting was done and followed by decals. Which was challenging, but done it all. Also a bit details on the Ejection seats. Figures from PJ production finished.. And fitted into the cockpit, although need a few modification to get more natural poses. Canopy shows no problem but need a bit touch up with the paint. Not shown here but I fitted small parts such as landing gears and the doors, antenna. Then followed by semi gloss coat left overnight to dry followed by enamel wash. When I peeled the masking on the canopy. Tuned out the masking liquid was not fully covered the clear parts. Nothing I can do except scrape the paint and lacquer clear coat using sharpened sprue, then coat the clear parts with Alclad aqua gloss. The results after few hours, with no more required parts left on the sprue Cheers, Mario
  10. .It was a month ago when I start the decal process when this happened; I was about to give up, but remembering the efforts I gave, and giving up is not the spirit I joined KUTA GB. I decided to order DXM Decals. Which arrived few days ago. I choose this scheme due to it slight similarity with the scheme I originally intended. A bit repainting are required.. Ready for decals... Cheers, Mario
  11. Primered and painted... A lot of gaps and other imperfections which addressed. Even when the white paint is on. I made a cardboard guide for the tail fin angle. Gosh I hate white, it's always hit and miss for me. And this one is definitely miss. Final result was uneven and thick. A factor I need to count to choose the weathering later on. Cheers, Mario
  12. I recast the instrument panel from Academy 1/72 kit and use it to replace the original ones. Need a sanding and fitting, but it's better than the flat instrument panel Hasegawa provide. I personally think the wing tip pylon on Hasegawa's Hornet looks toyish, so decided to experiment on it a bit using strip styrene to simulate a rails. Also modified the HUD using wires and clear acetate End result with wet paint all around it... I planned to depict the aircraft like on the boxtop pictures. So it will be closed canopy with figures. I played around with the ejection seats (which I robbed from the Academy kit because it's slightly better than Hasegawa's) and the canopy when I realized the ejection seat will be seated too low in the canopy. While in the real thing; So I added 2 mm plasticards under the seat; Not perfect at all, but that's the highest I can. Any millimeter higher and the canopy won't be closing. Cheers, Mario
  13. I remember building hasegawa's Hornet a long time ago, and several things stuck in my mind was the problems around the middle section of the fuselage. That's why I start with this area to address the problem right away. I cut off and sand this solid section away on the lower fuselage sidewall that will made the side of wheel well to make it more like the one in the real aircraft. Added small plastic strip to help guide assembly. Hopefully this will helps with the sub assemblies later on. And small experiment to deal with the non existent intake of hase 1/72 F-18 kit.. Using blank paper, and leftover from recast ing experiment. Far from accurate, but better than staring at blank wall that Hasegawa originally intended... As for the cockpit? Another experiment in near future... Cheers, Mario
  14. Hi All, I was actually searching on what kit I should build for the strike GB, when I saw this in my stash.. Upon inspection I found that the decals is starting to yellow. So it need to build immediately. Sprue shots; I do realize @zebra already start with the 1/48 scale of the same subject. And mine will be rather quick build and surely without the QTEP apparatus.. So I hope it's okay to enter this GB with this build? Cheers, Mario
  15. Happy New Year! The build continues with masking and primers. Turned out I've added a few detailing before it was shelved before, such as rivets on the elevators. I also found Eduard's exhaust details in the box. A bit tricky but added small details. Not as good as resin, but should be ok. One of the detail hasegawa doesn't provide is the ribbed nose cone. I originally add the ribs using thin copper wire. It looks ok at first, but primer shows all the glue marks and other blemishes. So I decided to strip it all, sand it and make a new one using thin fishing line, which easier to glued on the plastic surface and doesn't easily deformed. Painting continue using Mr.Color H308 and H307. Those who build Phantom will agree one of the challenge is painting the exhaust area. After a rather tedious masking and several metallic paints later... I will tone down the stipes later, probably by dry brushing it with gunmetal or black pigments. Added simple wiring on the landing gears, using the Eduard PE sets instructions and thin wire Will follow up with clear gloss to prepare for Hasegawa's thick decals. Cheers, Mario
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