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  1. Aye @Col. Sir, Will get on it ASAP, then Cheers, Mario
  2. Errr.... Is there any more spot for (another) Black Widow? I'm planning to build it as the "Virgin Widow" https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/usa/aircrafts-2-3/p-61/p-61-black-widow-night-fighter-42-5554-the-virgin-widow-nose-art/ Cheers, Mario
  3. Thanks @rob Lyttle! Well, actually I don't know about the 'love' yet... But everyone is always keep saying I will fall in love with it So, I think Lockheed themed GB is the appropriate place to build my first Starfighter, and (hopefully) feel the love of these manned missile? Cheers, Mario
  4. Thank you.. This GB really helps me boost my building rate. I think I just finished a S-3B Viking for MPA GB last month (?), and now this. Actually I still have a P-61 Black Widow with kitsworld decal and SH-60 on my stash... Cheers, Mario
  5. Hi guys, I wonder if there's any space for another Starfighter? Cheers, Mario
  6. Hi All, Here's my entry; PAH-2 Tiger, a tank killer modelled from Italeri 1/72 kit which I read represent the early version of the helicopter. Fully OOB, this quick build was painted using Revell Acrylic and Tamiya enamel paints. Cheers, Mario
  7. Well... It's Done... Beauty shots are in the gallery... Cheers, Mario
  8. Thanks guys... I'm nearing the finish line, The whole build gloss coated, and followed by enamel wash using Tamiya Panel Liner. The effect is quite subtle due the details are raised panel lines and few rivets, but that's actually what I after since the reference pictures shows a quite clean aircraft. Next would be semi-matte coat.... Cheers, Mario
  9. The build continue with laying down the helicopter camouflage, painting the small parts like rotor blades and weapons I decided to follow revell's instruction sheet, since it's more accurate than Italeri's. Cheers, Mario
  10. Yes, it really look like the 1/48 version is it... the fitting sure tricky, and need a little bit of tweaking and actually quite easy to do. sure need quite a lot of putty, but the results are good. for tight spot like the ones under the engine/exhaust I brushed tamiya putty thinned with acetone, and wipe off the excess with q-tip damped with acetone. the results are good. I also tried out Vallejo Putty, which can be wiped with water. this too giving good effects. After a few rounds of employing elbow grease, all the gaps are gone along with some details. So, I add some panel lines and rivets, mask the canopy, followed by Mr.Hobby black primer. The holes on the anti tank missile launcher are off set and have different diameter. I have no idea what type of AT Missile Italeri tried to replicate, and frankly I fear they're just imagining thing... So I widened and centered the "holes". I know it's questionable representation, but at least they looked symmetric. Cheers, Mario
  11. Primer can also be used instead of tamiya glue... Stipple it with used brush... Cheers, Mario
  12. Wow... Thanks for all the kind words, gentlemen... And no... I'm afraid these won't be my last. Still got a F-4J awaiting for decal on my workbench, and several other long and short phantoms lining up on the stash.... I heard it somewhere.. from a film I guess The character made some speech and use that (erroneous) word to describe "not america".. I totally forgot the title though... Cheers, Mario
  13. Hi, I'll join with this kit; It's Typical 90's Italeri kit, raised, and simple details, based on prototype of the Tiger. But, a good friend of mine gave me this kit, and what way to honor him better than to build it, right? The build is straight forward, and coming rather quickly. After the cockpit and few sub assemblies I thought.yhis going to be a quick build But a dry fitting session afterwards proof the otherwise This gonna be fun.. Cheers, Mario
  14. Permission to come aboard with 1/72 PAH-2 Tiger? This is the early type without machine gun on it's chin, so I guess it's a pure anti tank...? Cheers, Mario
  15. Hi, I start building Fujimi Fg.1 and Revell F-4F phantoms about a year ago, and the plan was trying to do a WIP of the build.. which you can see on the link I failed miserably. The build is heavily influenced by @giemme's amazing phantom builds. @Gene K intake are also use, and this build wouldn't be happening if without his help and of course his intake patterns.. I also received many helps from other BM members who provide me with info regarding the subjects... Thanks guys! Fujimi 1/72 F-4 Phantom II Fg.1 Revell 1/72 F-4F Phantom II The Phantom on the background is Hasegawa 1/72 RF-4E which I also finished after being the shelf queen since 2008ish... Partially detailed by Eduard F-4E PE set. My wife think I had enough Phantom.... Cheers, Mario
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