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  1. After 2 weeks of skydiving trips, the build continues.. The paint produce a glossy finish, so the skyhawks directly went to decalling process. The decals were donated by a fellow modeler, since the original one was destroyed when the kit was accidentally drowned few years back. This followed by clear coat the decal as soon as it dried on the surface. Weathering was done by simple washing using mig panel liners and promodeler wash... Meanwhile, I decided to play a bit with the bombs... Hope it works out... Cheers, Mario
  2. Hi all, The Skyhawk is progressing.. Since the VMAT-102 was training squadron, I figured blue inert Mk-81 Bombs, will be an accurate option. The kit provide with a crude bomb rack, so I decided to use MER from other kit. I remember the old fact that Hasegawa's 1/72 Skyhawks was actually underscale? This might mean the MER I use is oversize, but since it will be located in the middle station, hopefully it will be slightly covered from sight by the large tanks under the wings. The fuselage half and wing assembly are pu
  3. On to the build then.... Been a bit busy with family this week but able to fill in the wrong scribed panel lines and sand them down. Work with the cockpit also started, a very plain innacurate cockpit. So, I just add, side leftover side panel decal from my fujimi build, ejection cable, and the pilot. Thinking about making this model in-flight. That's it for now... Cheers, Mario
  4. Hi, Requesting permission to join this GB with this kit; Just finished my A-4KU build in the 30 years Gulf War GB. I admit I had a good time with the build, and I think it's a good idea to build another Skyhawk. I remember I still have 1 Hasegawa's Skyhawk in my stash. So here it is. One can tell from the box it's been too long in my stash. And actually I did already started scribing the major parts and glued the cockpit area; So... Is it still eligible for the build? Cheers, Mario
  5. Fujimi 1/72 A-4KU Skyhawk "Free Kuwait" OOB with scratch build additional details. Bombs are leftover from other kits. WIP is here; Cheers, Mario
  6. Thank you very much guys... I enjoy the build, and learned new stuff, especially about Skyhawks. And now I'm thinking about joining the Skyhawk GB, next door RFI will be up shortly... Cheers, Mario
  7. Gear doors, flaps, tanks and bombs glued on.. Followed by matt coat using Mig Lucky Varnish... And I realize, I forgot about the ejection seat. This will not to obvious in the small cockpit, but I decide to add seat belts using masking tape, and some sort of buckle using lead wire. Same type of wire also use for the side ejection handle. It directly inserted into the cockpit. Followed by the canppy. Small parts (antennas, pitot, etc) added... I decided to replace the antenna in front of the canopy with the one I made from plastic card and wire. More
  8. Does prototype aircraft count? Thinking about joining in with 1/72 V-22 Osprey https://www.scalemates.com/kits/italeri-068-v-22-osprey--120511 Cheers, Mario
  9. I spent the past few days coating the whole parts with mr.color super clear and leave it to dry. Afterwards, wheels were installed, then washing with Ammo Mig Deep Grey panel line wash for the upperside, and medium grey for the underside, while the wheel wells received tamiya dark brown wash. The medium grey also give slight faded effect and somehow slightly desert tan hue... Which I added some more by washing the model with highly thinned AK's Landing gear dust, and then sweep it off with damp brush and cotton buds... Pretty happy w
  10. Great job on painting the camo! Gunze's dark earth really looks good, yes? Cheers, Mario
  11. Hmmm... not a maestro of weathering here, but would likely to wash it with dark grey, and dust color. Might also going to try dot filtering, but the reference picture didn't showed an overly fading color? Cheers, Mario
  12. Tail antennas added, refuelling probe installed, plus hand paint the red line on the intake lip... The rockeyes are also ready.. Remember the decals? I decided to test one of it.. Exactly what I fear... It basically torn the moment I touch to move it. Luckily, I have a bottle of liquid miracle named microscale liquid decal film, and it really helps.. Noted a silvering on the decal, which is quite normal after using a liquid decal film... Should be (at least) be minimize after a coat of clear gloss, or probably a small drop of extra thin
  13. Hi, The result from the skyhawk underside; Pretty happy with the result.. it still looks rather blue in the picture, but it is actually rather pale with subtle "brown" tint in real life As you can see the whole kit was being masked, and white areas (wheel well) as well as areas which going to be painted red. This is followed by painting the upperside... The reference in A-4KU color chart in dstorm.eu Stated the upperside should be FS3348 for the lighter color and FS30219 for the darker one. Since I'm mainly have tamiya and gunze lines in
  14. No worries @modelling minion I see you also have the same problem with the grey underside... But, The warpac grey looks good, unfortunately we don't have aeromaster brand here. And yes, I also thought the Ammo 36375 is the closest one for me. But, I already have a coat of 36321, so I'm going to use highly thinned Gunze's 36375 plus a few drops of 36622 for the white and brownish tint. Yep... Same ordinance like mine. I think the white from the rockeyes would really add a contrast. Cheers, Mario
  15. Nice save! I got the same problem with my kuwaiti skyhawk... Their color turned up quite non-standard huh? I'm curious on what colour you're going to use for the topside... Cheers, Mario
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