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  1. That's a beautiful bomb bay @Pete in a shed, I didn't notice the warp if you're not told me. And the Decals looks nice and thin too... What paper and printer did you use? And as for the video... Thank you very much for sharing this treasure @Blackmike... the system in my rig is blocking access to dropbox, so I had my wife back home to safe it and email it to me yesterday (I have to explain her the importance of sending me -in her word- "video of guppy airplane which puff smoke", though) I must admit, I'm a grown man, but watching Angkatan Laut Gannet in video (in colour too!) made me shriek. And the frame showing the mythical green mustangs (4!) made me cursing with happiness... This is the best movie I watch in 2020, You don't happen to have other clips do you? I agree with Pete, Someone here would be interested on this footage. Cheers, Mario
  2. And the fact they don't have any records of it just making it worst... Seconded @71chally about the referencing the preserved aircraft. The one on front of Surabaya Int'l Airport? It was ppainted light grey and marked following the scheme of current Indonesian Navy Cheers, Mario
  3. Hi Mike, My Revell 1/72 kit is still in my stash, patiently waiting for me to have enough better reference about the Gannet, Better than the ones I found on the internet, and those I grainy clip I once saw. That's why postings like yours and Pete's In-Progress really exciting for me. The aftermarkets parts really challenging you there, @Pete in a shed. But looking at the wing folds and bomb bay detail it sure looks worth the fight.. really good Cheers, Mario
  4. Mike, As Indonesian, and someone who's being greeted by the sight of a Gannet when arriving in, and going from Surabaya in almost monthly basis... Your photos are treasure! And Cine Film... I don't familiar with the words, but do you means videos? Wow.. I never seen any videos of Angkatan Laut's Gannet flying. Several seconds of Grainy clips probably... Please.. please keep it coming, and I'm sure it will help pete with his projects too.. One info you probably have in your collection is whether Angkatan Laut ever fold the wings of their Gannets? I never saw a picture of it, but I do know that I want to build mine as folded too Cheers, Mario
  5. Yes, Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL / Tentara Nasional Indonesia - Angkatan Laut) did use Gannets between 1960-1970ish. As for the color scheme, they mostly had the same scheme as FAA's ones of Dark Sea Grey / Sky, with either black or red spinner. I saw a picture of one of the gannets was painted very light grey or aluminium, with what looks like a light colored (yellow? Red?) spinner and stripe on the tail area and wings but I only saw couple of picture of it. No records saying/showing the gannets being repainted, up to being retired on the the early 70's. Very interesting project with beautiful details, and I'll certainly follow this. Cheers, Mario
  6. Great progress... And your effort for the gaps is far better than mine. Anyway.. it's not originally Revell; https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-03964-mv-22-osprey--957669 Cheers, Mario
  7. I feel your struggle to find the correct color for US Army Apaches (And most of Apache helicopter in most country I guess), I always got the same problem here. The most recommended Testors model master acrylic US Helo Drab (The enamel version was deemed a bit "too grey") is almost impossible to get here in Indonesia. But I got pretty good experience with Tamiya's Acrylic line which I used to touch ups my Apache build a while back. I used Tamiya JGSDF Olive Drab, plus few drops of Tamiya Nato Black. Good luck with the build.. I have the kit in my stash back home, so I will be following this build. Cheers, Mario
  8. I won't wonder if anyone look at it and think that this is 1:1... What book / Walk around did you use for your reference @podciech? Or you probably has one on your backyard?? Cheers, Mario
  9. Always consider Tintin as one of the best comic ever, so definitely following this! Cheers, Mario
  10. Build continue with glue the fuselage half together, and with all the inserts on the engine compartment.. gaps are inevitable. Yes... I was actually surprised also... But, ironically.. I realized I lost the co-pilot/gunner cyclic stick sometime during the build, and trying to find it would be waste of time. So I made one using wire... Finger crossed it will make a good replacement because I plan yo open up the cockpit Cheers, Mario
  11. Hi, Several days ago my wife was doing big cleaning around the house and she found this; Thank goodness she asked me first before throwing it away because it actually filled with half build kit, a failed effort from 4 years ago; One reason I failed the build because I thought I lost the kit when I went home that time (I work on a drilling rig, and sometimes I bring kit and tools with me). Opening the box I found all the parts is still complete. It's been a while building helicopter, so I'll just continue. I remember the last time I left the build I planned to add wires to spice up the engine and transmission area, so I did with some copper wires; I'm using Kagero's Top Shots minibook Mi-24D/W as reference. Far from perfect... I just hope it serve the purpose to busy up the engine compartment. Cheers Mario
  12. My take on Aoshima JS Suzutsuki in 1/700 scale. I added generic railings and SH-60 rotor blades from GMM's Modern USN & JMSDF photo etched set. I scratch build several details using wires. Main colors from Mr. color JMSDF series. You can also see the WIP here; https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235069106-1700-js-suzutsuki/ Sorry for the pictures, I only have my cellphone as my camera.. With several souvenirs from the ship when she made a visit to Indonesia.. Cheers, Mario
  13. Final parts are the antennas around the funnel area... Like the flag masts, I replace some of these antennas with copper wire plus brush a bit of dissolved putty on the lower area to add a bit of volume. No more parts in the box... So here she is; Rest of the pictures will be posted on RFI page... Cheers, Mario
  14. Thanks for the comments, guys... The build continue these past few days with touching up the PE railings with mr.color 607, and decals... Which is pretty good and reacts well with Mr.Mark Softer. Dirty cotton buds.. that's because after a flat coat, I also weather her a bit with Mig panel line wash deep grey, for general wash and sort of filtering in some parts. Want to keep it light because the real ship I saw was kept very clean with only minor touch ups by the crew were evident. Although I added some rust streak with color pencil on my model.. I work on sea and it just felt wrong if there's no rust streak on a boat hull... Anyway, start the rigging... But I realise the kit did not provide certain attachment point I saw on the real ship; So I made one with copper wire (Yes... The railing near the funnel area need to be fix, and yes I did fix it ) Copper wire also used for replacing flag mast on the fore and bow area... The one on my pinset is the original kit part which oversized and too long. My copper mast might still over scale (pretty hard not to in 1/700) but I think slightly better than the kit parts. Finished the rigging... And the SH-60B, which I replaced the rotor blades with PE Small number of parts left in the box... So I guess it's almost finish line... Cheers, Mario
  15. I (Finally) got back from a 10 weeks hitch. And with my daughter keep clinging on, I continue glueing the handrails and nets.. Decent results i guess... This is the first time I use PVA glue for PE parts. And it surprisingly good and really holds on when it dries. Cheers, Mario
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