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  1. Great start! I'm considering to join this GB also with a 1/72 F-4G. So will definitely following this! Cheers, Mario
  2. Nice finish! any special technique to achieve it? I always got it either too gloss (toy like) or too matte.. :-/ What paint did you use for the blue? Errm.... Anyone has the Van Hallen's "Dream" playing in his ears now, or is it just me? Cheers, Mario
  3. Beautiful build @Pete in a shed, Congratulations... Didi you do any WIP article / posting for this model? I wonder how did you avoid getting the superglue fume from icing the vacform canopy? Cheers, Mario
  4. Thank you very much John...! Cheers, Mario Indonesia
  5. Hi All, I just realized my Airfix 1/72 Mig-15 is missing the Painting and Decal instruction sheet. this is the newer release of the kit, overscale and all... (picture from scalemates) Does anybody by any chance have the scan of the painting/decal instruction sheet? I've trying to find one over the Internet to no avail... Cheers, Mario Indonesia
  6. Airfix Mig-21F13... Former "trash corner" which I actually forgotten that I have.. Far from perfection, here it is... Stand came from zvezda, locally printed decal. https://i.postimg.cc/dV4pqXc1/20210108-100715.jpg Cheers, Mario
  7. Last 24 hrs, Legs were posed, and Weathering with flory model wash, MIG Enamel wash, Tamiya Panel liner commenced... after the wash and subsequent cleaning, sati coat was sprayed and final parts such as antennas, pitot, missiles, tanks are attached. I didn't took any picture because I was too busy trying to fix the pitot which broken into 3 pieces when I cut it from the sprue... I ended up replace it with a needle I cut from a sewing pin, superglue it to kit's part. Also, I hate when open up the cockpit masking... I hate it so much I almost ditch the b
  8. Build continue with sanding the putty down and make a rectangular hole; Because I have a stand leftover from Zvezda kit.... I also made a simple wheel well for the nose gear using plasricard. I have this idea of posing the aircraft gearing up, and having a well is much better visually rather than the blank wall the kit have Primer, followed by future coat Paint... mr.Color silver, and shading using tamiya enamel metallic grey and titanium silver. The decal is on...! The decal was locally printed here
  9. Reshaping the deck forward section and filling the gaps on the area was actually easy and less stressing.. Added details on the side of the jump deck.. And now the hard part; The set I got doesn't have the right details, so I have to modify or make the PE for the mast and funnel area from wires. Yes, not 100% like the real thing, and I'm 100% sure it's overscale... but at least there's something to represent the missing details. Followed by modifying the bulwarks... Any input are most welcome...
  10. Pilot painted and glued to the seat, also add a bit of plastic sheet on the back of the seat, just to add some volume on it. I also add an "instrument panel or some sort, just to make te cockpit a bit busier. Putty and sanding.... The scribing results is quite ok.. but the canopy was so so... At least now you can see the pilot although still a bit hazy.. Cheers, Mario
  11. Quick question... Any detail picture of the platform encircled below? I noticed in several build that the platform is the attachment point of the wiring coming from the funnel above... I know Airfix include it in yhe 1/350 kit. But I can't find any picture of the parts. Cheers, Mario
  12. Hi... It's me again.. after another expedition from my storage room, I found this; I probably started to build this more than 15 years ago? Then it was said the most dimensionally correct 1/72 Mig-21F13, no Revell Mig-21 at that time, and honestly I think I dumped this kit because I bought Revell's Mig-21. The kit itself doesn't have the details, not even a cockpit.. I did see that I scribed the lower wings... So I might as well continue it on to other surfaces. No advance reference, just following the kit's raised panel lines. The clea
  13. Merry Christmas, shipmates.... I was lucky enough to be able to went back home couple of days before Christmas. So the build continue in my own work bench. Finished up buliding "faux hallway" behind the openings on the hull area. I decided to join the port and starboard hull, and the forecastle Which you can see, a lot of filling and sanding is required. Further modification on the bow area. Further clean up definitely required Way on the back, quarterdeck fits just fine. Added 2 figure
  14. Small update.... I cut out most of internal details on the hull to ease the PE installation on the area. shaved area will rebuild using plastic strip later on. PE's for the hull added afterward, also added plastic stripe to the extension deck on the port side of the hull.. Small question, Dragon molded small deck extended from the hull (red circle). Is it collapsible on the real thing? I haven't seen any picture of that deck when she was sailing.. My plan is to build her when sailing, should I shave them off? Anyway, I also try to det
  15. Well... it's not exactly the wipers, but it's the housing of the wipers (it is.. right?) the kit actually tried to print it. I can see it faintly through my magnifying glasses. I forgot the length, but probably around 0.5 mm-ish? Thanks @Chewbacca and @Ex-FAAWAFU for the information on the cable deck.. I immediately went back to my cabin and change the shape of how the anchor chain run, and also alter some of the kit's details, and make anew Capstans using plastic rods. Yes, everything is still crude. but the chains are not glued yet. Not until I tidy up the
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