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  1. Gday Sprue I have a mate building the 1F at the moment and he confirms it has the necessary bomber parts for bay and bombs in it Regards Bruce
  2. lovely work Russ. let me look around my stash and ask a few local friends to see if I get my hands on a set of those decals Regards Bruce
  3. Crikey Shaun, you were quick off the mark on this one. Lovely build , can you fix the gear, or is it too well glued? I have the FRS1 on my to do list this year. Might build it alongside the AV-8A. Bruce
  4. Thanks for your kind comments Phil. When reading up on the Thud in Vietnam, I was astounded to read the losses were 40%. You will find a few more pics up on my website which is listed in my signature, (when I get the article finished) @SAT69 Very kind of you, especially given you worked on the real jets. @CaracalModels Thanks for doing the decals, they performed flawlessly as they always do Thank you everyone else for the kind comments Bruce Thanks Harry
  5. The printing up close is a little grainy, but nothing you notice at normal viewing distance. The 3D look is very apparent. They certainly do not look flat like PE does. As for fit, I found this set excellent, with the set properly sized to fit the panels. Colour looks good, you just have to paint the white edges where visible. As they are on the expensive side, I would just use them in wide cockpits where they will be easily visible thanks for the kind comments Bruce
  6. Thanks DD . quite happy with it. Let’s see some of those T-Bolts of yours !
  7. This went together far quicker than the instructions would suggest. Even with the raft of AM fitted. The cockpit panels are Quinta, seats Legend, fuselage intakes and wingtips Quickboost. Ladders are by LF Models and decals from Caracal . Weapons cane from a Hasegawa weapons set the kit went together with little issue. That said HobbyBoss only allow you to fit the canopies closed. I had to scratchbuild actuators, out of the box, the cockpit side consoles don’t reach to the fuselage sides either, however the Quinta set fixes this thanks for looking Bruce
  8. Same here Colin. When HKM first announced the down sized kit, my tamiya kits went . I’ve pre ordered one from my LHS AUD 130 to my front door which I think is a great price. They are expected late March/ early April here in Australia I have it on good authority from a LHS owner here who regularly talks to Neil from HKM that a 48 Dambuster will also be released Bruce
  9. Oh. Thats lovely. I like the Airacobra in RAF colours Bruce
  10. great work Tony, and always interesting to read the history of the men and actual aircraft behind the model Bruce
  11. That's pretty much the strength of it, Texan Those expecting to find a veritable Aladdin's cave of long unavailable WNW kits at the airshow are going to be sadly disappointed. Ex employees have commented on FB this is most likely just a sell off of remaining NZ stock, As others have commented, the original WNW staff have all taken up other employment Bruce
  12. Excellent Shaun. Great scheme Bruce
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