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  1. Excellent looking model . The old hasegawa Classic still stands up as a good kit I reckon Bruce
  2. A great result Chris Building this one st the moment I can definitely attest any fit problems you had were the kit and not you ! Not one of Airfixs better kits. It certainly needs more work than their other recent ones, but you’ve turned out a fine model Bruce
  3. I’m really impressed with this Calum AP and I were looking at it today on the screen and saying what a great scheme it was Bruce
  4. theres plenty of eye catching CAG schemes out there binbrook. Furball and Fightertown being two producers with great sheets Thanks for the kind comment too Bruce
  5. Meng's very nice Super Hornet. I found the model for the most, well detailed, with good fit of parts. The gun muzzle and tail fins can be painted off the model and then simply pushed into place. The cockpit is perhaps a little basic, but was fine for me, building with a closed canopy. The only let down was the decals, the stencilling being just random lines and black instead of the correct grey. Decals are from Afterburner and pylons from Phase Hangar resin A fuller description of the build is detailed in my blog attached to my signature. Thanks for looking Bruce
  6. You've done a great job on that with some nice weathering. Having built the kit myself, aI agree with you its an enjoyable build Bruce
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