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  1. Flog 'em Admiral.! There'll always be some people that haven't received the memo, just wait a couple of months so the excitement over this release dies down. As long as you are not charging premium price for them, they should go. Bruce
  2. Great stuff Dean . Really enjoyed reading the Blenheim build too Bruce
  3. Thanks for the comments people. @Jeroen as an individual build, I think the Kinetic Harrier would have been fine. I just don’t think multiple builds are my thing. It became a bit of a chore in the end. Back to one at a time for me. I did enjoy the AV-8 build, so much so that I kept an GR1/3 to do at a later date . Chris, have a go at the carrier, just set aside time for it! I probably complicated things by using masterclub individual links. The kit provides link and length tracks which are fine. Bruce
  4. Probably my most productive year for a while, even if some of it was low hanging fruit, like the trailer and tractor! The first one done for the year was a carry over from 2020, the Kinetic 1/48 Hawkeye 2000. She’s a big beast With that out of the way. The 2021 builds proper could commence . This year, I got some of my modelling friends to randomly select kits , and they came up with the below pile. so how did I do? Well not bad really. The hobby boss 1/48 F-105G turned out to be one of my favourite builds The Dragon 1/35 SdKfz 7/2 followed. I also built the bronco Models ammo trailer for it to tow Looking for something less complicated, I tackled the Iconicair 1/32 David Brown tractor. Casting was superb and it flew together . I’ve since added that missing headlight and painted the brass towing pin . The plan started to go a little awry here. Those of you following along at home will have noted the Kinetic 1/48 Sea Harrier was next. Hmmmm, I thought. Why not make all three Kinetic Harriers in my stash so, we have the FA2 the Kinetic 1/48 AV8A Starting to get sick of Harriers now, I turned to the Airfix 1/48 Gnat Then, because I was still sick of Harriers, the Riich Models 1/35 universal Carrier. A very nicely detailed kit that was easy enough to build if a little tedious. Talking about YOU, individual track links! And because I hadn’t had enough of Harriers yet, the FRS1. I’ll pop this one up on RFI, once it’s base arrives And the completed trilogy. I mean was this fun, or what Going off-piste with the harriers meant I never did get to the Hornet. There was also a dalliance with a Blenheim that ended badly 20 kits entered the stash, but 10 got sold, so it kinda evens out. For next year, I’d like to tackle some of the bigger kits in the stash. We’ll see what happens A Happy and Prosperous 2022 to everyone . Stay Safe Bruce
  5. Awesome all round Calum, especially the scooters and the Blenheim Bruce
  6. Wow, that’s impressive given they are all 1/32 . The whirlwind is especially nice Bruce
  7. Oh My! all sensational builds Jon. I do like the Fennec, hell I like them all have a great Xmas
  8. WOW, That Falco. Es Perfecto Bruce
  9. Nice collection, and builds Now I realise why we don’t have a 48 scale mainstream scimitar ! She’s not the best looking jet, is she How did the find the kit Ben? I’m assuming it was resin. Bruce
  10. I would have been disappointed if you had completed less than 30 Tony! Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. Hopefully not too unwell some great colour schemes. I bet like me, you’re looking forward to the forthcoming 48 scale Vengeance and Beaufort all the best for Xmas and a recovery back to good health Bruce
  11. This is good work Pappy, and as a bonus , I finally know what BOL stands for ! Bruce
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