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  1. I recall Isracast did a resin and vacform Rapide in 48 scale about 6 years ago
  2. Same here in Oz, Ford v Ferrari, great movie, but to get back to the thread title, saw Midway tonight and was unimpressed, both as a movie and historical record of the battle . The Pearl Harbour attack was unneeded, and they glossed over the sinking of the Yorktown. It was a movie for gamers and did nothing to record the bravery of the young men who served. Avoid until it comes to a streaming service you subscribe to is my advice Bruce
  3. Completely unrelated to this post, but just wanted to say Thanks for putting all your Telford pics up on Flickr @Tbolt I was alerted to them by your signature block and spent a happy hour going through them all. very interesting to see all the different evolving styles in weathering etc A very interesting look at SMW through the years Bruce
  4. That is starting to look really sharp Pappy Bruce
  5. excellent build. Did you unearth anything on why the wing roundels were placed as they were? I can only think it was to further hide them, and perhaps to reduce them being used as aiming points, but I've never seen any explanation for it Bruce
  6. I imagine you would be pretty happy with those as they look excellent Bruce
  7. Beautiful build Mark. You've done that Academy kit justice, Its a Seaknight though. You've accidentally typed skyknight Regards Bruce
  8. Thankyou for your kind thoughts WAFU. The impact on the flora and fauna is going to be felt for quite some time I think Bruce
  9. Thanks WAFU. Goes against what happens here in Australia then, with the resultant breakages that incurs. Id rather they just left them alone, but thats a whole other thread
  10. All are fabulous models. Really impressive. Out of interest what are the rules on moving models at SMW? Are they picked up for judging? regards Bruce
  11. All are nice work Jonners. Especially the T33 which is known not to be the easiest build. Confirmed by your article ! All the Best for 2020 Bruce
  12. What a brilliant year I especially love the Tractor and Rolls Royce armoured car Have enjoyed reading your articles on TMN as well Andy All the best for 2020 Regards Bruce
  13. Fantastic builds Chris, and how good is that photo of you handing the spitfire over All the best for the New Year Bruce
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