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  1. pacificmustang

    1/48 Airfix Sea Fury 808 Sqn RAN

    Great work Calum. The full package, well photographed, and looks excellent on the base Bruce
  2. I remember seeing yours now Roger, it looked brilliant too I’d forgotten that you had done one until your post
  3. AS I am just about to start this model, I did a search on BM and came across your beautiful build Mathy. Superb job, and you've swayed me towards doing one in SEA camp now as it seems to suit the jet Bruce
  4. pacificmustang

    Spitfire V, b vs c wing and UC details, and prop variants

    I vaguely remember those Admiral Puff. They appeared in issues following their review of the Frog MKVIII if that helps in your search Bruce
  5. pacificmustang

    SU-22M4 Fitter Kitty Hawk 1:48

    That really is an excellent build Greg Will it be going on the table at your Comp. in May? (just so I know which category to avoid) Regards Bruce
  6. pacificmustang

    1/72 Anigrand C-17A Globemaster III - Updated 20 Mar 19

    Could this be the year we see it at ScaleACT?
  7. pacificmustang

    Ray's 1/72 RAAF AP-3C - 10 Squadron **Finished**

    fantastic Ray, and I agree with Cliff. Great to see them all together Bruce
  8. pacificmustang

    Australian Road trip

    Ray, so does that mean no more Mirage, Sabre or Airacobra at Parafield? If,so, that's a real shame. Silver Fox, Ray has pretty much covered off the Australia side of things. Whilst in Singapore the Air Force museum there is worth a visit and there are plenty of hobby shops as well. Your best bet is to google them or look them up in the local phone directory. I visited a couple whilst there last year, but could not tell you where they were, well one was near the Air Force museum and another couple were over the other side of town. Everything over there is reachable by public transport
  9. pacificmustang

    1/48 scale miniguns

    check out mini world from Ukraine. They produce a very nice resin and brass version Bruce
  10. pacificmustang

    Avalon International Airshow Australia

    Ive added a few more to the album.https://www.flickr.com/photos/131700029@N03/albums/72157678971013968/with/32380678107/ You can see how bad that heat haze was in a few of them. Do airshows in the UK have those annoying speakers at the front of the crowd line? Why they cannot be placed further back, I have no idea
  11. pacificmustang

    1/48 F-4B

    I've got one part built, and had no problems with it so far. Cockpit was fine, so not sure what you may have done Dean. (you probably didn't want to hear this either, sorry, but so far its been an east build apart from the intakes) Like WAFU< I went out and bought two more based on my experiences with the kit Bruce
  12. Well, I cant see any reasons to be unkind. Your paintwork looks flawless. How were the paints to spray? I have slowly collected the RAF colours but not used them yet I see Michael Rinaldi, of Tankart fame swears by them Cheers Bruce
  13. pacificmustang

    Avalon Airshow - Saturday

    great shots Pinback Love the shot of the F-18 tails I didn't get down as far as the B-52, started down the line, got as far as the Poseidons and Chook, then thought "stuff this" and headed back to the fence line to get wind blasted whilst I waited for the flying display. One of the most uncomfortable Avalon's I've attended weather wise. For our UK viewers, most days are usually warm and sunny with clear blue skies, but I have attended on days where there has been a 40k hot wind, and its also rained and thunderstormed Bruce
  14. pacificmustang

    Avalon International Airshow Australia

    Did not know that Ray, but come to think of it, there was an Avalon where Temora did not attend because there was some dispute about who was paying for fuel. Steve, I heard whispers that RAAF Amberley may host a show. This would be the one to head for as the shooting conditions at Avalon are atrocious Cheers Bruce
  15. pacificmustang

    Hawker Hunter F.6 Airfix 1/48th

    looks magnificent Jon Bruc