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  1. Progressing quickly. Paintwork looks sharp. Calum
  2. Top work on the seatbelts. They look excellent
  3. that is fantastic Neil. Lovely, lovely job Bruce
  4. That is what I too was told, Ed, when talking to a couple of people working on it back in 2016. Shame the museum closed down, I believe the owner had health concerns. A great collection you could get right up close and personal with https://www.flickr.com/photos/131700029@N03/albums/72157662943597050/with/24089972080/
  5. And no one else on this site is guilty of adding spurious detail from time to time? Sorry Johnny, I haven't read the article, but I think you're just piling on for the sake of piling on. Having written a few reviews myself, you just do not have the time to do deep research AND get the model built in a timely fashion whilst its still topical. I/m guessing this was the case here. Bruce
  6. same here. I assume the kit is right behind it. I can only surmise they have done this as it was cheaper than packing the two items in the one box, although this could work out pricey for you guys in the UK with the P. O handling fees and customs charges
  7. Im with you brother. I got caught up glueing the wings together on the mustang, then looked at the instructions and realised I had failed to glue the landing light in. What possessed me to think I could glue parts together willy-nilly - on a ZM kit, no less - without consulting the instructions, I still have no idea
  8. Must. Resist. Buying. One..... You're not helping Stew Bruce
  9. You can build ANYTHING well Tony. Fantastic job, and I had no idea these were used in the CBI theatre. Bruce
  10. I see my CC has been charged 50AUD by Hobbyeasy, which means the box must be quite big, which they did warn me about, to their credit. Expecting it to arrive within the next few days. The whole pre order process with HobbyEasy has been pain free, so kudos to them. It will be interesting to see what the RRP is here in OZ. I'm guessing well over the 80AUD preorder price from Hobbyeasy, so swings and roundabouts Bruce
  11. Will be watching this with interest. I have just finished their mustang and enjoyed the process greatly, in fact I thought about buying the Raiden as well. They certainly reward careful assembly, but if you take your time and do repeated dry fits to ensure everything is aligned, fit is pretty good Bruce
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