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  1. That looks lovely. If I had no interest in buying one before. Your build has certainly changed that! Bruce
  2. Thanks for all the kind comments people . Nick, thanks for those photos too.. I couldn’t find any profile pics when I was building it, only oblique shots, and Kinetic don’t provide any definitive locations for the shoulder pylons Based on those I will shift the missiles back as per the landmarks in @exdraken and @NG899 posts Bruce
  3. G’day Dennis and Nick thankyou for the excellent photos and a definitive answer. I had in my mind they were a chord wide stripe, which wouldn’t have made sense, because as Selwyn says, the Argie aircraft had them . Nick , I’m away from home at the moment so can’t remember off the top of my head, but it is an overall EDSG jet with MSG replacement rudder and port front nozzle. It had the sidewinder adapters painted blue I am using the extradecal 25th anniversary sheet. There is an excellent instruction sheet in it written by yourself calling out that this jet had the stripes, I’m assuming both wings? I intend to load it with tanks, 2 x sidewinders and a bomb on the centre pylon, although if you know of any other load outs this jet used that are not the norm, I’d do that if I thought it more interesting Thanks Chaps Bruce
  4. G’day All Im currently in the final throes of Kinetics SEA harrier FRS1, to be completed as a Falklands jet. Mention is made in several references of yellow wingtip stripes, but I can find no photos or mention anywhere of placement or size of these stripes can anyone help out ? cheers Bruce
  5. You’d be far better off getting the new HKM one, IMO Better fit and cleaner details Bruce
  6. Oh! That is excellent , the foliage especially. Very atmospheric, you can almost feel the humidity Bruce
  7. Always a joy seeing your work Andy I’ll have to nip on over to TMN and have a read of the builds regards Bruce
  8. Anyone else tuning in to the growing number of scale modelling podcasts out there ? If so, what are your favourites ? . I’ve been listening to a few whilst at the bench over the last year. The plastic Posse Podcast is starting to become a firm favourite of mine. I love their attitude to the hobby, and they have had some excellent interviews with Nightshift, Brett Green, Spencer and Chris Meddings . They also realise a lot of modellers these days are entering the hobby through war hammer and gundam Sprue Cutters Union has an interview coming up with David Parker soon, which should be quite interesting . There’s enough differences between the various pods now to cater to whatever genre you happen to be into, and I’ve tracked down a heap of interesting blogs and YouTube’s from modellers I never knew existed. . Bruce
  9. Lovely work as usual Jon. High points are the lustre and exhaust staining. Jumping across to read your article now. I have built Trumpeter’s big brother to to this and remember it being a fairly viceless build. Bruce
  10. That is excellent work, love your fix for the rear canopy too Bruce
  11. OK, its not an aircraft, but thought it belonged here, more than the Armour section! This is Iconicair's 1/32 resin David Brown tractor. A very enjoyable model to make. Im going to say the masters were 3d printed as there were some minor striations on the mudguards that needed to be sanded off. It went together like a dream. Yes, I realise my brass wire towing pin at the back needs to be painted! I have tackled that since photos were taken. I also managed to lose a headlight, I still live in hope of finding it on the garage floor Mine has obviously been working on a muddy airfield. Cant wait to attach some bomb trolleys to it. Heres hoping we see a lot more airfield vehicles released in 32 scale. Bruce
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