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  1. Oh. Thats lovely. I like the Airacobra in RAF colours Bruce
  2. great work Tony, and always interesting to read the history of the men and actual aircraft behind the model Bruce
  3. That's pretty much the strength of it, Texan Those expecting to find a veritable Aladdin's cave of long unavailable WNW kits at the airshow are going to be sadly disappointed. Ex employees have commented on FB this is most likely just a sell off of remaining NZ stock, As others have commented, the original WNW staff have all taken up other employment Bruce
  4. Excellent Shaun. Great scheme Bruce
  5. Lovely work as always Rene how did you find the kinetic Hornet to build ? Bruce
  6. Super, Super. Super Russ i really love the Hasegawa kit. Great job Bruce
  7. Thanks Pete. I honestly couldn’t get you a weight, but I placed about 4 pieces of 3cm x 1cm lead sheeting behind the cockpit bulkhead. Either side of the nose wheel bay is packed with small lead shot. I did all rigs whilst the wing was still off, so I could add more if needed. It was just a case then of dry fitting tail, wing, with nacelles and rotor dome , and seeing whether the model would sit on its gear. If you are building it with the wings folded, you will need to add significantly more weight . Bruce
  8. Gidday All First model off the bench for 2021, and thats only because most of it was done in 2020 Anyway, the Kinetic 1/48 Hawkeye. Its a large chunk of plastic with the wings spread. One of Kinetics earlier releases, theres a few sink marks to fill and some of the panel lines are a bit in your face, but fit isn't too bad. Aside from using Authentic Decals for the decals and Royale Resin wheels the kit is done OOB. I had not heard of Authentic decals before. They are printed by Bergemot and performed excellently, which is more than I can say for the kit decals. Compar
  9. nice job, and I like the photos of it with the other RAAF jets Bruce
  10. Yikes! Just realised I had put myself in for this too. I need to finish up some current projects, then will see what’s in the stash. At least I have until May Also, very sad to hear Silver Fox had passed away. Sadly Graeme H, who was number 3 on the build list joined him last week after passing away unexpectedly Graeme was active on this site and very well known around the Far North Queensland modelling scene, as well as around the Telford airliner SIGS I first met him when I travelled to Telford way back in 2002, we used to catch up at the various shows around Oz as well
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