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  1. I have some sprue shots that show the fuselage side windows Tony, so you can judge the cockpit windows. Uncle, I note I didn't even use the D28 parts either! Bruce
  2. You've really captured that weather beaten look well. Nice job
  3. 72modeler has pretty much covered it. If you are after the 'classic' sabre, academy or hasegawa, the academy can usually be had for cheaper. If, like you say, variant isn't an issue the Monogram 86D Sabre Dog. Even the old monogram classic sabre is not a bad kit, although a much older tooling with raised lines and associated fit problems Bruce
  4. Most useful post WIP. I did not know the history of the aircraft really appreciate you relaying that. The ZM instructions call out the “firewall” scheme, but states ANA colours. The fact, the aircraft was painted locally makes me inclined to use RAF colours, think I’ll go with the C type based on Giorgio’s post thanks
  5. Day All Im currently completing the Zoukie Mura Mustang kit as GA S shark mouth from 112 SQN The kit provides B type roundels for the upper wings, but I have seen other models completed with C type on the upper wings. I have a Freightdog decal sheet that also has C type roundels for the upper wings. Has ZM got this wrong. Their kit marking guides seem well researched Can anyone tell me definitively what type roundels this machine would have worn. Looking at photos of some other 112 SQN mustangs, shows C type, but these are on NMF aircraft. Searching RAF marking convention leads me to think all but 2TAF had B type, even to the end of the war. help would be appreciated. the aircraft was based in Italy and the timeframe was 1945 Many Thanks Bruce
  6. the wheelwells are built up from ribs attached to the rear spar and the bay looks quite busy when done. Again, painted in AK real colour zinc chromate yellow, washed with AK dark wash and dry brushed with vallejo ice yellow the separate leading edges follow panel lines and fit quite well. Of course you can't have panel lines on a mustang wing, so all the panel lines were slathered with tamiya putty and then rubbed down to replicate how the real wings were finished. Whilst I had the putty out, the gap between the fuselage and empennage was tidied up. In removing a seam on the stabiliser fillet I sanded off some of the screws, so these were replaced using thin slices of plastic rod a little overscale but will look OK once painted Im hoping. The wing fillet come as separate parts I was left with a slight gap between the two parts on one side, but can clean this up Thanks for continuing to tune in. I need to get the skates on as September approaches !
  7. I like this! Excellent job and photos Bruce
  8. Well said Steve, and Graham. I don’t read the magazine but some of the criticism here has been ridiculously pedantic Bruce
  9. Great stuff David. I wanted to be a fighter pilot too until my eyes let me down. I still anted to be in the RAAF so applied for a few different musterings but, again, eyesight was the problem. This was in the 70s were the ADF were spoilt for recruits so were picking the cream. My school library had that book, and it was frequently borrowed by myself I built my mirage as a lizard as well. Its somewhere in RFI. The kinetic mirage is not a bad kit, but certainly not the definitive kit we were hoping for. Just be careful with the Caracal tail bands as the cut outs for the rudder actuator is too big Will be following Bruce
  10. Really like the photo with the Typhoon for comparison. I had no idea there was such a size difference either. Great job on the Tempest
  11. Excellent Shaun. I follow you on flickr, so will zoom across there to have a look @RidgeRunner what was the reason for disbanding the RN flight, cost? and @72modeler have the number of demo's or the aircraft participating been cut back? Again, is this a cost factor. I see the USAF displayed a 4 ship heritage flight at Oshkosh. My interest in this is, the Royal Australian Navy disbanded their historic flight some time ago due to being risk adverse, and with the RAAF centenary approaching, the RAAF has been loaned the Temora Aviation Spitfire, Sabre, Meteor etc to run. A lot of people are quite concerned about that too, given our Air Force's previous lack of interest in heritage. Shaun, sorry to hijack the thread of your lovely photos. Bruce
  12. Well done Graham Excellent job I have built both the early and later runs of this kit, although they are still sitting on my desk half finished at the moment. My experience with them has not been fun at all, the first version of the kit having very textured plastic, the redux version is far better in this regard. The fit was fine, like you, getting the cameras lined up almost drove me around the bend. I certainly agree you could leave the trunking out, the fit isn't that great anyway. If you want better detailed camera doors, CMK make a set with the interior quilting which look far better than the kit ones. I did one of my versions as the suez striped one but have misplaced one of the airbrakes. I wonder how they sold as I have seen almost none made, either at shows, or on the various for a. Ive given up on TanModel ever releasing the Buccaneer. Again, great job Bruce
  13. pacificmustang

    Rutger Hauer RIP

    coincidentally, just rewatched it the other day. I thought it had aged remarkably well. Still quite a taut thriller
  14. That's the way I usually operate too John, but the way the parts are broken down in this kit precludes doing that on this occasion
  15. really enjoying this thread and all the knowledge contained within Bruce
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