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  1. Me too Thanks Dave colours used were Light Slate Grey, Medium Sea Grey, all from MRP and the Dark Earth was Gunze Mr Color
  2. I say the same, only to make the very same error on my next model
  3. There’s flush rivets on the forward fuselage, as there should be. I had a close look at the kit parts today for the first time. Kotare have even moulded the ribs on the insides of the wings. This produces a very subtle rippled look on the wings. It will be interesting to see how the effect looks under paint Im liking the kit, more and more . Bruce
  4. That doesn’t look too bad at all for a second 48 scale build. What’s next? Bruce
  5. Thanks Chaps. Graham, you raise an interesting point regarding possible lack of room in the rear fuselage of the low back, if the oblique camera was also fitted. Thanks also Georgeusa. The only other type that used this scheme were Tempests, I believe. Bruce
  6. A question on the wings. Kotare have moulded beautiful raised rivets on the empennage, as per the prototype, however, the wings are bare save for panel lines and fasteners. I know the D section leading edge box of Spitfires was puttied and sanded, but was the whole wing? I would have preferred Kotare make some effort to reproduce the flush rivets used. Their research may well be correct though as photos in the Wingleader book seem to show no rivet detail. The kit is excellent. There have been, to my mind ,some compromises made, such as moulded on sidewall detail in the cockpit,which I don’t think will matter too much. I can understand this. It’s a company run by hobbyists, this time they have no millionaire bankrolling them! looking forward to their next releases Bruce
  7. Thanks for the kind comments everyone. The distinct camouflage was used to distinguish the RAFs spitfires from those of Israel and Egypt during the first Israel Arab war. Bruce
  8. Gday All Another Airfix 1/48 Spitfire XIV from me, this time as a XVIII from 208 SQN during their time in Egypt. I just could not resist that camouflage! Decals are from a Xtradecals sheet and paint is by MRP and Gunze. Wheels and exhausts are from the Eduard Brassin range. I could not determine from photos whether these machines were fitted with the cameras underneath, and references I consulted could not decide either, so I left the kit as is. As a bit of artistic licence one of the rear camera panels was finished as a replacement silver panel despite the two published photos of this aircraft showing no such replacement panel. Thanks for looking Bruce
  9. Brilliant build and finish Calum using a Dwyer amount of aftermarket The rocket pods turned out excellent Bruce
  10. Excellent model, and fascinating post from Troy and others about 6 SQN markings. Don't know how I missed that when I was building my Fly one, as I was chasing up whether JV -Z had yellow LE stripes or not. I formed the opinion from looking at the photos of the aircraft in flight it did not. These little ARMA kits seem to build up into excellent models. Bruce
  11. Brilliant work, and now I’m going to zip over to your blog to read further Bruce
  12. Wow Shaun. That’s come out very nicely, and in my favourite Lightning scheme too ! Bruce
  13. G’day Steve She doesn’t look too bad. As you asked what we think, there’s a couple of seams still visible under the nacelles, that could do with a bit more care to eradicate, if you’re like me, you notice these as soon as you put that last coat of paint on! Other than that, everything looks pretty straight. Practice, like you say will help the painting improve. The main thing is that you’re enjoying modelling. Nice save on the canopy too. Bruce
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