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  1. G'Day All Im usually an aircraft modeller, but I do have a few armour kits in the stash, so recently I thoughT i would break one out as I seemed to be struggling to get an aircraft finished. Here is my completed AFV Club 1/35 M60A2, "starship" although I believe they were never referred to be this name whilst in service I found the AFV Club kit, quite fussy, with just about all of the parts needing a fine mould seam removed, which, well, became tedious! Anyway, here she is. I added a brass barrel to the M85, the antenna bases are also brass from Voyager, and the tracks were an aftermarket set from AFV Club also, although I dont think I will be using their separate tracks again. They had ejector pin marks on each link. Im not really happy with how the weathering came out as I think the mud tones are wrong, I was aiming more for a dark Europe mud tone, what Ive ended up with looks like my tank was in Vietnam! Thanks for looking Bruce
  2. Lovely model, and excellent photography too. How did you get such a pure black background? Bruce
  3. Seems to be very similar to the revell 48 scale kit in breakdown Bruce
  4. G'day Wayne What a simply stunning job. I am currently working on the AFV Club, and after gluing what seems like 2693 parts together, it is done. I really hope I can bring the weathering off like you have Seeing as you asked for advice/ critique, Ithought I would just mention, in the above shots, you can see the inside faces of the road wheels have not been weathered as much as the outside faces, completely understandable, but it does stand out in the above two angles. Nitpicky, I know, but I hope you accept it in good faith, as it jars somewhat from the excellent weathering Regards Bruce
  5. fantastic scheme and thread Tony waiting for HKM to downsize their 32 scale E/F. I think it is supposed to be released next year Bruce
  6. OMG Neil. That is just superb. Easily the best example I have seen of this model built Bruce
  7. Im in, especially as it will be the Centenary of our Air Force, the second oldest in the world, next year Bruce
  8. Thanks fellas for the help, I know what I need now Bruce
  9. Ok, now what I’ve been seeing in photos makes sense, so the inboard AIM was fitted to the BOL?
  10. G’day All Looking for some information on the mounting of ASRAAM on the ADV I’m currently building the revell 48 tornado ADV and my chosen scheme looks like it’s armed with ASRAAM, but I can find no clear photos of the launcher. Can I use the sidewinder launchers from the kit, or does ASRAAM use a different launcher. Also, we’re the launchers staggered , as a lot of the photos I have looked at make it hard to discern. thanks for the assistance Bruce
  11. Lovely work, and quite topical as I’m building one at the moment Bruce
  12. Its OK, I s'pose I need to get that Dornier finished. You're killing me in this build off! Bruce
  13. Nice job Brad Every time I see an escort carrier, I am reminded of the final scene in Magnum Force that takes place on two of them Bruce
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