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  1. Oh man! your story of your build is what modelling is all about to me . great stuff, and love how your daughter got involved in displaying the model too . Not sure how much you paid for the model, but looks to me like you well and truly got your money’s worth Bruce
  2. Absolutely a sensational build . Do you think the ghost seam problem in these kits is due to the thickness of the plastic in that area ? Bruce
  3. Thanks Drum . I’m trying to remember if I did anything special, but can’t recall . I did have horrid steps on the underside which took some effort to get rid of. It’s not the easiest kit is it, but I’m glad you are going to persist with yours Bruce
  4. Thanks Shaun what’s on your bench at the moment?
  5. Thanks Speedy good eye . I’ll correct that Bruce
  6. Just oversprayed with very thin layers of extra dark sea grey, as I wanted to show them just peeking through
  7. Gday All I finished this SHAR last year, but never got around to popping it up in RFI Decals came from the old Extradecals 25th anniversary Falklands sheet for the Harrier. A sheet that has been made somewhat redundant by the superb decal sheet that comes in the Kinetic kit. I liked the look of this jet with its replacement panels so opted for the extradecals sheet and jet 27. The kit has been enhanced with reskit wheels, bomb, master barrels pitot tube and eduard seatbelts. RBF flags are by fantasy printshop. Ladder from Brengun and FOD guards from Flightpath. The Vickers deck tractor is from the Skunkworks kit and was built a month ago. I just need to get a base sorted now. Thanks for looking. Bruce
  8. great stuff Mick. Good to see you are at the bench again Bruce
  9. For a kit you weren’t interested in, that’s turned out brilliantly Bruce
  10. What an absolute achievement getting this done Tom beautiful work Bruce
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