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  1. Ha! You’re not looking close enough Shaun. For the chipping, I first sprayed dark sea grey, then dabbed on Mr Masking fluid with a torn bit of packing sponge. The barley grey was then sprayed once the maskol had dried, when paint was dry, you just rub the madkol off with your fingers leaving the chipped effect. When I find a table big enough, I’ll take a photo of all three Cheers Bruce
  2. Been following this on your FB page Rene . A bonus to see your lovely build here too.i know it’s a personal opinion, but I think the weathering breathes a bit of life into it too. Bruce
  3. Excellent stuff Shaun. This scheme has always been a favourite of mine Bruce
  4. Another lovely build Mathy. How did you find the decals? I’ve heard mixed reports Bruce
  5. Thanks tempestwulf. I’m a big fan of their foliage green colour too , will pick up a bottle of PRU blue . Didn’t realise they did it Thanks Lord. The stain was sprayed on using very thinned tamiya XF1 black plus a hint of brown. I’m talking about 80% thinned with tamiya acrylic thinners. The grey used is Barley grey, lightened a teeny bit
  6. Well Im not about to do that again! Multiple builds Im talking about! Anyway here is the third and final of my Revell 1/48 Tornado builds. This one as an Op Telic jet "Danger Mouse" one of my favourite cartoon characters growing up The standard kit is enhanced with @Shaun wing seals, eduard PE cockpit, wheel wells, wheels, TIALD, Sky shadow and BOZ pods, plus res-kit Paveway IIs. I have to say the Brassin weapons are lovely, as were the res-kit bombs. Excellent detail and easy to assemble, a plus for me! Finished using SMS paints - an Australian brand of lacquer pa
  7. Magnificent build John, and I wholeheartedly agree with your philosophy Bruce
  8. looks alright from this end Shaun. How was the build? I have this one in the stash awaiting its turn. Well, its been awaiting its turn for several years but we won't get into that!! Bruce
  9. Progressing nicely . Great save on the flaps, if it’s any consolation, I did the same when building mine based on the same video. Disappointing indeed given the builder is from the IPMS Tornado SIG, so you would imagine should know the jet He’s also incorrect in stating glue the intake ramps, part D31 in the fully down position, as they should be in the up position on a parked jet from what my references tell me. @Pappy saved me from “Flap embarrassment” as well That said, following Nathan’s build sequence certainly rewards the builder with a quick relatively hassle free build.
  10. Yes, correct, the intake ramps would be in the “up” position whilst the aircraft is at rest. Bruce
  11. This is looking excellent Pappy. Great subject choice Bruce
  12. I must have missed this first time round! A beautiful build Tony, absolutely lovely in every respect. I’ve just ordered another to do as a night fighter. It’s that good a kit . Bruce
  13. Looks excellent, especially the grubbiness on the wings. How did you achieve that? I built the KH SUE a couple of years ago. It’s not a bad kit, one of KHs better ones although like you say, there are some problems with instructions, and various small details. From memory of my research, I think I learnt if the flaps are down, the leading edge slats would be drooped as well, which KH completely missed . Really nice job though. Bruce
  14. just catching up with this. Great stuff Pappy. Just a word od warning as I see you've used the PE for the wheel wells, same as I have. Sorry I haven't got part numbers to hand, but the PE facia that covers the rear wall of the well also covers the groove that the door actuator sits into. You can fix the overlong actuator when it comes time to adding the doors by cutting half the width off the "bar" part of the door actuator that would normally sit in that groove. Hope this makes sense. Your BOL rails were also posted off. Hopefully should be with you soon. Looking at your build, I see
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