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  1. Afternoon all. My contribution to this GB is yet another Airfix A-4Q. Stevej60 and John Masters are also building this and I thought about doing something else as I have a fair few to pick from but this one is one I’ve wanted to do for a while so we have three in this GB. This one will be mostly OOB apart from a Quickboost seat and a TER and MK 82 Snakeye from a Hasegawa Weapons set. I will also fashion the circular antenna thingy on the tail from something, I’ll work that one out later. The resin seat will be a test of my detail painting which is not a skill I have but I’ll give it a go
  2. I’m in for this too. I’ve got the Revell re-box of the ICM 1/72 mig-25. Only problem is I’m really itching to start it as it looks superb. Cheers Allan
  3. Can’t believe this one is starting next week! I’ve got several 1/72 Fujimi A-4s to choose from. I also fancy doing an Argentine Q from the Falklands war with the 1/72 Airfix kit. The Airfix kit is a nice simple build compared to the Fujimi. I struggled with the join of the front and rear fuselage on two builds I started for the In the Navy GB last year and put them back in the box. Cheers Allan
  4. Count me in for this one with an Eduard 21 in 1/72. Cheers Allan
  5. I’m in too. I have both the mig-15 and 17 in 1/72 good excuse to build one. Cheers Allan
  6. Count me in too,Dennis. I’ve got the 1/72 Cyber hobby in the stash. Cheers Allan
  7. Very nice work. I’m currently working on the c-4 version of this kit. Hope mine turns out as good as your one. Cheers Allan
  8. Welcome to Britmodeller Alan. Now you’ve got the first one completed what’s next? As to your question regarding brush painting acrylics, some acrylics are designed more for airbrushing and I find them hard to brush paint with. Tamiya acrylics are a real pain to use with a brush. The brands I found good for brush painting are Revell, Xtracrylic and Lifecolor. Cheers Allan
  9. Excellent work. Thanks for the build tips and the link to the video, some great images there. I nearly started this one last week but it went back in the box for some reason. Cheers Allan
  10. Colin, sorry for not replying sooner but I’ve just noticed your post. Unfortunately this won’t be finished on time. I have done a little more work on it. I’ve started the undercarriage and ordinance but that’s it. I’ve not had the time recently due to work and family commitments. So modelling is on hold for now but hopefully in the New Year I’ll get going again. Anyway. Thanks to all who took part in the GB, some terrific builds on show. Cheers Allan
  11. Hi all, more painting tonight. I tried to get a faded look overall but not sure if that’s what I did. I’m never sure whether to stop or keep going as I’ll probably overdo it. I’ll have a look at some pics to get a better idea what needs to be done. Meantime here is where I’m at just now. Cheers Allan
  12. Morning all. I gave up on the Xtracrylic desert pink. Two reasons, I hated the colour and it sprayed like ...well not very good. So I decided for an alternative to try Tamiya desert yellow. I tried building up the colour slowly to achieve a mottled, dirty finish but it takes time and patience. This is how it looks for now. Cheers Allan
  13. Evening all. With the two week extension to this GB I have a renewed enthusiasm for this as I didn’t think I could have finished for next week. Despite all my troubles with this kit I think it’s looking ok so far. Today I primed it with Halfords grey and then gave it some Tamiya flat black. Hopefully the black base with give me a varied finish for this dirty Tornado. Next up tonight is the Xtracrylic desert pink which may be problematic but we’ll see. Cheers Allan
  14. This morning I was thinking that very thing, I need more time to finish this. Excellent. Cheers Allan
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