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  1. Hi Pat @JOCKNEY. I’ve not had any modelling time recently so no progress I’m afraid. I never seem to have spare time these days. Maybe tonight when Her indoors is watching Eurovision I can get something done.😃
  2. Morning all, thanks Pete and Steve for your input. I have liquid decal film and think it will be needed for these decals. That is some ways off for now as I’m not a quick builder but I’ll get there. Cheers Allan
  3. Just caught up on your build. Nice work so far. Shame about the decals. What’s plan “B”? Cheers, Allan
  4. So far the fit is not good and I remember the fit of the intake on the other one I built was poor. I foresee filling and sanding in my future. A new, accurate kit of the Corsair is long overdue. It’s such an iconic aircraft with a multitude of colour schemes that deserves a good kit. Cheers, Allan
  5. Morning all. Some progress on this last night. Fuselage joined and wings on. The fit so far has been very good so hopefully I should get this done reasonably quickly, for me anyway. The decals for the cockpit were a mixed bag with the instrument panel one breaking up. It doesn’t give me confidence in the rest of the decals. Cheers, Allan
  6. Morning all, some progress with this last night. Fuselage halves joined but with a significant step underneath. The top is ok but the bottom will need some work. Should get more done today. Cheers,Allan
  7. Evening all. I’ve made a start on this one today. Not much really but I’ve painted the cockpit bits in dark gull grey. Tonight I’ll try the decals for the cockpit so I’ll see how they are. Cheers Allan
  8. Evening all. Thought I’d post this to show I’ve managed some progress albeit minimal. I’ve painted the cockpit bits dark gull grey. I’m also building an F11-f for the Big in Japan GB and as they are grey/ white navy birds I plan to paint them at the same time. Cheers Allan
  9. Evening all. Thought I’d give this one a go in the GB. According to Scalemates it was first tooled in 1981 although to me it looks older. The boxing is .Hasegawa/Hales. It looks a simple kit with not many parts so hopefully it will be a simple build. The fuselage is only taped together, I must have done that but can’t remember, and looks it will go together easily. My only concern is with the decals. They look ok for their age but time will tell. A quick search for replacement decals proved fruitless so I’ll need to make them work. I hope to make progress soon. Cheers Allan
  10. Afternoon all. Thought I’d pitch in with this kit. Some sprue shots. I’ve built a Fujimi Corsair before so I know what to expect so hopefully I’ll not have too many issues. I haven’t decided on a scheme but I’ve got a few decal sheets to chose from later. Cheers Allan
  11. Very nice. Love the colour scheme. Cheers Allan
  12. Count me in too and maybe I can actually finish something this time. Cheers Allan
  13. Hi all. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done anything with this. Time and motivation for anything have been sadly lacking of late. But tonight I managed a couple of hours attaching various bits and bobs to the fuselage. It’s very close to the painting stage just some tidying up to do first. With still a month till the end of the GB I should get this finished, hopefully. Cheers Allan
  14. Hi, all. Some small progress tonight. I attached the wings to the fuselage and this is where I ran into some problems. Unlike most others I didn’t have a large gap at the front join but instead I ended up with a step at the rear join. So after some sanding I think it looks ok but we’ll see properly when I get some primer on. I’m not sure where I went wrong but it’s frustrating when the rest of the kit fits well. Anyway here is how it looks just now. Cheers Allan
  15. That is seriously impressive. I like it a lot. Cheers Allan
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