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  1. Morning all. Progress last night on this one. Front and rear fuselage together without too much hassle. Tomorrow or rather later today hopefully I’ll get the wings together and tackle bringing the three sections together. Cheers Allan
  2. Morning all. Progress on both kits last night. Front and rear half of the fuselage are together. Bit of a step on the top of the the rear part, not sure why that happened as the ‘M’ went together ok. Any way not difficult to fix. Next up will be attaching the wings and bringing the three sections together. This looks tricky and may require a lot of tidying up. Cheers Allan
  3. almac

    Hanriot HD.2

    Nice choice, something a bit different. Good luck. Cheers Allan
  4. Hi thanks for your interest. As to comparison of the Airfix and Fujimi Skyhawk I’ll reserve judgement for now as this is the first Fujimi A-4 I have built. I have built an Airfix one which I got round to finishing last year and I thought it was a very nice kit. I’ll know it receives a lot of criticism from those who know about Skyhawks but I’m not one of them. So as these two builds progress I’ll have some idea of how the Fujimi and Airfix compare. Cheers Allan
  5. Evening all. Well I hadn’t intended to start this kit but I was painting the interior of my A-4m and there was paint left in the airbrush so as this kit was to hand I decided I would start it. Probably a daft idea as it takes me a while to finish one kit never mind two. This kit had been started by it’s previous owner and I stripped the paint off when I bought it. It’s moulded in white plastic for some reason. Interior paint is Gunze dark gull grey. I’ll be using the kit decals but not sure which paint scheme to choose. Cheers Allan
  6. Evening all. Despite my intentions not to start this one till after I had finished my P-51 for the GB I made a modest start tonight. Cockpit parts painted Gunze Dark gull grey. The seat in the picture is one I found in another Skyhawk box and I think it’s an Aeroclub white metal one from years back. It needs some touch up painting done so I’ll decide if I’m going to use it when that’s done. Cheers Allan
  7. Nice work so far. I’ve built this kit and it goes together without too much hassle. I found the landing gear fit to be a bit vague with only shallow recesses which for me made for a fragile undercarriage. Your paint job looks good. I’ve found freehand painting on the fuselage and Blutac masking on the wings worked best for me with FW 190 camo. Cheers Allan
  8. Superb Crusader. Excellent work Cheers Allan
  9. Fantastic Mustang and informative narration of the build. Cheers Allan
  10. Hi everyone. This will be my contribution to the GB. It’s a recent release of Fujimi’s A-4m by Hobby 2000. Decals are from cartograph which will be a big improvement over Fujimi’s decals. It also comes with painting masks made from black vinyl which are like Montex masks. I will start this after the P-51 GB. Cheers Allan
  11. Afternoon all. Just looking through the GB calendar and noticed this one, don't know how I missed it. Anyways looking through my kit list I thought an Eduard BF110 G2 which with an option from Italy 1943 would be a good choice. I've had it for years and this seems the excuse to build it. Cheers Allan
  12. Nice choice Dennis. It’s a kit I’ve built and it went together well and looks super cool. Cheets Allan
  13. Excellent choice. As I have several Fujimi Intruders in the stash I’ll be following with interest. Cheers Allan
  14. Morning all. Nearly finished with this one. Decals finished and flat coat applied. My concerns about the separate prop blades were confirmed as I could not get them looking right. So tomorrow I'll paint a airfix prop and spinner and hopefully get it finished. Cheers Allan
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