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  1. Excellent work. Very nice indeed. Cheers Allan
  2. Nice work so far. To my non-expert eyes your mottling looks fine. Cheers Allan
  3. Thanks for your comment. I was actually very impressed with the gloss coat I managed with the brush. I’ll be using a brush for Klear for future projects. Cheers Allan
  4. Morning all. Today I finished the gloss coats on this one. I took Modelling minion’s advice and brush coated several coats over the day and it turned out nice and shiny.Definitely less stressful than airbrushing it. Tonight I applied the decals without any dramas. More tomorrow. Cheers Allan
  5. Hi all. I’ve managed to fix the black lines on the camouflage which almost took as long as the original masking. One day I’ll build a model without having to spend twice as long fixing my errors. Speaking of errors I’ve sprayed some Klear for a gloss coat and looks a bit orange peel in places. I think I’ve been too heavy handed and it’s gone on too thick. I’ll look at it tomorrow and see what I can do with it. Here is how it looks before the Klear. Tomorrow I’ll hopefully get more done. Better get a move on only three weeks to go. Cheers Allan
  6. Welcome to Britmodeller. There are more than a few of us Scots active on here. Cheers Allan
  7. Excellent work. I’ve watched your YouTube videos and you make building this look easy. I’ve got it in the stash and I’m hesitant to start it. However seeing yours built up it looks terrific. I know mine wouldn’t be half as good. Cheers Allan
  8. Despite all your trials and tribulations I think it turned out rather well. I like it a lot. Cheers Allan
  9. Excellent work. Very impressive. Cheers Allan
  10. Well I don’t know if I would call this progress but here is where I am with this Corsair now. Having spent a relaxing few hours masking to paint the dark sea grey I resprayed the black before the grey. When I peeled back some blutac for a look I saw a black line between the OD and grey. This as it turned out is over most of the airframe. This is how it looks. So I’m thinking what’s my best approach to sort this? Should I use the OD or the grey to cover up the black line? I’m also not sure about the grey is it too light? Another thing occurred to me when I looked at the few photos of the actual planes is that I may have the camo pattern reversed. I’m calling it a night for now and give it some thought tomorrow. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Cheers Allan
  11. That is one impressive Corsair. There is so much going on in one model. Excellent work. Cheers Allan
  12. Nice work Dennis. The different markings certainly give it a unique look. Cheers Allan
  13. Thanks for your comments. I think I'll stick with how it is as my modelling time is limited at the moment and I would rather move on with this one. Cheers Allan
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