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  1. Just a combination of micro set/sol and hot water and I touched up the bits where raised detail showed through. cheers Allan
  2. Evening all. Here is my Airfix A-4b in 1/72. I used decals from Xtradecal x72151 representing a Skyhawk from VA-106 Gladiators. This one has been 90% finished for months so I’m pleased to finally get it done. This is my first Skyhawk and I’ve got several Fujimi A-4s in the stash. The Fujimi ones look nicer in the box but I’ll see when I get round to building one. Cheers Allan
  3. Evening all. I'm in for this one as well if I may. I propose to build Revell's F101 Voodoo. I periodically consider it as my next project but I never pick it. Cheers Allan
  4. Evening all. I’m in for this one with a Hasegawa P-51b in 1/72. Cheers Allan
  5. I’m in too probably with a Fujimi FR.14e with Freightdog decals. Cheers Allan
  6. I'm in for this too. Various wingy things that in 1/72 spring to mind. Cheers Allan
  7. I’m in with a Fujimi Skyhawk as I have several to chose from in the stash. Cheers Allan
  8. Evening all or actually morning now. Just noticed this topic and as I have more than a few Sabres and an Airfix Mitchell in the stash it would be rude not to join in if you don’t mind. Cheers Allan
  9. Excellent work on the Spits. I'm taking notes for when I do my Eduard spits. Cheers Allan
  10. Evening all. I built this Phantom for the Phantom GB here on Britmodeller and thought I'd put it into RFI for wider perusal. This one is a bit rough round the edges but all the mistakes are mine alone and not the kit. Cheers Allan
  11. Very nice work Miguel. Just how small is it as you don't get the impression of the scale as it is so well done. Cheers Allan
  12. Hasegawa 1/72 F-4n VF-84 Cheers Allan
  13. Morning all. I'm declaring this one as finished. I'm glad I've managed to get it done before the deadline as at times I didn't think I'd manage. This was a frustrating build at times but only because of my mistakes. I think I spent double the time I could have particularly on the painting as I had to correct so many errors. The end result is not too bad ,a bit ragged round the edges maybe. The canopy painting looked a bit rough when I took off the masks, too much paint I think. Anyways I took some pictures but I'll see if I can get better one s in daylight tomorrow morning. Cheers Allan
  14. That is super nice, very impressive but indeed. Cheers Allan
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