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  1. I’ll be following this one with interest. I too have this one in my stash so hopefully I’ll pick up some tips. Cheers Allan
  2. Thanks Col. Kind of stalled on this one. My attention has been on other projects but I will get this one moving again this week. Cheers Allan
  3. Very nice zero. Recently finished one in the same markings and I have to agree with all you said. They are simply superb kits. Cheers Allan
  4. Evening all. I have to agree with all the comments it was a good show. I felt it was busier than last year. I bought seven kits all good bargains so I was well pleased. Some nice models at the club tables and in the competition. Can’t wait for next year. Cheers Allan
  5. I’ll be there tomorrow with my list of paints and bits and bobs as well. On nightshift just now, home by 0800, 2 hours sleep and in Perth by 12sh all going well. Cheers Allan
  6. Impressive work there Min. Cheers Allan
  7. Excellent job on the Mustang,Mike. Cheers Allan
  8. Thanks CT7567 that will do for me. Thanks everyone for your help. Cheers Allan
  9. Thanks for your feedback Cliff,much appreciated. As to the colour scheme I think I’ll be going with the box art scheme. The other one looks nice but I don’t have the paint. I’ve also just found a starter kit with Australian markings. I have no memory of buying this one! I think I’ve got too many kits. Cheers Allan
  10. Thanks Junchan and Dennis for the info, much appreciated. Now I know the codes were correct for a time on an A- 7b and not an A could I get away with using the decals on my ‘A’ kit or are there significant differences between the two? My brief research would indicate they were few differences between the two. Cheers Allan
  11. Thanks for all the info. I'll do a bit of research at the sites you mentioned and hopefully get some clarity. I didn't know the codes related to the carrier wing I assumed it belonged to the the squadron. Thanks again for your help. Cheers Allan
  12. Evening all. I’m wondering if anyone can help with a query regarding tail codes. I am building a 1/72 A-7a and had picked va-56 decals from an old microscale sheet. On the sheet the tail codes are AH but all the pics on the web show NF. I can find nothing showing AH. Is this an error on the decal sheet or did VA-56 use those codes at one time? Can anyone shed any light on this please. Cheers Allan
  13. That is one very nice Corsair. Just had a quick look through the WIP and you have done a top job. In my opinion the panel lines are just right, too many models are spoiled by unrealistic highlighting of every line. The 48th kit looks like a bigger version of the 72nd which I have started in the A-7a version and will hopefully finish after this GB. Cheers Allan
  14. Thanks Tbolt and Noel for your feedback, much appreciated. Cheers Allan
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