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  1. Well it’s been over six weeks since I’ve done anything with this for various reasons, mostly a complete lack of mojo for modelling. It happens regularly and I’ve learned to accept it and wait for my interest to return. So with a little over two weeks to go I opened the box to see where I was with this. Close inspection showed several areas needing attention, scratches, seams etc. Having attended to those I’ve reprimed it and painted the white bits. Tomorrow I plan to mask the white off and paint the light gull grey. I may yet finish this by June 6th. The good thing is I enjoyed working on the
  2. Nice work on an old kit, turned out rather nice. Cheers, Allan
  3. Very nice Tomcat. Excellent work. Cheers, Allan
  4. That is very nice indeed. Love the colour scheme. Can I ask what paints you used? Cheers, Allan
  5. Excellent work on difficult kit. I did this one in 2008 having started it in 2006. I remember it to be challenging but it turned ok, for me anyway. Your’s looks much nicer though. Cheers, Allan
  6. Excellent work. Very impressive. Cheers Allan
  7. Well I attached the refuelling probe and sprayed Mr finishing surfacer 1500 for the primer. All was going well and then I broke the refuelling probe! I’ll keep it off till the end and hopefully it’ll go back on ok. I really like the Mr surfacer primer as it gives a nice smooth base for painting. Hopefully that can continue tomorrow. Cheers Allan
  8. Well, one week later and not much progress. I spent some time correcting my savage attempts at rescribing. I am truly awful at this even though I attempt it on most of my builds. So for this one no more rescribing for me. Any way last night I painted up the kit seat and masked and glued the canopy on. Having let it set overnight it looks ok. Tonight I’ve been bodging a minor modification to the kit by making the semi-circular antenna on the tail. This was done drilling holes into the tail at the appropriate area, I think, and then supergluing the ends of paper clips into the holes. It sounded
  9. Very nice work. Most impressive. Cheers Allan
  10. Looking good Dennis. Looking forward to the gallery pics. Cheers Allan
  11. Just catching up with your build , I don’t know how I missed it. Excellent work so far on the alterations. The scheme will be very different. I recall seeing pics of a Kuwaiti A-4 years ago and it’s one maybe for the future. I think Fujimi did one in 1/72 but it’s very rare and usually expensive when one shows up. Mabel looks adorable. Labs are the best dogs. I plan to get a Golden Lab when I retire in two years,can’t wait. Cheers Allan
  12. Nice progress with this one smudge. The Xtradecals are very nice, I’ve got the first sheet and built one a couple of years ago. I plan to do another for this GB if I can get my current one moving on and I can find the decal sheet. I looked for it the other day and it’s disappeared from my decal box. Cheers Allan
  13. Coincidentally I just received these two in the post this afternoon. Like Chris in the above post I am looking forward to doing one of these in this GB. Which one I haven’t decided yet. Cheers Allan
  14. Now that is very nice work indeed. Cheers Allan
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