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  1. Excellent work Tim and first in the gallery too. Cheers Allan
  2. I’d be up for this one Dennis, either P-47 or Thunderjet in 1/72. Cheers Allan
  3. I’d be up for this one. I built two in the 2016 GB. Cheers Allan
  4. Excellent work Rich. I have to agree the Tamiya Zero kits are superb. Cheers Allan
  5. Hi there. I’m using Gunze aqueous Lt Gull Grey and flat white, can’t recall the paint numbers at work just now. Cheers Allan
  6. Excellent progress there Mark. I remember seeing that technique using mottle stencils on yuotube. I thought I might try it but chose to do random squiggles then mist over the main colour. Cheers Allan
  7. Evening all. Started a bit of the painting tonight. I forgot I was going to paint the metallic parts of the jet exhaust first. Never mind, another day. I also forgot to prime the tail fins, again a job for another day. Anyway I’ve started painting the white and as I’m trying to avoid a uniform finish so I’ve tried to build the white up slowly. So I’ve stopped for tonight and will continue another day. Meantime I’m going to do some research on the demarcation lines for the light gull grey. Cheers Allan
  8. Hi all. I realised I haven’t mentioned what paint scheme I’ll be doing. I’ve chosen a gull grey and white F-14 from VF-41 in 1978. This is one of the kit options. Cheers Allan
  9. Looks like an interesting kit and accessories you’ve got there. I’ve got two of the Fujimi kits so I’ll watch your build for issues. Cheers Allan
  10. HI all, I sprayed some primer on this one tonight,MR surfacer black. This is great stuff but extremely smelly. I’ll look at it in detail in the morning to see if there’s more work to do. Cheers Allan
  11. Thanks Steve, it’s not the best fitting kit but I’m hopefully sorted out the problems. About to start priming and that will show anything I’ve missed. Cheers Allan
  12. Looking good so far. How big are they in this scale? I struggle sometimes with small parts in 1/72 never mind 1/144! Cheers Allan
  13. Evening all. I planned to get more done tonight but I’m way too tired. I’ve got to the point where I’m ready to start priming. I plan to paint the exhaust nozzles first, mask them off and then attach the tail fins and begin the main painting. Hopefully there won’t be to many issues revealed by the primer. This one has needed a fair amount of work to get to this point but enjoyable nonetheless. This pic shows where I’ve got to. The wings and tail fins are not glued on yet. Cheers Allan
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