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  1. Hi all, more painting tonight. I tried to get a faded look overall but not sure if that’s what I did. I’m never sure whether to stop or keep going as I’ll probably overdo it. I’ll have a look at some pics to get a better idea what needs to be done. Meantime here is where I’m at just now. Cheers Allan
  2. Morning all. I gave up on the Xtracrylic desert pink. Two reasons, I hated the colour and it sprayed like ...well not very good. So I decided for an alternative to try Tamiya desert yellow. I tried building up the colour slowly to achieve a mottled, dirty finish but it takes time and patience. This is how it looks for now. Cheers Allan
  3. Evening all. With the two week extension to this GB I have a renewed enthusiasm for this as I didn’t think I could have finished for next week. Despite all my troubles with this kit I think it’s looking ok so far. Today I primed it with Halfords grey and then gave it some Tamiya flat black. Hopefully the black base with give me a varied finish for this dirty Tornado. Next up tonight is the Xtracrylic desert pink which may be problematic but we’ll see. Cheers Allan
  4. This morning I was thinking that very thing, I need more time to finish this. Excellent. Cheers Allan
  5. I feel your pain with this kit, Al. The clear parts are a mess. I’m fast losing my enthusiasm for my build. Despite all the issues your’s is looking good. Cheers Allan
  6. Hi all. Small update tonight. Refuelling probe fitted in a fashion as I struggled to get a decent fit. Some filling and sanding required but it ok I think. I also fitted a part with a clear front under the front of the fuselage,I have no idea what it is, which was a terrible fit. Specifically the clear part was the poor fit. It’s on and needed smoothed in with Perfect plastic putty but I don’t think it will look great. As I and others have said the clear parts are truly awful and really let the kit down. I have another in the stash but I doubt I’ll ever build given my experience so far with t
  7. Evening all. Inching forward with this build. I’ve not had much time this week for modelling as I’ve been decorating, such a waste of a week off work. Anyway tonight I worked on the canopy. The clear parts of this kit are, for me, a real let- down. They have loads of of flash and seem really brittle to work with. The canopy lines are a bit vague as well but I think I managed the masking ok. Cheers Allan
  8. Evening all. Most of the main parts are on now without too much trouble apart from one of the intakes. They were a very tight fit and I used too much pressure in getting them on and as a result part of the underside cracked and will need some fixing. Here’s how it looks just now. Not to bad I think but some work still to do. Cheers Allan
  9. Evening all. Two parts of the fuselage together tonight. Not too bad a fit but some work to do. Started on the intakes as well and I’m a bit confused as to where the kind of curved piece is supposed to go. The instructions are a bit vague so can anyone enlighten me? Cheers Allan
  10. Some more progress with this one tonight. Finished painting the cockpit. Pretty rough but it’s the best I could do so definitely a closed canopy job. Tomorrow I should get the main fuselage together. Cheers Allan
  11. Evening all. It’s been a month since I last posted on this. I started building this last week after I had finished my Seaknight for the Helicopter GB. The cockpit has been given a coat of grey and I’m painting seats and instrument panels. I’m not using the the decals for the instrument panels. The rear fuselage is almost complete. I’ve glued the wings in the forward position as I was not overly keen on the moving wing option. I’m thinking of leaving off the tailplanes till after the two halves of the fuselage are together as I think it will be difficult to clean up the seams wi
  12. Hi just noticed this GB. I’ve got the 1/72 Academy p-38 in the stash so count me in. Cheers Allan
  13. Nice start with the cockpit etc. I’ll follow your progress as I’ve got this one as well and it is kind of in my thoughts to start soon. Cheers Allan
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