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  2. Thanks very much for the comments. John.
  3. Seriously impressive. You've made an excellent job of this all round. I'd never considered this kit before, but I'm certainly going to look out for it at the shows. John.
  4. It just gets better and better. Love to see the AMX-30 as I have the Iraq war version ( what did the French call it...Operation Dag????) Sorry, I've forgotten. Anyway, great job with the CV90. John.
  5. Yeah 6 as a minimum. So i got two of the new orange packs, then half a dozen of the new blue line brushable types (basic colours) and got free shipping 👍🏿
  6. Today
  7. Absolutely love the finish! Well done BD!
  8. A very pleasing paint finish and all round excellent build Rob
  9. Hello, very nice AS-90 !! Is the figure part of the kit ? E
  10. Thx for your like and kind comment, cheers Richard
  11. Maybe a hard work all bags...figures very well achieved, Steve, perhaps Brad Pitt? Cheers mate
  12. A nice example of a German big cat.Well tidy.
  13. Not seen one of these before,well tidy mun.
  14. Thanks AgentG,I live in Wales,one year it rained for forty days and forty nights,that was still the driest summer we have ever had. Thanks MAD STEVE.
  15. The MENG SS-011 1/35 Russian BMR-3M Armored Mine Clearing Vehicle Net Photos (Meng Model)
  16. Thanks John. It didn't help that I couldn't quite work out how his arms fitted, very strange position... I gave him a coat of anthracite and had to add more filler, but he's still being a bit annoying! - reassuring to know that information!
  17. Russian Army leaving Aleppo. Various BTR-80. Net Photos
  18. I echo what Jim said. I have the Waldron P&D set and wouldn't be without it. I also have Historex's hexagonal set. Not as good quality, but it does the job. John.
  19. Morning folk's base coat on bodywork and seat's,canvas,I mixed the pink very thin so five light coats applied and allowed to "well" into recessed detail's to give a faded look to larger surfaces.
  20. As promised, here's a portion of pics. Head lights and wire cutter mounted... The rear wall was also eguipped with all the details. Getting ready for paints... Last overview before the primer... And here's the primer... As I've mentioned earlier, I really like the elegant shape of the Grizzly. OK, lads, time to bring out DA PAINT Thanks for watching. Dawid
  21. Chris Wauchop has a site called "Static Capital" The models are exquisite. As for paint colours, Jack G has nailed it, The choice of paint manufacturers is yours to pick, unless Chris Wauchop can reveal his particular choices ?
  22. Yesterday
  23. LOL you're not going to run out of something to do anytime soon............... At least it keeps us entertained Kev
  24. Still scrubs up well after all these years. Twas the first 1/35 AFV I built in 89. The NAAFI in HMS Drake had one in. My weathering though consisted of splashing brown paint in unconvincing streaks all over it
  25. Wonderful work and a great idea. I'll raise a glass of cola to you.
  26. Some great modelling there. The dusty finish on the Cromwell looks really convincing.
  27. That's brilliant brushwork. I assumed that this must be 1/35th judging on the detail you've drawn out of it.
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