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  2. Hi John, very nice details for such a small scale tank Regards Richard
  3. Today
  4. Coming along nicely Julian, watching very closely on how you bring this weathering together Regards Richard
  5. Nice work! Those shrouded props make for a cool back view. Will
  6. Yesterday
  7. Progress; Just a bit of paint. Coming along okay, needs some matt coat and a touch of chalk. I suppose I'll need a base for it too Thanks for looking in. Dan
  8. YAY!! I've finished trackbashing; tedious, but not the grubby, heavy, work it is in real life. Each track is 89 links - one more than I believe is 'standard' in reality, but that gets the tension right. Anyone who can be bothered to count them is welcome to tell me I've got it wrong. The modelkasten tracks were, actually, very easy to use - each link has only one attachment point, which is easily cleaned up and in an almost invisible place. There's almost no flash and no mould-lines anywhere it matters. The trackpins work well on their little sprue 'fitting tool'. Colour me impressed - the job was quicker than I expected, and they look great - even before paint and weathering.
  9. Great work, it looks absolutely stunning. Makes me want to build my Takom T-55 amv. But as I'm new at modeling I'll be glad if it looks half as good as this
  10. Hi Cromwell and FrancisGL, thanks for your comments. A little more progress over the weekend, but not much - I had a go at dry-brushing the bogie with something approximating to 'dust/sand', which to my hopelessly untrained eye looked fairly OK: So flushed with that success I applied the same approach to the other 5 bogies: Prior to fitting the bogies, I took the chance to applying the same wash to the lower hull this evening: Obviously it still needs some dust/sand to be dry-brushed on yet. I found a reference pic on the PPMS site that showed the underside of the sponson has some rivet detail on the real thing that the model does not provide. After some time spent experimenting with how to reproduce this detail myself, I decided not to bother. My theory on it is that once the tracks and the side skirts are fitted, you'd be hard-pressed to see this detail anyway. Thanks for watching
  11. I seem to remember seeing a boxing with French markings, sure it was an M4A3. Or is it just me???? Pete
  12. Where did you get all the info and scale drawings from to do the interior?
  13. How did you clone the track? sounds like a handy trick to have up your sleeve
  14. Beautiful work!
  15. Excellent Steve, thank you very much for sharing! I reckon the AM guys will come along with decals to include Berlin brigade, individual tracks and a resin Pack and bay. It looks like Takom have done another smashing job though, well worth the wait!
  16. Great looking Somua , I really like the camo . fantastic job !
  17. Nice build Gee, welcome to the dark side there are plenty more Tigers to get you teeth into.
  18. Cracking job. Somehow you've captured the massive solidity of the real vehicle.
  19. It looks like AFV Club to me.
  20. This is a very interesting and beautiful vehicle
  21. Glad you like it my friend Cheers
  22. I look forward to it. Regards, John.
  23. Great stuff, love the weathering. best Gee
  24. Thanks very much Andy. I appreciate that. Here's the link to the gallery displaying the completed model. Thanks to all those who watched and commented along the way. It was a fun and crazy journey! 20170423-MJS_0219 by _m_sinclair, on Flickr -matt
  25. Ian, Brett Green over at Hyperscale has just posted some images of his build of an Aussie Matilda from this kit
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