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  1. Past hour
  2. Fascinating.
  3. He does get carried away with his photos! hope no lasting harm!! Hopefully I can do a bit more this weekend...
  4. The figure looks really calm, good job..., cheers mate
  5. NIce job with tracks for now, and very nice wheels too..., cheers mate
  6. Thx for your like Val_Ukraine, cheers mate
  7. Today
  8. The T-55 is a pretty complex subject TBH.....I consider myself a Trackhead, but the intricacies of the various subvariants (and manufacturers thereof) are still something of a mystery to me too. Any recommendations for a comprehensive book on the type.....Something like 'T-34 - Mythical Weapon' but covering the T-44/54/55 would be what I'm after.
  9. That's looking really good. It's given me encouragement for when I put a tarp on my White M3. John.
  10. As someone who does a lot of 1/144 builds that is serous quality! Like that a lot. Cheers Ian
  11. Hi guys, some updates on the figures, accessories and some details! Thanks for dropping by!
  12. Kingkit have a 109 for sale at present
  13. I have a couple of the earlier M3s but think this needs adding to the stash!!
  14. On this side of the pond I find "Embossing Powder" to be a perfect substance for anti slip. It can be located in craft stores which stock "scrap booking" supplies. I use a water based polyurethane glue thinned out and brushed on. I sprinkle the powder on the wet glue and knock the excess off into a container for future use. That method gives me great control and less masking is required. Also frequently used is a "textured" spray paint such as "Rustoleum". A lot of masking is required. but boy does it replicate the anti skid on an M1A1. G
  15. Excellent build.
  16. Thanks Loyd and Stix.
  17. Hi , Looking for suggestions for 60s/70s German armour colours for the likes of early Leopards and Jagpanzer 90s etc. please, cheers spad.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Your welcome. Sorry it's not the most accurate or detailed but Stix says he'll explain more at the weekend and I will post it. I meant to post this before The RFI photos for my bulldozer can be found here: A few here
  20. This recently arrived in the Badger lair. Looks very very nice in the box and has jumped to the current top of my must build pile! !
  21. Ah thanks Andy , looks quite nice actually .
  22. Nice , the ambush scheme worked out well ! gives a very different look to a Porsche turret KT .
  23. I use grey instead of white, saw it recommended on a figure painting video I saw, it means the eyes dont stand out to much. And mostly use a cocktail stick to apply.
  24. Wow! Great Build and Love all the extras on there.
  25. Loving the builds, some excellent detail and scratch building.
  26. Great work on the details. Following with interest.
  27. That's the one. John.
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