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  1. Yesterday
  2. Jagdtiger winter worn

    Thanks Pete :-)
  3. Correct Troffa,I have the history of Matchbox kit's book,the Sherman and Abrams were also released by Matchbox .
  4. AFV Club 1/35 M113A1

    My jaw's dropped and I'm speechless. The chipping/peeling on those walls...
  5. Very nicely done. It it certainly looks a bit of a lash up. Pete

    Lovely work, the stowage on the front looks real!
  7. PzKw III

    Very convincing weathering. Pete
  8. Big As MAZ

    Looks brilliant but I can’t see the mouse droppings...

    Great work! I enjoyed doing mine too, it's got a SeeHund on the back now.
  10. It's a fair point you make, Sarge... I may yet end up leaving it off anyway, as I can't get the folds to look right because it's too thick.
  11. A couple of tiny T-72s

    I really like that and you have posted it at a very good time for me. I'm having a go at building a Modelcollect T-72 at the moment so lots of food for thought here. Duncan B
  12. fantastic look so far
  13. Challenger 2 in Kosovo

    Thanks Toby. What happens in the clubs stays in the clubs....
  14. Sherman M4 - Tamiya 1/48

    A very nice and clean build. Well done. I hope that my first tank build will turn out as well as yours. I just finished the Tamiya 1 / 48 Russian Jeep and am now going to start the Tamiya 1 / 48 Tiger I ( Late Production ) ... let the fun begin !!! Bob H.
  15. Challenger 2 in Bergen

    Thank you Bill. Yes, Celle is a nice town, innit? Oh, tinted glasses, yes, times were great and we were slim... All the best. Tobby
  16. Stunning weathering. Great job!!!
  17. Must read again as cannot remember that one. Happy reading. Until we moved, recently, I had a library of 800 books of WW11. Gave them to the local hospice. Chap told me they sold as individual items in days and were getting them re-donated back to the Hospice. So just something good came of WW11. In fact the war brought a lot of advances just how they had to happen that was the disaster. One was plastic surgery which has helped many people through out the world who have facial injuries. One of the advances was through RAF and the surgeon McIndoe repairing burns suffered by pilots. Happy reading. The happy hour. Laurie
  18. Afrika Korps Kubelwagen

    great details. you haven't lost the touch.
  19. My 1:35 tank series (2017)

    Nice collection, a very original way to present, , Saludos Miguel
  20. M3 lee Academy 1:35 Burma's Campaign

    My apologies for late reply, I have totally forgotten it, I am not much of armor person. Thank you all for the kind words really appreciate it. Next, maybe an M3 Stuart am thinking.
  21. Abandoned T-60 Final reveal

    Work of art, so much attention to detail. The T60 alone was outstanding but the little vignette/dio really brings into life. I really like the post war, rusting relic setting, Superb.
  22. 80s Soviet

    The problem is that as Alexander Akanikhin speaks, the owner AKAN, factory professional the chip Soviet a color possesses standards only he. The others, from his words, copy his paint. The question is that as it is written to a topic in Russian a forum, only 4BO existed the 15th recipe of creation. Therefore within some admission mines move existence of 15 shades is theoretically possible 4BO. At the same time some recipes it is impossible to repeat because the industry doesn't release already some pigments because of replacement their pigments of a new compounding. Besides we don't know, original pigments of production of Russia and the West are how equal among themselves, in view of a possible difference of technological processes productions of pigments. Therefore even having original compounding but without having original pigments, it is possible to receive absolutely not that has to be. Because I think doubts мр. Akanikhin aren't unreasonable. B.R. Serge
  23. Last week
  24. Tristar Panzer 1 Ausf A

    Hi Tim, Pardon my ignorance - I am unfamiliar with this kit - what scale is it - I've read through the thread - but can't see the scale. BTW - Lovely work on the staining and chips - something to aspire to - thanks for sharing - Steve
  25. 1/16 P-IV

    This is my Henglong P-IV, upgraded with metal gearboxes, sprockets, idlers, tracks. Total repaint with accessories.
  26. csm lanchester armoured car 1:35

    In general I applaud the idea of having "upgrade sets" such as the etched spoke wheels (+ other parts?) sold separately. Not everyone wants them and multi-media kits are getting very expensive. But the quid pro quo has to be reasonably priced base kits. Which this CSM offering isn't. I did see one advert for £35 but it was out of stock in minutes. £50 or so seems to be the trend. I thought many times about getting the Armo resin Lanchester (now OOP), notwithstanding that it was the Russian version with the cupola. That was £55, probably superior (if harder to work with), and included the etched parts. It's a relatively straightforward kit with a low parts count by current standards and apparently average detail quality, like the solid hatch with no hinge rivets. £35 feels more like the right price than £50, thinking of other armoured car kits.
  27. Any Correct Centurion Wheels in 1/35 kits?

    The kit wheels are Tamiya. I used a pre-built Cent I got cheap as the donor, it was the Academy branded version hence the colour.
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