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  1. Yesterday
  2. Nice bit of work there Sairou........nice weathering. I have agree without Kris B.....looks like something Wiley Cayote would have built to catch the Road Runner😀😆. Simon
  3. Help me build a Sherman

    I'm pretty sure someone told me that Fireflies needed their own 'body guard' of normal Shermans? But I can't figure out why - can anyone shed more light on this???
  4. Help with possible Jeep conversion...

    Follow Me vehicles could be anything from as simple as a painted sign on the back, to fitted out with radios, and having elaborate light boxes on the back with illuminated instructions/arrows. I've seen Jeeps that have what looks like a GMC headlight mounted on the back pointing rearward and slightly down. I can only imagine this is to illuminate the taxiway behind the Jeep for an aircraft following in the dark or poor visibility. Jeeps with radios would either have some sort of enclosure built on the back of the Jeep to keep the weather off the radios, or have the radios built into wooden crates to give some degree of weather protection. So with radios, you'd have an assortment of aerials, and and I've seen some unusual masts and wires attached to Jeeps. In WW2, vehicles on the air side of a base also had a red flag flying mounted somewhere on the vehicle as a warning. I don't know if this practice continued post war.
  5. Still a good little kit, nice work on the barrels, the whole kit certainly benefits from some after market bits and pieces.
  6. Thanks both, for your most kind comments. My apologies for the delay in acknowledging you properly, real life has been right in my face recently. Today is the first day for 3 weeks that I've been anywhere near getting some bench time in. Not much progress either, if I am honest. This has been something of an attempt at a mojo kick-start - specifically, I wanted an ammo crate for the 'live' rounds provided with the kit. So, out came the styrene sheet, and with reference to a photo I had a go at making something approximating to it: As I said, not a massive amount to show for several hours' work to be fair - but it's progress, to which I will hopefully add tomorrow.
  7. Patton Tank Grp. Build We have our 25 but need more recruits

    Hello Fellow members ... so I thought i would continue this even though we are in. I want to help anyone not sure or someone that might be new to armor. So my last installment was on the M26/46 & M47 early Patton’s. We can move up to the M48 & see some off the things that are out there. Lets start it off with Tamiyas M48a3. From this you could go with a nice easy build, or you could do some add-ons like these from Legend. I dont get any benefit by mentioning Legend. Im just using it to show options. Combine the two to get something like this M48 from Vietnam. You could go with these options from legend of stowage and reactive armor. Doing so will get you an late M48 Magach 3 from the Israeli Defence forces. If neither options work for you you could try an AVLB folding bridge on the M48 Chassis. Heres a photo of a German example. You could do an M728 Engineering vehicle as shown in this AFV Club model conversion and it will look like this. these are just some of the options with M48’s. I will go over M60’s and some options in my next post. Were always looking for more members so if you decide you would like to join please follow the link in the opening post and ask me to add your name. To be fair if you want to join the T55 STGB they're looking for recruits. This way you can add a Companion/Target on the shelf next to your Patton. Have a great modeling day. Dennis * any photographs used are strictly information use. All rights belong to original owners.
  8. 1/72 S-Model kit with the NBC flag from scratch .Nice kit ,not a lot of parts .......................
  9. BM21 Grad 1/72

    Nice little build,do like the base and that esky,Great.Cheers.
  10. Laser scanning of some Bovington exhibits

    Their stuff online looks really well put together but doesn't look like prices are avaliable yet. I think they are trying to do vehicles that no one else has on the market yet. Certainly I've grown bored of the RC stuff in 1/16 as everyone has ge same and has done the same models.... the kingtiger with 1946-47 modifications has been done over and over... looks cool but still
  11. Great work on what must be one of the oddest looking vehicles of the period. Pete
  12. Thanks for your kind words. I've got to agree about the figures, couldn't get the lights in the right position to show them to their best advantage. Alpine have to be some of the best figures available. I'll put that down to experience. 😀 Pete
  13. Takom Tiger II Cutaway

    Thanks for the feedback all, couldn't be sure where to post this but Aldi are doing some Airfix starter sets for a fiver. Couldn't resist slipping a Cromwell into the basket instead of a box of Christmas crackers..ooopps
  14. Easy 8

    oh my, never even noticed that the star was crooked in the first place... it must have been shifted by my fingers by accident directly after I put it onto the model. All of the other stars are straight so the front star was obviously a fluke, and now my OCD will drive me crazy about it.
  15. Very nice, but more importantly, realistic weathering. Nice one Styx. John.
  16. Tiger 1 of Das Reich

    Thanks a lot Biggles, great to inspire someone... Cheers T.
  17. Many thanks for your kind comments, i'm glad you like it, cheers John
  18. Bradley M2A3

    Looking good Reilly, nice and neat. I had more or less the same dilemma with this model: interior detail is excellent but you will not see much of the work you put into it once it's sealed up.
  19. Personal WW1 Group Build: MkIVs & Whippet

    Not much progress in the last few days. Other stuff. Started on the Whippet. The track units are attached to the hull sides in this kit, so a bit more work to be done on those in preparation. More track rollers, same parts as the MkIVs. Same tracks too, with the same moulding pip and mould line as described above and the same need to check the idler position vs the number of links before fixing. Instructions say 69 links per side: I haven't got as far as verifying that yet. None of the lower run rollers are actually visible with the tracks in place, so they can be left just as they come off the sprue - again like the MKIV. However, the top run return rollers are visible through the mud chutes and these therefore do need to be cleaned up properly. Each rim has 4 sprue attachment points and a goodly mould line all round, and there are 20 of them. The real ones are cast and have soft edges. The moulded engine compartment louvres have come in for criticism, so I thought I'd try using the Airwaves etched ones. And gave up. The parts don't actually fit together off the fret, with only 3 louvres fitting inside the side panels instead of 4. So each louvre piece needed trimming down at each end. Having done this and got one together, they turned out to be far too narrow for the Takom kit. With the mounting flanges folded out they still fitted within the moulded kit flanges with space to spare, so at least 3mm narrower. Then I tried cleaning up one of the kit parts and thinning the louvre edges, and it came out OK. The side rivet heads need to be sanded off and replaced as part of the clean-up. The exhausts are surprisingly crude and I've decided to replace them completely. More on that later, but the preparation included: removing the moulded-on lumps where the exhausts exit the hull (these are just sheet metal guards over the pipes in reality); drilling the hull sides for new pipes; removing the moulded-on tabs that locate the silencers; drilling holes for wire U bolts to hold said silencers; replacing a few rivet heads lost in the process. I was toying with mounting the spuds on the tracks, which you don't often see on Whippets, but that had other implications. The rails on which they are stowed are moulded onto the hull sides and would be hard to replace neatly, especially the right one which has an S bend. Airwaves decided not to include these in their etch set, but on their record to date they wouldn't fit this kit anyway. Neither the kit spuds nor the Airwaves resin ones actually hook over even one edge of the track links, and the Airwaves ones are inconsistently shaped. So all of the attachments would need to be replaced with thin metal sheet whichever spuds are used, and I didn't fancy that very much. So, stowed it is then. That hides both problems. At the very rear of the right side of the fighting compartment is a small open-top box and a rail which look like they're for stowing something vertically up the cab side. No idea what as I haven't yet found a single photo showing anything stowed there, but whatever it is has a tapered or wedge profile as the stowages are that shape. But in any case Takom have just moulded them as lumps so they needed to be replaced with thin sheet. Hopefully some photos of this once I've got the hull sides and track units together.
  20. Last week
  21. Scammell Pioneer SV2S

    Love the weathering and especially, the subtle rust / grime on that. A work of art!
  22. Sd.Kfz. 232 6Rad.

    Great job Angelo. Very impressive finish. Well done. Kind regards, Stix
  23. Stix, so much stuff I learned from people on the forum here... Without the internet and smart folks here, this would not be possible. And Ron Lebert from Canada, a wise man and exceptional modeller.
  24. Dragon 6395 Sd. Kfz. 251/17C

    Nicely done inside & out. Pete
  25. Looks very good. I was tempted to do mine in Spanish version, but I've chosen the German. I think I should choose this scheme as it looks more interesting then Panzer Grey.
  26. Hobby Boss Nagmachon APC (early)

    Don't get this problem with floaty things You do pick em ' Your mummy say you're ugly, boy are you ugly! ' Watching with interest Kev
  27. Spanish Civil War Opel Blitz

    Hi all, would anyone have any reference material for the Opel Blitz being used in the SCW, would these have been painted in the early three tone camouflage or the generic field grey/green? Also the kit I'm planning on using would be: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/181439-icm-35401-typ-2-5-32-1-5to I know they were used quite widely by the Condor Legion but information is a little scarce
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