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  1. This aircraft is FB382 Horbaczewski only flew a handful of missions on this aircraft. It may have flown in the pure fighter role (as you say). During the run up to D-day and during the invasion/breakout period all RAF Mustangs flew with bombs most of the time. But if a squadron put up 12 aircraft for an operation quite often they had 8 aircraft with bombs and 4 aircraft without bombs as a kind of escort/top cover. You would need to check the squadron ORB to to see if it provides the detail about Horbczewski/FB382. Steve
  2. Sorry to mislead... Geoffrey is correct... too much rushing and not enough checking...
  3. Hi Supplementing Geoffrey's response. When production of the NA-111 model began at Dallas the first 200 a/c 44-11153 to 44-11352 were P-51D-5 fitted with the HS prop. Of these just 30 were assigned to the RAF 44-11168 to 11187 (KH641-660) and 44-11253 to 44-11262 (KH661-KH670). Some of these were delivered to UK and some were delivered direct from US to the MTO. The louvred plates were only fitted to a/c prepared in the UK so your best chances of a camouflaged MkIV with HS prop and perforated plate would be in photos of MTO a/c most likely 3RAAF and 5SAAFSqns. … this is close to hen’s teeth territory. Steve
  4. If you go to this sticky thread on "12 o'clock high" RAF and RAAF pilot's Log Books on the net - Luftwaffe and Allied Air Forces Discussion Forum (12oclockhigh.net) The guy "JohnE" just might, I say just might be able to help you... Steve
  5. I think they are likely to be Communication Flight/Squadron; then Flying Training Command; Bomber Command and Air Navigation School.... hope so! Steve
  6. Hi just happened to pass... Air Britain Anson File records for TX157 BAFO CW/781X/SF Buckeberg/Gutersloh/SF Buckeberg/Colerne CF/1 ANS/FTCCF/BCCS(26)/FTCCS Sold Hawker Siddeley Ltd 22.2.67 and registered G-AVCK but not converted and scrapped 1969
  7. Did you Google? There is an image of the badge on the Wikipaedia page. You may need to check with Air Historical Branch to get a more substantial copy...
  8. The fairing was there because of the design of the blast tube. In Freeman's book there is a photo on page 22 that shows the original design this was changed by from a square end to the to an oblique angle cut along the length of the tube (not sure of the proper engineering language). If you have a photo of the fuselage guns on a later Mustang without the fairing then the end of the blast tube loked like that aperture. The engineering order was issued on 6 May 1941 before AG346 had flown but manufactured parts for the first design already in hand were used up in production. Steve
  9. Hi Dave The fairing appeared only on NA73 AG345 to AG423.
  10. i think you will find that Coastal Command continued to use the full stripes for a lot longer than 2TAF etc... until October 1944 comes to mind but you should check. Steve
  11. Hi A history for 312 Sqn by Tomas Polak published by Phil Listemann gives AA970/J, AB939/I and BL512/N. Steve
  12. Hi all In the original IWM photo the last aircraft towards the top on the right is a RAF Mustang III with BAF identity bands that would suggest a date June 1944 or later. Steve
  13. Hi My knowledge of the variations in designation of the early Tomahawks is not impressive but, as far as I can see from the Air Britain lists, 26Sqn had just three IIAs AH887, AH893 and AH903. There is a bit of information around that indicates during 1941 and 1942 aircraft 'A' was usually flown by F/Lt E F P 'Sam' Wheller. In the 26 Sqn ORB there are no records of operations in 1942 so no records of serials but at the end of 1941 Wheller is recorded flying AH893. Steve
  14. Hi I would say that the instructions for the leading edge strip were issued for specific types...Spitfire "half way along from the wing tip"... Hurricane "to the landing light" as far as I know there are no specific instructions for the Mustang. As somebody frequently says on here "never trust a profile" and as far as I know there is no photo of AG470/RUM. There are a number of photos of Mustangs that show the strip carried through to the wing root however available photos of 414Sqn aircraft from summer 1942 seem to show the strip is applied from wing tip to gun ports. The instructions for the type identity bands required that they should be yellow. There are no records in squadron diaries etc that the aircraft involved in Jubilee carried cameras. Steve
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