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  1. If you send me an email address I'll send you a scan...sorry to say I can't work out how to upload here. I would say that in relation to the proportions of the roundel the Kitsworld artwork is more accurate on height and position. The strokes of the letters are probably slightly thicker and the 'D' is too wide/square the corners top and bottom right should be a bit more curved. Steve
  2. Mike Donnet wrote a short autobiography "Flight to Freedom". In that there is a poor quality photo of KM121 taken after the aircraft crashed on 23 April 1945 the photo shows the starboard side. The prop is ripped off but the spinner does look to be a dark colour. There is no rank pennant visible but that area of the fuselage is obscured with oil. His personal code seems to be in characters smaller than Gaetano's artwork to me. Steve
  3. Making a rare post!! FB290 did not have the fuselage tank. I thought I had several books containing this image but now I can find only one. At one time the image was on the "Jeff Ethell WW2 Colour" site which is now defunct and, from what I can see, you need to take care connecting to the old address. The book I have is "P-51 Mustang" by Jeff Ethell published by Arms and Armour Press. The photo of GAB in there does not have these light coloured patches between the G and the A and that was in 1990 which I guess was before people were photoshopping images for publication. I think what you are seeing is likely to be some kind of artefact in the copy you have.
  4. Steve The NAA factory drawing shows the "NO STEP" marking on port wing only. However there are one or two examples of RAF Mustang III with the "NO STEP" marking on starboard wing as well. Steve
  5. Icelander According to Air Britain ER500 was on charge to 111Sqn. Steve
  6. This book is listed by the Aviation Megastore at Amsterdam-Schiphol at Euro 43.35. From experience I think people might find them a much more helpful source. http://www.aviationmegastore.com ​
  7. Steve FZ190 would have been delivered with the IFF aerial. The aerial was fitted under the starboard wing and only a small proportion of photos show the starboard side of P-51s. If you go to this site https://www.flickr.com/photos/133697406@N05/albumsand scroll down to "North American P-51B/C" you will find several examples of the aerial on American aircraft. ​
  8. Steve If you are modelling a C-10 Mustang with KH serial then it would not have the IFF aerial. Steve
  9. I am not a modeller so I am reluctant to intervene in these issues but it seems to me that a reasonable examination of the GGS against all its predecessors would show that it is a fairly large cube/box that is probably three times as large as the N-9 or any of the well known British gunsights.
  10. Hi Are you still talking about KH655/QVP? There is a reasonable quality a2a photo of this a/c that has been published several times in recent years. It does not look as if it is fitted with the Gyro Gunsight. All the early MkIVs were fitted with the American N9 gunsight. KH655 was delivered at Dallas in August 1944 and the Gyro Gunsight was not introduced on the production line at Dallas until March 1945. The first RAF a/c with the GGS was KM493 and that and subsequent a/c were not toc by the RAF until the very end of April 1945 - most were delivered to India after the war. The RAF did have a modification to fit the GGS on MkIVs but the changes in the design of the windscreen and the instrument cowl suggest that it was a very radical/complicated job. As far as I know there are no photos of MkIVs earlier than KM493 that show the GGS. Steve
  11. You will find that you can still buy this booklet here proinor.no/flyhistorie/profilhefter/nr-6-mosquito/ It contains a number of excellent photos of Mosquitos on 333Sqn.
  12. Have you tried the RAFM Bookshop? The last time I was there they definitely had Vol 4 and at least one of the others. Steve
  13. In the book "Glasgow's Own" by Dugald Cameron K9962 is listed as probably ZT*A and definitely LO*A which is a fairly common code for the CO. SB
  14. Brian I don't think you need to be so cautious about the French site I suggested. I don't speak/read French but I have bought from there before without problems the pages are all pretty much self explanatory really. If you put "aerostories" into Google the site will come up and you can click on "translate pages". I dare say if you sent them an email you will find that somebody there can communicate in English (not sure about Canadian though) and would help you with the purchase. It is an excellent book both in content and production - worth having. Steve
  15. Brian It seems that it is still available here http://www.aerostories.org/~aerobiblio/article225.html Steve
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