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  1. Just finished "Lonely Boy" by Steve Jones, very honest and direct read, which I really enjoyed. I was never a Pistols fan back in the day but that didn't stop me appreciating the book. Only 99p on kindle totally worth it.
  2. Excellent work and great modelling to boot! More of a resurrection than restoration!! Very well done
  3. Great scheme on this Zero, with nice weathering Well done.
  4. Great to see these older tooling built rather than languishing in the stash. A really nice rendition of the Mosquito. Well done
  5. Great rendition of a late war 109. Looks very nice indeed
  6. Congratulations on a great looking Spitfire Your thread would benefit from a few more photos. Cheers Greg
  7. Nice progress. I have couple of these in the stash, and you're inspiring me to build one! Cheers Greg
  8. Thanks Gents, I appreciate your comments. Kind regards Greg
  9. Cheers Stix I wasn't looking forward to the painting, but it turned out ok in the end. All the best Greg
  10. Thanks Trevor, I appreciate your comments
  11. Lovely work Adrian, your Spiteful is looking the business
  12. The Black Devil of the South. Erich Bubi Hartman's Bf 109 G-10 JG 52 at wars end. 1/32 Revell kit built OOTB, brush painted. TFL Cheers Greg
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