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  1. Looking good Stew Great progress so I assume everything is fitting well, and going to plan I'm looking for to seeing some paint on. Cheers Greg
  2. Cheers Glynn Took a while with cotton buds and brushes but I'm happy how it turned out. Got more done this weekend but haven't had time to take photos. Greg
  3. Thanks Greg Btw the main doors are not separate parts in the kit, so a moulded closed! I did wonder about those as the old Airfix kit I built as a boy had the option to have them open. Cheers Greg
  4. Very informative Badder The tracks look great, and good to know how you go about painting them. Cheers Greg
  5. That's the PITS I assume you have tried reposting. Sometimes it reinstated your previous post.....? If it's going to do this it should come apparent instantly. If there's nada, then it's back to square one. Sorry to hear you lost all the hard work. I hope it's redoable when you are ready to try again. Cheers Greg
  6. Sounds intriguing I'll be sure to check this out as I have only ever used the rubber band types. I bet they will look great when fully assembled. cheers Greg
  7. Hi Stew, The interior detail with the washes and detail painting look really good. Great progress so far. Cheers Greg
  8. You had me with the Scorpions reference in the thread title I look forward to watching you turn this in to a masterpiece after enjoying the 109 build a while back. Chocks away Cheers Greg
  9. Looks like a great kit Stix I must confess this GB has sneaked up on me I thought it started after the D Day GB, which I am signed up for as well!! Look forward to your progress. Cheers Greg
  10. Hi Stew, Just caught up with your latest project. A great looking kit. What markings have you got for this one? Cheers Greg
  11. Looks great Alistair The light coat over the worms really blends the camo, and gives it that dry dusty desert appearance. Nice work, cheers Greg
  12. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? But I see what you mean! Cheers Greg
  13. Cheers Rich I am hoping I can fit the gear doors without too much drama. There's not much space to work between the landing struts. Hopefully I won't be too much longer with this one now. Greg
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