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  1. Cheers Adrian, I will need to look out for one.
  2. Thanks Craig It appears to be securely attached,and with all the support s in place I am hoping it will stay that way. Cheers Greg
  3. Thanks Jack Other than the ancient Airfix offering there's not much out there. The Academy kit appears to be hard to come by and Tamiyas 1/48 kit although superlative is very expensive. I would like a shot at the old Hase kit in 1/32, but again not readily available. Cheers Greg
  4. Afternoon all, Progress has been slow but steady this week, and i am approaching the final strech with this build. It has been a bit of a challenge working with the old tooled parts the cabin/canopy was a real suck it and see affair and is holding together with clearfix and a prayer! An important bit of the build as this is what supports the wings. Anyway i got it done and adopted Adrian's method of the dead storch lying the setting parts on a horizontal surface with the fuselage inverted till the glue set. Seemed to work ok. The supporting struts complied and were fitt
  5. Great progress there. Lots of detail for such a tiny kit. Keep up the good work. Cheers Greg
  6. Superb result That's a great looking 109, well done
  7. Looks really good, I'm looking forward to seeing some colours on it now
  8. Lovely paintwork, I hope the clear behaved itself and you get the decals on safe.
  9. Nice work Pat I'm pretty sure I built one of these as a nipper. If I remember your can make the centre section of the canopy open and close. You going to use the pilot? Cheers Greg
  10. Looking good Are the spirals painted or decals? I never have much luck with decals over curved surfaces. Either way they look great. Cheers Greg
  11. Steady as she goes Pat, just keep chipping away, and you'll get there.
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