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  1. Hi Stix, Very nice work on your Stug. The painting is fantastic and I love the way you make the detail pop out. Cheers Greg
  2. Very well done, especially the weathering, which is easy to over do on all black finishes. I really enjoy seeing these old Monogram kits built up. Cheers Greg
  3. Welcome to the forums Can't help with your query about the profile picture. I'd suggest you post a question in the Help and Support section. Greg
  4. Kittyhawk Mk IV RAAF 80 Squadron SL Geoffrey Atherton DFC
  5. And, I'm done..... Thanks to Dennis for hosting the GB and setting it all up, and to anyone who looked in or commented on the build. The man behind the machine should also be remembered. In this case the pilot was Geoffrey C Atherton, who at the time of piloting the aircraft in question was a Squadron Leader. He ended the war as Wing Commander with a DFC and bar with 5 kills making him an Ace on the Kittyhawk. Heres a couple of pics, more in the gallery shortly Cheers Greg
  6. Nice work Good to hear you are enjoying it too. Mojo restored I hope. I look forward to seeing more. Cheers Greg
  7. Welcome back to the hobby Martin It looks like you are making good progress with your build. I hope you are enjoying it. I built this kit a while back and it's fair to say it wasn't the easiest of kits. I'm impressed you got the engine fitted as I didn't! I just buttoned it up. Keep up the good work, and have fun with it. Cheers Greg
  8. My apologies gents, but I will.have to bow out of this GB as I don't have a suitable candidate in the stash, and have no prospect of acquiring one for the foreseeable future. I will look in On your projects though and offer encouragement from time to time. Cheers Greg
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