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  1. Well, i am pleased to say its finished! Not my best work, and it was more of a feeling of relief when I finished than a satisfied result. The Hobbyboss kit is not one i can recommend, particularly as they have kitted out a lot of the Corsair family in their range, and if this had been an enjoyable build i would have got more of their kits as i really like the type. Next Corsair I will build will be a Tamiya or Hasegawa offering as going by the builds I've been watching they appear to be much better model kits. Just by comparison for scale, and because i like this model better, i have included a shot of my Revell 1/72 kit, which was a great little build. Any way thanks to all for comments and likes, and to the hosts for encouragement, and making it a great GB. Cheers Greg
  2. 1/48 Hobbyboss FAA Corsair II. No specific markings as the kit decals broke up, and i could only salvage the national insignia. Brush painted with Revell and Humbrol acrylics. TFL Cheers Greg
  3. Well, as those of you who have built this before may know, this kit is flying together. I have not had to break out the filler at all and all assemblies have fitted perfectly (or as well as i can manage ). The photos speak for themselves, i hope, so i'll move on to those. Decals are from an AM set i got for my last Defiant build, and went on very well with decalfix. Im starting the 109 shortly as this one will be ready for its stand/base soon. TFL Cheers Greg
  4. Great to see your Stuka completed Well worth the wait, and a very good result. Cheers Greg
  5. Great work Thanks for sharing. Cheers Greg
  6. Cracking result Stix I..love the photos with the sky backdrop they really set it off well. Cheers Greg
  7. Looking good Dennis. I have heard a lot of good things about Arma Hobbies Hurricanes.I am tempted to get one. Do you know how it compares to the recent Airfix tooling? I've built that and it was a good kit, cheaper too. Cheers Greg
  8. Thanks Stix Refitting the wing should be straightforward enough. Getting the correct dihedral, may be another matter
  9. Great result I really like the finish you have achieved too. Cheers Greg
  10. Right, chocks away! I am starting with the Defiant as i have been doing a bit of background reading. I have the aircraft of the Aces series of paperbacks with the one that covers Defiant, Blemheim & Havoc Aces, and i also picked up Defiant Mk 1 Combat Log on the Kindle. The latter covers May to September 1940 so is very relevant to the BoB. Not surprisingly the book is short at 80 pages and is really a compliation of ORB and actaul Combat reports from the period in question. My Defiant will be from 141 Squadron, the second Squadron to become fully operational on the type. After a quite start to their career doing standing patrols and Convoy cover 141 ran in to trouble on 19 July south of Folkstone when having been too late to intercept a raid on Dover Harbour they were redirected to Cap Griz Nes. The formation of 9 aircraft were bounced by Bf 109;s from III/JG51 and lost 4 aircraft in the 109,s initial pass. Without the hard won experience 264 Squadron had gained over Holland & France 141 suffered 6 aircraft lost in their first combat with the enemy. Another Defiant was written off in a forced landing returning to base. 10 men dead most of them the air gunners. 141 were taken out of the front line and regrouped in Scotland as part of 13 Group. 264 Squadron had their patrols cancelled the same day but were to continue in the Day fighter role until late August when they too were withdrawn from the Battle. Despite all the heavy losses the Defiant continued to be of service and was to see better results in the nightfighter role until it was superceeded by the Beaufighter and Mosquito. My model will be built in tandem with a 109 in JG51 markings. On the fateful day in July the Germans didn't get away unscathed losing one 109 to 141's guns. As for my model well its underway, and has been very straightforward so far. As i will be building it wheels up it will take even less time as the undercaridge assembly is quite detailed in the lowered position and takes up a reasonable part of the build. Here is what i have so far... TFL Greg
  11. Right, having looked at it - AGAIN - i am hoping i can fix this by just doing the left wing. So far i have taken it off with no damage to the rest of the model and looking at it from the front the other wing and the tail look ok. So next is reattaching the wing at the correct angle....... Cheers Greg
  12. Plodding along but i am getting there...... Thanks for your patience, cheers Greg
  13. Don't pick up the knitting needles just yet.... You have made good progress so far don't let inaccuracies get in the way of completing your project. If the markings and colour call.outs are not quite right pick another option from your decal sheet. Cheers Greg
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