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  1. Love it! Great rendition of an old classic kit. Very well done
  2. Great effort Chris, Best not to rush it for the deadline as I'm sure this will be a real stunner when complete. Funnily enough I was sitting in a Vampire cockpit yesterday with my son when we visited the Moravia air museum in Kinloss, and can vouch for the accuracy of your cockpit, which looks spot on. Cheers and well done, Greg
  3. My last Matchbox build for a while or maybe untill the next GB! Puma Armoured car and diorama base. I added some rubble and some tank obstacles fashioned from match sticks and surgical steel wire to beef up the scene a bit. All brush painted woth Revell acrylics. Thanks to the Hosts Pat & Dave for all their hard work keeping the mojo working. Cheers Greg
  4. Hi all, Apologies for the lack of updates on this one. Real ilfe got in the way plus my youngest son has shown a renewed interest in model building and i have been indulging him in the hope that he can help me build the stash! Anyhoo here is a couple of progress shots and the finished article to complete my contribution to this mammoth and hugely enjoyable GB. The kit proved to be quite a challenge compared to the aircraft stuff I am more used to and if i'm honest was a wee bit of a chore to finish. I am not entirely happy with the paint job on the Puma and son numbah 2 said it looks like its been tie dyed! Oh hum, better luck next time Pics.... Thanks for looking, Cheers Greg
  5. Hi Pat, Yeah it's nearly done actually so I should be able to get it in the gallery by then. Cheers Greg
  6. Well done Fred, that looks great in those markings Cheers Greg
  7. Looking good Patrice, the transfers really bring it all together. Cheers Greg
  8. Brilliant The end result shows all the extra effort was worthwhile. Cheers Greg
  9. Great details added in the cockpit, which should be seen given it won't be enclosed. Looking good. Cheers Greg
  10. Nice paintwork Patrice. I like the picked out panels in different tones. Looking good
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