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  1. Excellent modelling Great to see a Beau in these markings too. Well done.
  2. I am very well thanks. I'm glad you like my Heinkle Stix. Not the most modern kit out there but nice to build nonetheless. Cheers Greg
  3. Plus one! Better late than never eh
  4. I don't have an example in the stash! I have seen the Stug III mentioned. Does this qualify as a PZ III? If it does I may be able to squire one in time
  5. Excellent modelling, at first glance I thought it was a larger scale. Very well done
  6. Great job! I like to see the Airfix oldies getting built. This one's a beaut
  7. Lovely looking Lancaster. Great finishing. Cheers Greg
  8. Nice work Alex, A very well turned out 109 Cheers Greg
  9. Excellent modelling Bruce Is this a Tornado from Lossiemouth? I note the Dallas Dhu above the Danger Mouse nose art. Lossie's Gulf War Buccaneers all had named of Morayshire Distilleries on them.
  10. Excellent modelling! All the models could be displayed individually they are that good. Well done
  11. Well done hosting Arnold , and contributing too with a great 111. All the best Greg
  12. Nice paintwork Steve. You using an airbrush more often these days? Cheers Greg
  13. Cracking on there Steve, The old girl is looking good Cheers Greg
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