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  1. Lovely job on this one. I have the reissue from the classic range in the stash. I hope mines turns out as well as yours has. Cheers Greg
  2. Evening all. Just a quick update on my lack of input. I haven't given up on the site which is vibrant as ever. My mojo has suffered a setback as a result of my work situation. I still look in on events but haven't completed anything worth posting. All the best to anyone who's interested.


    Cheers Greg πŸ‘πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Stew, That's a great looking 110. The subtle camo looks just right to me. A bit of beast size wise. Well done πŸ‘ Cheers Greg
  4. I love the Airfix classics range. A real nostalgia fest. Well done Dave.
  5. Very nice. I like the blast pen dio. Looks convincing. Cheers Greg πŸ‘
  6. Very well done. In 1/72 scale this must be tiny! Cheers Greg πŸ‘
  7. Very nicely done πŸ‘ I like the rivets and the dio. Cheers Greg
  8. Very well done Stix πŸ‘ I hope you're well. All the best Greg
  9. Cracking result Steve, great looking 110 πŸ‘
  10. Excellent work RogerπŸ‘ Always nice to see another Defiant. Cheers Greg
  11. Brilliant job love that scheme and markings πŸ‘ Well done!
  12. Cheers Steve, I sold off most of my "heavies" for the same reason. Although I still have a B-17 I'm loathe to part with. All the best Greg πŸ‘
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