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  1. Stunning work on a rather bonkers looking AFV. Well done. Andrew
  2. Sean Long time no 'speak'.. :; Glad to hear it worked well. As you say just need to find the right tool for the job. Take care. Andrew
  3. Indeed it does. I've seen a few including using wood filler but this seems the easiest yet. Thanks again. Andrew
  4. Great idea. Thanks for sharing!!! Andrew
  5. Nice build so far! Looking forward to how this finishes up! Andrew
  6. Black Night Sincere apologies. Have just realised I forgot to say thanks for the feedback, it is appreciated. Andrew Badder Thank you for stopping by and the compliment, which having seen your outstanding 'Lost in France' dio is quite something!! The timing of your post is spot on!! They saw their first battle since completion on the same day as your post!! Unfortunately, they were on the losing side.... Partly because the first British artillery barrage, on the first turn of the battle, took out my 88 located in one and so left one flank very open.... ....but mainly because my young son as British C-in-C has yet to grasp the concept of a balanced battle and has to win at all costs......as the OOBs below show I had very little chance...... Thanks again for stopping by. Andrew British forces: 2x Cromwells 3x M4A4 75mm 1x M4A4 Firefly 4x Mk IV Churchills 1x Panther (Panther captured by 6th Gds Tank Brigade aka Cuckoo) 4x Achilles 3x M5 Halftracks 2x 25 pdr 2x 3" mortars German Forces 1x 88 2x Stug III G 2x Pz IV Gs 4x SdKfz 251 variants 2x LeFH 18 105mm howitzers) 1x 81mm mortar
  7. Badder I really do like that dio!! A top, top job!! Andrew
  8. Housesparrow Sort of...although in this context it's 'technically' an 'Allied' star. It was designed to stop friendly fire incidents, especially from air support, although from what I gather their use was very hit an miss depending on unit preferences. If you have a search for it on the internet you'll find some quite lengthy and 'interesting' articles on the subject and how particular the placement was supposed to be in some cases e.g. the single point pointing towards the front of the tank. I've read in more than one place that some Canadian units would paint it on back to front i.e. point backwards - to make it clear they weren't American. HTH Andrew Nick I love the job you've done on the Cromwell! Very well done! Andrew PS Hope you don't mind the above clarification on the stars.
  9. No problem at all!! Hopefully he'll take to it long term as he has a good eye for detail and an above average attention span for an 8 year old! He got the 1300 piece VW Lego camper van at Christmas and assembled it single-handedly in only 6 or 7 hours...... .....and it's 'rated' as a 16+ kit!
  10. - no definitley not a tropical disease!! Sorry for assuming you knew what I meant!! QB = quickbuild 1/72 e.g Armourfast, Plastic Soldier Company, smaller Zvezda pieces. My son wanted a kit about 18 months ago (he six and half at the time) and all I knew from my youth was Airfix and the like but they were just too much for him but then I discovered quick build kits. They're not everyones cup of tea but are perfect for him at his age, as he can help build almost the entire kit and have something to show for it pretty quickly and we have now quite a little collection for our own little wargames (sad but true!!) With a little it of work they can look pretty good. Hopefully he'll get onto more experienced things as he grows older - if not, it will hopefully be a nice chidhood memory and more importantly it got me back into the hobby!! Thanks again for sharing! It's turning out VERY well indeed!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: All the best. Andrew
  11. That's what I though when I opened the box and saw the sprues - you have to remember I had been working exclusively on QB up to that point!! Andrew
  12. Nice start badder! I have two of the 1/72 versions of these on the go for the battles my son and I have. The guns and limbers are done but I keep putting the quads off. My crew are also 'topless' which makes it a bit chilly for the crew given all our battles are NWE 44/45. Looking forward to seeing this finished. Andrew
  13. Hi Badder What can I say - a great idea for a story, some great modelling on the tank and figures and a brilliantly executed dio, all beautifully brought together!! Very, very well done!! Andrew
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