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  1. Excellent result.... Very convincing pics as well could be mistaken for the real aircraft...
  2. Excellent job .. Side skirts make it. Oh built a few of them back in the day. Remember my dad used to sew the tracks together with thread. I could never get the tracks right and he'd take over.
  3. Thanks JR Frog decals used... They had gone very yellow, I taped them to a window for a few days and the yellow tint disappeared.
  4. Thanks I use a magnets rather than cut a hole in the fuselage.
  5. Hello, This is the starter kit via Airfix, I have used some old left-over decals from a Frog kit. Brush painted. Humbrol/Revell paints.
  6. Like that..... Is this from the Collectors range? Wouldn't mind doing that if I could get hold of it.
  7. They look great.... Re-issue or original 1970 ish? Think I got a bad batch gave up on them as so much flash ... I remember doing these back in the day and pretty good.
  8. Excellent job and backstory.... Pity Tamiya didn't do some form of kit to make the turret operate and sound box that could be fitted I'd go down that route would be interesting for a fixed dio model .
  9. Welcome back.... Now get a move on and get something built and on here for us to view ..
  10. Excellent work and good photos. The scoped K98 though ? Has one of the crew been trying to take a deer with his personal rifle?
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