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  1. Yes, I like that very much.... I think the weathering spot on. Did the kit come with a figure?
  2. Exceptionally good piece of work..... Some work gone into that... The guy in the back with the FN stands out. Detail in the palm and the DPM really good.
  3. Great job on those figures Ratch. White gaiters for the summer well detailed that man. My old dad did them back in the day 1970s done a few myself recently. He did them for my birthday and put them around my birthday cake must have been about 10 at the time. Arrh memories..
  4. Hi Ratch Dettol works well for stripping old paint off. You've certainly been busy mate great stuff.
  5. This is what it's about.... Arrh memories about my old dad and me. Great build.. Hope to see more in the future..
  6. Hello folks, First figure finished from ICM kit number 35061. On a temporary base, as intend to do a mini diorama when the other 3 are completed. Excellent value £7:80 for the set for a beginner like me.
  7. Great job ... It's a good kit especially for the price. Pity though they got the hub nuts wrong.
  8. Looks pretty outstanding to me ... Those figures really make it sing.
  9. Great result Ian... You could believe that's 1/35 scale... Brilliant job on the figures as well.
  10. Thanks Andy, Probably back in the day considered state of the art. I like them and find them extremely challenging. In the future though must have a go at a more modern figure manufacturer.
  11. Cheers Ian On reflection wish now, I had thinned them down a bit. The next one in kneeling position think I will .. In the cabinet next to the others in this series though not that noticeable at first.
  12. Cheers Keith Yes, the hands on this particular one in the Collectors Series not the best sadly.
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