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  1. I've found a few good pics, but the more the merrier would be appreciated. Questions for the experts The centre pod? Most pics see don't have this but seem to have sidewinders? On some pics see that the missiles are minus fins can someone in the know enlighten me? Drop tanks and missiles? Thanks all input appreciated...
  2. Great to see a classic kit built so well.... Got that just right..
  3. Thanks Gents,. The Revell version seems to be very inexpensive as well so will get both . Thinking as the Airfix come with figures will do in flight my usual with small magnets and a retro Airfix stand..
  4. Opinions / experience etc... Please on above. RAF Valley variant wanting to make. . At the moment the Revell looks in the frame, but stayed away from Revell since my re- intro into the hobby - eek that Stuka, but in fairness was a very old mould.
  5. Errrrr... What can I add to what others have said? I'll have a go - miniaturised perfection ....
  6. Great result...Lights look brilliant... Did this model myself sometimes ago and was a little disappointed in the overall quality and fit, but it turned out reasonable in the end. I'd like to eventually do the 1/35 version.. Looked at my effort again and seeing yours must do something with the headlights..
  7. The stand is a Airfix aftermarket you get them in a pack mixed 1/72 and 1/48 scale. I used a 1/48 stand as the 1/72 looked too small and didn't offer as much support for the model. The same type of stand Airfix used to supply back in the day ....
  8. I picked the technique off others of using a undercoat of matt black likely from this site ? I'd tried a dark grey on a Mustang, but not as good as black... Does seem to work great with silver gives a depth to the finish. When applying the silver build up with very thinned down coats to get the finish you want. Magnets Neodymium 1.5mm X 20x6 via @mazon very inexpensive really PK of 10 and very strong.. Hope that helps.. Cheers.
  9. Splendid work... Always amazes me how folks like you do the rigging at that scale.
  10. Strong magnets... One in fuselage the other glued onto the Airfix stand... No unsightly holes needed to be made ...
  11. Further metallic finish As, it's a decent size for a 1/72 kit, it did cross my mind for all of 1 minute to try using tin foil... I remember my dad back in the 70s using Kit Kat tin foil on a Airfix 1/72 Flying Fortress it looked fantastic when finished, but from memory took him ages to get it right...
  12. Yes, fuselage painted black 33 Humbol first, then built up the metallic finish with thin coats of 11 Humbrol ....
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