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  1. Hairtrigger

    Back To The Hobby

    Absolutely supurb, I especially like the Spit...
  2. Very impressive that dio really works.
  3. Hairtrigger

    Italeri Tiger 1/35

    Great Tiger.
  4. Hairtrigger

    Spitfire mk1 1/32 wooden scratchbuild

    Can't wait to see the finished result. I remember my dad telling me his brother would carve him Hurricanes and Spits and bring them home when on leave during the war. My uncle was in the RAF - Leading Aircraftman\Fitter.
  5. Hairtrigger

    Italeri Ju 87 G-2 - Kanonenvogel - 1/48

    Fantastic build, your attention to detail and skills exemplary. This looks a great kit, I do like this variant of the Stuka, I did the Revell 1:72 version recently obviously not in the same league as this one. Personally though I loved the result before the winterize look, but that's what's been asked for so it's a winner.
  6. Hairtrigger

    Spitfire MK1a

    Great looking Spit..... Brush painted the traditional way, I like it. Have you a technique for hanging your models? I was considering adding very fine fishing line at the point when I assemble the fuselage, and add a little weight to the fuselage as well..
  7. Hairtrigger

    JV44 - Red one

    Splendid job.
  8. Awesome.... The figures really set the diaroma off.
  9. Hairtrigger

    Focke Wulf Ta 152H

    Thanks adey,. I know your a Frog enthusiast like me appreciate your comments. I was tempted to add some green mottling I must admit, I still could. I usually go for a bit of weathering, but avoided all but slight exhaust deposits. The kit even today has great potential as you proved in your build which, I admire immensely. As for the damage we are wondering if the dog was perhaps responsible, as she has a habit of late of laying under the letter box.. My next build I might do the Frog Messerschmitt Bf109F in my stash - Marseilles North Africa 1942 version.
  10. Hairtrigger

    Focke Wulf Ta 152H

    Cheers Ian,. There seems there is no definitive answer to the colour scheme of this 190. I went with the Frog call out of RLM Grey's and used similar Humbrol colours Hum 79 with a drop of 33 black, 108 and 147. The propeller blades are a deep green, this does not show up though in the pics very well Humbrol 30 and 33.
  11. Hairtrigger

    Yellow nosed B.......

    Very well done..... BOB probably the best film ever made....
  12. Beautifully executed.
  13. Hairtrigger

    Focke Wulf Ta 152H

    Thanks Steve. I put on the watered down CIf on area then added decal, the decal has formed into area better than my past experiences with Humbrol Decalfix. Yes still got slight silvering on top tail decal and wing decals. Reasonably happy with side fuselage decals, I cut them very close as suggested by Stix. I was a bit nervous with these decals due to their age to be honest, I fully expected them to disintegrate.. I'll try a drop of matt varnish on the tail.
  14. This is a lovely kit even though 1970's vintage hardly any flash on it. Purchased via evilbay for less than £10 postage included, unfortunately the packaging was not very good and as it entered via the letterbox it suffered minor damage. - spinner cracked, x1 prop snapped, pilot suffered leg amputation, but all easily fixed. The spiral on spinner was a challenge, I ended up just going for it and hand painting it. I, at first tried the blue tack method paint spinner white then apply thin spiral of tack, paint black and remove blue tack, but it was dreadful. This method had worked for me previously on a 1:32 Me 109. I also attempted without success cutting the shape from an old decal shape that too didn't work. Lesson learnt just go for it and paint it by hand.... The decals I cut very closely, and after reading on this wonderful site the virtues of using floor cleaner tried that. I used CIF, as couldn't get Pledge anywhere. The canopy was very misty but a dunk into the CIF improved no end. CIF not neat about 30% water added. The model is brush painted and I used a tiny piece of sponge on a toothpick for the mottling. All comments welcome folks...