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  1. Tremendous piece of work... Real tribute to your dad that..
  2. Cracking result... That's one I must do again myself. Great job on the tiny figures as well.
  3. Superb result... Aftermarket tracks look good really make it.. What did you think of the supplied Zveda tracks? Tamiya type band jobs?
  4. Outstanding .... My favourite jet the Mirage, just so beautiful...
  5. Outstanding.... Love it.... Ah little rigging must keep that in mind.
  6. Cheers Dave,. I had actually bought some rigging line and did have the intention of trying it. Mig Ammo line, but can't find it anywhere, if I find think will save for a better kit to be honest.. They make good ornaments and a point of interest in their location but stand a good chance of getting damaged by guests, that's whenever we can have anyone around for drinks in the summer house...
  7. Look away all WW1 aircraft experts as these two are not for the perfectionist. Decals on the Camel great, but the Albatross worst I've encountered fell apart ... The crosses on top wing hand painted. Looking at some ref though the crosses have been painted over so not entirely a disaster. Oh well they look OK on the shelf in the summerhouse ...
  8. Brilliant... The USB port great idea... No crew though pity..
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