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  1. Brilliant.... Love the backdrop.... Pretty convincing... Try it in black and white.
  2. Cracking job..... That scale 109 really works... Done one myself a few years back in 1/32.
  3. Tremendous. To take such an old basic kit to that level must be very satisfying..
  4. Well from memory it would have had fibre glass sills for certain... Oh those Sundays he spent patching up remember the smell so well.. He got fed up with British cars and bought German and Swedish late 70s and never patched a car up after that..
  5. Brilliant Bertie.... My old dad became an expert with fibre glass, filler and rattle cans in the 70s...
  6. Great build.... That's a bit different really like it and the history behind it... Wonder why they stuck a Daimler engine in it?
  7. That weathering really is spectacular.... Makes the model. I'm always apprehensive that I'll mess up the model and apart from a bit of exhaust streaks shy away from it...
  8. Hello Folks Latest off the production line, as per usual brush job out the box. Great kit this offers so many options. I actually managed a fairly good job of the pilot and wish I'd done the cockpit open on reflection. Anyway here she is and thanks for looking.
  9. Looks pretty outstanding from the pics to me... I'm currently doing its tiny 1:72 brother.
  10. Outstanding... The base really works.
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