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  1. Great result.... I did the re boxed Eastern Express (Frog) it does show its age, but a great nostalgia build. Think the one to get is the Matchbox version or the Dora.
  2. Cracking little Camel... The rigging is exceptional.. I'm just finishing off a 1:48 Smer Sopwith Camel, this is an ancient Re-box job - cheap and a little crude and inaccurate, as you first biplane since childhood and purchased some Mig rigging .03 for it, just summoning up the courage to have a go with it.. PS the rigging cost more than the kit.
  3. Exceptional .... Fascinating improvisation in the field.
  4. Exceptional... Have you used some form of led light inside ??? - intrigued how you did that
  5. Great job... One of my favourite aircraft.
  6. Superb piece of work, but afraid the tarps I find a distraction.
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