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  1. This triggered a dim memory. Way back when, I bought the RAF emergency set, and found it had some part missing. I filled in the form, sent it away, and lo and behold, a complete kit turned up in response. I was impressed because I had another kit "free". And it was sent out to Australia. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't do that these days.
  2. Those bomb bay doors aren't exactly a tight fit are they? I'm having similar fun on my one, plus sink marks, cracks, broken parts......I could go on. Cheers, Chris.
  3. Hi Stu. At least you did the smart thing and started with an unbuilt kit. Keep going, it is looking the business. Cheers, Chris.
  4. Hi Jeff. This is coming together well. The older build looks all right from here, much better than the one I'm rebuilding will look (being realistic). Keep at it and hope you are feeling better. Cheers, Chris.
  5. Hi Rob. What a magnificent result, looks stunning. Cheers, Chris.
  6. Hi Martin. Give it a go, I'm finding it interesting work. I'm not going to go crazy, just enough that it looks good from a distance, like 30 feet. Cheers, Chris.
  7. Hi All. Just a small update. Put a sliver of plastic into one of the main wheel gaps to close it up a bit, sorry, no photo. Then started on the missing air brake doors. Made a tape pattern and cut out two pieces from plastic sheet. Got a bit excited and glued in the lh door, totally forgetting to take any photos, so here is the finished item with the one for the rh side. I glued some scrap plastic into the opening to help make the door a bit more flush. I'm not too worried about how this looks, just want to fill in the gaps. Here's the rh side before any work. In progress. And in my best excited 4 year old voice: "Finished!". That's all for this one. Worried some plastic on the B-29 as well, but not worth photos at the moment 'cos it's just more of the same from last time. Cheers, Chris.
  8. Too late for me then, got something similar a few years ago. As for lessons, I follow the teachings of the Great Philosopher, Clint Eastwood, especially his mantra "A man's gotta know his limitations".
  9. Yeah, but this sort of fine work is above my pay grade. And it is excellent work.
  10. Hi Ray. From Melbourne originally, moved here nearly 5 years ago because, well, Melbourne. 23 deg. c up here is very pleasant for those of us who are NOT Queenslanders. Oh, nice framework. Cheers, Chris.
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