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  1. Thx for you remark. Any kind of constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks for all kind comments.
  2. Hello Few pictures my latest project. Enjoy. Cheers
  3. You welcome. Glad that I can help. Good luck with continuation of your build.
  4. Hello. Gallery of my latest finished model of Soya.
  5. Hello I made underwater small diorama as gift for my wife birthday. Main character was printed on resin 3d printer. Enjoy. Cheers
  6. Original digital model is scaled to 1/6. I resized and printed elements in 1/8 scale. But it will be still quite huge model. Over 30cm hight.
  7. After sanding and polishing. As well I start painting main character of diorama. Cheers
  8. Finally, I have better lighting. So I post more photos. Cheers
  9. Thx for all comments. New picture. Finally I removed layer of hot glue. It was hard d/t I did not use separator. As well I started sanding. First gradation was 60.
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